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Kentucky Records: Early Wills and Marriages, Old Bible Records and Tombstone Inscriptions

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Source: Mrs. William Breckenridge Ardery, Kentucky Records: Early Wills and Marriages, Old Bible Records and Tombstone Inscriptions (Baltimore: Southern Book Company, 1958).

[page 29]


JOHN CONSTANT – Will Book A, pages 11-12 – Nuncupative will – styled “Captain John CONSTANT.” – All his children; Abegail, wife. Signed Van SWEARINGEN and Isaac CONSTANT, October 21, 1788.

[page 176]

(Contributed by Miss Letitia HEDGES, Jemima Johnson Chapter)

Thomas COULTER was born April 1, 1783.
Nancy PRUIT COULTER was born January 3, 1790.
Dilly COULTER was born September 13, 1807.
Susana COULTER was born March 14, 1809.
Olive COULTER was born July 13, 1813.
John COULTER was born May 1, 1811.
Isham COULTER was born January 23, 1816.
Frances COULTER was born April 16, 1818.
Elizabeth COULTER was born April 7, 1820.
Polly COULTER was born December 11, 1823.
Mary MOORE COULTER was born December 8, 1824, died Aug. 5, 1863.
Elizabeth BINGAMAN was born September 18, 1786.
Henry BINGAMAN was born July 8, 1790.
Nancy BINGAMAN was born July 14, 1792.
John BINGAMAN was born September 21, 1794, died June 20, 1867.
Margaret BINGAMAN was born April 4, 1797.
Jennie BINGAMAN was April 16, 1799, died April 23, 1863.
Lewis BINGAMAN was born March 8, 1801.
Katie BINGAMAN was born January 30, 1803.
Annie BINGAMAN was born January 30, 1803.
Sallie HUTCHINSON BINGAMAN was born December 14, 1816, died June 26, 1883.
Nancy KISSENGER BINGAMAN was born 1794, died 1869.


The Strode Family

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Source: Virginia Nichols, “The Strode Family,” The [Genealogical Society of Central Missouri] Reporter 2[September 1977]:1.

The Strode family were of ancient and noble families belonging to the Huguenots (the Protestants of France).  They left their homes in the year 1358, and made their abode in the dens and caves of the valleys of Piedmont, Italy, until after the Romans were defeated at Toulouse.  During the reign of Cromwell, they went to England, and had their names and arms recorded.

The father of William Strode, Samuel Strode, George Strode and Edward chartered a vessel and set sail for America about 1690.  He died en route.  William, George, and Samuel went into PA, SC and GA.  Edward Strode, the younger, about whom this article is written, was the youngest and migrated to VA.  He died in Berkeley Co., VA, aged 108.

He was the father of John Strode, Sr., who was the founder of Strode’s Station, Clarke Co., KY.  John Strode, Sr., was born in VA 11 Jan 1736.  His wife, Mary, was born in VA 22 Feb 1734.  They had twelve children: Elizabeth, Edward, Elenor, James, Mary, John, Nancy, Susanna, Jeremiah, Letitia, Stephen, and Waller.

John Strode, 6th child of John Strode, Sr., was born 25 Sep 1763, and died 2 Aug 1832.  He married Ruth Constant (daughter of John Constant). She was born 24 March 1770 and died 21 Aug 1845.  They had 15 children: John, James, Mary, Jeremiah, Sally, Abigail, Stephen, Letitia, Ann, Elenor, Elizabeth, Constance, Martha, William, and Nelson.