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Southside Virginia Families

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Source: John Bennett Boddie, Southside Virginia Families, Volume 2 (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1991).

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William and George WORSHAM patented 400 acres in Henrico Feb. 15, 1652, “200 acres lying at Olde Towne at Appomattox … and 200 acres being part of a patent granted to Wm. CLARKE, decd., May 6, 1638 and by CLARKE sold to Seth WARD who sold to William WORSHAM Nov. 2, 1640.” (C.P.-239, 556)  John WILSON patented 100 acres in Henrico June 6, 1666, bought of Seth WARD.  This land lay next to the above patent, and WILSON’s patent recites that the said 100 acres began at the river side … running along an old known fence” being the line parting said WILSON and the ORPHANTS OF GEORGE and WILLIAM WORSHAM.  (C.P. 556)  It seems that George WORSHAM, died before June 6, 1666, and had a son, George WORSHAM, Jr., for a jury was called in Henrico on May 15, 1678, to determine the dividing line between John WILSON and the land of “Mr. George WORSHAM”, evidently one of the orphans of 1666. (BK.2, p. 48)  George1 WORSHAM was Justice for Henrico in 1656 and his son, Captain George2 WORSHAM of Henrico, born in 1648 (deposition) married, Mary, daughter of John PIGOTT of that county, who may have come from Norfolk County, Va.  Captain George was a Justice in 1707.  (See 33 V 185 for descendants.)

William WORSHAM was deceased several years before May 15, 1678, for his widow married Colonel Francis EPES, who died in 1678, and had three children by him.

It is said that Mrs. Elizabeth WORSHAM EPES was a widow before she married Mr. WORSHAM.  She made two wills, one dated July 28, 1678, and the other one dated Sept. 23, 1678.  The WORSHAM children were, ELIZABETH KENNON to whom she gave a stone ring, her black gown, green silk petticoat, green satin bodice and ¼ of her money in the hands of Samuel CLAPHAMSON in London; to grandaughter Mary KENNON a stone ring “given me by my sister KING; to daughter MARY WORSHAM, ¼ of her money; to daughter Mary EPES” a new suite which came this year”; to sons JOHN and CHARLES WORSHAM each ¼ of her money.  In her second will she describes herself as the widow of Colonel Francis EPES.  What estate was given her by his verbal will she wishes divided between her EPES children, viz., William, Littlebury and Mary when they come of age.  Executors, Francis EPES, (step-son) and Richard KENNON, son-in-law. (33V-185)

Children of William and Elizabeth WORSHAM:

I.    John WORSHAM, m. Mary WYNNE.  (See later)

II.    Charles WORSHAM, d. 1719.

III. Mary WORSHAM, m. before Apr. 1, 1680, Richard LIGON, b. 1657; d. 1754; (LIGON Book-329)

IV.    Elizabeth WORSHAM, m. Richard KENNON of “Conjuror’s Neck”.

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John2 WORSHAM was a Justice in Henrico in 1685 and later; also Sheriff for Henrico 1696-97.  He held 1104 acres in the Quit Rents of 1704 for Henrico.  He married Mary WYNNE, daughter of Major Joshua WYNNE, and his wife Mary JONES, daughter of Major Peter JONES, and Margaret WOOD, daughter of Major Gen. Abraham WOOD.  Margaret WOOD JONES married secondly Capt. Thomas COCKE.  (See S.V.F. Vol I, p. 221)(V.H.G. p. 180, “daughter,” Margaret JONES should read “granddaughter”)

Captain John WORSHAM died in 1729.  A copy of his will was not furnished, but according to pages 185-86, 33 Virginia Magazine, his children were as follows:


I.    John of Henrico; m. Agnes OSBORNE, widow; d. 1745.

II.    William of Henrico; married; d. 1748.

III.    Daniel of Henrico, married and died before 1729.

IV.    Elizabeth; m.(1) Thomas LIGON; (2) Alexander MARSHALL.  (See later)

V.    Mary, m.         ROBERTSON.

VI.    Martha, m.         WARD.

VII.    Anne; m.         OSBORNE.

VIII.            ; m.        POYTHRESS.

IX.    Elizabeth; m. William EPES.  (See Francis EPES Lineage, by Clarke, p. 224)

Elizabeth WORSHAM, daughter of Captain John WORSHAM, married Alexander MARSHALL of Henrico as her second husband.  She is mentioned as “my daughter, Elizabeth MARSHALL…” in Captain WORSHAM’s will.

Alexander MARSHALL was born in 1676 and died May 3, 1743 at the age of 67.  His wife Elizabeth was also born either 1676 or 1677 as she died in February 1743/44, aged 67 years.  On August 10, 1706, in a proceeding in the Orphans Court of Henrico, “Alexander MARSHALL, who lately married Mrs. Elizabeth LIGON”, was given the care and custody of Lodowick TANNER. (Vol.1694-1739, p. 48)  The inventory of the estate of Thomas LIGON was filed May 7, 1705 by John WORSHAM.

Alexander MARSHALL received large grants of land in Henrico.  On Jan. 7, 1725, he patented 2000 acres of land on the north side of Appomattox River, and the south side of Butterwood Creek.  The land fell in Goochland and on Sept. 28, 1730, he patented 3000 acres of land in Goochland, including the 1000 acres of his former patent and in the same locality.  Goochland was cut off Henrico in 1728.  Alexander, however, re-patented, on June 3, 1731, 2528 acres on Swift Creek in Henrico, adjacent to Wm. PRIDE, James ATKINS, Francis FLOURNOYS and John WOODBRIDGES; 628 acres heretofore granted June 2, 1721.  (PB11-71; 12-334; 14-152)  On July 31, 172[photocopy illegible] Henry WALTHALL and Phoebe, his wife, of Henrico, deeded land called “Powell’s Tract” which land they had from their father, Thomas LIGON, to Alexander MARSHALL. (BK 1-192).  James ANDERSON and Elizabeth, his wife of Prince George County, deeded Alexander MARSHALL lands called “Powells” which their deceased father Thomas LIGON held. (BK 1-192)  These two deeds to Alexander MARSHALL were from the surviving children of his wife Elizabeth, formerly the wife of Thomas LIGON.  Two other children were unmarried.

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Alexander MARSHALL was a vestryman in Bristol Parish, 1723-24.

Mr. MARSHALL and his wife are buried on the left bank of the Appomattox River near its mouth, upon a highland which belonged to Mr. Richard EPPES.  A double head stone still stands there (1955) with the following inscriptions:

“Here lyeth th Body of Here lyeth the body of
Mr. Alexander MARSHALL Mrs. Elizabeth MARSHALL
who departed this life who departed this life
May 3rd. 1743, Feb.     1743/44
Aged 67 years. Aged 67 years.