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American Presidential Families

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Source: Hugh Brogan and Charles Mosley, American Presidential Families (New York: Macmillan Publishing Company, 1993).

[page 419]



Thomas PIERCE, b England c 1583/4; emigrated to Charlestown, Mass., 1633/4; m Elizabeth (b probably c 1595/6; d after 1666/7) and d Charlestown 7 Oct 1666, leaving (with other issue):

Thomas PIERCE, b England between c 1608 and 1618?; m Charlestown 6 May 1635 Elizabeth (d Woburn, Mass., 5 March 1688), dau of Rice or Ryce COLE and his w Arrold —-, and d Woburn 6 Nov 1683, leaving issue (with allegedly another son, who the family of President BUSH’s wife Barbara claim was her father Marvin PIERCE’s great-grandfather’s great-great-grandfather):

Stephen PIERCE, b Woburn 16 July 1651; m Chelmsford 18 Nov 1676 Tabitha (b there 28 Feb 1658/9; d there 31 Jan 1741/2,) dau of Jacob PARKER and his w Sarah, and d Chelmsford 10 June 1733, leaving issue:

Stephen PIERCE, Jr, b Chelmsford c 1679; m there 5 Jan 1707 Esther (b there c 1681; d probably there 21 Sept 1767), dau of William FLETCHER, Jr, of Chelmsford, and his w Sarah RICHARDSON (whose great-uncle Thomas RICHARDSON was ancestor of President COOLIDGE and whose great-aunt Elizabeth RICHARDSON was ancestor of President HOOVER), and d there 9 Sept 1749 […]

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Thomas PIERCE }
c 1583/4-1666 }
Elizabeth —- } Thomas PIERCE, Jr
c 1595/6?-p 1666/7 } c 1608-18?–83
Rice/Ryce COLE } Elizabeth COLE
d 1646 } d 1688
Arrold —- }
d 1661 }
} Jacob PARKER
} d a 1669
} Sarah —-
} c 1626-1707/8
c 1592-1677 }
} c 1622-77
} c ?1622-1704
—- —- }

[page 421]

Thomas PIERCE, Jr. }
c 1608-18?–83 }
Elizabeth COLE } Stephen PIERCE }
d 1688 } 1651-1733 }
Jacob PARKER } Tabitha PARKER }
d a 1669 } 1658/9-1741/2 }
Sarah —- } Stephen PIERCE, Jr }
c 1626-1707/8 } c 1679-1749 }
William FLETCHER } Esther FLETCHER }
c 1622-77 } c 1681-1767 }
Lydia ?FAIRBANKS } William FLETCHER, Jr }
c ?1622-1704 } 1656/7-1712 }
c 1635-95 } 1659/60-1748 }
Remembrance }
1639/40-1718/9 }

The Great Migration Begins: Rice Cole

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Source: Robert Charles Anderson, The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England, 1620-1633, Volume 1, A-F (Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1995).

[page 426]


ORIGIN: Unknown



CHURCH MEMBERSHIP: “Ryce COLE” was admitted to Boston church as member #109, which would be sometime in 1631 [BChR 14]; on 14 October 1632 “Ryce COLES and Arrald his wife” were dismissed to Charlestown church [BChR 16]; “Rice [and] Arrold COLE” were admitted as founding members of Charlestown church, 2 November 1632 [ChChR 7].

FREEMAN: 1 April 1633 (as “Rise COLES”) [MBCR 1:367].

EDUCATION: Inventory included one Bible valued at 5s.

OFFICES: Charlestown committee to divide common, 11 July 1635 [ChTR 15].

ESTATE: Granted four acres planting ground in Charlestown, 10 January 1634/5 (but the grant was reversed) [ChTR 12]; relinquished five acres Mystic Side, 1635 [ChTR 14]; granted four acres planting ground, January 1635/6 [ChTR 15]; granted hay ground, Lot #43, 9 February 1635/6 [ChTR 19,20]; granted five acres Mystic Side, 6 March 1636/7 [ChTR 27]; allotted 3½ cow commons, 1637 [ChTR 32, 42]; granted Lot #33 Mystic Side, 23 April 1638 [ChTR 36].

In the Charlestown Book of Possessions Rice COLE is shown with nine parcels: dwelling house with garden plot; 2 acres arable in East Field; 2 acres swamp in East Field; 3 and a quarter milk cow commons; 4 acres arable in Line Field; 5 acres woodland in Mystic Field; 4 acres meadow in Mystic Marshes; 10 acres woodland in Mystic Field; and 50 acres in Water Field [ChBOP 59-60].

[page 427]

In his will, dated May 1646 and probated 1 April 1662, Rice COLE bequeathed to “my wife … my house, ground (except that at [illegible]), cattle corn & household stuff for life”; to “my son Rob[e]rt my house dwelling, farm, garden & an acre of ground in the neck & 2 acres of meadow in the neck with two cow’s commons after my wife’s decease”; to “my son John at present the ground at Woburne & after my wife’s decease a cow and one & a half cow’s commons”; to “my son James all my ground on Mystic Side after my wife’s decease & the heifer lately bought at present”; to “my two daughters” £10 apiece after my wife’s decease”; “at a court held at Cambridge April 1, 1662, on division of the estate left by Arrald COLE the relict of the abovenamed Rice COLE the court ordered that this writing be accepted as his last will & testament” [MPR Misc 106-07].

On 25 March 1649 Ralph HALL “dwelling on Mistick Side belonging to Charlestown” assigned to “Arrall COLE executrix of Rice COLE deceased … nine acres of land … to satisfy the said Arrall for a verdict of court granted unto her against the said Ralph HALL” [MLR 2:235], and on 11 October 1649 “Arrald COLE widow of Charlestowne” sold this land to James BARRATT [MLR 2:256]. On 12 October 1649 “Arrald COLE widow and executrix of Rice COLE & James COLE the son of Rice COLE” sold to James BARRATT of Charlestown “the ten acre lot (on Misticke Side) which was granted unto the forenamed Rice COLE by the forenamed town of Charlestown” [MLR 2:256-57].

On 19 October 1649 “Arrald COLE widow & Robert COLE mariner,” both of Charlestown, sold to Richard LOWDEN of Charlestown “half of the two acres of meadow land belonging unto us, lying in the valley of the East Field”; Philip COLE consented to this deed [MLR 2:189-90]. On the same day Robert COLE “resigned … unto my mother Arrald COLE all my part” in the above two acres and in one cow common which the two held jointly; Philip COLE consented [MLR 2:190].

On 23 November 1655 “Arrald COOLE widow” of Charlestown sold to Richard LOWDEN of Charlestown, planter, a certain parcel of garden ground of mine … in Charlestown in the Great Street”; “Arrald COLLES & jno. COLLES my son, with Ursula COLES, Jno. COLE’s wife,” resign their title in this land; these three subscribed to the deed, along with Philip MORRIS [MLR 2:34].

On 27 December 1657 “Arrald COLE the relict of Rice COLE of Charlestown deceased” sold to Richard LOWDEN of Charlestown one acre of meadow in the East Field; “Jno. COLES my son” consented to this sale [MLR 2:171].

On 31 December 1660 “Philip MORRIS the relict of Robert COLES late of Charlestown in New England deceased and administrator unto the estate of the said Robert COLES,” noting that “whereas the said Robert COLES was in his lifetime legally possessed of one house or tenement … in Charles-

[page 428]

town,” sold to “John COLLES” of Charlestown this house and the woodland on Mystic Side granted with the said house; Philip MORRIS was joined in this transaction by her husband William MORRIS [MLR 2: 172].

In her will, dated 20 December 1661 and probated 26 December 1661, “Aralds COLLES of Charlstowne … relict of Rice COLES deceased” asked that “my husband’s will may be fulfilled” and bequeathed to “my son John COLLES a Bible that was my husband’s”; “the rest of my estate to be divided between my son LOWDEN and my son PERCE and my son COLLES,” except “my daughter PERCE is to have the bed on which I lie, and my grandchild John COLLES an iron pot and his father is not to dispose of it from him [and] I give to my grandchild John LOWDEN a pair of sheets & to my grandchild Mary LOWDEN one box and one scarf & to my grandchild James LOWDEN a pint pot & more to my grandchild Mary COLLES a brass kettle” [MPR Case #4798].

The “inventory of the estate belonging to Rice COLLES late of Charlestowne deceased, remaining lately in the possession of Arrold COLLES, the late relict of the said Rice COLLES,” taken 1 January 1661[/2], totalled £92 11s. 8d., of which £56 l0s. was real estate: “part of one dwelling house, one barn & orchard,” £23; one acre of upland in the Home Field, £4; “4 acres of land on Mystic Side,” £8; “4 acres of meadow land on Mystic Side,” £12; “2 cow commons & ¼ of a cow common in Charlestowne’s first stinted common,” £9; “one wood lot in two divisions on Mystic Side,” l0s. [MPR Case #4798].

At a court held at Cambridge on 1 April 1662 Richard LOWDEN of Charlestown and Thomas PIERCE of Woburn petitioned that “whereas we … did several years since each of us marry one of the daughters of Rice COALE sometimes of Charlestowne deceased, he then engaging to each of us, in reference to our said matching with his daughters respectively, that when his estate should come to be divided each of us should have as good a part thereof as any one of his sons, except his eldest son; since which time and since the decease of our said father-in-law it have pleased the Lord by death to take away the eldest and the youngest sons of our said father who both deceased without heirs and intestate, and before the death of our said mother the estate being undivided and one son only surviving, and whereas our said mother-in-law Harald COALE the relict of Rice COALE our said father-in-law late deceased did in her last will confirm the former last will of our said father and her estate being appraised by inventory the said estate especially in several principal parts thereof being appraised at a very low value,” requested the court to consider the prejudice against them [MPR Misc 107]. The court ordered that the estate be divided according to the wills of”Harrald COALE” and “Rice COALE” [MPR Misc 107].

BIRTH: By about 1590 based on estimated date of marriage.

[page 429]

DEATH: Charlestown 15 May 1646 [ChVR 1:10].

MARRIAGE: By about 1616 (assuming she was the mother of all his children) Arrald ______; she died at Charlestown between 20 December 1661 (date of will) and 26 December 1661 (date of probate).


i ROBERT, b. say 1616; m. by 1649 Philip ______; she m. (2) by 23 November 1655 William MORRIS [MLR 2:35].

ii ELIZABETH, b. say 1619; m. by 1639 Thomas PIERCE (eldest child of “Thomas PEIRCE and of Elizabeth his wife” bp. Charlestown 17 June 1639 [ChChR 48]).

iii MARY, b. say 1621; m. by 1641 Richard LOWDEN (eldest child of “Richard LOWDEN & Mary” b. Charlestown 10 May 1641 [ChVR 1:5]); d. Charlestown 7 October 1683 [ChVR 1:120].

iv JOHN, b. say 1623; m. by 1655 Ursula ______ [MLR 2:34]. (The peculiar claim is made that John “perhaps m. Boston, Nov. 10, 1659, Susanna, dau. Nicholas UPSHUR” [Snow-Estes 1:270]. This is a corrupted version of the marriage on that date of Joseph COCKE and Susanna UPSALL, daughter of NICHOLAS UPSALL [BVR 72].)

v JAMES, b. say 1625; m. by 28 August 1655 Ruth ______; she m. (2) by 16 December 1661 Henry MUDD of Stepney, England. (Apparently Arrald COLE in her widowhood wrote letters to her daughters and daughters-in-law living in London in the l650s; these documents, which are the source for the remarriage of Ruth (______) COLE to Henry MUDD. are said to be in Middlesex Court Files and “quoted by Wyman in his Abstracts” [Mary E.N. Backus, ed., The New England Ancestry of Dana Converse BACKUS (Salem 1949), p. 71; see also Snow-Estes 1:270].)

ASSOCIATIONS: When SAMUEL FULLER of Plymouth came to Massachusetts Bay in 1630 to provide medical assistance to the new arrivals, he made a great impression on the people who met him, and several of these families sent their children to live in FULLER’s household, some to be his servants. In his will of 30 July 1633 he related that “Eliz[abeth] COWLES was committed to my education by her father & mother still living at Charles Towne,” and he also made reference to his servant “Rob[ert] COWLES” [MD 1:24-29]. These would seem to be the two elder children of Rice COLE and his wife.

COMMENTS: Rice COLE was admitted an inhabitant of Charlestown in 1630 [ChTR 5], and was included in lists of inhabitants dated 9 January 1633/4 and January 1635/6 [ChTR 10, 15].

The Pioneers of Massachusetts

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Source: Charles Henry Pope, The Pioneers of Massachusetts: A Descriptive List, Drawn from Records of the Colonies, Towns and Churches, and Other Contemporaneous Documents (Boston: Charles H. Pope, 1900).

[page 51]



Nathaniel, currier, Ipswich, propr. 1636-1639; rem. to Boston. Sold Ips. land 25 May, 1643; adm. chh. 24 (12) 1643; frm. May, 1645. He deposed to the will of Mary Drury 28 Nov. 1682, ae. 75 years. Wife Alice: Ch. Sarah b. (rec. at Boston) 20 (1) 1634, (m. 18 (7) 1654 Samuel Bucknell,) Ruth b. 14 (2) 1639, (m. 15 (2) 1656, John Peirce,) Joseph b. 14 (5) 1642, Benjamin b. 31 (3) 1644, (bapt. at Bo.,) John b. 31 (11) 1646, Samuel d. 7 (1) 1646, Hannah b. 11 (12) 1648, John bapt. 26 (11) 1650, Rebecca b. 8 (2) 1652. The widow Alice m. 22 Nov. 1659, John Lewis.

He made will 10 June, 1681, prob. 4 June, 1687, before Andros. Dau. Ruth, (wife of William Fuller, of Boston, victualler,) and her children, Ruth, wife of Philip Catland, Hannah, wife of William Smith, and Rebecca Pierce; dau. Rebecca, wife of Adam Holland.

[page 73]



John, mariner, Salem, propr. and member. chh. 1637; frm. May 2, 1638. Chosen ruling elder 1660. Wrecked on return from Virginia; lost vessel and goods, but arrived at Sal. in 1661. Had new ship built by William Stephens. Ales (Alice) presumed to be his wife, memb. chh. in 1637. Ch. Jonathan, (d. 1667; est. adm. by his father;) John bapt. 16 (7) 1638, Jacob and Samuel bapt. 13 (1) 1641, John bapt. 1 (3) 1642, James bapt. 17 (5) 1642, Joanna bapt. 9 (2) 1643, Eliza bapt. 23 (10) 1643, Eliza bapt. 14 (2) 1644, Nathaniel bapt. 28 (5) 1644.

His will dated 2 Jan. 1683, prob. 24 Nov. 1684, beq. to gr. ch. John and Abiel B.; to 4 ch. of his dec. son
James B.; to son-in-law Samuel Gardner, Jr. and his wife.

[page 110]


Rice, or Ryse, Charlestown, memb. Boston chh. 1630; frm.. April 1, 1633, propr. Char. 1634. Wife Arrold; ch. Robert, (d. about 1660,) John, James, Mary, (m. Richard LOWDEN,) Elizabeth (m. Thomas PIERCE).

He d. 15 (3) 1646.  Will dated (3) 1646, prob. April 1, 1662.  To wife, sons Robert, John and James, and 2 daus.  Richard LOWDEN and Thomas PIERCE of Woburn, who m. the daus. asked for a division of the estate, the eldest and youngest sons having d. without heirs, leaving only one son.  The widow, Arrold, wrote from Charlestown Aug. 28, 1655, to her son and dau. JENKS and dau. Ruth COLES, giving love of “your bro. John COLE and bros. and sisters PEIRCE and LOWDEN.”  She wrote 16 (10) 1661 to dau. Ruth MOOD, referring to Ruth̓s former husband.  Henry MUDD of Stepney, Eng., mariner, and Ruth his wife, gave power of attorney to John SMITH of Charlestown 16 (–) 1661.  [Mdx. Files.]  Her will dated 20 (10) prob. 26 (10) 1662, beq. to son John C., sons LOWDEN and PERCE and their ch.; bro. Solomon PHIPPS.

[page 128]


William, butcher, Charlestown, 1630, adm. Boston chh. 1631-2, frm. April 1, 1633. Was one of the attorneys of Mrs. Palsgrave before March 17, 1656. Wife Dorothy, adm. chh. 31 (6) 1633; she d. March 8 1670-1. Ch. William, Benjamin bapt. 24 (1) 1635, Nathaniel bapt. 22 (11) 1636, Zachariah b. 16 (3) 1644, Abigail.

He d. April 10, 1682, ae. 77. [Gr. St.] Will dated 3 Feb. 1681, prob. June 20, 1682, beq. to wife Martha and to her ch. by former husband; to son William and dau. Abigail.

[page 160]


Jonathan, Dedham, propr. 23 (1) 1636-7, adm. chh. 14 (6) 1646. Town officer. Wife Grace; ch. John, George, Jonas, Jonathan; Mary adm. chh. 11 (10) 1640, (m. 1, Michael Metcalf, 2, Christopher Smith,) Susan, (m. 12 (8) 1647, Ralph Day).

He d. 5 Dec. 1668; his will prob. Jan. 26, folg., mentions all the above-named and some of their children. The widow d. 28 (10) 1673. [Reg. XIX, 32.] See will of George Fairbanke of Sowerby in Halifax, Eng., dated May 28, 1650. [Reg. VII, 303.] Genealogy.

Richard, Boston, adm chh. (8) 1633, frm. May 14, 1634. He had leave to sell his shop to Saunders, a bookbinder, 7 (6) 1637. He was appointed by Gen. Court 5 (9) 1639, to have charge of all letters to and from Eng., voluntarily brought to his house. He made exchange of land 1 (2) 1652. Wife Elizabeth adm. chh. with him; ch. Constance bapt. 10 (11) 1635, (m. 30 (1) 1653, Samuel Mattocke,) Zaccheus bapt. 8 (10) 1639, d. 10 (9) 1653.

[page 186]


John, Dorchester, a grave, honest gentleman; his son was arrested for drunkenness in 1636. [W.] He rem. to Taunton; frm. Plym. Col. 4 Dec. 1638. Propr., town officer.

Will dated May 31, 1654, prob. June 3, 1657; to wife Winifred, ch: Gyles, Joseph, Thomas, John, Mary Norcrosse, and her dau. Mary; to wife’s gr. ch. Elizabeth Peslee. [Reg. V, 338.]

[page 215]

HART, HEART, compare with HARDY,


Nicholas, Taunton, atba. 1643. [see ROSSITER.]

[page 285]


John, of Tenterden, Eng., with wife Sarah, came in the Hercules in March, 1634. Settled at Scituate. Frm. Plym. Col. 7 Feb. 1636-7. Butcher, rem. to Boston, 1652; ch. Sarah bapt. at Bo. 5 (11) 1650. Wife Sarah d. 12 (5) 1657; he m. 22 Nov. 1659 Alice, widow of Nathaniel Bishop, who joined him in a deed of land 24 Aug. 1659. Ch. Samuel b. Jan. 18, 1661, Joseph b. Feb. 4, 1662, Benoni b. 25 (11) 1664.

[page 297]


John, sawyer, cert. from Stepney parish, Eng., came in the Planter March 22, 1634. Settled at Salem.

He d. April 22, 1643. Will prob. 6 (5) 1644, referred to in Court files.

[page ?]



John, Charlestown, adm. chh. 15 (3) 1642; frm. May 18, 1642. Town officer. [Wife?] Rebeckah adm. chh. 29 (3) 1642. His son Edward d. 4 (8) 1636; son John d. 2 (3) 1641. Will prob. 17 (11) 1665, beq. to wife Ann the est. she brought at marriage; dau. Frances Bucke and her ch.; son Theophilus M. and his son John; wife’s gr. ch. Sarah Bickner.

[pages 306-07]


David, Roxbury, frm. May 22, 1650.

He d. about (3) 1654. The magistrates gave the est. to his widow Sarah, a son and a decrepit dau. May 25, 1654 [Reg. VIII, 276.] The widow m. 2, Thomas Rawlin, Sen. His dau. Elizabeth b. and d. 1655.

James, cooper, Boston, had liberty to live with his bro. John Spoore or elsewhere 18 (4) 1638; adm. chh. 24 (12) 1638, frm. March 13, 1638-9. Dism. to chh. at Mt. Wollaston for ye winter season 24 (9) 1639. Bought a house lot of Anthony Stoddard 28 (10) 1644, and sold it to John Synderland Dec. 30, 1644. Bought house and land April 25, 1653, and gave it to his son Samuel who was about to marry Constance, dau. of Richard Fairbanks. Dau. Mary m. 9 July, 1661 Samuel Browne.

Will, dated Jan. 21, 1666, prob. Aug. 1, 1667. Wife Mary, son Samuel Mattock, daus. Alice, wife of John Lewes, and Mary, wife of Samuel Browne. [Reg. XV, 325.] The widow Mary, aged, made will 8 Jan. 1680, prob. 11 April, 1682; beq. to son Samuel, and his ch. James and Samuel; dau. Alice How; gr. ch. Samuel and Joseph Lewis; dau. Mary Bishop; gr. ch. James, Mary and Samuel Browne and Hannah Byshop.

John, Salem, worked with Robert Lewis on the ship Sara for Richard Hollingsworth, shipbuilder, who gave them an order for the money 19 Aug. 1641.

He d. April 22, 1643; inv. 6 (5) 1644.

Stephen, sent over by Mr. Peter and Mr. Weld in 1643, a servant, assigned to Elder How of Watertown, lived with Nathaniel Treadway of Wat. 5 (2) 1653. [Mdx. Files.]

[page 341]


Mr. Richard, physician, Charlestown, propr. 1630; with wife Anne adm. chh. 1631, frm. May 18, 1631. Ch. John, (who quit-claimed land in 1657,) Mary, (m. Roger Willington,) Sarah, (m. Dr. John Alcock; d. 29 (9) 1665, ae 44 years,) Rebecca b. 25 (5) 1631, John b. 6 (1) 1634, Lydia b. 15 (11) 1635, Bethiah b. and d. 1638, Elizabeth.

He d. about 1655. His widow, dwelling at Stepney, Eng., made a letter of attorney March 17, 1656. [Midx. De. II, 32.] She ret. to N. E. and d. at Roxbury 17 (11) 1669, ae. 75. Will prob. May 13, 1669. Beq. to eldest dau., Mary, wife of Roger Willington; to Anna and other children of her son and dau. Alcock; to John Heylet, eldest son of her dau. Lydia, he to be educated in physick; to Mary, wife of John Maddox; to grandchildren. A debt due to John Pattison in old England.

[page 361]

PIERCE, etc.,

Thomas, Charlestown; wife Elizabeth adm. chh. 10 (11) and he adm. chh. 21 (12) 1634.  Frm. May 6, 1635.  He rem. to Woburn; propr. 1643; town officer.  Signed a petition in 1663, ae. about 46 years old, [Mass. Arch. vol. 106.]  Wife Elizabeth was ae. 71 in 1667.  Ch. Abigail bapt. 17 (4) 1639, a son John b. at Wob. 7 (1) 1643, Thomas b. Jan. 21, 1644, Elizabeth b. Dec. 25, 1646, Joseph b. Aug. 14, 1649, Stephen b. July 16, 1651, Samuel b. 1654, d. 1655, Samuel b. April 7, 1656, William b. March 7, 1656-7, James b. May 7, 1659, Abigail b. Nov. 20, 1660.

He d. Oct. 7, 1666.  Will dated Nov. 7, 1665, ae. about 82 years; beq. to wife Elizabeth; gr. ch. Mary BRIDGE and Elizabeth JEFFS, now dwelling with me; to all gr. ch.; to Harvard College.  The widow deposed to the inv. March 22, 1666-7, ae. 71 years.

[page 392]


Bray, [Brian?] gent., physician. Dorchester, came in the Mary and John in 1629-30. Propr. Sold land to Wm. Hutchinson. [L.] Rem. to Windsor, Conn., where he witnessed a deed Sept. 12, 1647. [Suff. De. I, 98.] Rem. to Guilford, Conn. [Mass. Hist. Coll. 3-10.]

Mr. Edward, one of the Assistants, came to N. E. in 1630.

He d. before Nov. 29, 1630. [W.] His dau., widow Jane Hart, petitioned Gen. Court for aid in 1685, being 70 years old. [Reg. XXXIII, 242.]

Jane, Taunton, m. 23 March 1639-40, Thomas Gilbert.

[page 429]


John, husbandman, late of Clapton in Somersetshire, with his bro. John Mattocke, cooper, had grant of land in Boston, 1638. Frm. May 22, 1638-9. Wife Elizabeth adm. chh. with him 14 (2) 1639; ch. Mary b. 20 (1) 1637, Mary bapt. 21 (2) 1639, Ebenezer b. 3 (3) 1642, Elizabeth bapt. 30 (1) 1645, ae. about 6 days, Martha b. and d.1648, John b. 16 (4) 1650.

[page 486]


Roger, planter, Watertown, 1636. Suit in court in 1651. He deposed Dec. 1673, ae. about 64 years. [Mdx. Files.] He m. Mary, dau. of Dr. Richard Palsgrave; ch. John b. 25 (5) 1638, Mary b. 10 (12) 1640, Joseph b. 9 (8) 1643, Benjamin, Oliver b. Nov. 23, 1648, Palsgrave.

He d. March 11, 1697-8. Will dated 17 Dec. 1697, prob. April 11, 1698; “feeble by reason of age;” beq. to sons John, Joseph, Benjamin, Oliver and Palsgrave; gr. ch. John Mattocks, Roger W., and Mary Livermore.

[page 503]


Mr. Francis, merchant, Charlestown, adm. propr. 1638; adm. chh. with wife Mary 3(10)1639, frm. May 13, 1640. Gave bond in trade concerning tobacco in 1640. [L.] Deputy in 1642 and afterward. Town officer, 1646. Magistrate.

He rendered important service to the colonies as a member of Parliament from Portsmouth, Eng. in 1647, and again in 1657-8. He ret. to Charlestown from his second absence about 1662. The Court gave him 1000 acres of land in token of his services 15 Oct. 1669.

His wife Mary died, and he m. 2, in Eng. Mrs. Margaret Taylor, dau of William Locke and widow of Mr. Daniel Taylor; she was adm. chh. Char. 13(8)1667; ch. Sarah bapt. 13(4)1641, Hannah b. and d. 1643, Nehemiah b. 18(4)1644, Jeremiah b. 29(5)1647, Francis bapt. at St. Olaves in London 29 Feb. 1659-60, Susanna, dau. of the Worshipful Francis Willoughby bapt. at Char. 21(6)1664. The two last ch. had bequests from their mother’s sister Jane Locke, in 1669. [L., A., Reg. XXX, XXXV, and XL.]

His will dated 4 June, 1670, prob. April 10, 1671; refers to his mother’s payment of legacies from his father to his children; beq. to eldest son Jonathan and each of his children; to his wife the estate to which she shall testify to having brought at her marriage and a share of his other property; to sons Nehemiah, William and Francis, and dau. Susannah; to dau. Campfield, who had previously recd. her portion; to aunt Hammond if alive, and to cousin Laur. H.; to his pastor and teacher; to cousin March during her widowhood free use of the house where she dwells; to the school in Charleston 300 acres of land given him by the town but never laid out, lying beyond Woburn; to Laur. Dowse and Edward Wilson, and to his man, Richard Waldron.