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Fred W. Wears – A Funeral Eulogy

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Source: Fred W. Wears (a funeral eulogy, unpublished, 1957), from the papers of Doris Marietta Colley.


Fred W. WEARS was born at Mt. Zion, Missouri, on May 4, 1887, and died at the Clinton General Hospital at 4:25 p.m., June 28, 1957, following an illness of four weeks and one day.  He was seventy years, one month and twenty-four days of age at the time of his passing.

On April 9, 1916, he was united in marriage with Miss Mary Jane CARVER of Lowry City.  To this union five children were born.  ^They are as follows: Mrs. Doris COLLEY of Kansas City, Missouri; Major L.  ^Leo Glenn WEARS of San Diego, California; Mrs. Helen ^Jusha JUCHET of Kansas City, Missouri; John E. WEARS of Kansas City, Missouri; and Harold G. WEARS of Kansas City, Missouri.  He is also survived by one sister, Mrs. W.H. BAGLEY of Kansas City, Kansas, and four grandchildren.

In young manhood Fred WEARS learned the barber trade and followed that line of work for the remainder of his life, except for a short period when he was employed at the Lake City Arsenal during World War II.  He followed his trade for brief intervals in Colorado, Oklahoma, and Kansas, but spent the greater part of his working days here in Lowry City, his home town.  For a number of years since the war he has been employed part time in the Hinkle barber shop.

Fred WEARS was a quiet, friendly man, well liked by those who knew him.  He was a good husband and father and will be greatly missed, not only by the members of the bereaved family, but by a host of friends in the Lowry City community.


Lowry City Quasquicentennial 1871-1996

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Source: Sharon Murray, Lowry City Quasquicentennial 1871-1996 (Lowry City, Missouri: Osage Chigger
Publishing Company).

[page 155]


Postmasters Title Date appointed
Geo. PENN Postmaster 07/24/1871
Walter S. MILLER Postmaster 03/04/1911
Mr. Francis E. COLLEY Postmaster 03/18/1972

[page 156]

In 1940 when Francis (Gene) COLLEY was hired as clerk, the office hours were 7:30 AM to 6 PM Monday through Saturday.

[page 157]

During WWII, Gene COLLEY, Clerk & Boyd EVERSOLE were both drafted into the Army.  Winnie Wright BRACK served as acting clerk and later acting postmaster and Dowdy SHOEMAKER served as acting postmaster.  Gene COLLEY and Boyd EVERSOLE returned to their positions at the post office in December 1945.

[page 159]

Walter S. MILLER, postmaster in 1911 was Gene COLLEY’s grandfather.  Gene COLLEY was appointed postmaster in 1972 where he served until his retirement, December, 1978.

[page 245]


Mr. & Mrs. J.D. SNYDER and family of eight children moved from the Mt. Zion neighborhood to their new home in northeast part of Lowry City, March 13, 1904.  The roads were so muddy some of the children got out and walked to their new home on the hill.  They were riding in the “surrey with the fringe on top.”

After moving to Lowry two more boys (Uel and H.D. “Tat”) were added to the family – making five girls and five boys.

J.D. SNYDER loved mules and “The SNYDER Mules” were known all over Missouri as well as other states.  Many blue ribbons were taken at the State Fair and smaller fairs.  He was also a cattleman.

Mr. SNYDER was also a community worker.  He helped organize the Farmers State Bank of which he was President; and the Farmers Exchange now known as M.F.A.  He was President of the Farmers Mutual Insurance Co. for many years and served on the school board for several terms.  He owned several farms in St. Clair and Henry Counties.  Mr. SNYDER died in 1942.

Mrs. SNYDER loved her family and liked to sew for them as well as many neighbor girls.  She helped several girls with their dresses for graduation.  She enjoyed cooking and never knew how many would be sitting at her table before the day ended.

They had ten children, five boys & five girls:

Mary married Wm. BUNCH.  They had nine children: Opal L. married Paul NICHOLS.  Leo Clifford married Martha M. YOUNG.  Anna married Chuck MINICK, her second marriage was to Robert HORN.  Ray married Joyce PATSKI.  Winford G. married Arthur S. JONES.  John H. firt married Goldena RAY (later divorced).  Irene C. married Thomas E. JONES.  Gene L. married Effie Blanch DAVIDSON.  Lena L. married Durwood SCOTT.

Emma A. married Lee Gaines CHARLES.  They had four children: Edison L. married Doris LONGCOR; Lucille married Glen BANTA; Evelyn married Walter SHIPLEY; Ermalee married Boyd E. CAMPBELL.

Lora L. married Carl A. STEHWIEN.  They had four children: Dennis S. married Mary Ann CALIFF; John Daniel married Geraldine HAWKINS; Elva M. married Vicotr MANSKE; Bette J. married Donald D. RICE.

Pearl I. first married McCLAIN.  Divorced and married (the second time) Treo WITTY.

William Orr married Grace DELOZIER.  They had three children: Annabell married Kenneth RUFENACHT.  Thelma Byrdeen married Otis H. BLACKWELL.  Billie J. married Cletis D. MURPHY.

John Thomas married Undean PARK.

Lula May married Edwin Lyle MITCHELL.

Joseph Charles married Eula FEASTER.

Uel Hadley married Janet NESBIT.

Howard Dale (Tat).

There are about 200 direct descendents (grandchildren, great grandchildren, great, great grandchildren).

Bette STEHWIEN RICE, granddaughter of J.D. and Anna SNYDER now lives on the old family farm.

[page 267]

WEARS Family

John T. WEARS, the first member of the family to reside in Lowry City, was born in Newcastle, VA. in 1837.  He came to Missouri in 1860 and Mary E. RANEY, who was born in Louisville, Ky.

John T. WEARS was a veteran of the Civil War serving for three years in Company “C”, 7th Regiment, Missouri Calvary.  He had a brother serving in the Confederate Army who was killed in action; consequently, relationships with his family in Virginia were broken, and never resumed.

Mary RANEY WEARS united with a Baptist church in 1862 and John T. WEARS united with the church in 1868.  They were members at Tebo Baptist which they joined in 1904.  They continued in fellowship with the church until Mary WEARS death in 1919 and John WEARS death in 1930.

John T. and Mary WEARS had eleven children; two dying in infancy.  All, or most of the others, lived in Lowry City at some time in their young adult lives.  One son, Thadeus, was in the insurance and real estate business for many years in Lowry City.  The youngest child, Fred, was a barber in Lowry City for many years until his death in 1957.

Fred W. WEARS was born in Mt. Zion, Mo. and married Mary J. CARVER who was born in Roscoe, Mo.  During their married life they moved away from Lowry City several times, returning the last time in 1945.

Fred W. and Mary WEARS had five children, all born in Lowry City.  The first born was Doris WEARS COLLEY, who now lives in Ocean Park, Wa.  Next born was Leo Glenn who retired from the Marine Corps and now lives Ocotillo, CA.  Followed by Helen WEARS JUCHET who now lives in Raytown, Mo.  Next born was John E. WEARS who retired from AT & T and lives in Kansas City, Mo.  The last born was Harold G. WEARS who retired from the Kansas City, Mo. Police Department and lives in rural Lowry City.  All of the five children, except John, graduated from Lowry City High School; John graduated from Northeast High School in Kansas City, Mo.

Harold G. WEARS married Gloria R. HADSALL, a transplanted Iowan and graduate of Lowry City High School in 1952.  They have two children; Thomas G. WEARS, a naval submarine officer, who resides with his wife and three children in Virginia Beach, VA., and a daughter, Ann WEARS MULVIHILL who resides in Washington D.C. where she and her husband are employed.

While we cannot recount a 125 year relationship with Lowry City we can trace an interest and involvement spanning 100 years.  Fred WEARS served a term as Mayor of Lowry City and it is believed it was during this time, or possibly later with his help, the first sign with the motto “Where the Ozarks Meet the Plains” was erected.

Mrs. John Carver Dies

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Source: “Mrs. John Carver Dies,” unidentified 1938 newspaper clipping from the collection of Carol Lee Mattocks.

Mother of Mrs. Fred WEARS Pass-
es Away at Weaubleau

Word was received here Friday night of the death at the Weaubleau hospital of Mrs. John CARVER, 68, of Gerster, mother of Mrs. Fred WEARS of Osceola.

Death came at 9:15, following a brief illness. Mrs. WEARS had been in Weaubleau since her mother was taken there Wednesday. Mr. WEARS went to Weaubleau Friday night, and Mrs. WEARS accompanied him home.

Funeral services will be held Sunday morning at 10 o’clock at the King’s Prairie church. Interment will be in the King’s Prairie cemetery.

Descendants of John Thomas Wears and Mary Elizabeth Raney Wears

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Source: [Ray or John Roy Barber], Descendents [sic] of John Thomas Wears and Mary Elizabeth Raney Wears…, genealogical notes in the possession of Carol Lee Mattocks, originally prepared by either Ray or John Roy Barber.

Descendents of John Thomas Wears and Mary Elizabeth Raney Wears, married in Henry Co., Missouri, March 26, 1862. John age 25, Mary age 17.

John Thomas Wears, born Nov. 13, 1837, died March 22, 1930.

He was born in New Castle, Craig County, Virginia. He came to Missouri in 1860. In 1868 he united with the Tebo Baptist Church, later to Peaceful home and to Mt. Zion, from Mt. Zion to Lowry City Baptist Church. He was in the Civil War having served 3 years in Company ‘C’, 7th Regiment, Missouri Calvary. He was a member of Post Number 238, of the Grand Army of the Republic, Lowry City, Mo. He is buried in the Lowry City, Missouri cemetery.

Mary Elizabeth Raney Wears, born January 16, 1845, died March 7, 1919

She was born in Washington County, Kentucky. Her Mothers maiden name was Coulter. Her father J.C. Raney was born in Louisville, Kentucky, January 8, 1816. Died March 31, 1897. He is buried in Tebo Cemetery close to Tightwad, Mo. Mary joined the Baptist Church in 1862. She is buried in the Lowry City, Cemetery.

Their children

Euild Thomas Wears born March 2, 1864, died Oct. 16, 1942, buried at Stafford, Ks.
He married Mary Snyder. Their children- Estus, Ada, Myrtle, Uel, Ellis.

Thaddeus Sheridan Wears born Feb. 18, 1866, died Dec. 30, 1949. Buried at Lowry City.
He married Clara J. Martin. Their children-Pearl, Essie, Lola, Mary, Goldie

John Henry Wears born May 2, 1867, died April 2, 1868.

Minnie Belle Wears born Oct. 12, 1868, died March 4, 1946. Buried ar Lowry City.
She married Perry Barber. Their children-Weir, Tom, Ray, John Roy, Moine, Garnett

Mattie Amelia Wears born August 5, 1870, died Nov. 11, 1952. Buried at Lowry City.
She married Henry Mersch. Their children- Loie, Ralph, Grace, Henrietta, Chloe, Pauline, Irene, and Geneieve

Mary Elizabeth Wears born 1872, died March 6, 1874.

Roy Jackson Wears born Oct. 1875, died Sept. 15, 1940. Buried at Hemet, Calif.
He married Mayme. No children.

Uilla Susan Wears born April 10, 1879, died Feb. 18, 1969. Buried at Lowry City.
She married William Bagley. Their children- Comer and Mildred.

James Garfield Wears born March 26, 1881, died 1950. Buried in Hemet, Calif.
He married Estelle. Their children- Cloris, Edith, Dale.

George Wears born April 3, 1883, died Oct. 6, 1948. Buried at Lowry City.
He married Maude. No children.

Frederick William Wears born May 4, 1887, died June 28, 1957. Buried at Lowry City.
He married Mary Carver. Their children-Doris, Glenn, Helen, John, and Harold.