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Dea. Simon Stone of Watertown, Mass., and Some of his Descendants

Source: David H. Brown, “Dea. Simon Stone of Watertown, Mass., and Some of his Descendants,” New England Historical and Genealogical Register 53[1899].

[page 345]

SIMON1 STONE came to New England from London in the ship “Increase” in 1635. He was then fifty years old. His wife and five children came with him. As ascertained by the persistent efforts of Mr. William E. Stone of Cambridge, and stated in a pamphlet prepared by him and published by the STONE Family Association, Simon STONE was born in Much Bromley, Essex County, England, and was baptized there Feb. 9, 1585-6, and was a son of David and Ursula STONE and grandson of Simon and Agnes STONE. He was married Aug. 5, 1616, to Joan CLARKE, daughter of William CLARKE. He settled in Watertown on the banks of the Charles river, being the grantee of eight lots, and later being one of the largest land owners of the town. A considerable part of the land now occupied by the Mount Auburn and Cambridge cemeteries once belonged to him. According to tradition it was he who built the large old-fashioned house of colonial style that, with the extensive buildings connected with it, served six generations of his descendants for two hundred years, till it was destroyed by fire. He was made a freeman in 1636 and took an active part in church and town affairs, filling various positions and being on the board of selectmen for several years and a deacon of the church for many years.

One of the pear trees planted by him is said to have borne fruit for two hundred and fifty years, and is still quite vigorous. After the death of his wife he married, about 1654, Mrs. Sarah LUMPKIN, the widow of Richard LUMPKIN of Ipswich. He died Sept. 22, 1665. His will is published in the New-England Historical and Genealogical REGISTER, vol. iii, page 182. By that it appears that Gregory STONE, who came about the same time, and settled first in Watertown and afterwards in Cambridge, was his brother. Though living in different towns their residences were only a mile apart. By his will he gave his daughters Frances and Mary ten pounds each, and divided his real estate between his sons Simon and John. This disposition of his property did not include “any former lands and conveyances to them.” Rev. Nathan4 STONE, in his almanac, said his grandfather, Simon STONE, “had three sisters who m. Messrs. STERNS, GREEN & ORNE. The last died young.”


  i. FRANCES,2 bap. Jan. 20, 1618-9; m. about 1645, Rev. Henry GREEN of Reading. They had two children: Joanna and Nathaniel GREEN. He d. Oct. 11, 1648. She seems later to have become the third wife of John ORNE (HORNE) of Salem.
  ii. ANN, b. 1624; probably m. John ORNE (HORNE) of Salem, for his second wife.
2. iii. SIMON, b. 1631; m. Mary WHIPPLE; d. Feb. 27, 1708.
  iv. MARY, b. 1632; probably m. Lieut. Nathaniel STEARNS of Dedham.
3. v. JOHN, b. 1635; m. Sarah BASS; d. Mar. 26, 1691.
  vi. ELIZABETH, b. in Watertown, April 5, 1639; probably d. young.

2. DEA. SIMON2 STONE (Simon1), divided with his brother John, his father’s real estate, and held and occupied the paternal homestead.

[page 346]

Like his father he was a deacon of the Watertown church. As the deacons in those days were elected for life there seems to have been a “deacon Simon STONE” in that church continuously for about seventy-five years. A large number of the descendants of Simon STONE, senior, for several generations, were deacons.

Dea. Simon STONE, junior, filled many town offices. He was town clerk for ten years, selectman for several years and representative to the General Court in 1678, ’79, ’80, ’81, ’82, ’83, ’84, ’86, ’89 and ’90. He was one of the original proprietors of Groton, but there seems to be no proof that he ever resided there. In 1662 he had an eighteen acre right in Groton, and in 1670 he owned eighty-seven and a half acres there. He married Mary WHIPPLE, daughter of Elder John WHIPPLE, one of the early settlers of Ipswich. She was born in 1634, and died June 2, 1720.

The three daughters and seven sons of Simon2 and Mary (WHIPPLE) STONE met at the old home with their youngest brother, Jonathan, in July, 1724, their average age being nearly sixty years.


3. DEA. JOHN2 STONE (Simon1), resided in Watertown and was a deacon of the church. In 1687 and 1690 he was town clerk, and was a selectman in 1674, ’81, ’82, ’83, ’84, ’85, ’86, ’87 and ’90. According to the town records, in 1656, 1660 and 1669, the selectmen paid him a bounty of one shilling each for foxes. Jan. 9, 1687, at the age of fifty-two, he was released from training. He married Sarah BASS, youngest daughter of Samuel and Anne BASS of Braintree. After his death his widow married Dea. Joseph PENNIMAN.


  i. SARAH,3 b. Oct. 1, 1663; m. Dec. 15, 1681, Munning SAWIN.
  ii. JOANNA, b. Jan. 11, 1664-5; m. May 9, 1693, Simon TAINTER; d. 1731.
  iii. JOHN, b. Dec. 15, 1666; m. Thankful CAPEN.
  iv. ANN, b. Aug. 8, 1668; m. Nov. 1693, Samuel CAPEN.
  v. MARY, b. Sept. 14, 1670; d. June 25, 1691, unm.
  vi. ELIZABETH, b. Nov. 13, 1672; m. Nov. 17, 1692, John BARNARD.
  vii. SAMUEL, b. Feb. 14, 1674-5; m. Elizabeth —— before 1705.
  viii. HEPZIBAH, b. May 5, 1677; m. Jan. 7, 1701-2, John MORSE.
  ix. DEBORAH, b. Feb. 25, 1679-80; m. June 9, 1703, Ephraim CUTTER.
  x. REBECCA, b. Aug. 29, 1682; m. John MADDOCK of Boston.


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