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Luster Earl Colley to Carol Lee Mattocks, e-mail, 4 October 1998

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Source: Luster Earl Colley to Carol Lee Mattocks, e-mail, 4 October 1998.

Dear daughter:

We enjoyed your ‘phone call, and all the news you shared with us.  I answered your first e-mail promptly, but it seems it never arrived on your screen. I hope we have better luck this time.  I told you on the telephone that I had an e-mail address for Jo Ann SPORE, who shares our interest in the WEARS surname. Her e-mail address is:


Some time ago she shared with us this data extracted from – 1850 census of Mason Co. VA.; page 376, dwelling 212:

George WEARS 52 VA
Martha ” 49 VA
James ” 25 VA
Lucretia ” 18 VA
George ” 15 VA
William ” 13 VA
Jane A. ” 10 VA

And then I compare this with the household listed on page 778 in dwelling 18, of the 1860 census of Springfield Township, Henry County, MO:

James WEARS 35 M VA
Elizabeth ” 27 F NC
George W. ” 1 M MO
Richard B. ” 4/12 M MO
Martha ” 57 F VA
William ” 21 M VA
Jane A. ” 19 F VA
John T. ” 20 M VA

In a perfect world everyone would age exactly 10 years between the 1850 census and the 1860 census. But we are all too sophisticated to believe such perfection.

George who was 52 in 1850 has disappeared; maybe dead, maybe gone to the California gold fields as so many men had done in 1850.

Martha aged from 49 to 57.

James aged from 25 to 35, got himself a wife and children. A James WIER married Elizabeth JONES 20 Sep 1857 in Henry Co. MO. The Bureau of Land Management issued a patent for 200 acres in sections 35 and 36 of Township 42 N Range 25 W, Henry Co. MO, 1 Nov 1859, to James WEAR.

Lucretia WEIR married Richard JONES 20 Dec 1851 in Henry Co. MO. She appears on the 1870 census of Springfield Township, Henry Co. MO at age 35, with her husband and a child, and living in their household is Martha A. WEARS, born VA, now age 70, having aged from 49 in 1850.

George W. WEARS married Martha A. EMERY 25 Feb 18?? in Henry Co. MO (the year of this marriage in the printed record is reproduced as 1838, but this is an obvious error. I am guessing that the correct year is 1858). The Bureau of Land Management issued a patent for 200 acres in sections 11 and 12 of Township 41 N Range 25 West, Henry Co. MO, 1 Nov 1859, to George W. WEARS.

William has aged from 13 to 21 in the 1850-1860 interval. Jane A. has aged from age 10 to age 20. And John T. WEARS has mysteriously appeared in the 1860 household at age 20.

If we assume that the subject household removed from Mason Co. VA after the 1850 census to Springfield Township, Henry Co. MO and before the 1860 census as a family group, we know that the arrival in Henry Co. MO was previous to 20 Dec 1851. That was the date when Lucretia was married in Henry Co.

Now it comes to my attention that there was a William D. WEAR in Henry Co. MO before 1850. He appears to have been a Minister, performing marriages there. For example, I see a marriage performed by him in 1836. A Rev. David WEIR also performed many early marriages in Henry Co.

There is a tradition that our John Thomas WEARS had said that he was born in Craig County, Virginia. At the time he was born, Craig County did not yet exist. So we assume that he meant to say that he was born in what was at that time the neighborhood of Botetourt County, Virginia, which was later set aside to Craig County. The unexpected appearance of a 20 year old John T. RULE [sic] on the 1860 census of Henry Co. MO, in a household where he did not appear to belong, has exercised our interest in this household listed on page 52, dwelling 189, of the 1850 census of Botetourt Co. VA:

James HUFFMAN 30 M Virginia
Harriet ” 31 F ”
Jane ” 10 F ”
Fleming B. CALDWELL 7 M ”
Mary ” 4 F ”
Eliza WIERS 30 F ”
John ” 13 M ”
Harriet CAY 25 F ”
John ” 9 M ”

There is an obvious shortage of young fathers in this household, and again I consider the possible attraction of the California gold rush.

In the records of Botetourt County, Virginia I find that a James HUFFMAN married Harriet CALDWELL 4 December 1839. This appears to identify James and Harriet HUFFMAN and their supposed daughter, Jane, in the listed household.

Let me know if you receive this so I will know we are in communication.

Auf Wiedersehen


Luster Earl Colley to JoAnn (Wear) Spore, e-mail, 11 December 1998

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Source: Luster Earl Colley to JoAnn (Wear) Spore, e-mail, 11 December 1998.

On Wed, 09 Dec 1998 20:04:52 -0700 JoAnn WEAR SPORE writes:


I just bought a new Family TreeMaker CD today and rented another one. The #227 Marriage Index: AR, CA, IA, LA, MN, MO, OR, TX 1728-1850 showed the following marriage in Henry Co., MO: George W. WEARS married Martha A. EMERY 25 Feb 1838. Is this your George and would this explain why Martha went to Henry Co. I checked to see if there was a marriage for Armisted EMBREY to Mildred _______ but found nothing. If this is the correct George and Martha he had to have a first wife? Did I get something mixed up??????

I had not thought of the interpretation that you suggest, but I think I can see your viewpoint. But I think I can offer some counter-arguments. I will describe how I came to the conclusion I have had for a long time.

Years ago, I bought a copy of the paper ound, typescript book titled, “HENRY COUNTY, MISSOURI MARRIAGE RECORDS; 1835-1861” by Betty Harvey Williams; 1966. My attention was immediately attracted to the item recording the marriage of George W. WEARS to Martha A. EMERY 25 Feb. 1838; by Daniel BRIGGS M. G. I immediately wrote in red ink my own note, “maybe 1858”. I have been a victim of errors in printed copies of records before, and I had long planned to get the film of the original marriage book to check what I suspected to be a misreading of the original source.  But I plan faster than I execute, and I still have not checked the film of the original record.

Since George WEARS has a wife (I assume) named Martha in 1850 in Mason county, VA, there seems to be a strange possibility that George WEARS married Martha A. EMERY (EMBRY) in Missouri in 1838, went to Virginia where they had children, then the mother and children came back to Missouri soon after 1850. If this happened, then the first child of the theoretical marriage would have been no more than about age 21 in 1850.  But the George and Martha WEARS in VA in 1850 had a son, James, age 25.  To explain that, we would have to assume, as you say, that George had a previous wife.

I think that the FTM people copied the record published by Mrs. Williams, errors and all, rather than going to the original record. Or maybe they just made the same mistake that Mrs. Williams made.

Here is my version, which could just be wishful thinking:

The familes headed by George WEARS, born about 1798 in VA, and by Armistead EMBREY, born about 1795 in VA, were neighbors and close friends in Mason county, Virginia. Soon after 1850, both families removed to Henry county, Missouri where they were again neighbors. On the 1860 census of Henry Co. MO the George W. WEARS family is listed in dwelling 7, while the EMBRY family is listed in dwelling 8. In the 1850 census, the WEARS family included a George WEARS, age 15, while the EMBRY family included a Martha A. EMBREY, age 10.  After moving to MO, in 1858, George WEARS was about age 23 and Martha A. EMBREY was about age 18.  Then and there they married. On the 1860 census of Henry county, MO, George W. WEARS, age 24, Carpenter, is head of a household with Marth A. WEARS, age 21, and an infant boy age 1 month. George W. WEARS was killed at Kennesaw Mountain, Georgia, 20 June 1964, a southern soldier. Martha married again to a man by surname DODSON, and they continue to appear on the Henry Co. MO census.

We have a clue to the approximate date when the WEARS family moved from VA to Henry Co. MO in the Henry Co. MO marriage of Lucretia WEIR to Richard JONES 20 Dec. 1851. I think there may be a strong possibility that George WEARS (the elder) was caught up in the gold excitement (the 49ers) and left his family in Missouri to go to the California gold fields. Many heads of families were missing at that time for that reason.  Many of these adventurers died before they could return to their families.

I copied some land patent documents from the Bureau of Land Management web site. Among them is a record for a George W. WEARS, dated 1 November 1859. The subject land was in St. Clair county. St. Clair is my birthplace, the next county south of Henry county. John Thomas WEARS later moved from Henry county to my home village of Lowry City.  I have a vague recollection of him as a very old soldier. I was married to Doris WEARS, a granddaughter of John Thomas WEARS.  Carol MATTOCKS is our daughter.

I have more “stuff” if you want to hear it.

Lowry City Quasquicentennial 1871-1996

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Source: Sharon Murray, Lowry City Quasquicentennial 1871-1996 (Lowry City, Missouri: Osage Chigger
Publishing Company).

[page 155]


Postmasters Title Date appointed
Geo. PENN Postmaster 07/24/1871
Walter S. MILLER Postmaster 03/04/1911
Mr. Francis E. COLLEY Postmaster 03/18/1972

[page 156]

In 1940 when Francis (Gene) COLLEY was hired as clerk, the office hours were 7:30 AM to 6 PM Monday through Saturday.

[page 157]

During WWII, Gene COLLEY, Clerk & Boyd EVERSOLE were both drafted into the Army.  Winnie Wright BRACK served as acting clerk and later acting postmaster and Dowdy SHOEMAKER served as acting postmaster.  Gene COLLEY and Boyd EVERSOLE returned to their positions at the post office in December 1945.

[page 159]

Walter S. MILLER, postmaster in 1911 was Gene COLLEY’s grandfather.  Gene COLLEY was appointed postmaster in 1972 where he served until his retirement, December, 1978.

[page 245]


Mr. & Mrs. J.D. SNYDER and family of eight children moved from the Mt. Zion neighborhood to their new home in northeast part of Lowry City, March 13, 1904.  The roads were so muddy some of the children got out and walked to their new home on the hill.  They were riding in the “surrey with the fringe on top.”

After moving to Lowry two more boys (Uel and H.D. “Tat”) were added to the family – making five girls and five boys.

J.D. SNYDER loved mules and “The SNYDER Mules” were known all over Missouri as well as other states.  Many blue ribbons were taken at the State Fair and smaller fairs.  He was also a cattleman.

Mr. SNYDER was also a community worker.  He helped organize the Farmers State Bank of which he was President; and the Farmers Exchange now known as M.F.A.  He was President of the Farmers Mutual Insurance Co. for many years and served on the school board for several terms.  He owned several farms in St. Clair and Henry Counties.  Mr. SNYDER died in 1942.

Mrs. SNYDER loved her family and liked to sew for them as well as many neighbor girls.  She helped several girls with their dresses for graduation.  She enjoyed cooking and never knew how many would be sitting at her table before the day ended.

They had ten children, five boys & five girls:

Mary married Wm. BUNCH.  They had nine children: Opal L. married Paul NICHOLS.  Leo Clifford married Martha M. YOUNG.  Anna married Chuck MINICK, her second marriage was to Robert HORN.  Ray married Joyce PATSKI.  Winford G. married Arthur S. JONES.  John H. firt married Goldena RAY (later divorced).  Irene C. married Thomas E. JONES.  Gene L. married Effie Blanch DAVIDSON.  Lena L. married Durwood SCOTT.

Emma A. married Lee Gaines CHARLES.  They had four children: Edison L. married Doris LONGCOR; Lucille married Glen BANTA; Evelyn married Walter SHIPLEY; Ermalee married Boyd E. CAMPBELL.

Lora L. married Carl A. STEHWIEN.  They had four children: Dennis S. married Mary Ann CALIFF; John Daniel married Geraldine HAWKINS; Elva M. married Vicotr MANSKE; Bette J. married Donald D. RICE.

Pearl I. first married McCLAIN.  Divorced and married (the second time) Treo WITTY.

William Orr married Grace DELOZIER.  They had three children: Annabell married Kenneth RUFENACHT.  Thelma Byrdeen married Otis H. BLACKWELL.  Billie J. married Cletis D. MURPHY.

John Thomas married Undean PARK.

Lula May married Edwin Lyle MITCHELL.

Joseph Charles married Eula FEASTER.

Uel Hadley married Janet NESBIT.

Howard Dale (Tat).

There are about 200 direct descendents (grandchildren, great grandchildren, great, great grandchildren).

Bette STEHWIEN RICE, granddaughter of J.D. and Anna SNYDER now lives on the old family farm.

[page 267]

WEARS Family

John T. WEARS, the first member of the family to reside in Lowry City, was born in Newcastle, VA. in 1837.  He came to Missouri in 1860 and Mary E. RANEY, who was born in Louisville, Ky.

John T. WEARS was a veteran of the Civil War serving for three years in Company “C”, 7th Regiment, Missouri Calvary.  He had a brother serving in the Confederate Army who was killed in action; consequently, relationships with his family in Virginia were broken, and never resumed.

Mary RANEY WEARS united with a Baptist church in 1862 and John T. WEARS united with the church in 1868.  They were members at Tebo Baptist which they joined in 1904.  They continued in fellowship with the church until Mary WEARS death in 1919 and John WEARS death in 1930.

John T. and Mary WEARS had eleven children; two dying in infancy.  All, or most of the others, lived in Lowry City at some time in their young adult lives.  One son, Thadeus, was in the insurance and real estate business for many years in Lowry City.  The youngest child, Fred, was a barber in Lowry City for many years until his death in 1957.

Fred W. WEARS was born in Mt. Zion, Mo. and married Mary J. CARVER who was born in Roscoe, Mo.  During their married life they moved away from Lowry City several times, returning the last time in 1945.

Fred W. and Mary WEARS had five children, all born in Lowry City.  The first born was Doris WEARS COLLEY, who now lives in Ocean Park, Wa.  Next born was Leo Glenn who retired from the Marine Corps and now lives Ocotillo, CA.  Followed by Helen WEARS JUCHET who now lives in Raytown, Mo.  Next born was John E. WEARS who retired from AT & T and lives in Kansas City, Mo.  The last born was Harold G. WEARS who retired from the Kansas City, Mo. Police Department and lives in rural Lowry City.  All of the five children, except John, graduated from Lowry City High School; John graduated from Northeast High School in Kansas City, Mo.

Harold G. WEARS married Gloria R. HADSALL, a transplanted Iowan and graduate of Lowry City High School in 1952.  They have two children; Thomas G. WEARS, a naval submarine officer, who resides with his wife and three children in Virginia Beach, VA., and a daughter, Ann WEARS MULVIHILL who resides in Washington D.C. where she and her husband are employed.

While we cannot recount a 125 year relationship with Lowry City we can trace an interest and involvement spanning 100 years.  Fred WEARS served a term as Mayor of Lowry City and it is believed it was during this time, or possibly later with his help, the first sign with the motto “Where the Ozarks Meet the Plains” was erected.

Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies

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Source: Lt. Col. Robert N. Scott, The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, Series I, Volume 34, Part 4 – Correspondence, Etc. (Washington: Government Printing Office, 1891).  [WorldCat]

[page 298]

WARRENSBURG, MO., June 10, 1864.


Pursuant to Special Orders, No. 10, dated headquarters Third Sub-District, District of Central Missouri, Warrensburg, Mo., June 5, 1864, I left Warrensburg, Mo., on the 6th day of June, 1864, in command of 15 men, detachments of Companies C and I, of the Seventh

[page 299]

Regiment of Cavalry, Missouri State Militia, and proceeded to Globe Post-Office, Johnson County, Mo., scouting the country thoroughly, and found 2 bushwhackers at one Mr. SPENCER’s, wounded 1 of them, but made their escape; distance marched, 15 miles.  June 7, 1864, scoured the country up and down Post Oak Creek, finding no bushwhackers; distance marched, 15 miles.  June 8, 1864, continued to scout through the wood and brush, finding no bushwhackers in the vicinity; distance marched, 15 miles.  June 9, 1864, continued to scour the country over on Bush Creek; discovered 2 bushwhackers but could not get near them; distance marched, 20 miles.  June 10, 1864, turned for camp from one Mr. KING’s; discovered 2 bushwhackers near one Mr. ROBINSON’s, on Post Oak Creek; chased them very closely, but could not get near enough to catch them.  Arrived in camp at 12 m. on 10th June, 1864.  Total distance marched, 80 miles.


Sergt., Co. C, Seventh Cav., M. S. M., Comdg. Scout.

Obituary of Mary E. Wears

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Source: “Obituary [of Mary E. Wears],” unidentified 1919 newspaper clipping from the papers of Carol Lee Mattocks.


Mary E. WEARS, after a long illness, passed away Friday morning at her home in Lowry City, surrounded by her husband, John T. WEARS, and all of her children, except one son, R.J. WEARS, of Arizona, who could not get here in time.

The deceased was born in Washington county, Kentucky, January 16, 1845, and died at her home in this city March 7, 1919, at the age of 74 years, 1 month and 21 days. She has been a resident of this city for over twenty years. In 1862 she joined the Baptist church and had been a member ever since. She was united in marriage to John T. WEARS of Henry county, Missouri, March 26, 1862. To this union were born twelve children of whom nine are now living: Six sons, E.T. of Lewis, Kansas; G.W. of Higgins, Texas; J.G. of Eclar, Texas; R.J. of Arizona, and T.S. and Fred of Lowry City; and three daughters, Mrs. Mattie MARSH and Mrs. Minnie BARBER of Kansas City, Missouri, and Mrs. Uilla BAGLEY of Lowry City.

Though ill for a long time preceding her death Mrs. WEARS bore her suffering without a murmur.  Everything that loving hands could do was done to help relieve her suffering but all in vain, and she quietly passed away.

Rev. W.S. WEIR of Adrian, Mo., an old-time friend of the family preached her funeral Saturday at the Baptist church to a large concourse of her friends and neighbors, and she was tenderly laid away that evening in the Barnett cemetery.

The many friends of the WEARS family will extend their heartfelt sympathy to them in their bereavement.



We thank the neighbors and friends for their kindness shown during the sickness and death of our dear beloved mother.

John T. WEARS and Children.

Luster Earl Colley to Gregg Leon Mattocks, e-mail, 13 November 1998

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Source: Luster Earl Colley to Gregg Leon Mattocks, e-mail, 13 November 1998.

This may be old news to you, but I just discovered it.

Today I scanned the 1850 census of Mason County, VA.  Just as you said, here is the Wears family:

Page 376A; dwelling 212; dated 8 August:
George WEARS 52 M Farmer Va
Martha ” 49 F Va
James ” 25 M Laborer Va
Lucretia ” 18 F Va
George ” 15 M Laborer Va
William ” 13 M Va
Jane A. ” 10 M ”

But here is what brought me to attention:

Page 376A; dwelling 214:
Armisted EMBREY 55 M Farmer Va
Mildred ” 45 F Va
Sanford ” 20 M Laborer Va
Mary J. ” 18 F Va
Jeremiah ” 17 M Laborer Va
Louisa ” 15 F Va
Wilford ” 13 M ”
Martha A. ” 10 F ”
Elizabeth ” 6 F ”

There is only one dwelling listed on this Mason Co. census between these two households.

Now I copy from the 1860 census of Henry county, MO:

Dwelling 7:
George W. WEARS 24 M Carpenter $1000 $80 Vir
Marth A. WEAR 21 F Vir
infant ” 1/12 M Mo

Dwelling 8:
Armsted EMBRY 68 M Farmer $3500 $6890 Vir
Mildred A. ” 55 F Vir
Jeremiah ” 25 M ”

Dwelling 18:
James WEARS 35 M Farmer $1782 $403 Vir
Elizabeth ” 27 F NC
George W. ” 1 M Mo
Richard B. ” 4/12 M ”
Martha ” 57 F Vir
William ” 21 M Carpenter Vir
Jane A. ” 19 F Vir
John T. ” 20 M Carpenter Vir

From the records of Henry County, Missouri

20 December 1851 Richard Jones married Lucretia Weir
20 September 1857 James Wier married Elizabeth Jones
25 February 1858 George W. Wears married Martha A. Emery

I would guess that an extended group of families and neighbors came from Mason Co. VA to Henry Co. MO a little after 1850. The Wears and Embry families seem to have been in the group and probably also the Jones family. I suspect there have been previous intermarriages among these families back in VA.

Everyone seems to be accounted for except John Thomas Wears.  Since Martha Wears has William age 20 and Jane A. age 19 in 1960, there is hardly time for her to have been the mother of John T. age 20. Maybe John T. is a son of a brother of George Wears?

I hope to follow up some of these mysteries. I would be glad to have your ideas.


Letter from Dorothy Clanton Phillips

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Source: Dorothy Clanton Phillips to Carol Lee Mattocks, 7 January 1996.

Dear Ms. Mattocks:

I am a volunteer at the Hopkins County Genealogical Society Library in Sulphur Springs, Texas. I also am doing research on the Colter family. Colters are my relatives. My husband and I went to Salt Lake City, Utah (Morman Library) and found the name of Falicia Coulter on the computor. At first I didn’t think Falicia could be any relation, because I had not found her on the Census. Looking again at the 1850 Census, Washington County, Kentucky, I found her (Falicia) married to Andrew Jackson Raney and living next to Isaiah Colter (my ggg grandfather). They are on page 167, family number 524 and 525. I am sending you a copy of the 1850 census and family group sheets on the Colter’s. Isaiah Colter and Rosanna Burris (Burress) Colter are buried in a family burial ground owned by Coulters in 1996 near Willisburg on the old Mackville Road. My sister and I saw the stones (can’t read names) in a field with large bales of hay on top of them.

I found the information about the burial place for Isaiah Colter and Rosannah at the Filson Club Library in Louisville, Kentucky. My sister and I have made three trips (1994, 1995, and 1996) to kentucky. There is a lot of information about the Colters in the Courthouse at Springfield, Kentucky.

My family connections to the Colters are:

Isaiah COLTER – Rosannah BURRIS (BURRESS) ggg grandparents
Thomas COLTER – Caroline LANHAM gg grandparents
Burnette COLTER – M.H. KIMBERLIN g grandparents
Margaret KIMBERLIN – V.E. SEWARD grandparents

I am sending you some copies of things that I have on the Colters. I hope this will help you in your research. If you have anything that I don’t have, please send me a copy of it. I will get a copy to my sister who lives in Oklahoma. She is a half-sister on my mother’s side. We have different fathers. Her name is Alice Joyce Thomas Ellington.

Dorothy Clanton Phillips
Dorothy Clanton Phillips

P.S. Falicia had to be Andrew Jackson RANEY’s first wife. The chilren were born while still in Kentucky & before the children born to Susannah.

1850 Kentucky Federal Census Washington County

Family # Age Sex Value of Real Estate Where Born Page
525 RANEY, A. Jackson 35 M $400 KY 167
RANEY, Falicia A. 27 F KY
RANEY, James 10 M KY
RANEY, Mary Elizabeth 5 F KY
RANEY, Rosebelle 3 F KY
RANEY, Isaiah 1 M KY
*COLTER, Thomas 8 M KY

*Thomas Colter may be Rowan Colter’s son. He was the brother of Falicia A. Colter and Thomas Colter.

524 COLTER, Isaiah 167

See family group sheet for Isaiah Colter for the rest of the family.

Andrew Jackson Raney and Falicia A. Colter Raney had moved to Missouri by the time the 1860 Census was taken.

Tilson Club Library – Louisville

Descendants of Catherine Donaldson Hannay grandaughter of James Stanley [Stanbery?] Logan and Ludlow S. Petty.

Born: Jan. 6, 1777
Died: July 30, 1864
His Tombstone is inscribed – “Erected by the children of Thomas Colter Sen.” It is in graveyard near Willisburg, on the Mackville Road out of Springfield, Washington Co., Ky.
Born: 1789
Died: 1863
(Ref: Tombstone at Colter Graveyard near Willisburg, Ky.)
Was administrator of his son, Thomas COLTER Sen. (brother of Rowan)
Married: April 16, 1818
(Ref: Marriage Book Springfield, Washington Co., Ky., page 176.)
They had –
Born: 1824
Died: 1856
Married: Oct. 15, 1844
They had
2. LEVI C.
4. ZAY (Isaiah)
5. TOM

Papers of Thomas Colter deceased _____
Administrator of his brother, Rowan Colter, deceased, this Oct. 19, 1864.
(Book “N”, page 376….)

Settlement of the accounts of Thomas Colter, Gdn. For —

  • Rosa Jane Colter, orphan of Rowan Colter Dec’d Book “L”, page 191.
  • Sabra H. Colter, page 192.
  • Josephine Colter, page 193.
  • Elizabeth Colter, page 194.
  • Thomas Colter, page 196.

All children of Rowan Colter.

son of Isaiah, Senr. and brother of Thomas, Senr.
Born: Jan. 18, 1808.
Died: Sept. 15, 185__.
Buried in the graveyard on Salt River near Pleasant Valley Church Gee, Route #1.
Born: April 17, 1821 [? blurred copy]
She was the daughter of John Morgan and Jane his wife.
They had –
Name on monument in the Court House yard,
Lawrenceburg, Ky.
Born: March 31, 1843
Died: Feb. 6, 1865
Killed during the Civil War in a near Greens Chapel on Salt River, Anderson Co., Ky.
Confederate Soldier – killed in Civil War
– Unmarried –

Settlement of C.R. Craycroft, Admr. of Thomas Colter, decd. Gdn. for Sabra H. Colter, etc. May-July, 1866.

It is stated that Rowan Colter’s settlement is on file in Anderson County, Ky.

(Ref: Book “N”, page 79, Springfield, Washington Co., Ky.)

After Craycroft’s settlement it appears W.H. Morgan of Anderson County is Gdn. of Thomas Colter, and N. Harris, Anderson Co. is Gdn. of Elizabeth and Rosa J. Colter, Oct. 2, 1866.

(Ref: Book “N”, pages 80-86)

(See Petty Record page 11)

[abstract of] FAMILY GROUP SHEET (1996)

ISAIAH COLTER (COULTER) b 6 Jan 1778 NC, d 30 Jul 1864 Willisburg, Washington Co., KY, bur graveyard near Willisburg, Old Mackville Road, Washington Co., KY, res nr Willisburg, Washington Co., KY, occupation farmer, m 16 Apr 1818

ROSANNAH BURRIS (BURRESS) b 1781 or 1789 NC, d 1863, bur same as Isaiah, res same as Isaiah, housewife.

(1/M) ROWAN COLTER b 18 Jan 1808 KY, d 15 Sep 185__, m Sabra MORGAN.
(2/M) THOMAS COLTER b 1820, m 15 Oct 1844 Caroline LANHAM.
(3/F) FALICIA A. COLTER b 1823 Wash Co., KY, d 22 Mar 1930 Lowrey City, MO, m 1838 Wash Co., KY, A. Jackson RANEY.

NOTES: In Isaiah’s will 3-23-1870, Courthouse, Springfield, KY, he left money to following grandchilren: Preston Colter, Levi Colter, Burnette Colter, and Isaiah Colter; witness M.H. Kimberlin.

[abstract of] FAMILY GROUP SHEET

ROWAN COLTER b 18 Jan 1808, d 15 Sep 185–, son of Isaiah COLTER & Rosannah BURRIS (BURRESS), m

SABRA MORGAN, dau of John & Jane MORGAN.

(5/M) ISAIAH (ZAY) COLTER b 31 Mar 1843, d 6 Feb 1865, killed in Cvil War.
(6/M) THOMAS COLTER**, killed in Civil War.

** This could be the Thomas COLTER that is living with the RANEY’s in the 1850 Federal Census, Kentucky, Wash. Co.

[abstract of] FAMILY GROUP SHEET (1996)

THOMAS COLTER b 1820 Wash Co., KY, d 1856, son of Isaiah COLTER & Rosannan BURRIS (BURRESS), m
15 Oct 1844

CAROLINE LANHAM b 1824-1825 Wash. Co., KY.

(1/M) PRESTON COLTER*** b 19 Jul 1845 Wash Co., KY, d 18 Sep 1873, bur Mackville Cem, Mackville, Wash. Co., KY, m 29 Jan 1866 Wash Co., KY, Mary Bell SHOEMAKER.
(2/M) LEVI COLTER b 1847 Willisburg, Wash. Co., KY, liv 1928, age 81 (obit. of Burnette COLTER KIMBERLIN).
(3/F) BURNETTE COLTER b 28 Oct 1849 Willisburg, Wash. Co., KY, d 29 Jun 1928 Dallas, Dallas Co., TX, bur Ferris Cem, Ferris, Dallas Co., TX, m 24 Nov 1864 Texas, Wash. Co., KY, Martique H. KIMBERLIN.
(4/M) GEORGE COLTER b 1851, Wash. Co., KY, liv 1928, age 77 (obit. of Burnette COLTER KIMBERLIN).
(5/M) ISAIAH C. COLTER b 19 Nov 1852 nr Willisburg, Wash. Co., KY, d by 1928, m Eliza COLTER**.
(6/M) THOMAS COLTER b 1856, d by 1928.

** She lived in Wilmer, TX, in the 1930’s daughter named Ruby.
*** He was a confederate soldier.

[abstract of] FAMILY GROUP SHEET (1996)

ANDREW JACKSON RANEY b 8 Jan 1816, d 31 Mar 1895 Tightwad, MO, bur Tebo Cem, res KY & MO, m 1838

FALICIA A. COLTER b 1823 Wash. Co., KY, d 22 Mar 1930 Lowry City, St. Clair Co., MO, res KY & MO.

(1/M) JAMES RANEY b 1840.
(2/F) MARY E. RANEY b 16 Jan 1845 Wash. Co., KY, d 7 Mar 1919 Lowry City, St. Clair Co., MO, m 26 Mar 1862 Calhoun, Henry Co., MO, John Thomas WEARS.
(3/F) ROSEBELLE RANEY b 1847 Wash. Co., KY, m William BUNCH.
(4/M) ISAIAH RANEY b 1849.
(5/M) THOMAS COLTER** b 1842. “This could be Rowan’s son”.

** Living with the RANEY’s in 1850 see 1850 Wash. Co. Federal Census, KY. They are living next to Isaiah
COLTER page 167 – Family number 524 and 525.

[abstract of] FAMILY GROUP SHEET (1996)

MARTIQUE (MORDICA) H. KIMBERLIN b 12 Apr 1837 Wash. Co., KY, d 25 Oct 1898 Evansville, Vanderburgh Co., IN, bur Evansville, son of Jacob F. KIMBERLIN & Juliana DAUGHERTY. Martique res KY, TN, IN, occupations farmer & preacher, member of Cumberland Presbyterian, had a bladder infection, m 24 Nov 1864 Texas (nr Springfield), Wash. Co., KY,

BURNETTE COLTER b 28 Oct 1849 Willisburg, Wash. Co., KY, d 29 Jun 1928 Dallas, Dallas Co., TX, bur Ferris Cem, Dallas Co., TX, dau of Thomas COLTER & Caroline LANHAM. Burnette res KY, TN, IN, TX, a housewife.

(1/M) H. POINDEXTER KIMBERLIN b 25 Dec 1868 Texas, Wash. Co., KY.
(2/M) N. GEORGE KIMBERLIN b 10 Jul 1873, d 24 Sep 1873.
(3/M) GEORGE H. KIMBERLIN b 18 Apr 1874, d 9 Jun 1894.
(4/F) MARGARET C. KIMBERLIN b 14 Jul 1878, d 3 Jul 1928 Dallas, Dallas Co., TX, bur Grove Hill, Dallas, Dallas Co., TX, m 28 Oct 1898 Vivien E. SEWARD.
(5/M) WILLIAM B. KIMBERLIN b 16 Sep 1881 Lebanon, Wilson Co., TN, d 8 Jul 1943 Ferris, Dallas Co., TX, m 24 Apr 1917 Ferris, Dallas Co., TX, Hattie WELCHER.
(6/F) DOLLIE KIMBERLIN b 16 Dec 1883 Lebanon, Wilson Co., TN, d 9 Dec 1957 Wilmer, Dallas Co., TX, bur Wilmer, Dallas Co., TX, m 13 Jul 1912 Ferris, Dallas Co., TX, Wallace LLOYD.
(7/M) MAURORY KIMBERLIN b 16 Dec 1884 Lebanon, Wilson Co., TN.
(8/M) HALBERT H. KIMBERLIN b 20 Apr 1886 Lebanon, Wilson Co., TN, bur Dallas, Dallas Co., TX, m 12 Jun 1927 Dallas, Dallas Co., TX, Maude D. LITTLEFIELD.
(9/M) JOHN F. KIMBERLIN** m 9 Jun 1895 Ada DRUNUE.

For some reason he was considered the black sheep of the family. I do not have any aditional information about him, except that my mother Lillian Louise SEWARD CLANTON THOMAS told me that she and her family visited him one time. He lived out of state, maybe chicago, Ill.