Notes: Chilton

Source: Henry A. Phillips, “Notes: Chilton,” New England Historical and Genealogical Register 63[1909]:201.

[page 201]

CHILTON – Because the books about Plymouth Colony tell nothing concerning James CHILTON before his appearance at Cape Cod in the Mayflower; because of the pretty tradition attached to the name of his daughter Mary; and because of the numerous descendants left by her and her husband John WINSLOW, it may be well to print in conjunction the following items as offering a clue later to a more satisfactory proof of the English home of James CHILTON, of his trade, and of the fact that he was apparently close upon, or over, sixty years of age when he took passage in the Mayflower.

From the Roll of Freemen of the City of Canterbury, p. 315:

Freeman by Gift: James CHYLTON, tailor, 1583.

From the Registers of St. Paul’s Church, Canterbury, pp. 6 and 8:

  1586, Jan. 15 Isabell, d. of James CHILTON [Bapt.]
  1589, June 8 Jane, d. of James CHILTON
  1599, April 29 Ingle, d. of James CHILTON

From Dexter’s The Pilgrim Company in Leyden (2 Mass. Hist. Soc. Proc., vol. 17, p. 177):

  CHANDLER, Roger Rog. WILSON and Cath. CARVER wit. his bet. May 22, 1615.
  Isabella (CHILTON). Wife of Rog. Mar. July 21, 1615.

BRADFORD says that a second daughter (married) of James CHILTON came over later than he and his daughter Mary. A Roger CHANDLER is found later in Plymouth Colony, at Duxbury in 1633.*

That there had long been a CHILTON family in Canterbury is proved by two entries in the Roll of Freemen quoted above, p. 258:

  Freemen by Redemption: CHILTON, William, spicer, 1399.
    CHILTON, Nicholas, clerk, 1445.

120 Tremont Street, Boston, Mass.



* Roger CHANDLER of Duxbury was taxed in 1632, a freeman in 1633, and sold land in 1644. His daughter was in the service of Kenelm WINSLOW before 5 May 1646. (Pope’s Pioneers of Mass., p. 93.) On 3 Oct. 1665 “One hundred and fifty acrees of land are graunted by this Court vnto the three sisters, the daughters of Roger CHANDELER, deceased, viz, to each of them fifty acrees, lying between the Bay line and the bounds of Taunton, according to the desire of John BUNDEY” (Plymouth Col. Recs., vol. 4, p. 111). Pope (op. cit., p. 132), in quoting the will of Dolor DAVIS, proved 2 July 1673, mentions a clause referring to DAVIS’s sons Symon and Samuel as residing at Concord, and his having gone thither at the charges of Roger CHANDELER. The Editor is indebted to William P. Greenlaw, Esq., for the above references, which are given in the hope that they may be of use in helping to identify Roger CHANDLER’s daughters.

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