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Five Generations of Connecticut Harrisons

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Mrs. Francis Harrison Corbin, “Five Generations of Connecticut Harrisons,” New England Historical and Genealogical Register 70[1916]. [LINK]


The Ancestry of Lorenzo Ackley and his wife Emma Arabella Bosworth

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Source: N. Grier Parke, III, The Ancestry of Lorenzo Ackley and his wife Emma Arabella Bosworth, edited by Donald Lines Jacobus (Woodstock, Vermont: Elm Tree Press, 1960).

[page 58]




GEORGE1 HUBBARD came to Wethersfield, Conn., 1636, presumably with the settlers from Watertown, Mass.  In 1642 he removed to Milford, and about 1649 to Guilford, where he bought the lands of Jacob SHEAFFE, 22 Sept. 1648, and died in Jan. 1682/3.  He married MARY –––, who died 14 Sept. 1676.a, c

He was admitted to Milford Church, 15 Jan. 1642/3, and was dismissed to Guilford, 6 Oct. 1650; his wife Mary was admitted to Milford Church, 4 Aug. 1644.  Their children, Daniel, Abigail, and Hannah, were baptized together at Milford, 26 May 1644.a

Repeated statements, in the HUBBARD history and elsewhere, tot he effect that his wife Mary was a daughter of John and Ann BISHOP of Guilford, are without foundation in fact.  No record proof exists, and the known ages of children of George HUBBARD and of those of John BISHOP show that they belonged approximately to the same generation, and a study of the dates makes it clear that George HUBBARD and his wife were contemporaries in age of John BISHOP and his wife.  The will of John BISHOP’s widow gave a small legacy to her granddaughter Elizabeth HUBBARD, and these erroneous statements are apparently based on this slender bit of evidence, which proves nothing until this Elizabeth HUBBARD is definitely identified.b

Mr. HUBBARD had a long career in public service.  He was Deputy for Wethersfield to the Connecticut General Court, Mar. and Apr. 1638, Apr., Aug. and Sept. 1639, Apr. 1640, Feb. and Apr. 1641, and Apr. and Aug. 1642; Deputy for Guilford to the New Haven General Court, May 1655, May 1657, May 1658, May 1659, Aug. 1661, and May 1662; Deputy for Guilford to the Connecticut General Court, Oct. 1665 and Oct. 1666; and Commissioner or Magistrate for Guilford, 1665, 1666, 1667, and 1670.e

His will, dated 23 May 1682, gave five shillings to his son John, five pounds and his wearing clothes to his son William, five shillings to his daughter Mary FOWLER, and thirty pounds to his daughter Sarah HARRISON; all in addition to what they had previously received.  To his grandsons John SPINNING, Daniel HUBBARD, Jr., and Ebenezer HUBBARD, he gave certain lands in Guilford.  He gave eighty pounds to his daughter Elizabeth HUBBARD; five shillings to his daughter Hannah MOLYNES in addition to what she already received; and gave his house and homelot, together with the residue of his estate, to his son Daniel, who was to be Executor and pay the other legacies.  A codicil added 30

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Dec. 1682 gave his daughter Elizabeth HUBBARD the use of a room in his house until death or marriage.  His inventory, taken 30 May 1683, totaled £564:08:06.d

Another George HUBBARD, of the same generation as himself, lived at Hartford and Middletown, and has sometimes been confused with him, or erroneously made his father or son.

Children of George and Mary (–––) HUBBARD:c, d

i.  JOHN2, b. [say 1625]; settled in Wethersfield and m. by 1650, MARY –––; removed to Hadley, Mass., and d. abt. 1705.

+    ii.     WILLIAM.

iii.     MARY, d. 13 Apr. 1713; m. Dea. JOHN FOWLER, who served Guilford as Deputy, Sergeant, and Commissioner, and d. 14 Sept. 1676.

iv. SARAH, m. RICHARD HARRISON, Jr., of Guilford, and with him removed in 1666 to Newark, N.J.

v.  DANIEL, b. [say 1640]; d. in 1720; m. 17 Nov. 1664, ELIZABETH JORDAN.

vi. ABIGAIL, m. 14 Oct. 1657, HUMPHREY SPINNING, who removed in 1666 to Elizabeth, N.J.


viii.    ELIZABETH, m. JOHN HORTON.  The Inventory of her estate was taken 13 Mar. 1709/10.  The legatees named were: heirs of John HUBBARD, heirs of William HUBBARD, Daniel HUBBARD, Mary FOWLER, Sarah HARRISON or her heirs, heirs of Abigail SPINNING, and Hannah MULLINE.


WILLIAM2 HUBBARD settled in Greenwich, where he bought land in 1658, and in 1663 also owned land in Stamford.  He lived in Greenwich until late in life, then removed to Fairfield, where he died between 10 Oct. and 7 Nov. 1702.  He probably married CATHERINE, widow of the first John AUSTIN who had died at Stamford, 24 Aug. 1657, since in 1683 he bought land of his “son” John AUSTIN in Greenwich.  In 1684, called “Sr.,” he conveyed to his sons George and William.f

His will, dated 10 Oct. 1702, gave clothing to his sons-in-law, Jacob PATCHEN and Thomas BENNER, a bed to his daughter Mary PATCHIN, lands in Greenwich to his son William HUBBARD, and the residue of his estate equally to his daughters Mary PATCHIN and Sarah BENNET.  As he was called William HUBBART, Sr., of Fairfield, in the will, we may believe that he spent his last days at the home of a married daughter in Fairfield.  The son George, having received lands in Greenwich by deed and having died before William, was not mentioned, though he left children.  the inventory of William’s estate was taken 7 Nov. 1702.g

Children of William and [Catherine (–––)(AUSTIN)] HUBBARD:f

i.  GEORGE3, b. [say 1663]; d. in 1688 (inventory taken 12 Dec. 1688); m. ABIGAIL –––.

[page 60]

ii. MARY, b. [say 1666]; d. at Wilton, Conn., 25 Mar. 1754; m.(1) by 1689, SAMUEL GRUMAN of Fairfield; m.(2) by 1692, JACOB PATCHEN.

+    iii.    SARAH, b. [say 1668]; m. by 1688, THOMAS BENNETT, JR.

iv. WILLIAM, b. [say 1670]; d. in 1723; m. HANNAH MEAD.

a.  Milford Church Records; Guilford Records, Terrier 1:43.

b.  The American Genealogist, 10:17; 29:127-8.

c.  Guilford Vital Records.

d.  New Haven Probate Records, 1, part 2, p. 96.

e.  Colonial Records of Connecticut, 1:13, 17, 27, 29, 34, 46, 58, 64, 71, 73; 2:18, 24, 32, 63, 140; New Haven Colony Records, 2:141, 214, 232, 297, 418, 451.

f.  Donald Lines Jacobus, Families of Old Fairfield, 1:299-300; Greenwich Land Records.

g.  Fairfield Probate Records, 5:3.

[page 198]




DAVID1 PHIPPEN, born in Cornwall, England, probably about 1588-90, died at Boston, Mass., in 1650; married SARAH ––––.  She married second, after 11 July 1654, George HULL of Fairfield, and died there in August, 1659.

David received a grant of five acres in Hingham, Mass., 18 Sept. 1635, when the first lots were drawn, and was made a freeman, 3 Mar. 1635/6.  He removed to Boston about 1641, being admitted and granted a house lot 27

[page 199]

Sept. of that year.  On 28 Apr. 1645, David was granted liberty of wharfing near the Milne Creek in Boston, and he was chosen Constable, 13 Mar. 1646/7.

He died before 31 Oct. 1650, when his will was proved.  He gave to wife, Sarah, his dwelling house and shop; provided lots for Benjamin, Gamaliel and George; named son-in-law Thomas YEO; son George VICKARY; wife and son Joseph PHIPPEN to be executors; and mentioned land in Hingham.  The Hingham land was sold 24 Oct. 1652 by David’s widow Sarah PHIPPENY with her son Joseph PHIPPENY, both of Boston.

On 9 Apr. 1653, Sarah PHIPPEN, widow, for £15, sold to John HULL of Boston, goldsmith, a house.  She sold again 3 Dec. 1653, with the consent of George VICORS and Rebeckah his wife, who had an interest.  On 11 July 1654 she sold a dwelling house.  Her marriage to George HULL of Fairfield after that date brought some of her children to the neighborhood of Fairfield.

The will of Sarah widow of George HULL in August, 1659, mentioned a house in Boston; four sons, Benjamin, Joseph, Gamaliel and George PHIPPEN; daughters Rebecca VICKERS and Sarah YEO; cousins Jane and Philip PINKNEY.b Her maiden name is unknown, as the tablet of David and Sarah PHIPPEN is missing from the copy of a genealogical chart prepared by her son, Joseph PHIPPEN.c The will of George HULL also mentions his “cousin” Jane PINKNEY.  She may have been a niece of Sarah.  She and her husband, Philip PINKNEY, came to Fairfield, but moved to Eastchester, N.Y.

Children of David and Sarah (–––––) PHIPPEN:

i.  ROBERT2, placed on authority of the PHIPPEN chart, which says he “d. honorably in the king’s service, in 28th year of age.”

ii. JOSEPH, b. probably by 1615; d. at Salem, Mass., in 1687; m. DORCAS WOOD, but his wife appears in records of 1645 to 1653 as Dorothy.  He was a crapenter, of Hingham 1637-1649, then of Boston and Falmouth, finally of Salem.  On 3 June 1663, being of Falmouth “in Casco Bay,” carpenter, and calling himself PHIPPEN al’s Fitzpen, he sold to Benjamin PHIPPEn al’s ffitzpen of Boston, blockmaker, a house in Boston on behalf of himself and his brothers and sisters, with reference to the Estate of their “deceased mother Mrs Sarah HULL wife of mr. George HULL late of ffairefeild in Connecticot.”

iii.     THOMAS, according to the PHIPPEN chart, “was drowned in his 20th year.”

iv. REBECCA, m. GEORGE VICKERY of Hull, Mass.

v.  BENJAMIN, b. probably by 1625; d. at Boston, Mass., abt. 1678; m. (1) WILMOT [probably YEO]; m. (2) ELEANOR ––––.

vi. GAMALIEL, b. probably by 1627; d. at Boston, Mass., abt. 1671-2; m. SARAH PURCHASE, b. abt. 1627-8, d. at Boston, 17 Jan. [abt. 1682-3].

+    vii.    SARAH, b. probably by 1632; m. (1) THOMAS YEO, of Boston, who d. at Fairfield in 1658 (inventory taken 10 Sept. 1658); m. (2) probably late in 1659, NATHAN GOLD, who d. 4 Mar. 1693/4.

viii.    GEORGE, d. at Hull, Mass., 24 Dec. 1704; m. ELIZABETH ––––, who d. at Hull, 20 Aug. 1714.

[page 200]

ix. JOHN, b. and d. at Boston, July 1637.

x.  JOHN, b. and d. at Boston, July 1640.

a.  The American Genealogist, 17:3-19, where full references are given.

b.  Donald L. Jacobus, Families of Old Fairfield, 1:307.

c.  The Heraldic Journal (1868), 4:1-20.

Richard Harrison of Newark

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Source: Richard W. Cook, “Richard Harrison of Newark,” Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey 57[1982].

[page 28]

RICHARD WILSON COOK (1903-1981) was one of those accomplished students of genealogy who, when it came time to reduce his research notes to a manuscript, favored us by putting his findings into the classical format eschewing cumbersome numbering systems and confusing arrangements of facts. During his lifetime, Dick Cook contributed much to the Society and its Magazine including his series of studies entitled “Early Families of Newark,” of which this is one.

1. RICHARD HARRISON, born possibly ca. 1596, died October 25, 1653 at Branford, Connecticut. He came from West Kirby, Cheshire, England, to New Haven, later removing to Branford.


+2. Richard, b. ca. 1662.

+3. Elizabeth, b. ca. 1625.

+4. Thomas, bp. Dec. 2, 1627.

+5. Ellen, b. 163-

+6. Mary.

2. RICHARD HARRISON, son of Richard HARRISON (#1), born ca. 1622, died 168-, married Sarah HUBBARD, daughter of George and Mary HUBBARD, born ca. 1625. George HUBBARD was born ca. 1594, died January 1682/3; Mary HUBBARD died September 14, 1676 in Guilford, Connecticut. Richard HARRISON came from Branford in 1666 with the group to found the Town of Newark. He was active in Town affairs. In May 1668 he was one of the Agents from Newark who established the line with the Agents from Elizabeth Town. The same year the Town bargained with Deacon WARD, Sarj. Richard HARRISON, and Sarj. Edward RIGS to build a meeting house for seventeen pounds. At the Town Meeting, August 12, 1673, Sarj’t HARRISON was chosen one of the Deputies to go to Wood bridge. He took the Oath of Allegiance to the Dutch, September 1673 (GMNJ 12:83). Richard HARRISON of Newark received a patent to 152 acres September 30, 1675 (NJA 21:21). At the Town Meeting, May 16, 1683 he announced he was turning over his rights to the Corn Mill, having bought out Mr. Treat’s share, to his sons Sam’l, Joseph, and George HARRISON, who agreed to accept the Mill subject to the conditions agreed to by the original Builders and Operators, Mr. Robert TREAT and Sarj’t Richard HARRISON.  In the list of those owing Quit-rents in New Work, 1685, is Richard HERRISEN for 152 acres.(NJHSP, New Series, 15:239)


+7. John, b. prob. 1645

+8. Samuel b. prob. ca. 1648

+9. Joseph, b. prob. ca. 1651

+10. Benjamin, b. July 30, 1655

11. Ann, b. Nov. 2, 1657, d. Nov. 8, 1657 (Branford Vital Records, Amer. Gene., vol. XII)

[page 29]

+12. George, b. Dec. 31, 1658

+13. Daniel, b. 1662

+14. Mary, b. 1664-65.

3. ELIZABETH HARRISON, daughter of Richard HARRISON (#1), born ca. 1625, married first ca. 1655 Henry LYNE, married second John LAMPSON, married third John MORRIS. She is named in three instruments recorded June 18, 1668. First, Certificate that Hopestill LYNE, 6 to 7 years old, the daughter of Henry LYNE of New Haven in New England, son of John LYNE of Badby, Northamptonshire, which Henry died January 14, 1662, and had the child Hopestill by his wife Elizabeth, daughter of Richard HARRISON of West Kerby, Cheshire, is still alive as sworn to by Richard HARRISON, Thomas JOHNSON, William MEAKER, and Ellen JOHNSON. Second, Appointment as guardians of Hopestill LYNE, her mother Elizabeth and her present husband John MORRIS of Newark. Third, John and Elizabeth MORRIS, late of New Haven, in New England, now of Newark, N.J., guardians of Hopestill LYNE gave power of attorney to Samuel WILLIS of Hartford, New England, for the management of the child’s property (NJA 21:29, 30).

John MORRIS of Newark died intestate. On November 5, 1675 letters of administration were granted to the widow Elizabeth (NJA 21:38; 23:328).

On November 22, 1690 John MORRIS of Newark deeded 20 acres in Newark on the Pissaick River, bounded north by Samuel HARRISON (NJA 21:268). On February 24, 1692/3 John MORRIS of Newark, son and heir proper in law of John MORRIS, dec’d, gave a quit-claim to his brother Philipp MORRIS of Newark for all property devised by their mother Elizabeth MORRIS (ibid. p. 210). On March 25, 1694 administration of the estate of Philipp MORRIS, deceased, intestate, was granted to the widow Johanna. He died December 5, 1693. (NJA 21:210; 23:329)

4. THOMAS HARRISON, son of Richard HARRISON (#1), baptised December 2, 1627 at Branford, Connecticut. He married first Mrs. Dorothy THOMPSON and second, on March 29, 1666 at Branford, Mrs. Elizabeth STENT. It would appear that Thomas HARRISON intended to go to Newark with his brother, but did not. In the Newark Town Records, Meeting of February 6, 1667, it is stated that as Thomas HARRISON had deserted his lot before recording it, he was not entered in the drawing of places for the choosing of lots.

5. ELLEN HARRISON, daughter of Richard HARRISON (#1), born 163-, died supposedly November 2, 1694, supposedly married first February 25, 1650 at Branford, Connecticut, John THOMPSON, married second Thomas JOHNSON, born ca. 1630, died November 5, 1694. Thomas JOHNSON was one of the original founders of Newark and was active in town affairs. On December 17, 1669 he, as Constable of Newark, was ordered to publish the recall of TREAT’s and CRAINE’s commissions as Justices of the Peace (NJA 21:30). Thomas JOHNSON of Newark, about 64 years old, in his will dated November 2, 1694 and proved November 21, 1694 names sons Joseph, John, Thomas, and Eliphalet the youngest who is named executor (NJA 21:215-16; 23:265).

6. MARY HARRISON, daughter of Richard HARRISON (#1), supposedly married at Branford, Connecticut, November 27, 1662 Thomas PIERSON, probably a kinsman of the Rev. Abraham PIERSON. Thomas PIERSON senior of Newark in his will dated Janu-

[page 30]

ary 12, 1697/8 and proved March 1, 1700/1 names his children Samuel, Thomas the youngest son, Hannah, Abigail, Mary, and Elizabeth. Executor was his son Samuel LYON. (NJA 21:326) It would appear from this that Thomas PIERSON married 2nd a widow LYON with a son Samuel.

7. JOHN HARRISON, son of Richard HARRISON (#2), born probably 1645, died probably 1675-76 although it may have been earlier as he did not take the Oath of Allegiance to the Dutch, September 1673, as did his of-age brothers (18 and over). John HARRISON on October 30, 1666 signed with the others from Branford the agreement concerning the new town on the Passaick River in the Province of New Jersey. He was active in Town affairs. On May 26, 1673 John HARRISON drew his number for his place in a new drawing for lots. On March 14, 1676 the inventory of the estate of John HARRISON was made. On March 16, 1675/6 letters of administration on the estate of John HARRISON, dec’d, were granted to his brother Samuel HARRISON. (NJA 21:39, 40)

8. SAMUEL HARRISON, son of Richard HARRISON (#2), born probably ca. 1648, died 1724, married Mary WARD, daughter of Sarj’t John WARD, Sr., and Sarah —-, born June 11, 1654 at Branford, Connecticut, died April 16, 1738, aged 85 years, buried in the Old Newark Burying Ground. For more about the ancestry of Mary WARD see GMNY 57:59-60.

Samuell HARRISSON took the Oath of Allegiance to the Dutch, September 1673. On January 27, 1695/6 a Patent was issued to Samuel, Joseph, and Daniel HARRISON, all of Newark, for 100 acres in two lots (NJA 21:257). On August 8, 1696 a Patent was issued to Samuel HARRISON of Newark for 116 acres, of which 16 acres was in the right of John WARD senior, dec’d, his father-in-law (ibid, p. 248). On August 22, 1696 Samuel HARRISON of Newark and wife Mary deeded 20 acres in Newark Township (ibid. p. 269). In the list of persons in Essex County paying Quit-rents, 1696, is Samuell HARRISON for 120 acres and 116 acres (NJHSP, New Series, 15:375). Peter CUNDICT of Newark, clothier, in his will dated February 7, 1713/4 and proved May 19, 1714 names his wife Mary, various children all under 21, with wife as sole executrix with Dr. George HARRISON and brother-in-law Samuel HARRISON as overseers (NJA 23:122).

Samuel HARRISON of Newark yeoman, in his will dated January 7, 1712/3 and proved December 12, 1724 names his wife Mary and his children Samuel, John, Mary wife of Peter CUNDIT, Sarah wife of Nathaniel WARD, Susannah wife of Samuel WARD, Abigail, and Elenor. Wife sole executrix. (NJA 23:210-11, 214)

9. JOSEPH HARRISON, son of Richard HARRISON (#2), born probably ca. 1651, married Dorcas WARD, daughter of Sarj’t John WARD, Sr., and Sarah —-, born March 10, 1662/3 at Branford, Connecticut, died January 25, 1738/9 in her 76th year, buried in the Old Newark Burying Ground. For more about the ancestry of Dorcas WARD see GMNJ 57:59-60. Joseph HARRISON was active in Town affairs, first being named when he was a witness to a Town agreement, 1673. He took the Oath of Allegiance to the Dutch, September 1673 (GMNJ 12:84). He is on the list of persons owing Quit-rents in Newark, 1685, on 65 acres and in 1696 on 103 acres and 100 acres (NJHSP, New Series 15:375). According to Samuel H. CONGAR (Shaw, History of Essex and Hudson Counties, New Jersey, 1:358) he was living in 1742, aged 93, when he testified concerning the 1666 purchase and bounds of the Town. He is said to have had children Joseph, Stephen, Richard, Nathaniel, Elizabeth wife of Caleb BALDWIN, Phebe

[page 31]

wife of John WARD, and Mary SAFRON.

10. BENJAMIN HARRISON, son of Richard HARRISON (#2), born July 30, 1655 in Branford, Connecticut, married Mary PLUM, daughter of Samuel and Hannah PLUM, born April 1, 1653 at Branford. Benjamin HERRISSON took the Oath of Allegiance to the Dutch, September 1673 (GMNJ 12:85). At the Newark Town Meeting January 1, 1690/1 it was voted to pay the wages of several soldiers including Benjamin HARRISON. His name was included in the list of 1715 of those concerned with the fence on the Common Line. He is said to have had a son Abraham.

12. GEORGE HARRISON, son of Richard HARRISON (#2), born December 31, 1658 at Branford, Connecticut, died April 22, 1715 in his 57th year, married Mary —–. At a Newark Town Meeting January 2, 1687/8 George HARRISON was accepted as Constable to replace Thomas RICHARDS. Then on the 9th he signed the list of Planters who were agreeing to pay their share toward supporting the minister. On November 4, 1694 he was one of the witnesses to the will of John CRANE senior, dated November 4, 1694 (NJA 21:216). He was on the list of those owing Quit-rents in Essex County, 1696, for 50 acres. (NJHSP, New Series, 15:376) George HARRISON of Essex County in his will dated January 1, 1713/4 and proved August 11, 1715 names his wife Mary and children Isaac, George, and Mary (NJA 23:210, 212).

13. DANIEL HARRISON, son of Richard HARRISON (#2), born 1662, died December 19, 1738 in his 77th year, married Abigail BALL, daughter of Edward BALL and Abigail BATCHLEY, born probably ca. 1671. Daniel HARRISON was buried in the Old Newark Burying Ground. In the list of persons paying Quit-rents, 1696, in Essex County is Daniel HARRISON on 45 acres (NJHSP, New Series, 15:375). At the Newark Town Meeting, April 11, 1705, Daniel HARRISON was voted to be a Fence Viewer for part of the Common Line of Fence. Daniel HARRISON of Newark, signed “his mark” to his will dated March 13, 1737, proved December 26, 1738, and in it refers to the children of his daughters Lydia BALDWIN and Abigail FARRAND both deceased, names his sons Daniel and Moses who are appointed executors, and his grandson Jonathan HARRISON under 21 (NJA 30:222).


15. Lydia, b. ca. 1691, d. Jan. 1736/7, m. John BALDWIN, Jr., & Hannah OSBORNE, b. 1686, d. Dec. 21, 1732, in 47th yr. Both Lydia and her husband John BALDWIN were buried in the Old Newark Burying Grd. Their stones were later removed to the First Pres. Chyd (GMNJ 38:21).

16. Abigail, b. poss. ca. 1695, d. before 1738, m. Samuel FARRAND, b. 1681, d. Sept. 16, 1750 aged 69y. & 6m. He m. 2nd Hannah —-, who died Oct. 18, 1748 in 63rd yr. and was buried in the Old Newark Burying Grd. Her gravestone was removed to the crypt in Fairmount Cem. (GMNJ 29:16). Samuel FARRAND of Newark in his will dated Sept. 3, 1747 and proved Jan. 2, 1750 names his children Daniel, Samuel, Ebenezer, Nathaniel, Joseph, Sarah, Phebe, Hannah, & Elizabeth, wife Hannah as one of executors (NJA 30:172).

17. Daniel, b. 1700-1701, d. Oct. 19, 1748, aged 47 yrs., m. Abigail —-, b. 1709, d. Nov. 11, 1789 in 81st yr. Abigail was buried in the Old Newark Burying Grd, and her gravestone was one of those removed to the crypt in Fairmount Cem. (GMNJ 29:17).

18. Moses, b. ca. 1708, d. Feb. 18, 1765 in 57th yr., m. Abigail FOSTER. Moses HARRISON was buried in the Old Newark Burying Grd, and his gravestone was later removed to the Fairmount Cem. crypt. Moses HARRISON of Newark in his will dated January 18, 1755 and proved Feb. 27, 1765 names his daughter Mary DOD and under age daughters Anna, Demaras, Abigail, & Sarah, and son Jonas who was one of the executors (NJA 33:180).

19. Jonathan, b. ca. 1712, d. Dec. 9, 1732 in 21st yr., buried Old Newark Burying Grd.

[page 32]

14. MARY HARRISON, daughter of Richard HARRISON (#2), born 1664-65, died November 15, 1732 in her 68th year, married Samuel PIERSON, born 1663-64, died March 19, 1730 in his 67th year. Both were buried in the cemetery of the First Presbyterian Church of Orange, New Jersey. At the Newark Town Meeting, January 1, 1686/7 Samuel PIERSON was admitted as a Planter. Samuel PIERSON of Newark, carpenter, in his will dated March 13, 1729/30 and proved April 15, 1730 names his wife Mary as sole executrix and his sons Joseph, Samuel, James, Daniel, and Caleb, and daughters Jemima, Mary, and Hannah; refers to home farm as adjoining John HARRISON and Samuel FARRAND (NJA 23:365).

John Warde and John Ward of Newark

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Source: Richard W. Cook, “John Warde and John Ward of Newark,” Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey 57[1982].

[page 59]

John WARDE and John WARD
of Newark


THERE WERE SEVERAL PERSONS by the name of WARD among the first settlers of the Town of Newark. This study concerns John WARDE, Senr. and John WARD, turner.

Two others were Laurence WARD “Deacon” and Josiah WARD. Laurence WARD “Deacon,” uncle of John WARD, turner, died a few years after coming to East Jersey. On April 18, 1670 the inventory of the estate of Lawrence WARDE of Newark, dec’d., was made by John BROWN and John WARDE. On September 2, 1671 letters of administration were granted to Esebell BALDWYNE, wife of Joseph BALDWYNE of Hadley, Massachusetts, with the consent of Lawrence WARDE’s widow Elizabeth, sister of said Esebell. Then on September 4, 1671 Esebell assigned her powers to her son John CATLINE and her kinsman John WARDE turner, both of Newark (New Jersey Archives 21:31).

Josiah WARD, brother of John WARD, turner, probably died soon after 1678 leaving one son, Samuel (see his will NJA 32:348), and widow Elizabeth, nee SWAINE, who married second David OGDEN (NJA 21:281).

1. JOHN WARDE, Senr., supposedly son of Richard WARD and Joyce WARD “widow of Wethersfield,” born in England, died November 1694 in Newark, married first Sarah —-, perhaps daughter of John and Frances HILL of Guilford. He married second Hannah, daughter of Jasper CRANE and Alice —-, and widow of Thomas HUNTINGTON, born ca.1639, died after October 1694.

John WARD signed the Fundamental Agreement, Ocotber 30, 1666, with the other settlers from Branford who were moving to the “Town upon Passaick River in the Province of New Jersey.” He was active in the town affairs, for the first few years being called Serj”t. John WARD in the Town Records, but from 1674 on he is Mr. John WARD.

In 1673 he took the oath of allegiance to the Dutch (GMNJ 12:83). In the list of those owing quit-rents in New Work, 1685, is included Jno. WARD, Senior (1670) 122 acres (NJHSP NS 15:240). In the list of quit-rents, 1696, for Essex County is John WARD, Sr., his heirs, 122 acres, also 269 acres sold to Nathaniel WARD, and perhaps more (ibid. p. 376). John WARDE senr., Inhabitant of Newarke in East Jersey, in his will dated October 31, 1694 and proved November 20, 1694 names his “Dear and Loving wife which Now is Hanna WARD by Name,” widow and relict of Thomas HUNTINGTON, dec’d., son John WARDE, son Nathanel WARDE, grandson John WARD, “my Daughters now Living,” “surviving children and issue of my Daughter Hanna BALDWIN deceased,” son-in-law Jabish ROGERS, son-in-law John COOPER seven pounds “in part of phebys share in the division.” Executors were his sons John and Nathanel WARDE (Unrecorded Wills, vol. 5, pp. 369-70; NJA 23:489, 21:216).

*From a collection of genealogical studies by the late Richard W. Cook, quondam president and trustee of
the Genealogical Society of New Jersey (GMNJ 56:97-98).

[page 60]

Children (birth records per Branford Vital Records–Amer. Gene., vol. XII):

by first wife

2. poss. Jonathan, b. ca. 1647, d. young.

+3. John, b. Apr. 10, 1650, d. May 5, 1695

4. Sarah, b. ca. 1652, m. by license dated 23 of 1, 1674 to Jabez ROGERS (GMNJ 43:51). On May 1, 1697 Jebez ROGERS of Newark received a patent for 250 acres, including a home lot of 6 acres (NJA 21:263).

5. Mary, b. June 11, 1654, d. Apr. 16, 1738, aged 85 yrs., buried in the Old Newark Burying Grd., m. Samuel HARRISON, son of the younger Richard HARRISON & Sarah HUBBARD, b. prob. ca.1648, d. 1724.

6. Nathaniel, b. Nov. 3, 1656, d. Jan. 1731/2, m. Christian SWAINE, dau. of Samuel & Johanna SWAINE, b. Apr. 25, 1659. Nathaniel WARD, Sr., of Newark, Essex Co., in his will dated Dec. 27, 1731 and proved Jan. 11, 1732, names his eldest son Joseph, dec’d, and his children James, Elizabeth, Christian, and Deborah, the last three under age, son Nathaniel, dau. Phebe CRANE, dau. Joanah, dec’d, and her children Nathaniel, Rebeckah, and Joanah PIERSON, and dau. Sarah, dec’d, and her daughters Mary and Phebe DALGLISH, and Rachel CANFIELD (NJA 30:514).

7. Hannah, b. Nov. 20, 1658, d. June 9, 1693 at Milford, Conn., m. Jonathan BALDWIN b. Feb. 15, 1648/9 at Milford, d. Dec. 13, 1739 at Milford, Conn.

8. Elizabeth, b. Jan. 24, 1660.

9. Dorcas, b. Mar. 10, 1662, d. Jan. 25, 1738/9 in 76th yr., buried in the Old Newark Burying Grd., m. Joseph HARRISON, son of the younger Richard HARRISON & Sarah HUBBARD, b. prob. ca. 1651.

10. Abigail, b. Apr. 20, 1665.

11. Deborah, b. prob. ca. 1667, d. after 1698, m. Eliphlet JOHNSON, son of Thomas JOHNSON, b. 1658, d. Apr. 20, 1718. On Dec. 6, 1698 Eliphlet JOHNSON of Newark nd wife Deborah deeded some land (NJA 21:306). Eliphlet JOHNSON, yeoman, in his will dated Jan. 1, 1712/3 and proved Aug. 13, 1718 names his wife Abigail, children Eliphlet, Nathaniel, John, Samuel, Deborah, and Phebie (NJA 23:261).

12. Phebe, b. 1669, d. Feb. 16, 1720 in 51st yr., m. John COOPER, b. 1669, d. Feb. 27, 1736/7 in 68th yr., both buried in the Old Newark Burying Grd. Col. John COOPER married second the widow Hannah SERGEANT. She died ca. 1758, see abstract of her will dated Dec. 6, 1756 in NJA 32:69. She was prob. first married to Jonathan SERGEANT. John COOPER of Newark, Essex County, in his will dated Nov. 16, 1732 names his son-in-law John SERGEANT who is under age, brother Samuel COOPER, children of sister Sarah WOODRUFF, dec’d., children of sister Mary WARD, eldest daughter of sister Elizabeth FRAYLEY, dec’d., sons-in-law Thomas & Daniel SERGEANT. Executors were his wife Hannah and son-in-law Jonathan SERGEANT (NJA 30:109).

3. JOHN WARD, jr., son of John WARDE, Sen’r. (#1) and Sarah —-, born April 10, 1650, Branford, Connecticut, died May 5, 1695 in Newark, New Jersey, married first (Mary?) LYON, daughter of Henry LYON; married second Abigail KICHELL, daughter of Samuel KITCHELL & Elizabeth WAKEMAN, born August 10, 1661. John WARD, Jun’r. is included in a list of inhabitants, October 19, 1681, Newark Town Meeting Records, and again January 1, 1683/4. At the meeting January 1, 1685/6 he was chosen one of the fence viewers. In the list of those owing quit-rents in New Work, 1685, is Jno. WARD, Junior, for 95 acres, and again in the list of 1696 (NJHSP NS 15:239, 376).

John WARD of Newark in the Province of East New Jersey, in his will dated May 2, 1695 and proved September 20, 1695, names his wife Abigail; his eldest son John WARD, under age, who is to receive upland and meadow given by my Honored father in law Mr. Henery LYON unto my former wife as a dowery; my two sons Jonathan

[page 61]

WARD and David WARD, under 21 years of age; and my daughter Mary WARD unber 18. My wife to be executrix with loving brothers Nathaniel WARD & Joseph HARISON to be overseers (Unrecorded Wills, vol. 5, pp. 31-33; NJA 21:227). The inventory of the estate, valued at £ 90.19.-., dated May 27, 1695, states that John WARD died May 5, 1695 (ibid. vol. 5, p. 367; NJA 23:490).


by first wife

13. John, d. ca. 1745. John WARD was included in a list of Newark inhabitants, Newark Town Meeting Records, Mar. 8, 1714/15. At the meeting, Nov. 4, 1734 he was appointed as one of the collectors. He died intestate, his son Lemuel being appointed administrator, Jan. 28, 1745/6 (NJA 30:514).

by second wife (order uncertain)

14. Jonathan. Jonathan WARD is named in several accountings in Newark by administrators of estates (NJA 30:34, 84, 110).

15. Mary.

16. David, b. supp. ca. 1680, d. Dec. 14, 1768, m. Mary BROWNE, daughter of Daniel BROWNE. Daniel BROWNE of Newark, cooper, in his will dated Feb. 9, 1730/1 and proved Jan. 11, 1732/3 names his wife Abigail, daughters Mary WARD, Abigail ROBARDS, Esther TICHNOR, and Dorcas BRUEN, and grandson Joshua WARD son of daughter Sarah WARD, dec’d. Executors were his wife and son-in-law, David WARD (NJA 30:70). John COCHRAN of the city of New York, joyner, apparently died intestate. Peter COCHRAN of New Brunswick was the principal creditor, and his bond was dated Aug. 26, 1745. His bond was revoked and administration of the estate was granted to Robert COCHRAN, brother, now of New Jersey. In the accounting dted pr. 16, 1747 money was received from a number of persons including David WARD of Newark (ibid. p. 101).

David WARD of Newark, being aged and infirm, in his will dated Sept. 9, 1764 and proved Feb. 18, 1768 names dau. Phebe CHANDLER and her daughter, sons Moses, Ezekiel, and David who has a plantation in Morris County. Executors were son David and son-in-law Nathaniel CHANDLER (NJA 33:463).

T-1. JOHN WARD, turner, son of George WARD of Branford, died 1683-84, married probably ca. 1650 Sarah HILLS, daughter of William HILLS and Phyllis LYMAN of Hartford, Connecticut. Sarah (HILLS) WARD is said to have married second, as his second wife, Stephen DAVIS.

John WARDE, with those from Branford, signed the Fundamental Agreement October 30, 1666 for the establishment of the Town of Newark. He was active in town affairs. He was chosen for the year 1668/9 as the “Common Brander, and Recorder, of all Neat Cattle in our Town.” At the town meeting, October 13, 1673, he, with John CATLIN, was chosen to go to New Orange to buy Kingland’s Part of the Neck, as cheap as they can. At the meeting of March 21, 1675/6 he was chosen “to procure a Barrel of Powder, and Lead answerable to it, as reasonably as he can, for the Town’s use; provided that the Town pay him once within this week in Corn, Fowls, and Eggs, or any Way to satisfy him.” He was generally identified as “John WARD, Turner.”

As John WARD Junr he signed the Oath of Allegiance to the Dutch, 1673 (GMNJ 12:84).

In the list of those owing quit-rents in New Work, 1685, is Jno WARD, Senior, on 70 acres (NJHSP NS 15:240). In the 1696 list for Essex County, it is John WARD, 49

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acres. “He was deceased, leaving wife, Sarah, and sons Josiah, John and Samuel” (ibid. p. 374). And John WARD, Joyner, 70 acres (now Josiah WARD)(ibid. p. 376).

John WARD, turner, in his will dated June 1683 and proved July 26, 1684, names his son Jossiah WARD who is bequeathed one sett of my Turners tools, and the rest of my turning tools to my two sons John and Samuel to be equally divided betwixt them. He also gives to “my son John GARNER a clabbord” sroc (?). His wife, unnamed, is appointed Exequitricks (Unrecorded Wills, vol. 5, pp. 363-66; NJA 21:60).

Children* (births from Branford Vital Records, Amer. Gene. vol. XII):

T-2. Sarah, b. Mar 12, 1651, d. prob. young.

T-3. John, b. Mar. 29, 1654, d. 1690. John WARD, Jun’r, Turner is included in the list of fence holders, Newark Town Meeting, Oct. 19, 1681. On Sept. 1, 1690 letters of administration on the estate of John WARD of Newark were granted to Benj. PRICE of Eliza. TOWNE (Unrecorded Wills, vol. 6, p. 127; NJA 21:179), the inventory of his estate having been made Aug. 25, 1690 (Unrecorded Wills, vol. 5, p. 361; NJA 23:489).

T-4. Samuel, b. Sept. 22, 1656, d. Oct. 14, 1686, m. Phebe —-. On Nov. 2, 1686 administration of his estate was granted to his widow, Feby, an on Nov. 25, 1686 an inventory was made (NJA 21:95; 23:490).

T-5. Abigail, b. Jan. 4, 1658, m. John GARDNER. At the Newark Town Meeting, Jan. 1, 1677/8 John GARDNER was admitted a planter, and was granted 30 acres of upland lying at the rear of John WARD, Turner’s Lott. lying beyond the 2nd River. On Feb. 20, 1690 John GARDNER signed an agreement with the Town to provide and keep one Richard HORE, the town to pay two shillings and six pence per week. At the town meeting Oct. 28, 1692 John GARDNER was chosen one of the pounders, and again Jan. 2, 1698/9. He is last noted in the Town Meeting Records on Feb. 25, 1705/6.

In the list of those owing quit-rents in New Work, 1685, is Jno GARDNER for 138 acres. In the 1696 list for Essex County is John GARDNER, 180 acres sold to Cornelius and Thomas THOMASSEN (Cadmus) and 100 acres (NJHSP NS 15:240, 374).

John GARDNER of Newark, Essex County, in his will dated Feb. 12, 1719/20, names his wife Hannah, children Thomas, Gershum, and Sarah. Executor son Gershum. Proved Mar. 9, 1719/20. Jno. COOPER was one of the witnesses (NJA 23:179).

T-6. Josiah, b. Nov. 15, 1661, prob. ca. 1715, m. 1st Mary KITCHELL, dau. of Samuel KITCHELL and Eliza. WAKEMAN; m. 2nd America —-. Josiah WARD, senior, of Newark, Essex County, in his will dated Sept. 19, 1713 and proved Apr. 16, 1716, names his second wife America, who has had Mary and expects a child, first wife Mary, who has had Samuel, Robert, Josiah, Laurence, all under age, and Sarah. The wife sole executrix, with Nathaniel WARD, senior and James NOTEMAN as supervisors (NJA 23:490) There was some question about Josiah WARD’s being mentally sound. Samuel WARD, son of Josiah, about 14 years old, chose as his guardian Abraham KITCHEN (ibid).

*Other children have been assigned to John WARD, turner, but there seems to be no evidence to substantiate their inclusion.