Welcome to Mattocks Family Heritage Resources.  At this site, I reproduce source material I have gathered in my genealogical research.  The material is divided into two major categories:

Between the space restrictions imposed here and my limited knowledge of HTML, I have sometimes had difficulty formatting my transcriptions consistent with the original source material, but I have tried to make my copies as readable and true to the original as possible.

Source information, page numbers, and my comments have been enclosed in [highlighted brackets].  I have tried to make the transcriptions accurate, but there are undoubtedly mistakes, and I recommend that researchers attempt to procure the original source material if they find something of interest here.  Please note that in my early days of research, it was my habit to transcribe surnames in CAPITAL LETTERS, regardless of whether the names actually appeared that way in the original source material.

The Ahnentafel in the sidebar provides links to source material which I believe relates to my ancestors.  The Ahnentafel does not, however, provide links to all the source material included here.  I suggest using the Search box and the indexes to explore Mattocks Family Heritage Resources fully.

In addition to this site, I also maintain my family tree at Mattocks Family Heritage.  Biographies of my ancestors and their families can be found at An Inheritance of Ghosts.  Finally, I also keep a blog, The Cooperage, where I record my musings and latest discoveries in my genealogical research.

You are welcome to provide additions and corrections in the Comments section.  I ask that you please try to attach your comment to the post which most closely relates to your subject matter.  You will need to provide an e-mail address to comment here, but this address will not appear in the blog unless you also include it in the body of your comment.

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