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Annals of Platte County, Missouri

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Source:  W.M. Paxton, Annals of Platte County, Missouri, from Its Exploration Down to June 1, 1897: With Genealogies of Its Noted Families, and Sketches of Its Pioneers and Distinguished People (Kansas City, Missouri: Hudson-Kimberly Publishing Company, 1897).

[page 28]
[Year – 1839]


June 10 — Major James Brasfield died at his home on Todd’s Creek. His widow, Jane, and his oldest son, Thos. W. R., were appointed, November 9, administrators, with the will annexed.  The father of deceased was Wylie Roy Brasfleld, of English lineage, born in Virginia April 19, 1766; removed to Kentucky, and m’d Elizabeth Berry, daughter of Thomas. She was b. November 4, 1771, and d. October 21, 1837. Their son,


Was b. in Clark Co., Ky., September 25, 1790, and d. in Platte, June 10, 1839. He was a major in the War of 1812 — lost an eye in the service, drew a pension to the day of his death, m’d, June 6, 1816, Jane Lafferty, b. February 5, 1799, d. January 15, 1880.  She was a dr. of Thos. Lafferty, of Scotch parentage, b. January 14, 1771, d. July 25, 1828, and his wife, Eleanor Strode, b. in Virginia, February 16, 1783, and d. April 17, 1868.  Maj. James Brasfield received a finished education, read extensively, and was a chaste writer of both prose and poetry.  He was sheriff of Clark County, Kentucky, for eight years, and a practical surveyor of large experience. He came with his family to Clinton Co., Mo., in 1834, and removed thence to Platte, in the spring of 1838. He was the surveyor who, under Commissioner M. M. Hughes, fixed the northern line of Platte County.

[page 70]
[April 12, 1845]

A list of 140 letters is published, as remaining in the post-office at Platte City, by J. H. Johnston, postmaster. At that day every letter in the office at the end of the quarter was published.  Among the names are:  […] J.P. Srite […]

[page 98]
[Year – 1848]

Feb. 9 — Ann Strode, administratrix of Constant Strode.

[page 140]


[…] He was born in Virginia, and m’d Harriet Litzenberg, who d. June 23, 1848.

Children by his second wife [not Harriet]:


[page 141]

  • FRENCH S. WILSON (ii), m’d Eliz. Rule, dr. of Bolivar.  Ch:
    • 1. Norvel. 2. Hattie. 3. Lena Wilson.

[page 180]

Georgiana [Beckum], b. Feb. 13, 1845; m’d March 5, 1861, H. Scott Yates, b. Dec. 26, 1834, son of Chas. Yates and Emily McManus. Mr. Yates was a Confederate State guard for six months; a member of Capt. W. J. Miller’s Co. I., Winston’s regiment of infantry. He is a Knight Templar, and a highly respected citizen.  He came to Platte in 1857. Ch: [a] Ella Yates, b. in 1862; m’d Jan. 19, 1881, John Wilson; [b] John, b. Jan. 20, 1864; m’d in 1884, Martha A. Timberlake; 3 children; [c] Ada Yates; [d] Susan, m’d in 1889, Bolivar Rule (ii) (see); 1 child; [e] William; [f] Edward; [g] Eliza; [h] Grace; [i] Thomas H.; [j] Flora Yates.

[page 371]
[Aug. 1, 1864]


Under General Order No. 24, the disloyal citizens are required to give bond, and are disfranchised. A list is furnished each precinct. The following is a partial list: […] Elijah Justus, […]

[page 372]

[…] W.M. Rule, […]

[page 478]
[Year – 1869]


Sept. 9 — Charles A. Mann is brutally attacked by a man named Bullock, and receives injuries of which he dies. He was a farmer, living eight miles east of  Platte City, and possessed a large heart and generous feelings.  His violent death was much deplored, but the culprit escaped. He was born in Virginia September 22, 1804, and married November 11, 1829, Elizabeth Blanton, born February 29, 1812, in Virginia. She was a daughter of Lawrence Blanton and Gilley Colley. They came in 1840 to Clay County, and thence, in 1843, to Platte, settling on Second Creek, where the widow yet resides.

[page 487]
[Feb. 1, 1870]


John P. Srite, having died, his widow, America, administers.  He was a worthy farmer living on Todd’s Creek.  He married America Rule, daughter of William S. Rule.  Ch:

  • ELIZABETH SRITE, m’d Jas. Rogers.
  • ALBERT, m’d Minnie Eppard.
  • EMMA SRITE, m’d Geo. Dunlap.
  • LAVINIA, died; m’d James Earl.
  • CORA SRITE, m’d Jas. Colley.
  • ANNA, m’d Nov. 8, 1883, Thornton Coons.

[page 586]
[Sept. 28, 1874]

The Democratic Central Committee are: […] 10, Bolivar Rule; [… 12 members]

[page 647]

ARCHIBALD WILLS died, aged 87. He was a soldier of the War of 1812. He married Nancy Hoffman, who died April 25, 1894. Children: 1, Eliza Ann, m’d Bolivar Rule (see); 2, Sallie J., m’d W.S. Kerr (see); 3, James, m’d Virginia Reeve; 4, Mary E., m’d William Pickett; 5, Amanda, m’d Ed Alexander.

[page 668]
[Year – 1878]



County Judge (East District) — W. Chesnut, 1,033; B. Rule, 477.

[page 669]
[Year – 1878]


Dec. 22 – William S. Rule died at his home near Linkville.  He was born in Bourbon County, Ky., October 3, 1793.  He married, first, Maria Bates, daughter of Warren.  Ch:

  • BOLIVAR GARRET RULE, b. in Bourbon Co., Ky., Oct. 2, 1825; d. in Platte Nov. 28, 1888;m’d in Nov., 1844, Eliza M. Wills, dr. of Arch. and Nancy Wills.  Bolivar was a man of sound judgement and integrity, was highly esteemed by his neighbors, and by them pressed for office.  Ch:
    • Nancy Rule, m’d April 18, 1867, John A. Marshall.  Ch: [a] James Marshall; [b] Garret; [c] Alex.; [d] Anna.  They have removed to Crawford County, Kansas.

[page 670]

    • James W. Rule, b. Feb. 8, 1859, m’d Sept. 6, 1876, Fannie Justus, dr. of Elijah.  Ch: [a] Ann Rule, b. March 25, 1883; [b] William Rule, b. March 9, 1885; [c] Charles, b. Oct. 24, 1889.
    • Ann Marie Rule, dead; m’d March 6, 1868, Geo. Venrick.  They lived in Neosho Co., Kansas.  Children.
    • Arch R. Rule.
    • Wallace L. Rule (ii) b. Feb. 26, 1857; m’d Sept. 17, 1884, Ida Fox.  Ch: [a] Geo. Rule; [b] Arch.; [c] Lizzie; [d] John B.
    • Zena Rule, m’d Jos. Hudson.
    • America Rule, m’d Dec. 3, 1873, H.D. Miller.  Ch: [a] Wallace; [b] Garret Miller.
    • Lizzie Rule, m’d Nov. 17, 1881, F. Strother Wilson.  Ch: [a] Norvel Wilson; [b] Hattie; [c] Lena.
    • Bolivar L. Rule, m’d Feb. 11, 1890, Susan Yates.
  • AMERICA RULE, m’d John P. Srite.  (See.)
  • WALLACE L. RULE, (i) b. June 4, 1836; m’d Dec. 1, 1870, Lucy A. Spencer, b. Jan. 11, 1845, dr. of Hiram.  He died in Dec., 1889, leaving:
    • Lena Rule, b. Jan. 22, 1872.
    • Wm. H. Rule, b. Nov. 10, 1873.
    • Ernest M., b. July 8, 1876.
    • Wallace (iii), b. April 25, 1881.
  • MOLLIE RULE, m’d Tony Hon.  She died, leaving:
      1.    Samuel.    2. Mollie Hon.    3. Willie.     4. Anna.

[page 713]
[Year – 1880]


Nov. 25 — Elmore Breckenridge died on his farm, three miles east of Platte City. He was born in Bourbon County, Ky., May 17, 1803; married January 18, 1838, Letitia Strode, born October 31, 1801; died December 17, 1893. They came to Platte in 1843.  She was a daughter of John Strode. Her first husband was William Srite, and was father of Ruth Srite, who married, first, P. Stockwell, and after his death, maried, second, Jonathan Wallace, and went to Kansas. For Mr. E. Breckenridge’s lineage, see The Breckenridge Family. His ch:

  • ELMORE BRECKENRIDGE (ii), m’d Nov. 8, 1860, Emeranda Breckenridge, née Estes, the widow of his brother George. Ch :
    • John W., m’d Nov. 13, 1888, Tillie Ebbard.
  • GEO. BRECKENRIDGE, m’d Emeranda Estes. George died, leaving:
    • Ella Breckenridge, who married Feb. 27. 1888, James Brubeck.

    The widow, Emeranda, as stated above, married her husband’s brother, Elmore.

  • MARION BRECKENRIDGE, b. Aug. 13, 1840.

[page 785]


February 15 — Alvin Justus married Martha Colley.

[page 804]


Born in Bourbon Coiraty, Ky., February 19, 1803; died in Platte April 28, 1887. He was an estimable and hard-working farmer.  They came to Platte in 1843. Mrs. Spicer was a Hansford, and we will presently notice that family. Children:


  • LUCY SPICER, m’d Dec. 1, 1870, Wm. Wallace Rule (i), who died in Dec., 1889, leaving:
    • 1.  Lena R. Rule.   2.  Wm. H. 3.  Emmet M. Rule.   4.  Wallace.  They live in Clay.

[page 841]
[Year – 1886]

June 21 — Mrs. Lucinda Cockriel, widow of James, is found

[page 842]

dead with her head in the family spring.  John Cotton, a colored boy, is strongly suspected of murdering her.  He is indicted, and on trial, in April, 1887, is acquitted.


Came from Virginia to Kentucky, and married Lucinda Srite (above). In 1856 they came West, and located in Preston Township.  He died in August, 1859. The family are excellent people, and possess wealth, intelligence, and influence. Ch:

  • ANDERSON COCKRIEL, m’d Elizabeth Staples, dr. of David. (See.)
  • MARSHALL COCKRIEL, m’d Oct. 7, 1859. Margaret Fugate.  […]
  • WILLIAM COCKRIEL, b. in Grayson County. Ky., May 15, 1831; m’d in Kentucky in Nov., 1855, Martha J. Bratche.  During the war he served in the State militia, and reached the rank of captain. He has a farm and money. He has no children, but has adopted a nephew named William Cockriel, b. in 1879.

[page 884]

JONATHAN MILLER (i), m’d July 25, 1849, Mary Elizabeth Miller, his cousin, and daughter of Lewis.  Ch:

  • Elenora Miller, m’d Zachary Foley.  Ch: [a] Charles; [b] Ollie; [c] Guy; [d] Hugh; [e]Luella.
  • Ida Miller, m’d Albert Burnett, dead.  Ch: [a] Myrtle; [b] William; [c] Annie.
  • Agnes Miller, m’d Hugh Collins (2d wife).  Ch:  [a] Lula; [b] Charles Collins; [c] Lee Collins; [d] Haddie; [e] David.

Mrs. Mary Elizabeth m’d 2d, Aug. 15, 1871, Josiah V. Colley, dead.  Ch:

  • 1.  Robert A. Colley, d. Oct. 25, 1894.  2.  Jas. W. Colley.

Mrs. Colley m’d 3d, March 25, 1889, Laf. Mauzey, and was divorced.


DAVID ANDERSON MILLER, b. in Marion County, Kv., Dec. 10. 1820; d. April 29, 1892; m’d 1st, Jan. 12, 1843, Susan J. Harrington, a sister of Miles. She d. in Nov., 1883, leaving:


  • Harmon D. Miller, m’d Dec. 3, 1873, America R. Rule, who died, leaving: [a] Wallace Miller; [b] Garret.  Harmon D. m’d 2d, May 2, 1881, Susan A. Todd (Morgan).  See.)  He is a man of good, hard sense and sound judgment.  He served two terms, 1890 and 1892, on the county bench.

[page 885]

EMELINE MILLER, m’d May 3. 1838, Sim. B. Herndon, b. in 1818; d. Sept. 14, 1895.  They celebrated their golden wedding.  They lived four miles east of Platte City. Ch:


  • Joseph, m’d Zodie Rule.

[page 975]


[…] He married Catherine Gaines, and they came West, arriving at their future home November 10. 1842.  Mrs. Coons died April 30. 1857. Ch:


  • THORNTON COONS, m’d Nov. 8, 1883, Anna Srite.

Mr. J. F. Coons married, second. May 13, 1860, Clarissa C. Eddleston, of Kansas, born February 7, 1845; died August 10, 1895.

[page 1065]

ALEXANDER BRECKINRIDGE (iv), m’d Ann Chambers.  A child was Elmore Breckinridge, who died near Platte City Nov. 25, 1880, and whose wife was Letitia Strode. (See.)

[page 1071]


The County Teachers’ Institute adjourned after a month’s session at Weston. Following is a list of the names and addresses of the various teachers in attendance: […]

[page 1072]

Linkville — […] E.N. Rule.

[page 1073]

John Brink, of Kentucky, married Nancy Winn. His father was Philip Brink. The family descended the Ohio in a flat-boat, and ascended the Mississippi and Missouri rivers in a Mackinaw boat to Howard County, Mo.  They thence removed to Boone, and in 1840 John Brink and family came to Platte and settled in Pettis Township.  Ch:


  • JACKSON BRINK, killed in the war in 1864; m’d April 9, 1840, Mary Jane Rule.  Ch:
    • John W., lives in Johnson Co., Kas.
    • Jackson, lives in Oklahoma.