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The Great Migration Begins: William Dady

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Source: Robert Charles Anderson, The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England 1620-1633, Volume 1, A-F (Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1995).

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ORIGIN: Unknown




CHURCH MEMBERSHIP: Admitted to Boston church as member #122, shortly after admission of John WINTHROP Jr.; this would be late in 1631 or very early in 1632 [BChR 14].  On 14 October 1632 dismissed to participate in organization of Charlestown church [BChR 16].  Admitted as a founding member of Charlestown church, 2 November 1632 [ChVR 7].

FREEMAN: 1 April 1633 [MBCR 1:367].

EDUCATION: Signed deeds and will by mark.  Inventory includes books valued at 15s.

ESTATE: In 1635 William DADY was one of those who surrendered five acres of their ten-acre grants on Mystic Side [ChTR 14, 27].  On 22 June 1635 “Goo[dman] DADY was consented to have a houseplot next Goo[dman] BRACKENBORO” [ChTR 14].  In 1635 he was granted two hay lots [ChTR 19, 29, 32, 42].  On 23 April 1638 he was granted his lots on Mystic Side, with allotments of five, thirty and five acres [ChTR 36].

In the Charlestown Book of Possessions “William DADE” held eight parcels: half a rood on the east side of Mill Hill, with a dwelling house; two acres of arable land in the East Field; another two acres of arable land in the East Field; two milch cow commons; half an acre of meadow in Mystic Field; five acres of woodland in Mystic Field, No. 20; five acres of woodland in Mystic Field, No. 51; and thirty-five acres of land in Water Field [ChBOP 15-16].

On 6 October 1676 “William DAUDY of Charlestown … butcher” sold to Benjamin SWITZER of Charlestown, lastmaker, two parcels of upland and meadow in Charlestown containing about fifteen and a half acres [MLR 5:351].  On 30 April 1679 William DADY of Charlestown, butcher, sold to Joses BUCKNAM of Malden, planter, a parcel of marsh or meadow lying

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on Mysticside in Charlestown [MLR 7:117].  On 18 January 1677/8 “William DAUDE” of Charlestown, butcher, sold to John GREENLAND Jr. of Malden five acres in Malden [MLR 7:171].  On 26 February 1679/80 William DADY of Charlestown, butcher, sold to “my son-in-law Jno. GEORGE” of the same one small piece of ground in Charlestown [MLR 7:215].  On 6 April 1681 “Wm. DADEE with Martha my wife” of Charlestown sold to Thomas LORD one cow common in the stinted common without the neck [MLR 7:386].

On 29 May 1682 “Martha DADY relict widow to William DADY of Charlestown … deceased” sold to Peter TUFTS Sr. of Charlestown ten acres and a half in Charlestown [MLR 8:243].  On 28 March 1683 “Martha DAWDIE … relict widow … of William DAWDYE” of Charlestown sold to Joseph KETTLE, cooper, and Samuel KETTLE, potter, of Charlestown one and a half acres in the East Field in Charlestown [MLR 9:76].

In his will, dated 3 February 1681 and proved 20 June 1682, William DADY of Charlestown, butcher, bequeathed to “my beloved wife Martha DADY” his entire estate for life, but if she remarry her thirds only; after wife’s decease or marriage, to “my son W[illia]m DADY the new dwelling house wherein I now live and three acres of ground in the field, two acres of the said land … being between the land of Zacariah JOHNSON and John CUTTLER Junior and one acre more … being on the hill which I bought of Dannell SHEPERSON and also the salt marsh that lyeth by Georg BLANCHARD’s and five cow commons in the stinted common on this side Mistick Bridge and half of my eighth part in the mill and the half of both my woodlots on the other side Mistick Bridge with the ground belonging to the said house & barn”; to “my daughter Abigall DADY the little house in which now John MELVEN liveth with the ground as it is now fenced running down to John GEORGE’s ground and the other half of my eighth part of the mill and two cows commons in the foresaid stinted common on this side Mistick Bridge and the other half of the woodlots on the other side Mistick Bridge and also I do give her the use of the pump and to have liberty for water”; to “all my wife’s children by her former husband all the goods that she brought with her”; to “my beloved wife Martha DADY” a parcel of land which she may sell, and if there be £10 left in wife’s hands at her decease “I give it unto my daughter-in-law Mara MARCH”; if either son William or daughter Abigail dies without issue, then entire estate to go to the other, and if both die without issue, then estate to be divided equally among wife’s children by former husband; wife Martha DADY executor and John WHITMAN and William CLOUGH to be overseers [MPR Case #5721].

The inventory of the estate of William DADY, taken 26 April 1682, was untotalled, and included “the thirty-two part of the Sea Adventer,” valued at £20, and real estate valued at £532 18s.: “the dwelling house and ground and barn,” £150; “the dwelling house now rented,” £55; “land

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one acre on the hill,” £20; “more or less two acres in the field,” £40 5s.; “an acre and a half of land in the field,” £20 5s.; “seven cow commons,” £35 8s.; “the new division land in the common,” £50; “seven acres of salt marsh by BLANCHER’s,” £42; “an eighth part of the tide mill,” £100; and “the two woodlots,” £20 [MPR Case #5721].

BIRTH: About 1605 (deposed 1679 aged seventy-four [MA Arch 69:256b], and died 1682 aged seventy-seven).

DEATH: Charlestown 10 April 1682, aged 77 [Wyman 271, citing gravetone inscription].

MARRIAGE: (1) Dorothy _____, who is first seen on her admission to Charlestown church on 31 August 1633 [ChVR 8].  Since she was not admitted along with her husband the previous November when the church was founded, the marriage probably took place early in 1633.  She died at Charlestown 8 April 1670 [ChVR 1:73].

(2) Charlestown 29 June 1670 “Elizabeth [sic] MARCH, widow” [ChVR 1:75].  She was widow of John MARCH of Charlestown, and her name was Martha, not Elizabeth.


With first wife

i    BENJAMIN, bp. Charlestown 24 March 1635/6 [ChVR 46]; no further record.

ii    NATHANIEL, bp. Charlestown 22 January 1636/7 [ChVR 46]; m. Charlestown 17 June 1663 Hannah MILLER [ChVR 1:44]; d. Charlestown 25 April 1665 [ChVR 1:49], and his inventory was taken 20 September 1665 [MPR Case #5720].  This couple had two children at Charlestown: Hannah b. 4 April 1664 and d. 5 April 1664; and Nathaniel b. 2 April 1665 and d. 6 December 1666 [ChVR 1:42, 46, 52, 56].  The widow m. (2) Charlestown 4 October 1667 John EDMUNDS [ChVR 1:24-25] and (3) Charlestown 22 May 1684 Aaron LUDKIN [ChVR 1:123].

iii    ZECHARIAH, b. Charlestown 16 May 1644 [ChVR 1:8]; no further record.

With second wife

iv    WILLIAM, b. Charleston 10 April 1671 [ChVR 1:80]; m. Bristol 28 January 1694 Sarah BEARCROFT [RIVR 6:Bristol:17].

v    ABIGAIL, b. Charlestown 31 October 1672 (mother erroneously given as “Elizabeth”)[ChVR 1:85]; named in father’s will, 3 February 1681.

COMMENTS: Previous writers have consistently divided the immigrant into two Williams, father and son.  Savage claimed that the William who

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had son William in 1671 was son of the immigrant, and also predeceased his father, yet in citing the will of the father he includes the bequest to son William, which is obviously contradictory.  Wyman gives the death date of the immigrant on 10 April 1682, but has him leaving no will, whereas he has no death date for the supposed son of the immigrant, but ascribes to him the will dated on 3 February 1681/2 and probated on 20 June 1682.

From the deposition of 1679 and the gravestone inscription we have consistent evidence that the immigrant was born about 1605 and died in 1682.  The dates of the making and the proving of the will squarely surround the death date for the immigrant, and in no record down to 1682 is any William DADY called “Sr.” or “Jr.”  The conclusion must be that the immigrant had two families, separated in time by more than thirty years and thus giving the illusion of an intervening generation.  This illusion could exist in part because no descendants of William DADY by his first wife survived beyond 1666.  The only William DADY of the second generation was the one born in 1671.

William DADY is in a list of those admitted as inhabitants of Charlestown in 1630 [ChTR 6], and he is also in lists of inhabitants compiled on 9 January 1633/4 and in January 1635/6 [ChTR 10, 15].

On 11 August 1679 “Wm. DADY aged 74 years” deposed that “in the year 1632 he did help to dig sod & carry it to build the fort at Charlstowne where it now stands” [MA Arch 69:256b].

On 4 February 1679 “William DAUDY and Martha his wife, & John DRINKER, in behalf of their sons: and Sarah MIRICK in behalf of her husband, all of Charlestowne” petitioned the General Court in behalf of their “relations [who] were taken by the Algerines the last year” [MA Arch 61:185].  On 24 May 1680 “Martha DADEY” petitioned the General Court, she “having one son in captivity with the Turks these eighteen months past … there being many others with him in the like bondage and that of New England birth, and your poor petitioner’s son fatherless,” but the General Court declined to act [MA Arch 61:210].  These petitions have been interpreted to apply to the William DADY who was previously thought to be of the third generation, but this William was born in 1671, and would not have been taken captive in late 1678, when he would be barely seven years old.  The language of the second petition, in which Martha DADY alone approached the General Court on behalf of her “fatherless son,” reveals that it must be one of her sons by John MARCH who was captured on a sea voyage.


Records of the Emigrant James Mattocks

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Source: Alfred. W. Little, Records of the Emigrant James Mattocks Who Settled in Boston, Massachusetts in the 1600s and of Some of His Descendants Who Migrated to Chautauqua County, New York (Silver Spring, Maryland: unpublished manuscript, 1996).

[page 1]


[address withheld]
NOVEMBER 21, 1996

This compilation is drawn from several sources: An undocumented study entitled Mattocks from the Law Office of John and Walter MATTOCKS, 115 Monroe Street, Chicago, Illinois, dated January 1, 1885; additional undocumented data obtained from Nancy Lou KYLE PABODY of Frewsberg, Chautauqua Co., N.Y. including information shared with her by the late Glen ALLEN of Topeka, Kansas.  Wherever I have been able to document information, the sources are noted immediately following.


JAMES (1) MATTOCKS of Totness, County Devonshire, England, (Mattocks, John and Walter MATTOCKS, op. cit., hereafter, JWM), died Boston, 1667; married MARY [SPOORE?], died 1682.

James MATTOCKS joined the Massachusetts Bay Colony prior to 1635 (JWM).  He united with the First Church in Boston on the 24th day of the 12th month of 1638 (First Church records), and was listed as a freeman under the date Mar. 13, 1638-39. (Mass. Col. Rec., vol. 1, p. 196, printed in New England Historic and Genealogical Register [NEHGR] 3:96, Jan., 1849).

Savage wrote that James MATTOCKS, cooper, came from Bristol, England to Boston, perhaps before 1635, that his daughter Alice was then the wife of Nathaniel BISHOP and suggested that perhaps all his children were born in England (James Savage. A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England, Vol. III (1862). Baltimore: Genealogical Pub. Co., 1965, p. 177).  However a Boston record 18 (4) 1638 noted that Boston selectmen allowed `John SPOOR late of Clapton, in Somersetshire, to buy Mr. Wm WILKES house and ground, and that his brother, James MATTOCKE, a cooper, shall have liberty to live with him or in some other place in this town’ (Boston Town Record I:34).  Charles E. Banks, citing Boston Town Records, declared that both SPOOR and James MATTOCK were from Clapton (C.E. Banks, Topographical Dictionary, p. 140).  [Yet it is understood that the term `brother’ as used in our early history meant a male sibling, a brother-in-law, or a brother in Christ.  Assuming that `brother’ meant in

[page 2]

this case `brother-in-law’, it can be taken that James MATTOCKS’ English origins have been tentatively established as being Clapton, rather than Totness as is stated in the Mattocks study (JWM).  It may well be that SPOOR was the brother of Mary, thus establishing Mary MATTOCKS’ maiden name].

James MATTOCKS was admitted to the church at Mt. Wollaston for the winter season 24 (9) 1639 (C.H. Pope, Pioneers of Massachusetts, 1900, pp. 306-07).

The Book of Possessions, published about 1645, reported the names of owners of land in Boston, including those of James MATTOX and John SPOORE. (Justin Winsor. The Memorial History of Boston, 1630-1880. Boston: James Osgood Co., 1881, Vol. 1, p. 559-60).  A site purchased by James MATTOCK, cooper, from Anthony STODDARD (16th day, 11th month, 1644, Suffolk Co. Deed I:156) was on Exchange Street which appears to be about one street distant from the site where Faneuil Hall was located 100 years later.  Land sold to James MATTOCK in 1646 faced the then-waterfront on the south side of the `Neck’. (Ibid., Vol. 2, p. iv, vii, xii, xiv, xix).  On July 27, 1653 James MATTOCKS was deeded from the Samuel BARNES estate a house, buildings, land, and a wharf facing the sea (Suffolk County Deed I:309).  On the same day he deeded to Samuel and Constance MATTOCKS a house, buildings, land and wharf in Boston, with shop lately built, adjoining to the west land of said James MATTOCK; facing the sea (Ibid., I:311).

On October 18, 1648 Thomas VENNER, James MATTUCK [and four others named], “and the rest of the coopers of Boston and Charlestowne” were granted leave to “meete together” for the purpose of incorporating themselves into a guild for mutual protection. (Mass. Col. Rec. II:250 in NEHGR 47-438, Oct., 1893 and Records of Colony of Mass. Bay, Vol. III. Boston: William White, 1854, p. 133).

Later in 1654, James MATTOCK served on the jury of inquest in the case numbered 270 considering the cause of death of Matthew CANNEDGE, found to have been bludgeoned, according to the judgment returned 4th day, 10th month, 1654 at the Suffolk Court House. (NEHGR 96-273, July 1942).

James MATTOCK Sr. was appointed Packer of Flesh and Fish at a town meeting, Mar. 12, 1654-55.  (Town Record 2:122-23, published in Robert Francis Seybolt. The Town Officials of Colonial Boston 1634-1775. Cambridge: Harvard Univ. Press, 1939, p. 21).

In his will dated Jan. 21, 1666, James MATTOCK appointed his wife, Mary MATTOCK, as executrix.  He gave 20 shillings each to his son, Samuel; his daughter Alice, wife of John LEWES; and to Mary, wife of Samuel BROWNE.  The will was probated Aug. 1, 1667. (Recorded Book I:541).  An inventory of the estate valued it at 277 pounds, 15 shillings, 5 pence. (Book V:48) (from Abstract of Early [Boston] Wills, NEHGR 15-325, Oct., 1861).

Mary MATTOCK’s will, written Jan. 8, 1680 and probated April 11, 1682 bequeathed to son Samuel and his children, James and Samuel; daughter Alice HOW, grandchildren Samuel and Joseph LEWIS, daughter Mary BISHOP; and grandchildren James, Mary, and Samuel BROWNE and Hannah BYSHOP (Pope, op. cit., pp. 307).

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Children of James and Mary MATTOCKS:

1. Samuel, born, probably England 1625-35; married Constance FAIRBANKE.

2. Alice, born 1613-18, died, 1688; married 1632 Nathaniel BISHOP; married, second, 1659 John LEWIS (LEWES) (Savage, op. cit, Vol. I:185, Vol. 3:87).; married, third, 1668, Abraham HOW, Sr.; married fourth, 1683, John HARRIS.

3. Mary, married Boston July 9, 1661 Samuel BROWNE.  By Jo: ENDECOTT, Govr. (Boston Marriages, NEHGR 20-42, Jan. 1866).


SAMUEL 2 MATTOCKS, son of James and Mary (SPOORE?) MATTOCKS, born Boston [?] 1625-1635 (JWM), died Boston after 1691/2 (  ); married Boston 30th day, 1st month, 1653, CONSTANCE FAIRBANKE, baptised 10th day, 11th month, 1635, daughter of Richard and Elizabeth (____) FAIRBANKE. (Boston City Document 130 and First Church Record in Boston. Births, Baptisms, Marriages and Deaths, 1630-1699. City of Boston, 1883, p. 3, 43).  See final pages for the FAIRBANKS genealogy.

Samuel MATTOCK was appointed as one of two Cullers of Staves in 1669 and again in 1672/73. (Town Meeting Records. Seybolt, op. cit, p. 38, 43).  He was appointed to the same position at the meeting of Selectmen for the years 1671/72 to 1691/92.  (Ibid. 42-55, passim.)

Records of the Suffolk County Court, Session of 28 January, 1672-73: “Samuell MATTOCK presented for Idleness & neglecting his Family of which hee was convict in Court.  The Court Sentanceth him to bee sent to the house of correction for an idle person & to pay Fees of Court.” (Colonial Society of Massachusetts.  Records of the Suffolk County Court. Boston: the Society, 1933.  Vol. 29, page 231).  A 1676 record: “Constance MATTOX … had her licence renewed to keepe a Cookes Shop & sell beere & Sider by retaile … & her husband Samll MATTOX gave in bond Sureties for her observance of the laws … & that Shee should not sell Sider for more than two pence a quart.” (op. cit. Vol. 30, p. 700).  In a 1678 suit against Samuel MATTOCK he paid the plaintiff “three pounds Sixteen Shillings & six pence to be paid in money and Six thite barrells.” (Ibid., p. 933).

The name of Samuel MATTOCKE appears as one of ninety petitioners in a petition dated Feb. 22, 1675 [drafted during the course of King Philip’s War] addressed to the General Court of Massachusetts requesting that “… Fronteire townes be sufficiently Garrisoned to defend them from the rage of the Enimie” and that “some speedy Course be taken for the removall of those Indians that dwell in and amongst our Plantation to some place farther remote from us”. (Petition to the General Court, Relative to the War 1675-6, Mass. Archives 68:140, in NEHGR 16-62, Jan. 1862).

His burial site has not been determined.  Copp’s Hill Burial Ground records, all of which appear to be published epitaphs, headstone inscriptions, etc., do not include the name of Samuel or Constance MATTOCK.

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MATOCKS Probate Records, Suffolk Co.: **CHECK THE FOLLOWING**: 1. Ann-Guardianship 6218; 2. Constance-Will 3977; Eliz.-Guardianship 6219; 4. Jas.-Will 462; Jas.-Will 1768.

Children of Samuel and Constance MATTOCKS, all born at Boston:

1.Samuel, born Oct. 15,1659. (Boston City Document (BCD)130, p. 69).

2.Elizabeth 1661-Sept. 3,1661. (Ibid., p. 80).

3.James, born Oct. 27,1662, (Ibid., p. 84).

4.Constance, born Sept. 10, 1665. (Town Record in BCD 130, p. 96).

5.Zaccheus, born Sept. 15, 1668, died 1690. (Savage, op. cit., p. 177)

6.John, born Sept. 14,1669 (BCD 130, p. 111); married Elizabeth ___, born Boston, 1701. (Clarence Almon Torrey, New England Marriages Prior to 1700. Baltimore: Genealogical Pub. Co.,1985, p. 497).

7.Elizabeth, born Aug. 18, 1670; married Jan. 6, 1697 William AMBROSE. (BCD 130, p. 115, 135).

8.Mehitabel, born Nov. 7, 1672; married Boston Aug. 29,1694 John BANKS (Ibid., p. 124, 217).

9.Mary, born Nov. 13, 1673, died Nov.12,1689. (Ibid. p. 128, 187).

10.Fairbanck, born Feb. 11, 1676. (Ibid., p. 138).


SAMUEL 3 MATTOCKS, son of Samuel and Constance FAIRBANKE(S) MATTOCKS, born Boston, Oct. 15, 1659, died, probably Boston, after 1702; married Charlestowne 2nd month 12th day, 1688 ANN MARCH, “daughter to ye Widdow DADEY of Charlestown”. (City Document 101, Boston Marriages. Boston: Municipal Ptg. Co., 1903; reprinted Baltimore: Genealogical Ptg. Co., 1977, page 291).  Ann MARCH was the daughter of the late John and Martha (___) MARCH DADY of Charlestown.  The `Widow DADEY’, whose given name was Martha, had been the wife and widow of John MARCH of Charlestown; she was again widowed at the death of John DADY, whom she married on June 29, 1676 in Charlestown, where the records denote her as `Elizabeth MARCH, widow’ (Charlestown VR I:75 in Robt. Charles Anderson. The Great Migration Begins. Boston; NEHGS, 1995, I:507).  John DADY’s will was proved June 20, 1682 (MPR 5721 in Anderson, op. cit. I:506).  John MARCH, settling in Charlestown, originated in the Parish Stepney (Shadwell), County Middlesex, England (Charles E. Banks, Topographical Dictionary, p. 112).

“Samll MATTOCK junr” is listed among the names of those who took the oath of allegiance in Boston the 11th of November, 1678, the oath being administered by the Honorable John LEVERETT, Governor. (Records of the Suffolk County Court printed in Colonial Society of Massachusetts. Collections. Boston: the Society, 1933, pp. 962-66).

Samuel MATTOCK was appointed as one of four hogreeves at the town meeting, March 11,

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1694-95 as recorded in town records 7:219-20. (Seybolt, op. cit., p. 90).

A Samuel MATTOCKS, tailor of Boston, was named as a surety in the administration of an estate in Dec., 1710. (Suffolk County Probate File 3284 as printed in NEHGR 143-43, Jan. 1989).  [The relationship between Samuel, the hogreeve, and Samuel, the tailor, has not been established.  If they are one and the same this would explain undocumented assertions that he died in 1710].

Children of Samuel and Ann MARCH MATTOCKS, all born in Boston:

1.Samuel, born Dec. 17,1688, (BCD 130, p. 181), died 1727; married first, Sept. 11, 1712 Admonition TUCKER; married, second, Feb. 25, 1722, Sarah CROSS; married, third, Jan. 2, 1727, Mary SPOONER. (BCD 150, Boston Marriages, 1700-1809 Boston: Municipal Ptg. Office 1899, reprinted Baltimore: Gen. Pub. Co., 1977, p. 41,108,139).

2.Elizabeth, born Sept. 20,1691 (BCD 130, p. 196); married Boston, Sept. 19,1710 John MAVERICK.  (NEHGR 97:56, Jan.,1943).

3.James, born Sept. 4, 1694, (Town records, printed in Boston City Document 130 in Boston Births, p. 215: “James of Samuel and Ann MATTOCK, born Sept. 4, 1694).  Page 219: James of Samuel MATTOX died Sept. 3, 1694.  Page 220, First Church Record: James MATTOCKS baptised Sept. 9, 1694).  [The recorded death may well be an error].

4.Ann, born July 21, 1702, (BCD 43, Boston Births, 1700-1800. Boston, 1899, reprinted Baltimore, Gen. Ptg. Co., 1978, p. 16), died 1758; married 1739 Thomas BAKER. (Glenn ALLEN (GA) family data provided to Nancy KYLE PABODY).


JAMES 4 MATTOCKS, son of Samuel and Ann MARCH MATTOCKS, born Boston, Sept. 4, 1694, died Middletown, Conn., May 8, 1766 (JWM); married Feb. 24, 1726 SARAH PIERCE, (spelled PEARCE and PEARSE in BCD 150, p. 133), born 1710, died 1768. (GA).  Dr. Cotton MATHER officiated at the marriage of James and Sarah. (BCD 150, p. 133).

The name of James MATTOCKS, Sentinel, appears as one among a total of nineteen sentinels and five officers on the Muster Roll of Captain John PENHALLOW from June 8th to November 15th, 1725.  (Letters of Col. Thomas WESTBROOK and others Relative to Indian Affairs in Maine; Mass. Archives 91:204-05; printed in NEHGR 49:187-188, April, 1895).  That this was dangerous duty is exemplified by Colonel WESTBROOK’s account of the experience of one of James’ fellow troopers, Sentinel Morgan MILES: “Morgan MILES from May 12th 1724 to Augt 18th 1725 put in p’ Approba[tion] of His Honr the Lt Govr; the sd MILES be taken at Arrowsick and Carrd away p’ ye Indians to Canada, who made his Escape from them and Return’d to His Post.”  (Ibid.)  [Morgan MILES served in the same company alongside James MATTOCKS.  Capt. John PENHALLOW figured prominently in the efforts of Massachusetts to protect the settlers along the Maine coast from attacks by the Eastern Indians].  Two additional excerpts from Colonel WESTBROOK’s letters to Governor DUMMER of Massachusetts will suggest the hazards faced by

[page 6]

troopers such as James MATTOCKS under the command of Captain PENHALLOW.  ” … [I] now wait for a fair wind to send Cap PENHALLOW with twenty men on board the Sloop to proceed to Arrowsick & St Georges, to see whether the Indians have not attckt those garrisons … There was sixty Indians at Blackpoint when they burnt the houses and kill’d the Cattle there, on the 29th of last April … [Falmouth, June 23d 1725].”  ” … The wind came fair for Capt PENHALLOW to go East, which he Embract, and the Sloop had not been out of sight more than an hour before I rec’d a verbal acct from Lt Dominicus JORDAN (who was out with his Scout) that the Indians had kill’d a man at Spurwick garrison, and that he heard the Guns, and was on ye spott in less than two hours … [Falmouth, June 24th 1725]. (Mass. Achives 52:206-207.  Printed in NEHGR 47:158-59, April, 1893).  In giving instructions to the commanders of the two troops drawn out of the County of Essex to defend the towns in the County of York [Maine], Lieutenant Governor William DUMMER wrote from Boston, June 21, 1721 [1725?], “The Troopers must be assured, for their Encouragement, That the Governmt will allow them 100 lb. for each Scalp, besides their Wages, for such Indians as they shall kill in their Marchings & Scoutings” (Mass. Arch. 52:204, printed in NEHGR, op. cit., p. 157).  [For an account of this struggle see Francis Parkman, A Half-Century of Conflict, Chapter 10 and 11, in France and England in North America, Vol. II, New York: Literary Classics of the United States, 1983].

The James MATTOCKS family evidently moved to Middletown during the period 1731-1739, between the births of Anne and Samuel.  The baptism record of Samuel suggests that the arrival to Middletown was recent, inasmuch as James was still a member of the North Church in Boston.

The land records of Middletown, Connecticut, establish several land transactions involving James MATTOCKS.  On July 26, 1745 Abijah MOORE conveyed one acre of land bounded by Mill Brook to James MATTOCKS for 30 pounds (11:416).  A one acre parcel bounded on one side by Mill Brook was conveyed by James to Matthew TALCOTT on Nov. 22, 1748 for 100 pounds. (12:178).  On March 20, 1749/50 James MATTOCK conveyed to Matthew TALCOTT one acre in the town plot together with a dwelling partly finished for 190 pounds (13:43).  Finally, on May 14, 1754 Giles HALL deeded to James MATTOCKS a parcel on the west side of the river in Middletown for “Forty Pounds Money of the old Tenor”.  (15:234).

James MATTOCKS evidently died intestate; no will is recorded nor are survivors named although one court record dated Mar. 30, 1768 refers to the `widdow’s dower’ (Probate Record II B:137).  Over date of July 22, 1767, the commission appointed to settle the estate of James MATTOCKS found it insolvent with debts of twenty pounds and inventoried assets of eleven pounds.  The inventory, presented to the court on Mar. 30, 1768, consisted of one-half acre of land, a large quantity of woodworking tools including a turning lathe valued at 2 shillings; also a “New trundel bed sted” valued at 4 shillings, a “meet tub” at 1s, 6 p, and 1 small Bible, as well as household furniture and clothing (II:419-20).

[James is said to be buried at the Riverside Cemetery in Middletown  However, records

[page 7]

of cemetery inscriptions and epitaphs housed at the Middletown Public Library make no mention of the MATTOCKS name].

Children of James and Sarah PIERCE MATTOCKS:

1.Sarah, born Boston, Jan. 15, 1727. (BCD 43, p. 182).

2.Ann(e), born Boston, Oct. 12, 1731 (Ibid., p. 204); married, Middletown, Nov. 9,1752 John CHIPMAN.  (Middletown Vital Records, vol. 2, p. 268).

3.James (JWM) born 1737. (GA).

4.Samuel, born Middletown, Dec. 30, 1739 (Middletown VR, 2:38), “Samuel, son of James, baptised Jan. 6, 1739/40, `father being a member in full communion with the new North Church in Boston'”.  (I:67, 1st Cong. Ch., Middletown), died Vermont, Jan. 18,1804 (DAR Patriot Index, Part 2, p. 1875 and Vermont Vital Records); married Hartford, Conn., March 14, 1763 Sarah BIRDWELL.  (First Church of Hartford Record, 1:252).  First born: Samuel, baptised Dec. 23, 1764 (1st Church Record, 1:27).  Captain Saml. MATTOCKS was commissioned in the Connecticut Line Jan. 1, 1777, credited to the Town of Hartford. (Rolls and Lists of Connecticut Men in the Revolution, 1775-1783. Hartford: Conn. Hist. Soc., 1901, p. 49).  He resigned on Apr. 20, 1779. (Register of Army Officers, 1779-1879. Washington: T.H.S. Hamersly, (1881). Baltimore: Gen. Pub. Co., p. 15).  Samuel was in residence in Tinmouth, Rutland Co., Vermont in 1778.

5.Mary, born Middletown, June 22, 1742. (Middletown VR 2:38).

6.Sarah, born Middletown, July 10,1744 (Ibid.), died 1805 (GA); married Litchfield, Conn., Feb. 24, 1765 Jesse KILBORN. (Litchfield VR 1:61)

7.John, born Middletown, Aug. 2, 1746 (Middletown VR 2:38), died 1769. (GA).

8.Joseph, born Middletown Aug. 21, 1751, died Jan. 21, 1758 (Middletown VR 2:38).


JAMES 5 MATTOCKS, son of James and Sarah PIERCE MATTOCKS, born probably Middletown or Westford (Westfield?), Conn., 1737 (GA), died after May 4, 1796; married, first, 1756, SARAH _____; James married, second, Litchfield, 1787, (GA), Mehitabel SMITH, widow of John SMITH who had died in early 1786. (Litchfield Prob. Rec. 4:264-65).

James MATTOCKS served in three successive campaigns during the French and Indian War.  During the Campaign of 1756 he served in the Second Regiment, Third Company under Major Jehosaphat STARR of Middletown from April 2 to November 4, 1756.  A muster roll of this company is dated Camp at Fort William Henry Oct. 13, 1756. (Rolls of Connecticut Men in the French and Indian War. Hartford: Connecticut Historical Society, 1903, Vol. I:114-16).  James MATTOCK’s name also appears on the rolls in Colonel Joseph THATCHER’s Regiment for 1756, again under Major STARR. (Ibid., p. 116).  In the Campaign of 1757, he served from March 28 to December 1 under Captain Eliphalet WHITTLESEY of Newington and First Lieutenant Timothy

[page 8]

HIERLIHY of Middletown in Col. Phineas LYMAN’s Regiment. (Ibid., p. 185-87).  In 1758 James MATTOCKS served from March 28 to December 6 in the First Regiment, Sixth Company under Captain Samuel GAYLORD of Middletown under the command of Major General James ABERCROMBIE, Commander-in-Chief of the King’s Forces in North America. (Ibid., vol. II:16-18).

It is of interest to determine where James MATTOCKS served during these three campaigns in the struggle we call the French and Indian War and which in Europe is termed the Seven Years War.  In the Campaign of 1756 some New England recruits were sent to Oswego to reinforce that fort on Lake Ontario.  Thousands of provincial troops massed at Fort Edward and Fort William Henry in Washington County, N.Y. in preparation for an attack on Ticonderoga ── an attack which did not occur.  The militia record above places James MATTOCKS at Fort William Henry in October, 1756.  One can only conjecture where he served during the spring and summer.

The month of August, 1757 saw the fall of Fort William Henry, situated at the southern end of Lake George.  Occupied by British and Colonial troops and family members, the fort was ill-prepared to withstand a siege by superior French and Indian forces under MONTCALM.  After the surrender, MONTCALM’s Indian allies attacked the disarmed troops and their families.  This event, known in colonial history as the Fort William Henry Massacre, is described in James Fenimore COOPER’s The Last of the Mohicans and in Francis Parkman.  Montcalm and Wolfe (1884), Ch. XV in France and England in North America, Vol. II. New York: The Library of America, 1893.  Colonial records suggest that James MATTOCKS, under the command of Phineas LYMAN, was stationed at Fort Edward, only a few miles distant from Fort William Henry.  These records place Colonel Phineas LYMAN at Claverack, New York on May 3, 1757, Vanantwerp in Scortercork on May 16, Saratoga May 23-25, and Fort Edward from May 28 to Nov. 18, 1757. (General Orders of 1757 Issued by the Earl of Loudon and Phineas LYMAN in the Campaign Against the French. New York: Dodd, Mead and Co., 1899.  Copy at Conn. State Library, Hartford).  Survivors of the surrender and massacre would have made their way to Fort Edward.

In the Campaign of 1758, British and provincial forces took the fortress at Louisbourg in July.  The same month another British and provincial force with General James AMBERCROMBIE at its head attempted and failed to take Ticonderoga in a poorly-executed and disastrous effort.  In August, Fort Frontenac at the head of the St. Lawrence River was wrested from the French, as was Fort Duquesne in November, 1758.  Undoubtedly James MATTOCKS was part of the failed attempt under AMBERCROMBIE in the attempt to take Ticonderoga.

In August 1766 Nathaniel WOODRUFF conveyed to James MATTOCKS two and one-half acres adjoining the highway running from the Court House to the Church in Litchfield. (Deeds 6:174).  Then on Oct. 7, 1767 James sold for 13 pounds the same property, two and one-half acres with a dwelling house, to his brother Samuel MATTOCKS of Hartford County. (8:24).  Samuel MATTOCKS later deeded back the property to James, who sold it for eighty pounds on March 1, 1784. (10:191, 11:426).

On May 17, 1790 James and Mehitabel MATTOCKS and Wait SMITH quitclaimed their

[page 9]

interest in three-fourths acre in Litchfield to David KILBORN, the property belonging to Mehitabel, being part of the estate of Mehitabel’s late husband, John SMITH. (13-363).

In September, 1793 a house on two and one-quarter acres was conveyed by J. STRONG to John MATTOCKS, his wife Sally, and daughter Idea. (15-514).  [Is this the son of James 5 or another John, perhaps a cousin?].

Evidently his home place was sold on March 1, 1784 when James MATTOCKS sold two and one-half acres with a house, shop, and barn thereon for 80 pounds. (Litchfield Land Records 11:426)

On July 28, 1793 James MATTOCKS and Mehitabel, his wife, signed separation papers effectively ending their marriage. (Land Records, Litchfield, 15:701-703).  Mehitabel remained in Litchfield where she was residing in 1807 and 1809 when she quitclaimed her interest in property in the estate of her late husband John SMITH. (25:21, 25:157).

James MATTOCKS was a resident of Kingsbury, Washington County, N.Y. in 1796 when he personally appeared in Litchfield on May 4th to execute for 37 pounds a quitclaim to his interest in one-quarter acre of land in Litchfield. (Land Record 15:742).  James’ interests in the land were deeded to Elnathan HOLLEY, the husband of James’ daughter, Anne.

The choice of Washington County as a new residence after a failed marriage appears to have been a logical one.  James MATTOCKS was no stranger to Washington Co.; as a young man he had served there for three campaigns during the French and Indian War.  Also, James’ brother, Samuel, had settled in Rutland Co., Vt.,
which adjoins Washington County to the east.

The name MATTOCKS or variations thereof do not appear in the census for Washington County in 1790 or for 1810.  However, for the U.S. Census of 1800, Town of Queensbury, three MATTOCKS families are enumerated: the James MATTICKS household; two males under ten, two males 26-45; 1 female under 10, 1 female 16-26 living side-by-side with the John MATTICKS household with two males under 10, one male 26-45, and one male over 45; one female under 10, one female 16-26 (Census roll, page 209).  Nearby is the John MATTOX household with three males under 10, one 26-45 and one over 45 and two females under 10, one 16-26, living next door to the Clark BURLINGIM family (page 210).  Possibly one of the over-45 males living in the John MATTICKS or the John MATTOX household is James (5), the father of John, James, and Ichabod.  Ichabod himself may well be the second adult male, age 26-45 living in the James MATTICKS household, not far from the BURLINGAME family where Eunice resided.

A 1799 land sale by James MATTOCKS of Kingsbury, Washington County, deeding one acre of land in the Village of Sandy Hill, part of Lot 25, for the sum of 200 pounds was recorded on April 25, 1800. (D:386).  [Sandy Hill is the former name of the present Village of Hudson Falls, probably only five miles from Fort Edward.  The identity of the seller of the land, whether father or son, remains uncertain, although the considerable sum involved suggests James MATTOCKS, senior].

No sources have been located describing any involvement by James MATTOCKS in the Revolutionary War.  His name is not found in Connecticut Revolutionary War Service or Index

[page 10]

to Revolutionary War Service, both indices housed at the U.S. Archives, Washington, D.C.  Nor is his name listed in a published volume by the Litchfield DAR describing those who provided non-military service in the Revolutionary War, 1774-1784.

No probate records exist in Litchfield or Washington County for James MATTOCKS.

Children of James and Sarah (____) MATTOCKS:

1.James, born 1758, died 1758.  (Mattocks-“James, his son bd. Jan 24, 1758”. Christ Church, Middletown, VI:31).

2.John, born 1760; married 1779 Abigail. (GA).  An additional record for a John MATTOCKS, born 1771; married, 1789, Sally. (GA).  John MATTOCKS, a Windsor chairmaker in Litchfield in 1797. (Alain C. White, History of Litchfield, 1720-1920. Litchfield: Enquirer Printing, 1920, p. 130; George M. Woodruff. A Genealogical Register of Residents in Litchfield, 1720-1800.  Hartford Press, 1900, page 148, only the given name `John’ is provided – no birthdate).

3.Lucy, born Litchfield, Conn., Jan. 30, 1762. (Litchfield VR 1:64).

4.Anne, born Litchfield, Dec.5.1763 (Ibid.); married Litchfield Sept. 28, 1783 Elnathan HOLLY. (VR 1:81).

5.Sarah, born Litchfield June 29,1765 (VR 1:64), died Dec. 2, 1852 (Woodruff, Ibid.); married Litchfield, July 24,1783 Andrew PALMER. (VR 1:155; 2:172).

6.Edna, born Litchfield Sept. 16, 1767 (VR 1:64), died 1787. (GA).

7.Sally (GA). [Perhaps a reference to Sarah?].

8.James, born 1770, died Springfield, Pa., July 12, 1858; married Nov. 3, 1791 Abigail TAYLOR.  (Marriage notice, Litchfield Weekly Monitor, Nov. 9, 1791; Woodruff, name only provided; see below*).

9.Theodosia (GA).

10.Ichabod, (Woodruff, name only provided), Litchfield, Dec. 23, 1773 (GA).

[Note: Woodruff lists seven children: Lucy, Anne, Sarah, and Edna with birthdates and perhaps other data but the three boys James, John, and Ichabod have no accompanying data].

*James MATTOCKS, Jr., born Kingsbury, Wash. Co., N.Y. Dec. 17, 1796 came [to Springfield Town, Bradford County] with his father Captain James MATTOCKS in 1806.  Captain MATTOCKS, a soldier in the War of 1812, died July 12, 1858, age 88.  James Jr. died 1887; his wife was born Granville, Wash. Co., 1798.  (H.C. Bradsby. History of Bradford County, Pennsylvania. Chicago: S.B. Nelson, 1891, p. 1013).  [U.S. Archives data on soldiers of the War of 1812 shows no Capt. James MATTOCKS from the State of Pennsylvania.  Most likely he obtained his Captaincy after the war as a member of a local Pennsylvania militia.  No James MATTOCKS is listed in the New York Council of Appointments, Military Minutes, 1783-1821.  Bradford Co. is immediately south of Elmira, N.Y.  Columbia Cross Road is a nearby village, just west of Springfield Township].

[page 11]


ICHABOD 6 MATTOCKS, son of James and Sarah MATTOCKS, born Litchfield, Conn., Dec. 23, 1773, (GA), died Independence, Allegany Co., N.Y., Mar. 4, 1833 (Probate File 18, Batavia, N.Y.); married probably Queensbury, Washington Co., N.Y. Jan. 24, 1802 (GA) EUNICE LORRAINE BURLINGAME, born Fairfield, Franklin Co., Vermont, Jan. 14, 1781 (Nelson Burlingame, Burlingame Manuscript, Merrilan, Wis., 1971, I:149), died, Chautauqua Co., probably at Gerry, New York, Oct. 8, 1857, age 76-8-24 (Chrowe’s Corner Cemetery records, published in Jamestown, N.Y. Post-Journal, Dec. 27, 1969), daughter of Clark and Patience (SOPER) BURLINGAME (Burlingame Manuscript, Ibid.).  Eunice married, second, 1833-1838, Stephen THAYER.

The MATTOCKS and BURLINGAME families were near neighbors in Queensbury, Washington Co., N.Y. in 1800.  A few years later both the Clark BURLINGAME and the Ichabod MATTOCKS families had moved westward to Genesee County.

Land records of the Holland Land Company indicate that Ichabod MATTOCKS purchased land in lot 6, town 10, range 2 on May 11, 1811. (Karen Livsey, Western New York Land Transactions, 1804-1824. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1991, pp. 66, 226, 227, 308).  Originally part of Genesee County, Town 10 (Attica) is now part of Wyoming County.  Lot 6 is located in the east-central area of the town near Attica Center. (Land ownership map of Wyoming Co., N.Y.; Philadelphia: Newel S. Brown, 1853).

Military records for the War of 1812 show a Private Ichabod MATTOCKS in Capt. Cheney MUNGER’s Company, Major Parmenio ADAM’s Regiment, New York State Volunteers.  The name appears on the company muster roll and the pay roll for the same period: Dec. 20, 1813 to Jan. 5, 1814.  Term of service-17 days.  Pay per month, 8 dollars; amount of pay received: 4 dollars 38 cents. (U.S. Archives, Military Records, War of 1812).  New York State records confirm that Chauncey MUNGER was appointed as Ensign in 1809, Genesee County and as Cheney MUNGER as Captain in Genesee County in 1811. (Military Minutes of the Council of Appointments, 1783-1821, Volume II. Albany: State Printer, 1901, p. 1100, 1275).

U.S. Archives sources list no pension applications for Ichabod or his father, James.

The 1810 New York Census records Ichabod MATTOCKS in the Town of Sheldon, Genesee County, New York.  (Two males under 10, one 26-44; one female under 10, one 26-44).  Sheldon Town at that time included present-day Sheldon, Arcade, Java, Attica, Bennington, Orangeville, and Wethersfield Townships.  No other MATTOCKS households are enumerated in the 1810 census for Genessee County.  The 1820 New York Census locates Ichabod in Alexander Town, Genesse Co., (p. 006).  (Four males under 10, two 10-15, one 26-44; two females under 10, one 26-44).  By 1830 he and his family were in Attica, now Wyoming Co. (p. 115).  (Two males 10-15, two 15-20, one 50-60; one female 20-30, one 50-60).  The Constantine RUGG household is enumerated two lines from `Achabod MATTOCK’.  Betsy RUGG was to marry James MATTOCKS four years hence.

Land records for Genesse County show that on May 13, 1825 Ichabod received by deed

[page 12]

from the Holland Land Company 58 acres, being the north part of lot 6, section seven, town ten [Town of Attica].  The total amount paid was $366.94. (13:310).  Ichabod MATTOCKS and Eunice, his wife, sold part of the original parcel on May 6, 1825 for $160. (19:99).

Ichabod MATTOCKS joined the Presbyterian Church of Attica in 1829. (Church records of births, membership, marriage, 1823-1939).

Ichabod died in Independence, N.Y. after falling ill there, probably during a journey to visit his brother, James, in Springfield, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  On Sept. 23, 1833, James MATTOCKS [presumably Ichabod’s son], deposed that Ichabod MATTOCKS died on or about the 4th day of March last in the home of Nathaniel COVILLE in the Town of Independence when he was there with an inflammation of the lungs while on a journey and died after about a week’s sickness.  The deposition names Eunice as the widow and eight surviving children as named below, all of the Town of Attica. (File 18, Genessee Co. Surrogate’s Office, Batavia, N.Y.).   Probate Records (1:217) indicate that he died intestate.  On Sept. 25, 1833 his son, James, was appointed administrator of the estate after Eunice MATTOCKS renounced the responsibility.  An inventory of personal property of an agricultural nature was totaled at a value of $442. (1:442, file 18).

On May 2, 1836 the heirs of Ichabod MATTOCKS (Francis MOORE and Polly, his wife; Sally MATTOCK; Ichabod MATTOCK and Malinda, his wife; James MATTOCK and Betsy, his wife; and Truman MATTOCK) quitclaimed to John MATTOCK their interest in the estate of Ichabod MATTOCKS, Senior.  Ichabod and Malinda signed the document on Sept. 14, 1836 in Genesee County; the remaining six, Francis, Polly, James, Betsy, Truman, and Sally signing in Chautauqua County, New York on July 4, 1836. (44:260).  Steven THAYER and Eunice, his wife, of the town of Orangeville, Genesee County, Eunice “being the widow and relict of Ichabod MATTOCK of the Town of Attica” quitclaimed for $200.00 their interest in the estate of Ichabod MATTOCK. (Aug. 13, 1838; 51:82).  Samuel MATTOCK of the Town of Gerry, County of Chautauqua, sold his interest in 1839 (49-497), as did John MATTOCK and Mary, his wife, of Attica, on Aug. 10, 1838. (49:495).

Ichabod MATTOCKS may be buried at the Attica Center Cemetery.  Eunice BURLINGAME MATTOCK THAYER, who died in 1857, is buried near her son, John, at the Maple Grove Cemetery (Chrowe’s Corner) in Gerry, Chautauqua County.

Children of Ichabod and Eunice MATTOCKS (Information from Nancy KYLE PABOY [sic]):

1.Ichabod, born Oct. 11, 1803, died 1851; married Sept. 25, 1826 Malinda JONES, born 1803, died 1870.

2.Laura, born July 2, 1805, died Jan. 5, 1806.

3.James, born Dec. 16, 1806. (Lilli ELY LITTLE Datebook).

4.Polly, born Feb. 8, 1808; married 1834 Francis MOORE.

5.John, born May 29, 1811, died Jan. 11, 1877; married 1836 Mary C. died, 1842; married, second 1842 Lucy BUMPUS (LEL Datebook), died May 11, 1897, age 76-7-6.

6.Truman, born July 11, 1813; married 1836 Marietta RUGG, born July 13, 1815, died

[page 13]

1849; married, second, 1850 Mary E. MARSH.

7.Sally, born Apr. 14, 1815, died Sept. 6, 1846; married 1834 ____ MOORE; married, second, 1838 George RUGG, born Poultney, Vt., April 19, 1817.

8.Samuel, born Feb. 10, 1817; married 1839.

9.Abel, born Attica, Genesee Co., N.Y. Mar. 12, 1819, died Dec. 26, 1906; married, Jan., 1843, Harriet STARR, born, Lee, Oneida Co., Dec. 31, 1818, died Jan 18, 1905.

10.Edwin, born July 18, 1821, died Feb. 4, 1823, age 2 years. (Stone inscription, Attica Center Cemetery (Jillson Road) as reported in Historical Wyoming 2:75).

An original land purchase by a John MATTOCKS in Chaut. Co., N.Y. April 26, 1819 Lot 63, Town 3 (Ripley), range 15. (Livsey, op. cit., p. 243).  Possibly the brother of Ichabod.  Lot 63 is on the border with Mina Town.  Counting from the east it is the 5th of 8 lots].


JAMES 7 MATTOCKS, son of Ichabod and Eunice MATTOCKS, born Dec. 16, 1806, died Ellington, Chautauqua Co., N.Y., May 3, 1875; married Feb. 20, 1834 (Lilly ELY LITTLE Datebook), ELIZABETH (BETSY) RUGG, born Poultney, Rutland Co., Vermont, Jan. 19, 1812, died June 10, 1892, (Ibid.), age 80-4-22, daughter of Constantine and Sybil BACKUS RUGG.

James and Betsy RUGG were in Chautauqua County in July, 1836, when they quitclaimed their interest in the real property of James’ late father.  On Sept. 9, 1837 Willink and Company conveyed to James MATTOCKS fifty acres in Lot 9, Town of Gerry for $217.50. (30:428).  A purchase in Lot 9 of one acre adjoining land of Truman MATTOCKS for $100 was made in 1841. (43-61).  These two parcels were sold on July 1, 1847 for $500.  (43:62).  However, the family remained in Gerry Township, the 1850 N.Y. census for Gerry (p. 198) showing James MATTOCKS, 49, born N.Y.; Betsy, 38, born Vermont, Cornelia, 12; Sarah, 9; John B., 7; and Charles C., 1; all children born in New York.  An 1854 land ownership map locates the “J. MATTOX” farm in lot 2 in Gerry Township on the west side of what is now called the Harris Hill Road.  The “C. RUGG” property is located immediately to the south, bounded on the west by the Harris Hill Road and on the south by the Hanson Road.

On May 12, 1853 a thirty-eight acre parcel was conveyed to James MATTOCKS in Lot 49, Ellington.  (64:391).  The 1855 New York census for Ellington (p. 23) shows the MATTOCKS household next to the Samuel ELY household.  James MATTOCKS’ birthplace was given as Essex County, New York.  [Essex Co. is north of Washington Co.; Crown Point and Ticonderoga are within its boundaries].  In 1859 the family acquired additional land in lot 49. (86:142).

The 1860 Census for Ellington shows James MATTOCKS, age 53, born Vermont, farmer, with $1000 in real estate and $650 personal property; wife, Elizabeth, age 48, born in Vermont; children Sarah 20, John 17 and Charles 10, [an orphaned nephew] born in New York.  A land ownership map shows the farm on the Dry Brook Road, just south of the farm of Samuel ELY, father of Clark B. ELY (Topographical Atlas of Chaut. Co., Philadelphia: Wm. Stewart Pub.,

[page 14]

1867).  The 1870 census for Ellington (p. 367) shows James MATTOCKS, 63, born in New York, farmer with real assets of $5450 and personal property of $1480; Elizabeth, age 58, born Vermont; and John 26 and Charles 20, born in New York.

In 1873 James and Elizabeth MATTOCKS conveyed to John B. MATTOCKS forty acres in Lot 49 Ellington and 20 acres in Lot 56 in Poland. (146:44).  The 1880 census records Elizabeth, now 68, boarding with the family of her son, John B. MATTOCKS, 34, farmer, his wife Augusta, and their daughter, Grace, age one.  Elizabeth died in 1892 at the home of her son, John.

James and Elizabeth left no wills nor were their estates administered under court supervision; they are buried at the Maple Grove Cemetery, Chrowe’s Corner, Gerry.

Children of James and Elizabeth RUGG MATTOCKS: (from GA and Nancy KYLE PABODY)

1.Cornelia A., born Mar. 1, 1835, died Dec. 26, 1836.

2. Cornelia Adele, born Gerry, N.Y., Dec. 4, 1837, died Frewsburg, N.Y., May 10, 1912; married Sinclairville Jan. 4, 1859, Clark B. ELY, born Hebron, N.Y. Oct. 22, 1837, died Jamestown, N.Y., Oct. 15, 1926 (ELY Bible), son of Samuel and Artless CLARK ELY.

3.Sarah, born Apr. 10, 1840, died Jan. 14, 1916 (LEL Datebook); married Sept. 8, 1865 George HITCHCOCK.

4.John, born May 26, 1843, died Apr. 27, 1906 (LEL Datebook); married Augusta HOTCHKISS.  Daughter Grace MATTOCKS married a SCHERMERHORN.

5.Adelbert W., born Feb. 11, 1852, died Feb. 28, 1854.


RICHARD FAIRBANKS, born probably England, died Boston, after January 1654/55 and before April 15, 1667; married by 1633 ELIZABETH _____.

Savage suggests that Richard FAIRBANKS “came [in 1633] with COTTON in the Griffin, at least his union with the church here was on the same day with Elder LEVERETT and with Governor BRENTON and Edward HUTCHINSON, in the month after the great teacher arrived … ” (James Savage, op. cit., Vol II, p. 137).  [The great teacher herein referred to is the Puritan clergyman John COTTON, Vicar at Boston, Lincolnshire, who fled England after being ordered to appear before an ecclesiastical court.  Some of his flock sailed with him to Massachusetts Bay, where the young city of Boston was named primarily to honor him.  He was chiefly responsible for the exile of Anne HUTCHINSON and for the expulsion of Roger WILLIAMS.  COTTON’s daughter was the wife of Increase MATHER and the mother of Cotton MATHER].

Richard FAIRBANKS was admitted to the Boston Church, October, 1633, as was “Elizabeth FAIREBANCKE the wife of our brother Richard FAIRBANCKE” (BChRec 16).  He was made a freeman May 14, 1634 (Mass Bay Col, Rec.I:369).

In 1635, contrary to law, he sold two houses in Sudbury End to “twoe strangers”; the

[page 15]

town officers voided the sale on June 6, 1636 (Boston Town Rec. I:10).  Town Record of August 7, 1637: “Leave is granted to Richard FAIRBANK to sell his shop to ____ SAUNDERS, a bookbinder”. (BTR I:19).  The Boston Book of Possessions, 1645 (pp. 23-24) records and describes his four parcels of land: a house and garden, a garden, four acres in New Field, and five acres in Fort Field.  In January of 1637/38 he was granted a Great Allotment of 23 acres at Muddy River (BTR I:25).  On May 29, 1643 John WINTHROP, Governor, Valentine HILL, merchant, “Richard FAYREBANKES”, Robert TURNER and James DAVIS were authorized to dig a creek for the harbor of boats in the marsh … ” (BTR I:173).

An innkeeper, he was licensed to sell wine and strong water in Boston, March 12, 1637/8, Nov. 4, 1646 (MBCR I:221, II:173).  He was also postmaster, being appointed by the General Court in 1639 to have charge of all letters voluntarily brought to his house `from beyond the sea, or [which] are to be sent thither … ‘  He was allowed one pence for each letter handled. (MBCR I:281).  Because it was both an inn and a post office, the residence of Richard FAIRBANKS also became a place to conduct business.  Town Record of 1642: `Richard FAYERBANKES … promised to give his endeavor in dealing with such as have milk to sell, and to direct them where they may be provided for’.  This inn was apparently the same one later known as the Blue Anchor (BTR 1:68 and BBOP 102 in Robert Charles Anderson.  The Great Migration Begins.  Boston: NEHGS, 1995, I:649).

Richard FAIRBANKS held various offices.  In 1634 Bostonians voted that swine should not be allowed to run at large, but should be `kept up in yards’, and two years later chose Richard FAIRBANKS as hogreeve with power to impound all strays. (BTR I:13).  In 1639 and 1640 he was appointed as Overseer of Fences; in 1639 as Foldkeeper and Hogreeve; and in 1643, Surveyor of Highways. (Robert Seybolt. Town Officials of Colonial Boston, 1634-1775. Cambridge: Harvard Univ. Press, 1939, p. 9-12).  In 1654 he was admitted to the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company (HAHAC 1:177).

The name of Richard FAIRBANKE was one of fifty-eight on a list of Boston men to be disarmed for supporting a petition in support of the Reverend John WAINWRIGHT.  Holding and expressing such opinions [as those proposed by WAINWRIGHT and his half-sister, Anne HUTCHINSON, both of whom were to be banished from the colony] were declared to be dangerous errors.  Those who signed the petition were ordered to hand over all guns, swords, powder, shot, etc. (MBCR I:211).  FAIRBANKS soon joined a large list of Boston men who repudiated their support for WAINWRIGHT (WP III:513 in Robert Charles Anderson, op. cit., I:649).

Richard FAIRBANKS died after Jan. 29, 1654/5 (Land Record II:105-06) and before April 15, 1667 (LR V:190-92), the latter deed making reference to land purchased from the late Richard FAIRBANKES.  [No Richard FAIRBANKS in Suffolk Co. Probate Index}.

Children of Richard and Elizabeth FAIRBANKS:

1. Constance, baptised Boston, Jan. 10, 1635/36 (BChRec 280); married Samuel MATTOCK. (BVR 43).

2. Zacheus, baptised Boston Dec. 8, 1639 (BChR 284), died Boston Nov. 10, 1653.

[page 16]

(BVR 43).

Lorenzo S. Fairbanks.  Genealogy of the FAIRBANKS Family. Boston: American Printing and Engraving, 1897, p. 23-27.  Contains essentially the same information as does Anderson’s Great Migration but lacks documentation.

Genealogical Gleanings in England

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Sources: Henry F. Waters, “Genealogical Gleanings in England,” New England Historical and Genealogical

WILLIAM MARCH of Charlestown in New England, but now residing in the parish of Stepney in the County of Middlesex, mariner, being very sick, &c. makes his friend Mr. Richard ROBISON of Shadwell, shipwright, executor and gives him two guineas. “I can hold my pen no longer.” 29 October, 1694, proved 13 September, 1695. The witnesses were Anne PEARCE & Jane WILLOUGHBY.

Irby, 220

[This William MARCH was the son of Nicholas and Martha MARCH of Charlestown. His mother married for a second husband William DADEY. Administration on this estate in this county was granted to Mrs. DADEY. Inventory, Sept. 12, 1695, £24. See Wyman’s Charlestown, ii.655.–EDITOR.]

New England Marriages Prior to 1700

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Source: Clarence Almon Torrey, New England Marriages Prior to 1700 (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing
Company, 1987). [WorldCat]

[pages xiv-xv]

For each of the 37,000 couples herein covered, the husband’s full name (roughly alphabetical, with variant spellings grouped under the most common) is followed sometimes by a superscript to indicate generation (usually first or second), then by birth and death years, if known, in parenthese. “(1654-)” indicates a birth in 1654 and an unknown death year; “(-1700)” indicates an unknown birth year and a death in 1700. “Ca” for “circa” means “about” and “ae 35 in 1674” indicates aged 35 in 1674, a fact recorded probably in a court deposition. After an ampersand, “&”, the wife’s full name is given, with any known birth or death years likewise in parenthesis. “1/wf” or “2/wf” indicates first or second wife, any surname in parenthesis is a maiden name (in general, if there are two surnames, one or both in parenthesis, the first is a maiden surname, the second that of a first husband; if there are three surnames, however the parentheses are placed, the last two are those of previous husbands in chronological order), a blank line (within or outside parenthesis) indicates that the wife’s maiden name is unknown, a surname in brackets is one not derived from a marriage record, “w Daniel” indicates “widow of Daniel,” whose last name is given earlier, and “m/2” or “m/3”, followed by a man’s full name and often a year, indicates a second or third marriage. After the data on husband and wife is a semi-colon, then a date. If the date is exact — 25 Nov. 1674 — it is a marriage (or marriage intention) date; if it is a year only, preceded “b”, it is the birth date of a first child, not the birthdate of either partner, and the marriage can be assumed to have taken place a year or more earlier. Often these “first child” birthdates are approximate. Following this date is a list of residences, from marriage through usually the death of the husband, in chronological order. Question marks alongside any data indicate doubt, of course; “+” after a date means “following”, “-” means “Before”, and stray kinships that might provide clues to origins are sometimes noted as well. Since marriages of men with the same name are also roughly chronological, and each marriage is listed separately, data on a man’s second marriage (including residence only after it) often does not immediately follow the listing for his first.

[page 14]

ALLERTON, Isaac2 [(1630-1702 Virginia)] & 2/wf Elizabeth [WILLOUGHBY]/COLCLOUGH; 1663

[page 15]

AMBROSS, William & Elizabeth MATTOCK; 6 Jan 1697; Boston

[page 39]

BANKS, John & Mehitable MATTOX m/2 Thomas WEBBER; 29 Aug 1694; Boston

[pages 72-73]

BISHOP, Nathaniel (-1687) & Alice ? (not Alice MATTOCKS)(-1674+) b 1634; Boston

BISHOP, Nathaniel & Alice [MATTOCKS?], m/2 John LEWIS 1659, m/3 Abraham HOWE by 1680, m/4 John HARRIS aft 1683; b 1634 (no)

[page 76]

BLAKE, William (1594-1663) & Agnes (?THORNE) BAND/BOND? (-1678), wid; Pitminster, Eng, 27 Sep, 23 Sep 1617; Dorchester

[page 108]

BROWN, Samuel & Mary MATTOCKE, m/2 Thomas BISHOP?; 9 Jul 1661; Boston

[pages 132-33]

CANFIELD, Samuel (1645-1690) & Sarah [WILLOUGHBY] (living 1677), left widow Elizabeth; ca 1668; Norwalk, CT

CANFIELD, Samuel & Elizabeth [MERWIN?/WILLOUGHBY?] (see above); ? ; Norwalk, CT

[page 257]

FAIRBANKS, Richard & Elizabeth (DAULTON); Boston, Eng, b 1636, b 1633, 17 Sep 1618; Boston, ?dau Lydia m/1 Edward BATES, m/2 William FLETCHER

[page 302]

GILBERT, John (-1657) & 3/wf 2/wf Winifred (ROSSITER) COMBE (-1663+); in Eng b 1619; Dorchester/Taunton

GILBERT, Thomas (-1676, 1677) & Jane (COMBE) ROSSITER (-1691), Taunton, ?w Hugh?; 23 Mar 1639, 1639/40 (no); Taunton

GILBERT, Thomas2 (?1620-1662) & Catherine (CHAPIN) BLISS (1626-1712), w Nathaniel, m/3 Samuel MARSHFIELD 1664; 31 Jun 1655, 30 Jun 1655, ?31 Jul; Springfield

GILBERT, Thomas (1643-1725, ae 82y), ?Boston & Anna BLAKEY/BLACKE of Milton (1653-1722); 18 Dec 1676; Taunton

[page 339]

HAMMOND, Lawrence (-1699) & 3/wf Margaret WILLOUGHBY (-1683), w Francis; 8 Feb 1674/5; Charlestown

[page 348]

HART, Nicholas (-1645±) & Jane/Joan [ROSSITER] (1616, ?1615-1685±, 1691); b 1635?; Taunton/Warwick, RI/Portsmouth, RI/ Plymouth

[page 461]

LEONARD, Isaac (ca 1650-ca 1717) & Deliverance ? ; b 1680; Bridgewater

[page 462]

LEONARD, Solomon (?1610-1686) & Mary (CHANDLER) (-bef 1 May 1671); b 1640, b 1643?; Duxbury/Bridgewater

LEONARD, Solomon2 & Mary ? ; b 1680; Bridgewater

[page 463]

LEWIS, John & Alice [MATTOCKS? no?] BISHOP, m/2 Abraham HOWE bef 1680, m/3 John HARRIS (1683+); 22 Nov 1659; Boston

[page 480]

LYNDE, Nathaniel (1659-1729) & 1/wf Susanna WILLOUGHBY (1664-1710); b 1683; Charlestown/ Saybrook, CT

[page 488]

MARCH, George & Mary FOULSOM/FOLSOM, m/2 Joseph HERRICK; 12 Jun 1672; Newbury

MARCH, Hugh1 (-1693) & 1/wf Judith ? (-1675); b 1646; Newbury

MARCH, Hugh1 (-1693) & 2/wf Dorcas (BOWMAN) BLACKLEACH (-1683), w Benjamin; 29 May 1676; Newbury/Watertown

MARCH, Hugh (1656-) & Sarah MOODY (1663-); 29 Mar 1683; Newbury

MARCH, Hugh1 (-1693) & 3/wf Sarah (CUTTING)(BROWN) HEALY (-1699), w James, w William; 3 Dec 1685; Newbury

MARCH, Hugh (1673-1695) & Sarah [COKER], m/2 Archaleus ADAMS 1698; b 1694; Newbury

MARCH, James (-1721) & Mary [WALKER] (1699-), dau Shubael, m/2 John EMERY; b 1690; Newbury

MARCH, John1 (-1666) & 1/wf Rebecca ? ; b 1638; Charlestown

MARCH, John (-1666) & Anna [?BICKNER]; b 1666; Charlestown

MARCH, John & Jemima TRUE; 1 Oct 1679; Newbury

MARCH, John & Mary ANGIER; 11 Dec 1700; Newbury/Reading

MARCH, Nicholas & Martha ? , m/2 William DADEY? 1670; b 1657; Charlestown

MARCH, Stephen & Anna WILBORN; 26 Jan 1691/2; Taunton

MARCH/MARSH, Theophilus (-1694) & Elizabeth HUNT; 10 Jan 1664/5, 3 Feb 1664/5, 3 Feb 1664; Cambridge/Charlestown

MARCH, ? & ? FIELD; b 1701?; Flushing, LI

[page 497]

MATTOCK, David (-1654) & Sarah ? , m/2 Thomas RAWLINS 1656; Braintree/Roxbury

MADOCKS, Edmund & Rebecca MUNINGS/MUNNINGS; 14 Jan 1651/2; Boston

MADDOCK, Henry & Mary WELLINGTON (1640-), m/2 John COOLIDGE 1679; 21 May 1662; Watertown

MATTOCK/MADDOCK, Henry & Rachel ? ; b. 1673; Saco, ME/Boston

MATTOX, Henry & Diana SOUTHER; 3 Mar 1698; Boston

MATTOCKS, James (-1667) & Mary [SPOORE?]; b 1637; Boston

MADDOCKS, John (-1703) & Ruth CHURCH, m/2 Joseph CHILD, m/3 Thomas INGERSOLL 1720; 23 Jun 1689; Watertown

MATTOCK, John (1669-) & Elizabeth ? ; b. 1701?; Boston

MATTOCKE, Richard & Grace TOD (1650-); 2 Mar 1668/9; New Haven

MATTOCKE, Samuel & Constance FAIRBANKS; 30 Mar 1653; Boston

MATTOCKS, Samuel (1659-) & Anna/Ann?/Anne MARCH; 12 Apr 1688; Charlestown/Boston

[page 503]

MERIAM, George1 (ca 1603-1675) & Susan/Susanna RAVEN (-1675+); Tunbridge, Eng, 16 Oct 1627; Concord

[page 579]

PHILLIPS, William (-1705, ae 35?) & Hannah (GILBERT) (1677-1705); b 1699, b 1697?; Taunton

[pages 599-600]

PRATT, Ebenezer & Martha ? ; ca 1700; Weymouth

PRATT, Ephriam (1675±1748) & Phebe ? (-1736); b 1698, (ca 1695?); Weymouth

PRATT, Joseph (1639-1720) & Sarah JUDKINS (1645-1726); 7 May 1662; Weymouth

PRATT, Joseph (1665-1765) & Sarah (BENSON) (-bef 1721); b 1693, ca 1690?; Weymouth

PRATT, John (-1647?) & Mary? (WHITMAN?) dau John, m/2 William TURNER bef 1671; b 1630; Dorchester

PRATT, John (ca 1622-1716) & Elizabeth WHITMAN (-1716, ae 82); 22 Nov 1656, 9? Oct, 27 Nov, no ch; Weymouth

PRATT, John (1668-) & Mercy (NEWCOMB) (1665-1721); b 1690; Weymouth

PRATT, John (1663-1744) & 1/wf Mary (NEWCOMB?); b 1686; Weymouth

PRATT, Matthew (1628-) & Sarah HUNT (1640-1729); 1 Aug 1661; Weymouth

PRATT, Matthew & Susanna PORTER/Mary ? (1665-1761); b 1691; Weymouth/Abington

PRATT, Matthew (-1673?) & Elizabeth [BATES?] in Eng b 1628, b 1622, 1619?; Weymouth/Rehoboth

PRATT, Phineas/Phinehas? (1590/93-1680, ae 90?, ae 81 in 1674) & Mary (PRIEST) GOBERTSON/CUTHBERTSON (-1682+, 1689?); ca 1627/33; Plymouth/Charlestown

PRATT, Samuel (1670-1728) & Patience (CHARLES) (1675-1735); b 1695; Weymouth/Taunton

PRATT, Samuel (-1679) & Hannah RODGERS/ROGERS (-1721, ae 77), m/2 Thomas BAILEY b 1687; 19 Sep 1660, 19 Jul; Weymouth

PRATT, Samuel (1670-1745±) & (Hannah?)(MILLER); b 1697; Middleborough

PRATT, Thomas (ca 1626-1676) & 1/wf Mary ? ; b 1653, b 1659; Weymouth

PRATT, Thomas & Deborah LOVELL (1664/5-1727); ca 1690; Weymouth

PRATT, Thomas & Lydia (?BROWN), m/2 Josiah CHAPIN 1676; ca 1665, b 1676; Weymouth

PRATT, Thomas (-1676) & Lydia (BROWN?) (1658?-) of Ipswich, m/2 Josiah CHAPIN 1676; ca 1665; Weymouth

PRATT, Thomas (1646-) & ? (had Mary 19 Apr 1680, Thomas 9 Dec 1682, Hannah 19 Jul 1685); b 1680; Concord (see Thomas & Alice)

PRATT, Thomas (1646-1720) & Alice ? ; b 1669; Charlestown/Chelsea

PRATT, William & Hannah ? ; ca 1700; Weymouth

PRATT, William (1674-) & Hannah HOUGH; 8? Oct 1700; Saybrook, CT

PRATT, William (1659-1713) & Elizabeth (BAKER)/(SWIFT?) (1656-); 26 Oct 1680; Dorchester

PRATT, William (ca 1620-) & Experience (KING); b 1692; Weymouth/Dorchester

[page 612]

RAWLINS, Thomas1 (-1660) & 3/wf Sarah MADOCKS/MATTOCKS (-1660+) w David; 2 May 1656; Boston

[page 638]

ROSSITER, Hugh & (?Jane) ? (1614-1691), m/2 Thomas GILBERT 1639; Dorchester

ROSSITER, Edward (?1585-1630) & ? ; b 1615; Dorchester

[page 824]

WILLOUGHBY, Francis (?1613-1671) & 1/wf Mary ? (-1640); in Eng, b 1639, b 1635; Charlestown

WILLOUGHBY, Francis (?1613-1671) & 2/wf Sarah [TAYLOR] (-1654); 1640?, in Eng; Charlestown

WILLOUGHBY, Francis (?1613-1671) & 3/wf Margaret (LOCKE) TAYLOR, w Daniel, m Lawrence HAMMOND 1675; ca 1658-9, in Eng; Charlestown

WILLOUGHBY, Jonathan (ca 1635-) & Griszel GOLDESBOROUGH; in Eng, – Dec 1661, lic 3 Dec 1661; Charlestown/Wethersfield, CT

WILLOUGHBY, Nehemiah (1644-1702) & Abigail BARTHOLOMEW (1650-1702); 2 Jan 1671/2, 2 Jan 1671; Charlestown/Salem

WILLOUGHBY, William (1588-1651, in Eng) & Elizabeth ? (-1662, Charlestown); in Eng, b 1613; Charlestown

WILLOUGHBY, William & Abigail ? ; Greenland, NH

Genealogies and Estates of Charlestown

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Source: Thomas Bellows Wyman, Genealogies and Estates of Charlestown, in the County of Middlesex and
Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 1629-1818
(Bowie, Maryland: Heritage Books, 1991).

[pages 271-73]

DADEY WILLIAM 1. Butcher; inhabitant 1630; original member of church in the early list; No. 122 in the Chas. list; m. DOROTHY …., who was adm. church 31 (6) 1633, and d. March 8, 1670-1.  W. D., æ. 74, testified before the legislature, Aug. 11, 1679, that he aided in building the battery with bricks and sods (per Archives 69:255); d. April 10, 1682, æ 77, g. s.  Issue. — i. WILLIAM.  ii. Benjamin, bapt. 24 (1) 1635-6.  iii. NATHANIEL, bapt. 22 (11) 1636-7.  iv. Zechariah, b. 16 (3) 1644; m. Maria WOODWORTH of Scituate; in Philip’s War, and d. 1730.

ESTATE. — To have house lot next Brackenbury, 1635.  Had 10 acre lot No. 20, Mystic side (1637).

POSSESSIONS, 8 lots: (1) House and ½ rood E of Mill hill — E, Back st. or Wapping dock; W, street; N, T. COITMORE; S, G. HEPBURN.  (2) 2 acres Eastfield — N, Mystic river; S, swamp towards R. COLE; E, Ralph SPRAGUE; W, Walter PALMER.  (3) 2 acres Eastfield — S W, Back st; N E, D. SHEPHERDSON; S E, E. HUBBARD; N W, E. CONVERS.  (4) 2 cow commons.  (5) ½ acre meadow — W, North river; S, G. FELCH; N, Thomas SQUIRE. (6) 5 acres woods No. 20 — S E, South river; N W, John GREENE; S W, R. COLE; N E, G. HEPBURNE.  (7) 5 acres woods, No. 51, 100 poles long — N E, E. JOHNSON; S W, John HARVARD; N W J. WOOLRICH; N E, R. KETTLE.  (8) 35 acres Waterfield, No. 51. 100 poles long — N W, E. JOHNSON; S E, Anne HIGGINSON, B. HUBARD; S W, John PALMER; N E, John LEWIS.

W.D. had liberty to buy of G. JAMES, 1639.  Of T. ALLEN, lots, 1651.  Of R. TRERICE, £33, 2 hay-lots at Mystic side, bd. on river, upland, T. ALLEN, G. HUTCHINSON, 1651, rec. 1659-60.  Entered S commons, 1656-7.  Of T. ALLEN, power, 1657.  To B. SWEETSER, 15½ acres: 1st part — S E, S. SWEETSER; W, N. RAND; W, R. LOWDEN; N, R. STOWERS; E, J. SCOTT and Salt River; other part — N E, James BARRETT; S W, P. TUFTS; N W, S. SPRAGUE, late J. CUTLER; N, J. BARRETT; 1676.  Of John COLE, mort. house, 1662-3.  Of Mary FOUNELL, 1-8 mills, 1676.  Of T. ALLEN, power, 1676-7.  He was decreed to build 9¼ poles fence, 1677.  Ref. R. ARRINGTON, W. BACHELOR, R. KETTLE, John NEWELL, W. STILSON.  Grant, 7 commons, 1681.  Drew lot 37, 10 acres, 1681.

WILLIAM 2. Son of William 1; m. MARTHA MARCH, June 29, 1670, who d. Jan. 13, 1708-9, æ 76, g. s.  W. D. and wife with others, petitioned legislature in behalf of son in captivity, Feb. 4, 1679-80.  Mrs. D. petitioned, May 24, 1680 (Archives 61:219).  Issue. — i. WILLIAM, b. April 10 (16) 1671.  ii. ABIGAIL, Oct. 31, bapt. 3 (9) 1672; lived in Joseph LYNDE’s house, bo’t of B. PEMBERTON; supplied by town, 1727-8 and 1730, and d. at Mr. KENT’s (per General Record), Jan. 13, 1749.

ESTATE. — W.D. and w. Martha to Joses BUCKNAM, 7 acres marsh, 1679.  To John GEORGE, land on Back st. 26, rear on W.D. 21, 43 ft. deep — N & N E, W.D.; S E John JONES and P. TUFTS Sen., 1679-80.  To Thomas LORD, 1 cow common between Menotomy river, Medford farms and Mr. LIDGETT; 1681.

WILL Feb. 3, 1681-2, pro. June 20, 1682, devised: (1) To son, house and 2 acres between Z. JOHNSON and John CUTLER Jr.; 1 acre bo’t of SHEPHERDSON; salt marsh by G. BLANCHARD; 5 commons; ½ of 1-8 of mill; ½ wood-lots.  (2) To Abigail, little house John MELVIN lives in, with ground to John GEORGE’s; ½ of 1-8 mill; 2 commons; ½ wood-lot.  (3) To wife’s chn. by former husband household goods.  (4) To wife, 1½ acres bo’t of T. CARTER and S. KETTELL; lot in new division commons.

INVENTORY: 2 houses; 1 acre on hill; 2 acres in field; 7 acres by BLANCHARD;  1½ acres in field; 7 commons; 1-8 mill; 2 wood-lots; 1-32 of sea adventure; not footed.

WIDOW MARTHA to J. and S. KETTELL, 1½ acres — N E, R. LOWDEN;S E, T. CARTER; S W, J. PENTECOST; N W, KETTELL’s; 1683.  With D. EDMANDS, agreement to divide land betwixt houses; 1684.  Grant 24½ acres — N W range; N E, J. PENTECOST; E S, P. FROTHINGHAM, Solomon PHIPPS; S W, R. LEACH; 1685.  To P. TUFTS, 3 commons E side Menotomy river, not bd.; 1685.  To P.T., for purpose of rebuilding an old mill, property of the chn., sells of theirs, 3 acres — W, W.D.; N, S. BLANCHARD Sen.; E, John CALL; S, Mystic river; 1687, rec. 1694.  To P.T., 2 acres, being 68 poles long, 4 poles 10 ft. wide; W, 3-acre lot, else as above; 1687, rec. 1694.  To P.T., 4 cow commons (2 acres); 1691, rec. 1694-5.  To E. BATEMAN, 22 acres, 1699.  To W. JAMISON and Samuel PHIPPS, 1-8 mills, 1700-1.  Ref. John NEWELL, J. PUTNAM.  Son and dau. join in last four deeds.

ABIGAIL (dau.) joins deeds with mother &c.  A.B. to John CALL et al., 4 or 5 ft. 1696, rec. 1707.  To O. ATWOOD, wood-lot, 1714.  To John SPRAGUE, share of house occ. by A.D.; N W, W.D. 129; S E, Deacon S. DOWSE, widow D. DOWSE, 129; S W, Fore st. 28; N E, J. CALL; six ft. abuts on W.D., 1721.

WILLIAM 3. Son of William 2; in captivity with the Turks, 1680; m. SARAH BRACKETT, Jan. 28, 1694, at Bristol (per certificate in files of inferior court).  “Return WAITE’s wife and Samuel MATTUCK’s wife [half] sisters of W. D.”  1695 (per court records, Boston).  She was adm. church or bapt. at Bristol, May 2, 1697.  Issue. — i. WILLIAM, b. Nov. 15, 1695, at B.  ii. SARAH, Dec. 6, 1700.  Record at Bristol and Chas.

ESTATE. — W.D. and wife Sarah, with Abigail and widow Martha, to BATEMAN, 1699.  W.D. of Newport, R.I.,
by attorney Edward WILSON (power Dec. 27, 1700), with same to W. JAMISON, 1700-1.  To E. AUSTIN, lot,
1702, rec. 1708.

SARAH (dau.) deeds with bro. William, 1718 &c.  See Otis.

WILLIAM 4. Son of William 3; chose his uncle John WALKER of Rhode-Island, tanner, gdn. July 2, 1713; m. RUTH CUTLER [3] Dec. 8, 1718, who was adm. church, Oct. 11, 1719, and d. of smallpox, March 2, 1721-2; d. in Chas. “middle aged” 1723.  Issue. — i. WILLIAM, b. Nov. 9 (bapt. 15) 1719.

NATHANIEL 5. Son of William 1; m. HANNAH MILLER [1] June 17, 1663, who m. (2) John EDMANDS, 1667, (3) Aaron LUDKIN, 1684; d. April 25, 1665.  Issue. — i. Hannah, b. April 4, 1664; d. 5 (2) 1664.  ii. Nathaniel, b. 2 (2) bapt. 23 (5) 1665; d. 6 (10) 1666.

ESTATE. — His inventory, house &c. £153, Sept. 20 (sworn to 28) 1665.



ESTATE. — Tax abated 1735.

[pages 461-62]

HAMMOND LAWRENCE 1. Son of …… and Jane (see WILLOUGHBY); adm. inhabitant 25 (5) 1661; adm. church 29 (4) 1662; member of Artillery Co. 1666; kept journal 1677-1694, alluded to in Prince’s Chronology of N.E., and extant with Mass. Hist. Soc.; appointed by the Court, town clerk, Oct. 19, 1686; m. (1) AUDRIA EATON [16] Sept. 30, 1662, who d. Aug. 27, 1663; (2) ABIGAIL WILLET [1] May 12, 1665, who was adm. church 13 (8) 1667, and d. Feb. 1, 1673-4, æ. 29 yrs. 4 mo. 14 ds.; (3) MARGARET WILLOUGHBY [2] 8 (12) 1674-5, who d. 2 (12) 1682-3; (4) ANN GEARISH [1] 14 (11) 1684-5; d. July 25, 1699.  Issue. — i. Francis, b. Aug. 19 (bapt. 30) 1663; was at widow PEACHIE’s, March 9, 1687-8; shipped in Mr. SHRIMPTON’s barque, with Capt. EVERTON, for Madeira, March 12, 1687-8; fell over-board from the top of a ship at Nantasket, on return voyage, Nov. 24, 1688.  ii. Martha, April 6 (8), d. June 7, 1666.  iii. Abigail, April 27 (28) 1667; m. (1) Luke GREENOUGH [1] 1689-90.  iv. John, May 1 (2) 1669; d. Sept. 3 or 8, 1669.  v. Jane, Aug. 10 (14) 1670; d. 25 (10) 1681, æ. 11 yrs. 4 mo. 15 ds., g. s.  vi. Elizabeth, July 13 (14) 1672; m. Thomas PIERSON, 1691.  vii. Lawrence, Nov. 23, 1685; d. Oct. 1, 1689.  viii. Francis, Sept. 13 (15), d. Oct. 2, 1689.

ESTATE. — Was attorney of F. WILLOUGHBY, to sell to G. JAMES, 1662.  Of T. PEACHY, house, late of WILLOUGHBY, between Bow st. and Charles river, not bd., and new house on rear — bd. E N & S W, highways; N W &c., late F. W.’s orchard, now L. H.; 1675.  L. H. and wife Margaret, mort. to John RICHARDS, treas. of Soc. for Prop’g Gospel among Indians, wharf and house occ. by GERRISH, 1679.  To M. SOLEY, same, 1682.  Released from above mort. by P. BULKLEY &c., 1683.  Drew lot No. 35, common, 8½ acres, 1681.  To A. BELCHER, house occ. by GERRISH, 1682.  To Peter TUFTS, 8¼ acres — W, highway between ranges; N, Zechariah BRIGDEN; S, driftway; E, C. GOODWIN, John SMITH; 1682.  To John HALL, lot in Woburn, 1683. To M. SOLEY, wharf, 10 ft. broad — N, highway; S, river; E, wharf of L. H.; W, A. BELCHER; 1683.  To Zechariah LONG, wharf, 32 ft. broad, bd. as before, and release, 1683.  To Sarah GILBERT, mort. house, 1683.  Of T. BRIGDEN, mort. new house, 1683.  To W. JAMISON, house and wharf, now rented by A. LOGAN, and shop rented by Thomas CARTER, cooper — bd. on wharf, S E from shop, cont’g 30 ft. from the bounds of Z. LONG’s shed N E, to corner post of wharf, S W; and so down to l. w. m.; bd. on flats with Z. L.’s line, N E; and LONG’s wharf, late SEDGWICK’s, S W; so down by side of L’s wharf on straight line to l. w. m.  Also the land before said house and shop, S W, extending 3 ft. to west of S corner of W. SHEAF’s house, and ending 3 ft. S W from the N E side of corner post of wharf; passage 8 ft. wide from town highway to his land.  Also land N E of house and shop — bd. N E, Z. L.; N W, W. S.; S W, L. H., land and wharf; S E, Charles river; released as before; 1683.  To W. SHEAF, house S. lives in, and 3 ft. land the whole breadth of house at S W end of the lane behind house — N E, Z. L.; N W, highway; S E, W. J.; land from highway to W. J. is 18 ft. broad; S W, HAMMOND’s wharf; released 1683.  To N. CARY, house, released by S. GILBERT, 1684..  To W. SHEAF, wharf, 3 ft. added to former lot, whole breadth of west end of dwelling-house towards Little Dock, 1684.  To W. JAMISON, land adj. his land bo’t of L. H. — at bounds of his line, towards N W; thence westward, 3 ft. to Little Dock; then to S E, ending N W side of strip now lying on N E side of the LONG wharf, extended 4 ft. 7 in. from outside of wharf westward on side of strip; N E, land of W. J.; N W, L. H.; S W, L. H.; S E, aforesaid strip; passage-way reserved; 1684.  Removed to S end of Mr. TUCK’s house, hired for 7 yrs. at £5, April 3, 1688.  Removed to Capt. WING’s house at Boston, July 10, 1692.  Let to Seth SWEETSER, stable standing by house hired by Edward JOHNSON; July 12, 1692.

As EXR. of wife MARGARET, he sold to A. BELCHER, wharf, 1693.  Her WILL, made Aug. 21, 1680, proved April 12, 1683, devised to dau. Susanna, sister Elizabeth LOCK.

ADMIN. to Humphrey and Joseph PARSON of Boston.

INVENTORY, Nov. 6, 1699: PERSONAL, debts, Jahleel BRENTON of London, James BEVON of Nevis, Edward PARSON of Montserat, Dr. William GERRISH of Montserat, late of Chas., Christian WILLIAMS, Christian HILL, and John DALEY, all of Montserat.

JOHN 2. Watertown; m. (2) SARAH NICHOLS [1] who d. Jan. 14, 1688-9, æ. 45.

JOHN 3. “HAMEN.”  Mar. (1) SARAH HOUGH [3]; (2) ABIGAIL CALL [8] at Cape Breton; he then had 1st wife living near Arundel; on way home from the Cape he deserted his wife Abigail and went ashore at Arundel (per State Archives, 1748).

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NICHOLAS 5. Mar. MARTHA …., who was adm. church March 22, 1668, and m. (2) W. DADEY [2].  Issue. — i. William, mariner; admin. granted to Mrs. DADEY; inventory, Sept. 12, 1695, £24.  ii. Elizabeth, m. John GEORGE [2] 1679.  iii. Marah, b. Oct. 22, 1666; bapt. 29 (1) 1668; m. Thomas JENNER [4] 1685.  iv. Ann, m. S. MATLOCK [1] 1688.  v. daughter, m. Return WAIT [21].

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MATTOCKS SAMUEL 1. Boston; m. ANNA MARCH [5] 12 (2) 1688.  THOMAS 2. Mar. ABIGAIL FOSDICK [19] Aug. 27, 1731, in Boston, who own. cov’t Aug. 6, 1732.  Issue. — i. Abigail, bapt. Aug. 6, 1732.  ii. Mary, bapt. Dec. 23, 1733.

ESTATE.–Taxed 1732, 1733, 1734.