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Amy Tanner, family history, undated

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Source: Amy Tanner, family history, undated.

The Mattocks family were settlers around Momence. They came from Vermont when Grandfather Cyrus Rumsey Mattocks was quite young. He had 3 brothers and 2 sisters. The brothers were Edwin, Monroe & Walter (Walter must have been the youngest as he visited us about 1910. Momence. He was the only one of the 6 living then.[)] The sisters were Adelaide M. & Abba (Mattocks) Force. Their parents were Ichabod & Matilda Mattocks. They are buried in Shrontz Cemetery Momence. Our grandfather is also buried there. There may be more information on the tombstones. (South west corner of cemetery near some evergreen trees.)

Grandfather Cyrus Rumsey Mattocks was born at Bennington, Vermont in 1827. He died in 1892.

Bennington is along the Walloomsac River (branch of Hudson). He (grandfather) was married to Hester Ann Hess also of Momence. Their children were Walter Andrew Mattocks (that’s Uncle Walter) & William Eugene Mattocks (our father).

After the civil war, they separated. Grandmother married Lucien Jones (Aunt Cora (Jones) Scott’s parents[)]

Grandfather married Abigail Perry (Aunt Abbie’s parents)

Aunt Ida & Uncle Walter were buried at Hobart, Ind.

I don’t know what became of the Grandmothers (I’ll guess) Hester Ann probably Momence, Abigail Kankakee or Aroma

Wm Eugene Mattocks was born April 17, 1861 at Momence, Ill.

He married Anna Mary (Fedde) Mattocks in 1885

Our mother was born in Blankenmoor, Schleswig-Holstein in Germany, Oct. 16, 1864. She died Sept. 5, 1943.

Our father died Sept. 1, 1906.

Their children: (six of us)

Andrew Cyrus, Lake Village, Ind. Feb. 17, 1887 – Nov. 1960

Katie Idella (West Creek near Lowell, Ind.) Oct. 24, 1888 – Sept. 25, 1962

Clara Mabel (Chicago) April 22, 1892 –

Amy Emily (Morocco, Ind.) Aug. 3, 1898

Anna Lorraine (Fair Oakes, Ind.) May 8, 1901 – died fall of 1904 (she was buried at Koutz, Ind.[)]

Walter Clarence born June 7, 1904 at Koutz, Ind.

Fred George Tanner born Kankakee June 3, 1892, married March 17, 1934, died Apr. 21, 1953.

Our mother was buried at Creston, Ind. (near Lowell). Her mother, Uncle John, Aunt Katie & uncle Ed Meyers are also there at Creston. Uncle Henry at Lowell, Ind. (Her two brothers John & Henry & sister Katie & husband.) Maybe the sister Margaret & husband too (Joe Fedde a dist. cousin). These had a daughter Minnie (Fedde) Beckers who lived in Prairie Elk, Minnesota.

Grandfather Cyrus R. Mattocks & 3 brothers enlisted in the Civil War.

From Kankakee County

Edwin Mattocks – 42nd Illinois Infantry, Company D.

Monroe Mattocks – 42nd Ill. Inf., Company D.

  • Organized in Chicago, July 22, 1861
  • reenlisted Jan. 1, 1864
  • Mustered out Dec. 16, 1865 Chicago
  • Final discharge Jan 13, 1866

Cyrus R. Mattocks – 113th Illinois Infantry Co. K from Kankakee County

Walter Mattocks 113th Ill. Inf. Co. K ” ”

  • Both enlisted Aug. 1862.
  • Mustered out June 20, 1865.
  • Final discharge June 25, 1865.

All four were in marches & battles all over the South. Edwin, Monroe & Walter all went to Kansas so we lost track of them.

Granfather Claus Fedde was born in Germany 1821. Died in Germany 1869.

[Sofia?] A little sister of mothers age 3 yrs. also died & was buried in Germany.

Grandmother Anje (Antja) (Clefdt[?]) Fedde was born in Germany 1823.

Grandmother came to America with the three youngest, Anna age 8, Henry (older than 8), John (younger than 8) in 1872. There were 2 older daughters Katie & Margaret who were already in America & married. Grandmother lived in Sherburnville, Ill., where the 3 went to school & were confirmed in St. Petersburg Lutheran church. She was a seamstress, made ladies dresses & men’s suits. She died in 1892. She was then living with daughter Anna when the folks lived at 63rd & Halsted St. & (William) our dad drove horses on street cars in Chicago, during the World’s Fair.


Amy Tanner to Louise Schmidt, letter, 1 May 1979

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Source: Amy Tanner to Louise Schmidt, letter, 1 May 1979.

I was sure our grandfather Cyrus Rumsey Mattocks was born in Bennington, Vermont. – Icabod and Matilda were our great grandparents – mother spoke of them as Icabod and Matilda. During my school days, I began to wonder: did they inspire those names in “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”? Did Washington Irving know them? I think I have seen the names on tombstones in Shrontz Cemetery (approx 5 miles east of Momence) next to Grandfather Cyrus Rumsey Mattocks. It seems so real to me but I haven’t been to Shrontz Cemetery since about 1920. The grave stones were toward the south-west corner of the cemetery as it was then. There were other stones there too. As I recall, it looked like a family lot. That is where our father should have been buried, I think.

The four brothers were in service from Kankakee County. We have a “History of Kankakee County” 1906 edition. They are all in that, but only the war records.

I remember hearing the names Abigail and Adelaide but nothing about Josephine. I think Abigail was married to Harv Force. I don’t remember ever hearing of a John; maybe he didn’t come to Illinois and father and mother were not acquainted with him. I’ve heard the family came in a covered wagon to Illinois, had lived in N.Y. at sometime and claimed some Penn. Dutch ancestry. I remember that about 1913 or 1915 Aunt Abbie (Boswell) spent a year or two in Rutland, Vermont. She was with relatives there. She went there after the Boswells – her uncle Charlie and Aunt Phianna died. They had adopted her when her mother, Abigail Perry, Grandfather Mattocks second wife died, and Aunt Abbie was very young. Her Aunt Phianna was her mother’s sister.

In his late years grandfather lived with his sons, his last year with our parents. My grandparents were all gone before my day. Grandmother Fedde lived her last days with our folks too when they lived in Chicago, 1891 and 1892 – at 63rd and Halsted. She died about that time. Clara was born there. My father drove horses that pulled the street cars and cared for the horses and barns. I was born in Morocco, Indiana, so by 1898 they were back this way.

Our Grandmother Hester Ann Hess died when our father was very young (5 or 6 years old). He had no permanent home. He lived with his Uncle Rastus Wells, Aunt Polly Jones, Aunt Miranda, Uncle Rube Hess, the Sherwoods, the West’s, the Parrishes – names I recall hearing and with his father at times. When his sons married, Grandfather Cyrus Rumsey Mattocks gave each son a cow for milk. When we lived on the Merrill Farm, Mahlin Hess lived just S.E. from where you lived – a mile south and a mile east. I think he was Grandmother’s brother, about the last of the old timers I knew of.

Genealogical and Biographical Information from the Research of Carl Kenneth Mattocks

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Source: [Carl Kenneth Mattocks], genealogical and biographical information from the research of Carl Kenneth Mattocks.

´╗┐MATTOCKS, Chauncey Leon
Born [information withheld to protect privacy]
Birth Records should be on file at [information withheld to protect privacy]
May have been the last person to have been born in a log house in [information withheld to protect privacy]. This may be the reason he has such character!!

MATTOCKS, Beverly Earl
Born in Earl Park, IN in 1891
Died 22 October 1971 at Galveston, TX
Buried at Wheatfield, IN

DANNER, Gladys Deema
Born December 28th, 1897 at Liberty, MO
Died November 1957
Buried in Brookings Cemetery, Raytown, MO

MATTOCKS, Walter Andrew
Divorce records of his parents in Newton County IN indicate that he was born in August of 1862.
Died at Thayer, IN 1943. Buried at Hobart, IN.

CRANE, Rachel Idella
Born June 5th, 1865 at Goodland, IN
Father’s name was Peter MURPHY
Married at Niles, MI in August 1881 to #4 above. Have never been able to locate a copy of the marriage license.
Died June 10th 1952 at La Porte, IN
Buried at Hobart, IN

MATTOCKS, Cyrus Rumsey
Born in 1828 at Bennington, NY, which was then in Genessee County and is now in Wyoming County.
Died on March 5th, 1892, at 6634 South Halsted St – Chicago IL
Buried at Schrontz Cemetery 1.1 miles East of Momence – IL.

HESS, Hester Ann
Little is known about her except she was born in 1844 at Morocco, IN.
Married #8 ca 1859. Bore him two children, Walter in 1862 and William in 1865. Divorced #8 in 1870 Newton County, IN. Remarried to a Lucien JONES.

DANNER, Michael Elisha
Little is known of this man except (1) he was a miner and (2) he had red hair. A note from my Mothers Bible indicates he was born March 22nd, 1872.
When he died ca 1908 he left behind a wife and six (6) children.

HOUGH, Martha Minary
Born June 22nd, 1879 at Gallatin, MO
Died – ?
Buried in Brookings Cemetery – Raytown, MO
It is my belief that this woman, my grandmother, may have had some Afro background.
Physical features and mannerisms coupled with the habit of making up surnames support my beleif.
Who ever heard of the names BURLAH and DEEMA ?
Blacks are noted for doing this.
I use to have an old photo of the oldest daughter who was named BURLAH MAE and she had the big nose, thick lips and coarse hair associated with the Afro’s.
Do you remember Uncle Gene – a good case in point.
She remarried to William Orman BEARD who was born in Bloomington, IL. Four (4) children were born of this
It may appear that I am bigoted which is not true. I have many good black friends and slavery was a blot on this Countrys record.

MATTOCKS, Ichabod Jr.
Born – 1802
Sheldon, NY then located in Genessee County, now in Wyoming County
Died at Momence, IL in 1851
Buried in Schrontz Cemetery, 1.1 miles East of Momence.

Little is known about this man. Born in England.
His name was found on a petition to remove the Narragansett Indians from Massachusettz

See attached sheet.
His Church affiliation was Congregational.
Organized a guild (Union) of Coopers w/ Boston and Charlestown. (1840’s [sic])
It is believed he departed from England thru the Port of Bristol but he came from Totnes, Devonshire.


Personal Information
MATTOCKS, Carl Kenneth
Born-[information withheld to protect privacy]
Place- [information withheld to protect privacy]
Religious affiliation- Baptized in Baptist Church- ca 1927-28 Leeds, MO
Military Affiliation-US Army
Occupation- Operating Engineer
Married- [information withheld to protect privacy] to Jane BAKER of [information withheld to protect privacy]
Divorced in [information withheld to protect privacy]
Married- [information withheld to protect privacy] to Elizabeth Ellen BRYANT of [information withheld to protect privacy]. Her Fathers name was Henry BRYANT and her Mothers maiden name was Ellen McNAUGHTON. (Canadian)


Beverly MATTOCKS, b. 1891, m., 1917, Gladys DANNER, d. 1957.

  1. Aline VICKERS – [information withheld to protect privacy]
  2. Beverly Earl – 1918 Died (Lived 1 hr)
  3. Carl – [information withheld to protect privacy]
  4. Earl – [information withheld to protect privacy]
  5. Donald – Oct 29 1923 D 1944 in Belgium Pneumonia
  6. Walter – 1928 D 2 months 22 days
  7. Norma – May 3 1925 D
  8. Mary – [information withheld to protect privacy]
  9. Paul Eugene – 1935 D Lived few hrs
  10. Pat – 1929 D
  11. Leon┬á – [information withheld to protect privacy]



  1. Elisha Michael – March 22 1872
  2. Martha HOUGH – June 22 1879
  3. Burlah Mae – 1895
  4. Gladys Deema – Dec 28 [or 18?] 1897
  5. Clarence Allen – Nov 16 1899
  6. Eugene Ray – July 14 1902
  7. Violet Fern – June 17 1904
  8. Mary Ellen – May 21 1906