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Goochland County, Virginia: Wills 1742-1749

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Source: Benjamin B. Weiseger, Goochland County, Virginia: Wills 1742-1749 (Richmond: published by the author, 1984).

[page 9]

p.448  Will of William MAYO of Goochland Co.

To daughter Mary, wife of Edmund GRAY, 200 acres in Amelia Co. adjoining lands of ADKINS and TOWNS, with 3 female slaves: Cloe, Silvia, and Lucy daughter of Cloe.  If she has no issue, then to George CARRINGTON and Joseph SCOTT.  Also to Edmund and Mary GRAY, 1000 acres on both sides of Angola Creek, adjoining John PLEASANTS.

To Joseph SCOTT and Sarah his wife, 200 acres adjoining my own land.

[page 10]

Will of William MAYO (continued)

To son John, all my lands in North Carolina, also 1000 acres on Deep Creek in Goochland Co., adjoining John PERRATT, with mill and plantation, also the rest of land adjoining Edmund and Mary GRAY on both sides of Angola Creek across Great Guinea Creek among branches of Willis River in Goochland, also 3 slaves: Hercules, Flora and Will.

To son Joseph, all my lands adjacent to Fluvanna River above Buffalo Island in Goochland reversion of 2400 acres with houses in Goochland Co. on Fine Creek, after death of my wife; also 3 slaves: Scipio, Phebe and Jolar.

To my daughter Rebeckah MAYO, 1850 acres, being south part of my land at Petervil Chapel in Goochland next to Joel CHANDLER.  Also to her 3 slaves: Hannah, Venus and Matt.

To wife Ann, for life, my house and lots at the Capitol landing and my 2400 acres at Fine Creek in Goochland, and uses of slaves: Mamoe, Fatima, Jenny, Turpin, Congo, Awhey, Jollof, Cudgeo, Maddy, Harry, Rose, Pompey, Brissey, Shaty, Philip, Robert Little Inan, Kate, Annie, Dick and Ned.  Also to her my mill called Bide Mill of Petervill Chapel Br., with 400 acres, also all my household goods, tools and store goods.  Some slaves to be divided among my sons Daniel, John and Joseph after my wife’s death and some as decided by her.

To my son Joseph, Tarlton FLEMING, and Stephen HUGHES, my land on and above Soak Arse Run and Crooms Quarter branch, equally, when Joseph is 21.  My executors can sell this land with Hutchens BURTON having 400 acres if he pays £ 6, Samuel ALLEN’s debt for the land and £ 40.

To my son in law George CARRINGTON, £ 10.

Rest of estate to my son Daniel.  Wife Ann to be Executrix

Dated 10 Feb. 1743

Wit: Wm ALLEN, Mary ALLEN, Hutchens BURTON

Signed: Wm MAYO

Recorded 20 Nov. 1744


Goochland County, Virginia: Wills and Deeds 1728-1736

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Source: Benjamin B. Weiseger, Goochland County, Virginia: Wills and Deeds 1728-1736 (Richmond: published by the author, 1990).

[page 3]

p.23  Deed 20 Oct. 1727  Daniel STONER, Planter, of Henrico Co., and Mary his wife, for £ 50, to William MAYO of same, Planter, 1 negro man Tom, 1 negro man Bristoll, 1 negro woman Nanne, and 4 children: Lewe, Pero, John and Bellah.

Wit: John COCKE, Thomas TURPIN, Obedience TURPIN

Recorded 16 July 1728

p.24  Deed 27 Oct. 1727  Daniel STONER of Henrico Co., Planter, and Mary his wife, to William MAYO of same, Planter, for £ 10, negro boy Quash.

Wit: George COX, Katherine COX, John COX

Recorded 16 July 1728

p.25  Deed 13 Nov. 1727  William MAYO of Henrico Co., Planter, to Daniel STONER of same, Planter, for 5 shillings, negro man Tom, negro man Bristoll, negro woman Manno, 4 children Lewe, Pero, Johno and Billah; also negro boy Quash


Recorded 16 July 1728

[page 18]

p. 183  23 Mar 1729  William MAY of Goochland Co., planter, to William CHAMBERLAYNE of New Kent Co., merchant, for 400 acres of land on Henson’s Creek in Hanover Co, joining to land of said CHAMBERLAYNE and William WEATHERFORD, 400 acres on [photocopy illegible]ver Dam Creek, granted to said MAY 17 Aug. 1725.


Recorded 19 May 1729

Anne, wife of William MAY, relinquished her dower right

[page 37]

p.357  Deed 26 June 1732  William MAYO of Goochland Co. to Anne MAYO his daughter, for love and affection, 6 negroes at his plantation on Willis River, named: Wiltshire, Cudgeo, Primus, Dido, Belinda, and Dianna, with all horses, cattle utensils, etc. belonging to said plantation.

Wit: James MARYE, John SINCOCK

Signed: Wm MAYO

Recorded 19 Sept. 1732

p.359  Deed 26 June 1732  William MAYO of Goochland Co., to George CARRINGTON and Anne MAYO (daughter of said William) 2850 acres on Willis River, bounded as by patent to said MAYO 25 Aug. 1731, with all houses, etc.

Wit: James MARYE, John SINCOCK, Thomas (X) LOW

Recorded 19 Sept. 1732

Anne, wife of William, relinquished her dower right

[page 72]

p.159  Deed 17 Jan. 1735  William MAYO of St. James Parish, Goochland Co., Gent., to John PIRRALL of Island of Barbadoes, merchant, for £ 110, 2000 acres on south side of James River, being part of 3000 acres granted to said MAYO by patent 21 Aug. 1734, bounded by John MADDOX, Stephen HUGHES, Nicholas COX, George STOVALL, Deep Creek and John STOVALL.

Wit: Joseph HOOPER, John MULLINS

Signed: William MAYO

Recorded 20 Jan. 1735

Anne, wife of William, relinquished her dower right.

Goochland County Tithables: 1747, 1751

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Source: Mrs. William Montgomery Sweeny, “Goochland County Tithables: 1747, 1751,” Virginia Genealogist 6[1962].

[page 18]


White Males
Over 21
Horses Slaves
Over 12
Over 16
MAYO, Daniel 0 5 4 0
MAYO, Joseph 0 4 7 3

[page 29]

A List of Tyths for the Year 1747, Goochland County Virginia, Taken June 10th by James Holman

… Mrs. Ann Mayo’s List. William Willis Overseer; Cookow, Solomon, Barber, Merlilla.”