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Book Reviews: Family Books

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Source: “Book Reviews: Family Books,” Southern Genealogist’s Exchange Quarterly (Winter 1962), page 3.

[page 3]

GOVERNOR GARRARD OF KENTUCKY by Anna Russell des Cognets.  (reprint)

A POSTSCRIPT ABOUT THE GARRARD FAMILY by Louis des Cognets, Jr.  (new 1962)

Anna Russell des Cognets, far ahead of her times in the pursuit of genealogy, published Governor GARRARD of Kentucky in the year 1898, after searching in Virginia and England, sparing no expense and having carried on the usual voluminous correspondence.  Out of print for more than 60 years, her book remained in demand.  The original text is preserved in the new printing and nearly 30 pages of index were added; 11 pages of pictures which include 41 portrait reproductions precede the index.  In addition to Governor James GARRARD’s descendants, following sections on GARRARD Emigrants: Robert (no information given on his descendants), N.C.; John GARRARD, S.C., father of Jacob of Putnam Co., Ga., etc.; several pages.  Jacob GARRARD, S.C., emigrant to Stafford Co., Va., descendants in N.C. and Ga., several pages.  A few pages are devoted to Untraced GARRARDS, a section often sought by this editor in a family book of this type for the treasures it may contain.

Louis, grandson to Anna, carries forward with her work adding some additional 100 pages which includes information unknown for the past sixty years.  He traces Dr. Thomas GERARD (see various spellings), of Md. & Va. to the end of the male line.  Chapter II deals with Col. William GARRARD, father of Governor GARRARD, and contains corrections to this lineage.  Col. GARRARD’s wife was Mary NAUGHTY, whom he married in Westmoreland 1748.  Chapter 3, The GARRARDs in England and Early Virginia; Chapter IV, GARRARD Ties with Early Virginia; Chapter V, the MOUNTJOY Family, (note that more success was enjoyed in the tracing of the MOUNTJOY lineage, having connected the family in Wiltshire, England); Chapter VI, Governor James GARRARD of Ky.; Chapter VII, The Origin of the GARRARD Family (in brief as little can be added).  Beginning on Page 260 is a section on References for all the materials in the six chapters, 8 and ½ pages.  This is a well-documented book, and should be used by any GARRARD descendant before going into his own search on a GARRARD lineage.

The author has pointed out that relationship to four presidential families has been accomplished: WASHINGTON, MADISON, MONROE and LINCOLN (the latter through his wife, Mary TODD).  A family letter written in 1843 carries the account of a famous duel concerning the abolition of slavery between Hon. Cassius M. CLAY and Capt. BROWN (see pages 254-5).

Price: $8.00, postpaid.    Louis des Cognets, Jr., P.O. Box 163, Princeton, N.J.


Genealogies of Kentucky Families from the Register of the Kentucky Historical Society

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Source: James C. Klotter, editor, Genealogies of Kentucky Families from the Register of the Kentucky Historical Society, Volume O-Y (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1981).

[page 689]


(Copied from GARRARD Family Bible owned by Mrs. William Talbot Lindsey, Frankfort, Kentucky, 1928.)


  • James GARRARD & Elizabeth MOUNTJOY was married Dec. 20, 1769.
  • James GARRARD, Junior, and Nancy LEWIS was married Dec. 10th, 1793.
  • John EDWARD, Senr., and Mary GARRARD was married July 6th, 1794.
  • Isham TALBOT and Peggy GARRARD was married January 24th, 1804.
  • John GARRARD and Sarah SHIPP was married May 25th, 1805.
  • Daniel GARRARD and Lucy TOULMIN was married February 20th, 1808.
  • Thomas W. HAWKINS and Ann Ellinor GARRARD was married March 20, 1808.
  • James A. BROOKS and Elizabeth Mountjoy GARRARD was married May 9, 1810.
  • Peter DUDLEY and Maria GARRARD was married November 15th, 1815.
  • William GARRARD and Susannah PEARS was married January 20, 1818.

[page 690]


  • James GARRARD, son of William GARRARD and Mary, his wife, was born January 14th, 1749.
  • Elizabeth GARRARD, daughter of William MOUNTJOY and Phyllis, his wife, was born May 2nd, 1751.
  • William GARRARD, son of James and Elizabeth, his wife, born April 20th, 1771.
  • James GARRARD, son of James and Elizabeth, his wife was born January 31, 1773.
  • John GARRARD, son of James and Elizabeth, his wife, was born September 28th, 1774, and departed this life July 28th, 1776.
  • Mary GARRARD, daughter of James and Elizabeth, his wife, was born September 17th, 1776.
  • John GARRARD, son of James and Elizabeth, his wife, was born November 26th 1778.
  • Daniel GARRARD, son of James and Elizabeth, his wife, was born November 10th, 1780.
  • Elizabeth Mountjoy GARRARD, daughter of James and Elizabeth, his wife, was born March 6th, 1783.
  • Nancy GARRARD, daughter of James and Elizabeth, his wife, was born January 14th, 1785, and departed this life September 9th, 1785.
  • Ann Ellinor GARRARD, daughter of James and Elizabeth, his wife, was born July 3rd, 1786.
  • Peggy GARRARD, daughter of James and Elizabeth, his wife, was born July 31, 1788.
  • Maria GARRARD, daughter of James and Elizabeth, his wife, was born December 22, 1790.
  • Sarah GARRARD was born February 22, 1793, and departed this life August 18th, 1793.
  • Eliza Garard TALBOT, grand-daughter of James and Elizabeth GARRARD, was born August 27th, 1806.

(Copied from GARRARD Bible by Mrs. Jouett Taylor Cannon, Susannah Hart Shelby Chapter, Frankfort, Ky., and Miss Genevieve Lindsey, Frankfort, Ky., March, 1928.)

Book Reviews: Governor Garrard of Kentucky, His Descendants and Relatives

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Source: “Book Reviews,” Virginia Genealogist 6[1962]:136-37.

Governor Garrard of Kentucky, His Descendants and Relatives by Anna Russell des Cognets … and A Postscript About the Garrard Family, by Louis des Cognets Jr.  [Princetown, N.J.] 1962.  279 pp. illus.

James Garrard (1749-1822) was twice governor of Kentucky.  Mrs. des Cognets in 1898 traced his descendants in considerable detail but was able to present little information, other than that his parents were Col. William and Mary Garrard of Stafford Co., Va., about the earlier generations of the family.

Her grandson has now assembled much additional data concerning the Virginia and Maryland Garrards (and the variant spellings of Gerrard, Garrett, etc.) as well as about the family in England.  Although a number of probable relatives of Col. William Garrard are named by Mr. des Cognets, he believes the evidence is insufficient to warrant definite conclusions.  We trust he or others will continue the study of the Garrard genealogy.

The Virginia ancestry of Elizabeth Mountjoy, wife of James Garrard, was discussed some years ago by George H.S. King in Tyler’s Quarterly, v. 26, pp. 94-104.  Mr. des Cognets’ through [sic] investigations in the records of the city of Bristol and of Biddestone, Wiltshire, has identified the English ancestry of this family.

Seperate indexes have been prepared for the two sections of the volume.

Copies can be secured from Louis des Cognets, Jr., Box 163, Princeton, N.J.

James Garrard: National Cyclopedia of American Biography

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Source: National Cyclopedia of American Biography (New York: James T. White and Company), 13[1906]:2.

GARRARD, James, second governor of Kentucky (1796-1804), was born in Stafford county, Va., Jan. 14, 1749, son of William and Mary (Lewis) Garrard. He was a descendant of Peter Garrard, a French Huguenot, who after the revocation of the edict of Nantes emigrated to England and being naturalized as a British subject, became a man of prominence and influence. Two of his grandsons, one of them William, the father of Gov. Garrard, came to America and are regarded as the progenitors of all the Garrards in this country. James Garrard served with distinction in the revolutionary war, was a member of the Virginia legislature, where he zealously supported the bill for the establishment of religious liberty, and having emigrated to Kentucky in 1783, settled near Paris, and became an influential factor in shaping the early history of that commonwealth. He was a member of the convention which met at Danville in 1757, looking to the formation of a new state; he served in the conventions of 1787 and 1788, representing Bourbon county, and was a member of the convention of 1792 which framed the first constitution of the state of Kentucky. Having been previously ordained to the Baptist ministry, he served as chairman of a committee of the Elkhorn Baptist Association in 1791, which presented to the convention a memorial and remonstrance in favor of excluding slavery from the commonwealth by constitutional enactment. Mr. Garrard served several times as a member of the legislature, and in 1796 was elected governor of Kentucky, which position he filled by re-election until 1804. He administered the affairs of the state with distinguished ability, and by his presence, wisdom and vigor promoted peace and prosperity and endeared himself to the people, who named a county in his honor. The most important events of his term of office were the abolition of capital punishment except for murder in the first degree, the passage of the famous Kentucky resolutions, and the adoption of a new state constitution. Gov. Garrard was married in Stafford county, Va., Dec. 20, 1769, to Elizabeth Mountjoy and had twelve children. His son James (1773-1838) was a distinguished officer in the war of 1812, and a member of the Kentucky legislature, 1813-17. He died at his residence, Mount Lebanon, Bourbon co., Ky., Jan. 19, 1822, and in the winter of that year the legislature ordered a monument to be erected to his memory.

James Garrard: Biographical Directory of the Governors of the United States

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Source: Robert Sobel and John Raimo, editors, Biographical Directory of the Governors of the United States
, Volume 2 (Westport, Connecticut: Meckler Books, 1978), pages 508-09.

Garrard, James, 1796-1804

Born on January 14, 1749 in Stafford County, Virginia, son of Colonel William, a successful planter, and Mary (Naughty) Garrard; a Baptist. Brother of Mary Anne Mountjoy; several half-brothers and sisters from his father’s two other marriages. Married Elizabeth Mountjoy on December 20, 1769; of his children, John, Nancy and Sarah died in infancy; other children were William, James, Mary, John Mountjoy, Daniel, Elizabeth, Anne, Margaret and Maria. Garrard probably fought in the Revolution, and was a Colonel of the militia in 1781. Elected to the Virginia House of Delegates in 1779. Moved to Stoner Creek in Fayette (later Bourbon) County, Kentucky in 1783 or 1784. Built “Mt. Lebanon,” his permanent home. A devout Baptist, Garrard served as minister of Cooper’s Run Church, and helped to organize other churches. He was also a prosperous farmer and active in public undertakings. Elected to the Virginia House of Delegates from Fayette County in 1785, he supported Jefferson’s and Madison’s struggle for religious freedom. Member of 1785, 1787 and 1788 conventions which sought Kentucky’s statehood; member of the 1792 Constitutional Convention. Elected second governor as a Jeffersonian Republican in 1796 by the state’s electoral college on its second ballot, after Benjamin Logan had won the first ballot plurality. Doubts as to the legality of Garrard’s election led to a revision of the state constitution in 1799. A popular but not outstanding governor, Garrard denounced the Federalists’ Alien and Sedition Acts and supported the Kentucky Resolutions of 1798 and 1799. During his administration Kentucky grew rapidly with many new towns and counties. Garrard was reelected by popular vote, as prescribed by the new constitution, in 1800; he polled 8,390 votes, while Christopher Greenup received 6,745, Benjamin Logan 3,995, and Thomas Todd 2,166. The Circuit Court System was inaugurated in 1801, and an insurance company was chartered with banking powers in 1802. After he came under the religious influence of Toulmin, his Unitarian Secretary of State, Garrard was dropped by his church and the Baptist Association. After leaving office in 1804, Garrard lived quietly on his estate; he sought no other public office. Ill for several years, Garrard died at home on January 19, 1822 and was buried in a family graveyard. Bibliography: G. Glenn Clift, Governors of Kentucky (Cynthiana, Ky., 1942); Anna Russell des Cognets, Governor GARRARD of Kentucky: His Descendants and Relations, revised by Lou des Cognets Jr. (Princeton, 1962); Kentucky Gazette [Lexington] (January 31, 1882); Orlando Brown, “The Governors of Kentucky (1792-1824),” Register of Kentucky Historical Society, vol. XLIX, no. 167 (April, 1951). Garrard’s public papers are in the Kentucky Historical Society, Frankfort.