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New England Families: Genealogical and Memorial

Source: William Richard Cutter, New England Families: Genealogical and Memorial, Volume 1 (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company for Clearfield Company, 1994 [originally published in 1913]).

[page 23]

(I) John LEWIS crossed the Atlantic in the ship “Hercules” in 1635 with his wife Sarah. He came from Tenterden, county Kent, England, bearing a certificate of character from the mayor and vicar of Tenterden. He is supposed to have been a brother of George LEWIS, who was in Plymouth as early as 1634, and later resided in Scituate, Massachusetts. John LEWIS resided for a time in Scituate, whence he removed to Boston, and there his wife died July 12, 1757. Their sons John and Joseph settled in Windsor, Connecticut, where the former purchased in 1678 an island at Poquonnock Falls.

(II) Joseph, son of John and Sarah LEWIS, resided in that part of Windsor which is now Simsbury, and married, in Windsor, April 30, 1674, Elizabeth CASE. Children recorded at Simsbury: Elizabeth, born March 20, 1675; Joseph, mentioned below; John, January 8, 1781 <sic>. There were undoubtedly others whose names were not placed on the records.

(III) Joseph (2), eldest son of Joseph (1) and Elizabeth (CASE) LEWIS, was born March 15, 1676, in Simsbury, and settled in Waterbury, Connecticut, where he was a cloth-weaver, and acquired what was considered wealth in his time, dying November 29, 1749, at Waterbury. He married, April 7, 1703, Sarah, daughter of Abraham and Rebecca (CARRINGTON) ANDROS, born March 16, 1684. After his death, she married, in 1750, Isaac BRUNSON, and died March 6, 1773. Joseph LEWIS’ first child, a daughter, died aged twenty-six days. Others recorded in Waterbury: Joseph, born March 12, 1705; Sarah, April 29, 1708; John, mentioned below; Mary, June 10, 1714; Rev. Timothy, August 6, 1716, died at Mendham, New Jersey; Samuel, July 6, 1718; Abram, February 1, 1720.

(IV) John (2), second son of Joseph (2) and Sarah (ANDROS) LEWIS, was born April 12, 1711, in Waterbury, and died there February 24, 1799. He married (first), December 4, 1734, in Waterbury, Mary, daughter of Samuel MUNN, of Woodbury, Connecticut, baptized in December, 1711, died September 30, 1749; (second), May 29, 1750, Amy, daughter of Captain Samuel SMITH, of New Haven (see SMITH III). Children of first wife: David, died aged eighteen, in 1754; John, born December 10, 1740; Sarah, April 9, 1743. Children of second wife: Ann, born May 24, 1751; Samuel Smith, September 17, 1753; David, mentioned below.

(V) David, youngest child of John (2) and Anna (SMITH) LEWIS, was born April 11, 1756, in Waterbury, where he resided. No record of his wife appears in that town, but the following children are shown: Sylvester, Martha, Rosetta, David, Chester, Isaac, Betsy, Sylvia, Joseph, John, Hannah, Warren.

(VI) Rosetta, second daughter of David LEWIS, was born April 3, 1779, in Waterbury, and was married January 1, 1800, to Amos WHITNEY, of Yorktown, Westchester county, New York (see WHITNEY V).

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