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Early Families of Herkimer County, New York

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Source: William V.H. Barker, Early Families of Herkimer County, New York (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1986). [WorldCat]

[page 129]

******** HESS ********

4301: JOHANNES HESS – born in Germany 1692 (if son of John, age 16 on 1709 London list); liv. 1749; m WCL (NY camps) 19 Aug 1711 CATHERINE KORSING (b 1694) dau of RUDOLPH KORSING (aka “Ludolph” or “Lilof”) & DELIA of Hellstein Isenberg Germany.  A blacksmith, Johannes emigrated from Bleichenbach Hanau Germany to New York in 1710 and was on the NY Palatine subsistence list in 1710 (1A,0Y) & in 1712 (2A,0Y).  He was naturalized at Albany NY 17 Jan 1716 and in 1723 got Burnetsfield lot #31.  Sponsored, with wife Cath., Jul 1744 bp of granddaughter Cath. HESS.  HESS info in St. Johnsville E&N 3 Oct 1928.

surname HESS

4302: ANNA EVA  b 1713; ps. (HESS?) m ANDREW CLEPSATTLE

4303: ANNA MARIA  b 19 Apr 1715 (sp. Marg. BURCKHARD)  ps. Maria (HESS?) m by 1745 GUSTAV OSTERHOUT

4304: ANNA CATHERINE  b 25 Mar 1717 (sp. Cath. CONRAD)



+ 4307: FREDERICK  b 1722; liv. 1745 (spf Joh. HESS bp)

4308: DOROTHY  b 1724; m by 1753 ADOLPH WALLRATH

4309: NICHOLAS HESS – On NY Palatine list in 1710 (2A,3Y) and in 1712 (2A,3Y) and naturalized at Albany NY 17 Jan 1716.

4310: JOSEPH HESS – On 1717 Simmendinger census with wife Catharine & 1 child.  Also on that 1717 census was a WILLIAM HESS (with wife).

HESS – 2nd Generation

4305: AUGUSTINUS HESS – born Schoharie NY 21 Dec 1718; killed near Ft. Herkimer 15 Jul 1782; m1 by 1743 CATHARINE KASS (b 1721, d 1754) dau of GEORGE KAST; m2 ANNA SCHELL pr. a sister of CHRISTIAN SCHELL Sr.  In a pension application Christian SCHELL jr (b 1758, son of Christian Sr.) was called a cousin by Jost HESS (Petrie book page 10).  Drew Burnetsfield lot #10 (Little Falls).  Augustinus was a miller, blacksmith, and owner of a ferry boat.  In a Tory Indian raid near Ft. Herkimer in 1782, he and Valentin STARING were killed while providing a rearguard defense as residents fled to the fort.

4312: ELISABETH  b 1 Jul 1743; m 1764 HENRICH J. STAHRING

4313: CATHERINE  b 27 Jul 1746; d 1838; m 1768 JOHANNES DIEVENDORF

+ 4314: JOHN  b 1747; m by 1770 MARGARET … (pr. FULMER)

+ 4315: FREDERICK  1749-1795 m1 MARIA STAHRING

+ 4316: GEORGE  b 1750; liv. 1776

+ 4317: AUGUSTINUS jr.  b Oct 1752; m by 1776 MARIA SHOEMAKER

4317A ANNA  b 24 Dec 1754; pr. m by 1784 JAMES NESCH (Kast ms. says this Anna m John WAFT)

pr. by 2nd wife

+ 4318: CHRISTIAN  b Mar 1756; m Apr 1775-6  ELISABETH KAST

+ 4319: JOST  b 1758; d 1844; m 1785 ELISABETH EDICK

4320: Johan NICHOLAS  bp 7 Aug 1760 (sp. Nich. WEBER & Marg.)

+ 4321: CONRAD  bp 3 Apr 1762 (sp. Conrad FRANK); m. MARG. T. FRANK

4322: HENRY  (bp John)  b SAR 25 Apr 1764 (sp. Joh. SCHELL & w. Barb.)

4323: DANIEL  b GF 19 Apr 1766 (sp. Dan. MILLER & Anna Maria)

4323A ANNA EVA  b SAR 27 May 1768 (sp Anna Eva & Fr. ORENDORF)

[page 130]

4306: JOHANNES HESS jr. – pr. born ca 1715 to 1725; m 10 Nov 1743 ANNA MARGARET JUNG (YOUNG) we think dau of DEBALT JUNG (tradition has dau of FREDERICK JUNG, while Martin’s Zimmerman book suggests she was the Margaret Hen. JUNG (born WCL 1716)).  John pr. lived at Palatine or Canajoharie NY.


+ 4326: JOHANNES  b 27 Oct 1745; m 1768 ANNA FOX

4327: ELISABETH  b 12 Aug 1747; m SAR 1768 SHRISTOPHER W. FOX

4328: ANNA  b 25 Mar 1749 (sp. Aug. HESS & w. Cath) m 1770 Lt. JACOB JA. KLOCK (Bellinger book, page 42)

4329: Johan FREDERICH  b 10 May 1751; m ANNA CATHERINE NELLIS

+ 4330: DEBALT  b 1753 (sp Debalt JUNG & w. Cath.); m MARJORY …

4323: DANIEL  b 16 Mar 1756; d 11 Apr 1758

+ 4331: DANIEL  1758-1842  m MARIA FOX

4332: AUGUSTINUS JOH.  b say 1760; liv. 1792 (spf Hiser bp)

4307: FREDERICK HESS – born ca 1724 (Vosburgh); pr. living 1767.  Sponsored Jun 1745 bp of the dau of Gustavus OSTEROD & Anna Maria (Book of Names page 62) and [???] Oct 1745 bp of John, son of John HESS & Margaret (JUNG).  Pr. the Frederick listed just after Augustinus & John HESS in Capt. FRANK’s 1767 GF militia.

HESS – 3rd Generation

4317: AUGUSTINUS HESS jr. – born 10 Oct 1752; pr. died Mar 1833 age 80; m MARIA SHOEMAKER (b 1757) pr. dau of JOHN SHOEMAKER & CATHERINE GETMAN (Bellinger book pg. [???]).  He escaped after temporary capture at Oriskany.  On 1790 GF census (1-5-4).

4333: CATHERINE  b GF 28 Apr 1776 (sp. Joh. SHOEMAKR & Cath.<GETMAN>)

4334: ELISABETH  (twin) b 11 Sep 1779 (sp Stfl SHOEMKR & Elis.) m JOHN EDICK

4335: DOROTHEA  (twin) b 11 Sep 1779 (sp Fr ITTIG, Dor. SHOEMKR) m JOHN BURGHDORF

4335A JOHANNES AUG.  b GF 1 Jul 1782 (sp John HESS & Marg.) m 1805 MARGARET GETMAN

4336: AUGUSTINUS III (?, Bellinger book)  pr. same as above John


4338: FREDERICK  b GF 9 Nov 1785 (sp Fred. HESS & Maria)

4339: CONRAD  b GF 26 Oct 1787 (sp Conrad HESS & Marg. FRANK)

4340: HENRY  b 26 Nov 1789 (sp. John Jac. KESSLER & Cath.)

4341: MARY  b 1794; d 21 Apr 1846

4318: CHRISTIAN HESS – pr. born ca 1750 to 1760; m ELISABETH KAST (b 1758) dau of FREDERICK KAST & ELIZABETH HELMER.  On 1790 GF census (1-2-3).

4341A ps. GERTRUDE (HESS?)  b say 1776; m by 1794 ADAM H. WEAVER

4342: ELISABETH  b GF 16 Jul 1777 (sp. Gert. KAST & Conrad HESS)

4343: AUGUSTINUS  b GF 8 Nov 1781 (sp Fr. KAST & Elisabeth)

4344: JOST  b 11 Mar 1784 (sp Jost HESS & A. Elis. FOX)

4345: CONRAD  b GF 19 Jul 1786 (sp Peter Fr. FOX, Cath. KAST)

4345A ELISABETH  b GF 29 May 1788 (sp Geo. KAST, Elis. F BELLINGER)

4346: MARIA  b GF 5 Apr 1791 (sp Dan. HESS, Cath. SCHERER)

4347: JOST  b GF 27 Jun 1793 (sp .. KAST, Maria OSTEROTH)

4348: EVA  b GF 12 Aug 1795 (sp Phil P. KAUDER, Eva OSTEROTH)

[page 131]

4321: Johan CONRAD HESS – born SAR 27 Mar 1762 (bp 3 Apr, son of Augustinus & Anna); died 10 May 1839 (Kast book); m German Flats NY Jan 1788 MARGARET TIM. FRANK (b 1767) dau of Lt. TIMOTHY FRANK.  On 1790 GF census (2-1-3).

4349: DANIEL  b GF 26 Oct 1789 (sp Dan. HESS, A. Eva Fr. FRANK) m 1811 MARGARET ORENDORF

4350: ELIZABETH  b 25 Jul 1792; m 1812 JOHN N. SPOHN

4351: DAVID  b GF 7 Aug 1794 (sp Pet. Joh. BELLINGER & Doro.)

4351A MARGARET  b say 1802; m 1823 ADAM NELLIS (Leetham ms.)

4331: DANIEL HESS – born 1758 (son of John & Margaret); died 1842; m by 1781 MARIA FOX pr. a dau of PHILIP W. FOX.  On 1790 Palatine NY census (1-2-4) next to John HESS & Adam BARSH.  Lived in Otsego Co. NY in 1794.

4352: JOHANNES  b GF 13 Jun 1781 (sp John HESS & Anna <FOX>)

4353: MARGARET  b GF 4 Jan 1786 (sp Wilhelm FOX & Margaret)

4354: MARIA (twin)  bp SJR 15 Apr 1790 (sp Adam BARSH & Anna)

4355: ANNA EVA (twin)  bp Apr 1790 (sp Daniel WEBER, Cath. KLOCK)

4356: JOSEPH  b SJR 2 Aug 1793 (sp. Peter Ph. FOX, Marg. C. FOX)

4356A BENJAMIN  b SAL 8 Nov 1795 (sp. Christ. FOX & Elis.)

4330: DEBALT HESS (David) – born 22 Sep 1753 (son of John & Margaret, died 1841; m MARJORY … (Bellinger book page 43).  Theobald HESS & Margaret sponsored Feb 1795 bp of Margaret, dau of Nicholas FORBES & Sara.  David HESS was on 1790 Palatine NY census (2-3-4) next to Rudolph BARSH.

4357: ps. TIMOTHY  b say 1775; liv. 1795 (spf. A. DYGERT bp)

4338: ELISABETH  b GF 8 Dec 1783 (sp Stphl FOX & Elis. <HESS>)

4338A PETER SCHUYLER  b GF 23 Jun 1785 (sp Maj. Pet. SCHUYLER)

4315: FREDERICK HESS – born 1749 (son of Augustinus & Catherine); died 1795; m1 before 1776 MARIA STAHRING (aka “Bally”, d before 1788) dau of JOST STAHRING (son of Nich.); pr. m2 15 Apr 1788 ANNA MARIA FULMER (b ca 1762, d 1830) dau of CONRAD FULMER.  See Comp. of Amer. Genealogy vol. 6 page 499 and Bellinger book page 73.  Pr. the Frederick on 1790 German Flats census (2-2-4) next to Conrad HESS.

4358: FREDERICK  b GF 6 Jul 1777 (sp. Fred. FOX …) pr. m by 1802 EVA ITTIG (b 1778, d 1808)

4359: ELISABETH  b GF 13 Aug 1779 (sp. Con. HESS, Sus. FLACK) d 1830; m 1802 GEORGE F. FOX

4360: HENRICH  bp GF 8 Sep 1782 (sp Nich. HESS & Maria FRANK)

4361: MARIA  b GF 17 Nov 1784 (sp Augustin HESS & Maria)

4362: ANNA  b Gf Aug 1786 (sp Lor. SHMKR, Susanna WOHLEBEN)

by 2nd wife

4363: MAGDALENA  bp SJR 26 Mar 1789 (sp Christphr FOX & Elis.)

4364: MARIA CATHERINE  b 26 Apr 1790 (sp Con. HESS & Margaret)

4365: CONRAD  b GF 1 Jan 1792 (sp Fred. C. FRANK & Elis.)

4329: Johan FREDERICH HESS – born 10 May 1751 (son of John, sp. Fr. JUNG, Marg. NELLIS); died 1806; m ANNA CATHERINE NELLIS (Bellinger book page 43).  Pr. the Frederick on 1790 Palatine NY census (2-3-4) near John NELLIS & FOX family.  Family moved to Otsego Co. and married with SCHREMLINGs (Book of Names page 10).

4365A pr. JOHN F.  b say 1775; liv. 1794 (spf SCHREMLING SJR bp)

4366: ANNA  bp GF 23 Oct 1781 (sp Dan. FOX & Cath.)

4367: ps. CATHERINE  b GF 2 Feb 1794 (sp Jost H. HERKIMER & Cath.)

[page 132]

4316: GEORGE HESS – pr. born ca 1750 to 1760; George HESS was sponsor, with Anna Maria FULMER, for bp Nov 1776 of Anna Maria, dau of John HESS & Margaret.

4326: JOHANNES HESS – born 27 Oct 1745 (sp. Fred HESS, Eliz. JUNG); m SAR 23 Feb 1768 ANNA FOX dau of WILLIAM FOX Sr. & pr. MARGARET KAST.  Sponsored Aug 1783 bp [???]nna, dau of Christopher FOX & Elisabeth and was pr. the John on 1790 Palatine [???]ensus (2-0-1) listed near Daniel HESS & Adam BARSH.

4314: JOHANNES HESS – born 1747 (pr. son of Augustinus and not an extended [???]iage for the older John HESS <b 1721> who married Margaret YOUNG); m by 1776 MARGARET …, pr. MARGARET FULMER ps. dau of CONRAD FULMER.  On 1790 German Flats census (1-5-4) next in list to Augustinus HESS.

4368: MARIA MARGARET  b SAR 21 Oct 1770 (sp Acus FOLMR, Elis. SHMKR)

4369: pr. GEORGE J. b say 1772; liv. 1789 (spf G. HESS bp)

4370: pr. GERTRUDE b say 1774; liv 1788 (spf HARTER bp)  Gertrude Joh. m GF 1794 MARTIN MARVEL

4371: ANNA MARIA  b GF 1 Nov 1776 (sp. Geo. HESS, Anna Maria FULMER)

4372: CONRAD  b GF 5 Sep 1780 (sp Conrad FULMER & Lena)

4373: JOST  b GF 26 Sep 1783 (sp Jost HESS, A. Elis. FRANK)

4374: FRIEDRICH  b GF 31 Mar 1785 (sp Fred. FRANK & Elis.)

4375: CATHERINE  b GF 26 Oct 1787 (sp Wm FULMER, Cath. ORENDORF)

4376: HENRICH  b 12 Mar 1790 (sp Fr. CHRISTMAN & Anna Eva)

4377: RUDOLPH  b 24 Jan 1793 (sp Conrad ORENDORF & Cath.)

4319: Johan JOST HESS – pr. born ca 1750 to 1765; m German Flats NY 12 May 1785 ELISABETH EDICK (ITTIG, b ca 1762, d HK 8 Jun 1813 age 51) dau of MICHEL ITTIG & CATHERINE ORENDORF.  On 1790 GF census (1-2-3).

4378: ANNA  b GF 20 Sep 1785 (sp James NASCH & Anna)

4379: GEORGE  b GF 18 Dec 1788 (sp. Geo. J. HESS, Gert. DIEVENDORF)

4380: CATHERINE  bp SJR 30 May 1790 (sp Dan PETRIE, Cath. ITTIG)

4381: ELISABETH  b GF 12 Mar 1792 (sp Fred. EDICK & Cath.)

4382: EVA  b GF 9 Mar 1793 (sp Fred HESS jr, Eva ITTIG)

4328: ANNA HESS – b 25 Mar 1749 (sp. Aug. HESS & w. Cath); m 27 Sep 1770 JACOB JA. KLOCK (b 1750, d bef 1792) son of Col. JACOB KLOCK & ELISABETH BELLINGER

4325: CATHERINE HESS – born 16 Jul 1744 (sp. Joh. HESS Sr. & w. Cath.); m1 JACOB WEAVER; m2 ca 1777 CHRISTOPHER PHILIP FOX (d 1804) son of PHILIP FOX.

4327: ELISABETH HESS – b 12 Aug 1747 (sp. Jacob STARING, Dor. Elis. JUNG); m 1763 CHRISTOPHER W. FOX son of WILLIAM FOX Sr.


The Palatine Families of New York

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Source: Henry Z. Jones, Jr., The Palatine Families of New York (Universal City, California: published by the author, 1985). [WorldCat]

[page 379]

JOHANNES HESS (Hunter Lists #302)

Johannes HESS, blacksmith of Bleichenbach in the earldom of Hanau, md. 29 Aug 1711 Anna Catharina, d/o Ludolst CURRING of Hellstein in the earldom of Isenburg (West Camp Luth. Chbk.).  The roots of this Mohawk Valley family were then at 6474 Bleichenbach (5 km. n.w. of Budingen; Chbks. begin 1650, Ref.); entries on the group were also found at 6474 Selters (1 km. further n.w.; Chbks. begin 1672, but gaps, Luth.).  The earliest known antecedent of the American family was Henrich HESS, called a wagner in Bleichenbach on an inhabitant list of 1694 (Selters Chbk.).  He md. an Anna Maria (–) and had issue:

  • Johannes, a wagner in Bergheim in 1692 (Selters Chbk.).
  • Henrich, d. 20 April 1699, aged 51 yrs.  (Bleichenbach Chbk.).
  • +    Augustinus.

Augustinus HESS, a blacksmith and s/o Henrich HESS the Wagner, md. Kunigunda, d/o Johann EMMERICH of Bleichenbach, 20 Oct 1680 (Selters Chbk.); for more on Kunigunda EMMERICH’s ancestry, see the section on #164 Johannes EMMERICH, her brother.  Augustinus HESS d. 17 April 1731, aged 74½ yrs. old (Bleichebach Chbk.); Kunigunda HESS, his wife, d. 10 March 1725, aged 65 yrs. and 9 months (Bleichenbach Chbk.).  Their ch. were:

  • Johann Henrich, b. 24 Nov 1681 – sp.: Johann EMMERICH (Selters Chbk.).  The child was bur. 28 March 1682 (Selters Chbk.).
  • Anna Catharina, d. 4 July 1686, aged 2 yrs. and 5 months (Selters Chbk.).

[page 380]

  • Johannes, b. 2 April 1687 – sp.: Johannes – s/o Weigel SCHÜTZ (Selters Chbk.).  He was conf. 29 May 1699 (Bleichenbach Chbk.).
  • Anna Eva, b. 16 Aug 1689 – sp.: Anna Maria – wid/o Henrich HESS the wagner (Selters Chbk.).
  • Johann Henrich, b. 17 April 1692 – sp.: Johann HESS – wagner from Bergheim and the father’s brother (Selters Chbk.).  He was conf. 23 May 1706 (Selters Chbk.).
  • Augustinus, b. 22 Jan 1696 – sp.: Augustinus GLAS … (Selters Chbk.).  He was conf. in 1709 (Selters Chbk.).
  • Anna Maria, b. 31 Jan 1700 – sp.: Maria – wid/o Johan Wendel DIPPEL the Bürger in Ortenberg (Bleichenbach Chbk.).

A Johan HES was listed alone on Capt. Francois WAREN’s ship in Holland in 1709 in the 5th party of Palatines (Rotterdam Lists).

Johannes HESS made his initial appearance on the Hunter Lists 30 June 1710 with 1 pers. over 10 yrs. of age in the family; the household increased to 2 pers. over 10 yrs. 29 Sept 1711.  Johannis HES was nat. 17 Jan 1715/16 (Albany Nats.).  Joseph HESS and his wife Catharina with 1 child were at Neu-Heessberg ca. 1716/17 (Simmendinger Register).  Johannes HESS was a patentee on the s. side of the Mohawk River 30 April 1725 (Burnetsfield Patent).  Johannis HESS and Fredrich PILLENGER received land from Lewis MORRIS Jr. in 1732 (Albany Co. Deeds, Vol. 6, p. 348).  BERKENMEYER mentioned that he started for the Falls 12 Aug 1734 and arrived late in the evening at the home of Hannes HESS, who treated him kindly; later HESS and his wife were so gracious that he stayed longer than expected (Albany Protocol, pp. 91 & 94).  (Johannes) HESS was noted with Johannes (Jr.) on Pastor SOMMER’s List of families ca. 1744 (Schoharie Luth. Chbk.).  A Johannes HESS was recorded at Canajoharrie in 1763 (Albany Co. Freeholders).  The ch. of Johannes1 HESS and his wife Anna Catharina were:

1) Jannicke2, b. 20 May 1712 – sp.: Andreas BAGGS and Anna PERSCH (West Camp Luth. Chbk.).

2) Anna Eva2 (some doubt as to name of child), b. or bpt. 24 Sept 1713 – sp.: Joh. EMERICH and wife Margaretha (Stone Arabia Luth. Family List in Chbk.).

3) Anna Maria2, b. or bpt. 25 March 1715 – sp.: Anna Margreth BURCKHARD or BORKIS (West Camp Luth. Chbk. & Stone Arabia Luth. Family List in Chbk.).  West Camp Luth. gives b. 19 April 1715.

4) Anna Catharina2, b. 25 March 1717 – sp.: Anna Catharina CONRA (West Camp Luth. Chbk.); the sp. were Marx BELLINGER and wife Anna in the Stone Arabia Luth. Family List in Chbk.

5) Augustinus2, b. or bpt. 21 Dec 1718 – sp.: Joh. Ludolff CORING and wife Utilia (Stone Arabia Luth. Family List in

[page 381]

Chbk. Augustines HESS was a patentee on the n. side of the Mohawk River 30 April 1725 (Burnetsfield Patent).  Achistenes HESS was a freeholder at the Falls in 1763 (Albany Co. Freeholders).  He md. an Anna (–) and had issue:

i)     Johann Nicolaus3, bpt. 7 Aug 1760 – sp.: Johann Nicolas WEBER and Margretha (Stone Arabia Ref. Chbk.).

Maryly B. PENROSE’s excellent Mohawk Valley in the Revolution lists additional ch. for Augustinus2 HESS:

ii)     Johann Conrad3, bpt. 3 April 1762.

iii)     Johannes3, b. 25 April 1764.

iv)     Daniel3, b. 19 April 1766.

v)     Anna Eva3, b. 27 May 1768.

6) Johannes2, b. or bpt. 5 May 1721 – sp.: Thomas SCHUMACHER and wife Dorothea (Stone Arabia Luth. Family List in Chbk.).  The will of Johannes HESS of Canajohary in Albany Co., farmer, was dated 28 Oct 1760 and probated 30 April 1771 (Fernow Wills #798).  He md. Anna Margaretha JUNG 10 Nov 1743 (Stone Arabia Luth. Chbk.) and had issue:

i)     Catharina3, b. or bpt. 16 July 1744 – sp.: Johannes HESS Sr. and wife Catharina (Stone Arabia Luth Chbk.).

ii)     Johannes3, b. or bpt. 27 Oct 1745 – sp.: Johann Friderich HESS and Elisabetha JUNG (Stone Arabia Luth. Chbk.).

iii)     Elisabetha3, b. or bpt. 12 Aug 1747 – sp.: Jacob STARING and Dorothea Elisabetha JUNG (Stone Arabia Luth. Chbk.).

iv)     Anna3, b. or bpt. 25 March 1749 – sp.: Augustinus HESS and wife Catharina (Stone Arabia Luth. Chbk.).

v)     Johann3, b. or bpt. 10 May 1751 – sp.: Joh. Friderich JUNG and Anna Margaretha NELLIS (Stone Arabia Luth. Chbk.).

vi)     Theobald3, b. or bpt. as Debalt 22 Sept 1753 – sp.: Debalt JUNG and wife Catharina (Stone Arabia Luth. Chbk.).

vii)     Daniel3 (Will).

viii)     Friederich3 (Will).

7) Johann Friderich2, b. or bpt. 5 Sept 1722 – sp.: Friderich BELLINGER and wife Elisabetha (Stone Arabia Luth. Family List in Chbk.).  The will of Frederick HESS of German Flats was dated 25 Aug 1795 and recorded 12 Feb 1796 (Herkimer Co. Will Bk. A).  He md. Mary (Will) and had ch.:

i)     Friderich3 (Will).

ii)     Henrich3 (Will).

iii)     Conrad3 (Will).

[page 382]

iv)     Elisabetha3 (Will).

v)     Catharina3 (Will).

vi)     Magdalena3 (Will, as Lana).

8) Anna Dorothea2, b. or bpt. 25 March 1724 – sp.: Thomas SCHUMACHER and wife Dorothea (Stone Arabia Luth. Family List in Chbk.).  She md. Adolph WALLRATH (HJ).

There were several other members of the HESS family in the Mohawk Valley: 1) An Augustine HESS d. 31 March 1838, aged 85 yrs. (Columbia Cem., Ref. Church, Herkimer Co.); 2) A Johann Jost HESS d. 22 July 1841, aged 85 yrs. and 7 months (Columbia Cem., Ref. Church, Herkimer Co.); and 3) a Hendrick HESS of Canajohary wrote his will 26 Aug 1801, and it was probated 13 June 1810 (Montgomery Co. Will Bk. I).

NICLAUS HESS (Hunter Lists #303)

The German home of this Palatine family was at 5419 Freirachdorf (22 km. n.e. of Neuwied; Chbks. begin 1689).  Nicolaus HESS md. Veronica Catharina (–) 30 July 1702; a notation in the chbk. mentioned that the couple had lived together a long time previous to their marriage in whoring and had an illegitimate child.  Niklaas HESCHE, his wife and 1 child were listed in the 6th party of Palatines in Holland in 1709 (Rotterdam Lists); they were recorded near Johann Herman BÖTSER, Johan diderig SCHNITER, Johan Wilhellem SNEITER, and Hans Jacob DINGES – all of whom came from villages bordering Freirachdorf (HJ).

Niclaus HESS made his initial appearance on the Hunter Lists 4 July 1710 with 2 pers. over 10 yrs. and 3 pers. under 10; the entry changed 4 Aug 1710 to 3 pers. over 10 and 2 under 10.  In most all of his entries on the Hunter Rolls, Nicolaus HESS was recorded near other 1709ers from the Neuwied-Westerwald region (HJ).  Niccolas HES was nat. 17 Jan 1715/16 (Albany Nats.).  He was a Palatine Debtor in 1718, 1719 (at Kingsberry), and 1721.  Nicklas HES was a Palatine willing to remain at Livingston Manor 26 Aug 1724 (Doc. History of N.Y., Vol. III, p. 724).  He had ch.:

1) Peter2, bpt. 25 June 1702 – sp.: Peter KAUS, Peter SCHUMACHER, and Anna Maria HESS (Freirachdorf Chbk.).

2) Maria Catharina2 , bpt. 5 Aug 1703 – sp.: Petrus HESS, and Catharina – d/o Jacob HESS.  The child d. 2 Sept 1703 (both Freirachdorf Chbk.).

3) Anna Maria2, bpt. 2 Sept 1704 – sp.: Anna Maria – d/o Jacob SCHUMACHER, and Anna Margaretha – d/o Antoni HACHENBURG (Freirachdorf Chbk.).  She md. Johann Dieterich DICK (HJ).

4) Elisabetha Catharina2, bpt. 28 March 1706 – sp.: Jacob

[page 383]

SCHMIDT, Eva Catharina – d/o Frederic HÜMERIC, and Elisabeth – w/o Matthaeus SCHUMACHER (Freirachdorf Chbk.).  Catharina HESS md. Johannes FINGER in 1725/26 (Linlithgo Ref. Chbk.).

Peter2, s/o Nicolaus HESS, probably d. young (HJ).  A later-arriving Johann Pieter HES joined the Germantown Ref. Church 19 Oct 1751 with papers from the church at Rhosbach; Roβbach is the parish seat for Freirachdorf in Germany (HJ).

Compendium of Early Mohawk Valley Families

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Source: Maryly B. Penrose, Compendium of Early Mohawk Valley Families, Volume 1 (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1990). [WorldCat]

[page 367]



HESS, Conrad Aug: m. Margreth FRANCK (dau. of Tim. FRANCK), 1/1/1788 (DRGF:205)

HESS, George m. Maria Elisabeth JORDAN, 3/19/1793 (DFP:49)

HESS, Joh: Friedr: m. Maria VOLMER (dau. of Conrad VOLMER), 4/15/1788 (DRGF:205)

HESS, Joh: Jost m. Elisabeth ITTIG, 5/12/1785 (DRGF:201)

HESS, Johannes (widower of Stone Arabia) m. Eva COPPERNOLL, 1/2/1772 (RDSA:191)

HESS, Johannes m. Anna FOX, 2/23/1768 (RDSA:184)

HESS, Johannes m. Anna Margretha JUNG, 11/10/1743 (LTSA:2)

HESS, Johannes, Sr. m. Catharina LILOF, 8/?/1711 (LTSA:2)

HESS, John m. Jenney [?], 4/?/1794 (JPC:90)


HESS, Augustinus & Anna [?]: Johann Nicolas, bapt. 8/7/1760 (RDSA:21); Johann Conrad, bapt. 4/3/1762 (RDSA:33); Johannes, b. 4/25/1764, bapt. 5/10/1764 (RDSA:47); Daniel, b. 4/19/1766, bapt. 5/5/1766 (RDSA:63); Anna Eva, b. 5/27/1768, bapt. 7/12/1768 (RDSA:87); Johannes, b. 7/1/1782, bapt. 7/?/1782 (DRGF:59).  Sponsors: Johann Nicolas WEBER & Margretha (re:1); Conrad FRANCK & his wife (re:2); Johannes SCHELL & his wife, Barbara (re:3); Johann Daniel MULLER & Anna Maria (re:4); anna Eva & Joh: Friedrich OHRNDORFF (re:5); Johannes HESSE & Margretha (re:6).

HESS, Augustinus & Maria [?]: Elisabetha, b. 9/11/1779, bapt. 9/13/1779 (DRGF:37); Dorothea, b. 9/11/1779, bapt. 9/13/ 1779 (DRGF:37).  Sponsors: Stophel SCHUEMACHER & Elisabeth (re:1); Friedrich ITTIG & Dorothea SCHUMACHER (re:2).

HESS, Christian & Elisabeth [?]: Elisabetha, b. 7/16/1777, bapt. 7/31/1777 (DRGF:25); Augustines, b. 11/8/1781, bapt. 11/18/1781 (DRGF:50); Johann Jost, b. 3/11/1784, bapt. 3/28/1784 (DRGF:83).  Sponsors: Gertraut KAST

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& Conrad HESS (re:1); Freidrich KAST & Elisabeth (re:2); Joh: Jost HESSE & Anna Elisabeth FOX (re:3).

HESS, Daniel & Maria (FOX): Johannes, b. 6/13/1781, bapt. 6/13/1781 (DRGF:45); Maria, bapt. 4/15/1790 (SJC:25); Anna Eva, bapt. 4/15/1790 [twins; parents of Palatine] (SJC:25); Joseph, b. 8/2/1793, bapt. 1/20/1794 [parents of Otsego Co.] (SJC:88); Benjamin, b. 11/8/1795 (LTSA:92).  Sponsors: Johannes HESS & Anna (re:1); Adam BERSCH & Anna BERSCH (re:2); Daniel WEBER & Catharina KLOCK (re:3); Peter Ph. FOX & Margretha C. FOX (re:4); Christ. FUCHS & Elisabet (re:5).

HESS, Frederick (of Long Candel) & Anna Maria (VOLLMER): Magdalena, bapt. 3/26/1789 (SJC:13).  Sponsors: Christoph FOX & Elisabeth FOX.

HESS, Friedrich & Maria [?]: Henrich, bapt. 9/8/1782 (DRGF:61).  Sponsors: Johann Nicol HESS & Maria FRANK.

HESS, Godfrey (of Palatine) & Apollonia (BAXTER); Jacob, bapt. 2/8/1789 (SJC:9).  Sponsors: Jacob ZIMMERMAN & Margaretha BAXTER.

HESS, Henrich (of Palatine) & Catharina (BELLINGER): Johann Jost, bapt. 8/16/1788 (SJC:3); Anna, bapt. 6/6/1790 (SJC:28); Magdalena, b. 12/21/1792, bapt. 1/27/1793 (SJC:71).  Sponsors: Johannes KRIEG & Elisabeth DEBUSIN (re:1); John Friederich BELLINGER & Catharina BELLINGER (re:2); John HESS & Eva HESS (re:3).

HESS, Henrich (Snellenbush) & Margrtha [?]: Heinrich, bapt. 6/9/1793 (SJC:76).  Sponsors: Friderich SNELL & Anna ZIMMERMAN.

HESS, Joh: Friedrich & Maria [?]: Friedrich, b. 7/6/1777, bapt. 7/11/1777 (DRGF:24); Elisabetha, b. 8/13/1779, bapt. 8/16/1779 (DRGF:36); Maria, b. 11/17/1784, bapt. 11/22/1784 (DRGF:89).  Sponsors: Friedrich FOX & [?] (re:1); Conrad HESSE & Sussanna FLACK (re:2); Augustin HES & Maria (re:3).

HESS, Johannes & Anna Margaretha (YOUNG): Catharina, b. 7/16/1744 (LTSA:2); Johannes, b. 10/27/1745 (LTSA:2); Elizabeth, b. 8/12/1747 (LTSA:2); Anna, b. 3/25/1749 (LTSA:2); Johann Friderich, b. 5/10/1751 (LTSA:2); Debalt, b. 9/22/1753 (LTSA:8).  Sponsors: Johannes HESS, Sr. & his wife Catharina (re:1); Johann Friderich HESS, Elizabeth JUNG (re:2); Jacob STARING, Dorothea Elizabetha JUNG (re:3); Augustinus HESS & his wife Catharina (re:4); Joh. Friderich JUNG, Anna Margaretha NELLIS (re:5); Debalt JUNG & his wife, Catharina (re:6).

HESS, Johannes & Margretha [?]: Maria Margreth, b. 10/21/1770, bapt. 11/6/1770 (RDSA:107); Anna Maria, b. 11/1/1776, bapt. 11/5/1776 (DRGF:21); Conrath, b. 9/5/1780, bapt. 9/27/1780 (DRGF:40); Johann Jost, b. 9/26/1783, bapt. 1/1/1784 (DRGF:79); Friedrich, b. 3/31/1785, bapt. 4/28/1785 (DRGF:95).  Sponsors: Acus FOLMER & Elisabeth SCHUMACHER (re:1); Georg HESS & Anna Maria FOLMER (re:2); Conrath VOLMER & Lena (re:3); Johann Jost HESS & Anna Elisabeth FRANCK (re:4); Friedrich FRANK & Elisabeth (re:5).

HESS, Johannes, Sr. & Catharina (LILOF): Anna Eva, b. 9/24/1713 (LTSA:2); Anna Maria, b. 3/25/1715 (LTSA:3); Catharina, b. 3/25/1717

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(LTSA:3); Augustinus, b. 12/21/1718 (LTSA:3); Johannes, b. 5/5/1721 (LTSA:3); Johann Friederich, b. 9/5/1722 (LTSA:3); Anna Dorothea, b. 3/25/1724 (LTSA:3).  Sponsors: Joh. EMERICH & his wife, Margaretha (re:1); Anna Margaretha BORCKIS (re:2); Marx BELLINGER & his wife, Anna (re:3); Joh. Ludolff CORING & his wife, Utilia (re:4); Thomas SCHUMACHER & his wife, Dorothea (re:5); Friderich BELLINGER & his wife, Elisabetha (re:6); Thomas SCHUMACHER & his wife, Dorothea (re:7).

HESS, Johannes Jost (of the field) & Elisabeth [?]: Catharina, bapt. 5/30/1790 (SJC:27).  Sponsors: Daniel PETRI & Catharina ITIG.

HESS, Theobald & Macery/Majory [?]: Elisabetha, b. 12/8/1783, bapt. 1/25/1784 (DRGF:80); Pieter SCHUYLER, b. 6/23/1785, bapt. 7/19/1785 (DRGF:99).  Sponsors: Stophel FOX & Elisabeth (re:1); Pieter SCHYLER, Mjr. & [?] (re:2).

Death Record

HESS, [?], (infant of Daniel HESS, Germanflats), d. 9/21/1820; buried near the church cemetery in the same place (RDH:279)

HESS, Conrad, [sartor], d. 3/28/1820, Germanflats, age 28 years; buried in the cemetery near the stone church (RDH:279)

HESS, David, (little son of Dionisii HESS), d. 6/3/1823, age 7 years; buried in the cemetery near the church (RDH:286)

HESS, Elisabeth, (dau. of George H. HESS), b. 7/20/1797; d. 9/26/1808, age 11 years, 2 months, 6 days; buried 9/28/1808 (DFP:92)

HESS, Elisabeth, (wife of Johannes Joseph HESS and sister of Michael ITTIG, from Columbia), d. 7/15/1813, age 51 years; buried in the cemetery near the church in the same place (RDH:268)

HESS, Eva, (wife of Frederick HESS; born: ITTIG), d. 5/5/1808, Germanflats, age 29 years, 9 months, 13 days; buried in the church cemetery of the same place (RDH:260)

HESS, Frederick, (son of Frederick HESS), d. 3/25/1816, Germanflats, age 14 years; buried in the cemetery near the church (RDH:272)

HESS, George H., d. 9/27/1840, age 67 years, 6 months, 10 days; buried in a private cemetery on the AARONs farm, formerly owned by Mrs. Estella FINEHOUT, on a knoll within sight of the road in the town of Hessville (AFC 41:2)

HESS, Henry, b. 1730; d. 2/25/1810, age 80 years (had 2 sons & 8 daus.; lived to see 69 grandchildren and 14 great grandchildren) (DFP:93)

HESS, Mary E., (wife of George H. HESS), d. 5/30/1838, age 66 years; buried in a private cemetery on the AARONs farm, formerly owned by Mrs. Estella FINEHOUT, on a knoll within sight of the road in the town of Hessville (AFC 41:2)

Probate Abstract

HESS, Hendrick, (of Canajoharie), will dated 8/26/1801; probated 6/13/1810.  Legatees: wife, Mary Elizabeth; sons, Henry and George; daus., Susanna, Magdalen, Elizabeth, Catharine, Margaret, Maria (decd., and her daus., Anna, Maria, Elizabeth and Susanna).  Executors: Wife; George W. GERLACH, Henry FAILING.  Witnesses: Roger DOUGHERTY, Hendrick DEILL, Christopher P. YATES. (WMC 56:161)

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Tryon County Militia

HESS, Augustinus                            [Appendix A]

HESS, Christian

HESS, Conrad

HESS, Daniel

HESS, Frederick

HESS, George

HESS, Henry

HESS, John

Pension Abstract

HESS, Christian, m. Elizabeth [?], 3/10/1777, by Rev. Abraham ROSENCRANTZ; d. 8/5/1804, Pittsford, Monroe Co., N.Y. (Elizabeth HESS, b. 1743/4; d. 2/22/1843, Monroe Co., N.Y.)  Children: Elisabeth, b. 7/30/1777; Hendrick, b. 8/27/1779; Augustinus, b. 11/6/1781; Johan Jost, b. 3/11/1784; Catherine, b. 7/?/1786 or 8/?/1786 (m. Isaiah D. STILLWELL; resident of Livona, Livingston Co., N.Y. in 1855); mary, b. 1789/90.  Christian enlisted in 1777 and served as a private and sergeant in Capt. BREADBAKE’s Co., Col. Jacob KLOCK’s 2nd. Regt., Tryon Co. Militia for nine months; he enlisted again for another tour of duty at Stone Arabia. (RWPA:#W17068)

HESS, Conrad, b. 1762, German Flatts, N.Y.; (father; [not named] was killed at the time of attack upon Fort Herkimer); applied for pension on 10/13/1832 and was not allowed one due to unsatisfactory proof of service.  Conrad served under Capts. Michael ITTIG and Frederick FRANK in Col. Peter BELLINGER’s 4th. Regt. and also under Capt. GROSS in Col. Marinus WILLETT’s Regt.; Conrad stated that he fought in the battles of Oriskany, West Canada Creek and Fort Herkimer. (RWPA: #R4927)

HESS, Daniel, b. 11/13/1757; (brother: David [Debalt], b. 9/22/1753; resided in Mexico, Montgomery Co., N.Y. in 1835); resident of Oppenheim, Montgomery Co. on 9/5/1834.  Daniel entered the military from his home in Palatine in March 1775 and was a private at various times until 1780 under Capts. John HESS, Christopher FOX, Peter WAGGONER in Col. Jacob KLOCK’s 2nd. Regt., Tryon Co. Militia.  (RWPA: #S22826)

1790 Census

HESS, Augustenus                            [Appendix B]

HESS, Christian

HESS, Conradt

HESS, Daniel

HESS, David

HESS, Frederick (2)

HESS, Henry

HESS, John

HESS, Yost