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A Probable Wife for Thomas Axtell

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Eleanor R. Wesson, “A Probable Wife for Thomas Axtell,” Connecticut Nutmegger 31[1998]. [LINK]


Notes and Queries: The Axtell Family

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Source: S.J. Axtell, “Notes and Queries: The Axtell Family,” New England Historical and Genealogical Register 53[1899]:359.

[page 359]

THE AXTELL FAMILY. — Some facts respecting Thomas AXTELL, the progenitor of the AXTELLs of America, and his family, have recently been discovered by Mr. Freeman C. Goodenow of Cambridge, Mass.

Thomas AXTELL bought five acres of land in Sudbury, Oct. 1643. This land joined that of Edmund RICE, who came from Berkhamstead, Eng., in 1638 or 1639. Thomas AXTELL took the oath of fidelity July 9, 1645. His daughter, born July 1, 1644, was named Lidia, not Mary, as appears from two original entries in old record books. “John MAYNARD and Mary AXTELL were md 16 (4) 1646,” i.e. June 16. This doubtless is the widow of Thomas AXTELL, who was buried March 8, 1646. MAYNARD was a widower with a son eight or nine years old. The Mary AXTELL who married John GOODNOW Sept. 9, 1656, was doubtless the Mary baptized in Berkhamstead Sept. 25, 1639. She bore eleven children, the last in 1680, and died April 14, 1704. Edmund WRIGHT married Hannah UPSON, not AXTELL, as appears from a careful scrutiny of the records.

Mr. W.S. Appleton informs me that William AXTELL of Berkhamstead, Eng., died in 1637, leaving a will in which he mentions his wife Thomasine and sons John, William, Thomas, Daniel and Samuel. This confirms my conjecture in regard to the two Williams of Berkhamstead, and the children to be assigned to each, and with the facts given above, supports the view that Thomas AXTELL was a brother of Col. Daniel AXTELL, the regicide.


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