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John Warde and John Ward of Newark

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Source: Richard W. Cook, “John Warde and John Ward of Newark,” Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey 57[1982].

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John WARDE and John WARD
of Newark


THERE WERE SEVERAL PERSONS by the name of WARD among the first settlers of the Town of Newark. This study concerns John WARDE, Senr. and John WARD, turner.

Two others were Laurence WARD “Deacon” and Josiah WARD. Laurence WARD “Deacon,” uncle of John WARD, turner, died a few years after coming to East Jersey. On April 18, 1670 the inventory of the estate of Lawrence WARDE of Newark, dec’d., was made by John BROWN and John WARDE. On September 2, 1671 letters of administration were granted to Esebell BALDWYNE, wife of Joseph BALDWYNE of Hadley, Massachusetts, with the consent of Lawrence WARDE’s widow Elizabeth, sister of said Esebell. Then on September 4, 1671 Esebell assigned her powers to her son John CATLINE and her kinsman John WARDE turner, both of Newark (New Jersey Archives 21:31).

Josiah WARD, brother of John WARD, turner, probably died soon after 1678 leaving one son, Samuel (see his will NJA 32:348), and widow Elizabeth, nee SWAINE, who married second David OGDEN (NJA 21:281).

1. JOHN WARDE, Senr., supposedly son of Richard WARD and Joyce WARD “widow of Wethersfield,” born in England, died November 1694 in Newark, married first Sarah —-, perhaps daughter of John and Frances HILL of Guilford. He married second Hannah, daughter of Jasper CRANE and Alice —-, and widow of Thomas HUNTINGTON, born ca.1639, died after October 1694.

John WARD signed the Fundamental Agreement, Ocotber 30, 1666, with the other settlers from Branford who were moving to the “Town upon Passaick River in the Province of New Jersey.” He was active in the town affairs, for the first few years being called Serj”t. John WARD in the Town Records, but from 1674 on he is Mr. John WARD.

In 1673 he took the oath of allegiance to the Dutch (GMNJ 12:83). In the list of those owing quit-rents in New Work, 1685, is included Jno. WARD, Senior (1670) 122 acres (NJHSP NS 15:240). In the list of quit-rents, 1696, for Essex County is John WARD, Sr., his heirs, 122 acres, also 269 acres sold to Nathaniel WARD, and perhaps more (ibid. p. 376). John WARDE senr., Inhabitant of Newarke in East Jersey, in his will dated October 31, 1694 and proved November 20, 1694 names his “Dear and Loving wife which Now is Hanna WARD by Name,” widow and relict of Thomas HUNTINGTON, dec’d., son John WARDE, son Nathanel WARDE, grandson John WARD, “my Daughters now Living,” “surviving children and issue of my Daughter Hanna BALDWIN deceased,” son-in-law Jabish ROGERS, son-in-law John COOPER seven pounds “in part of phebys share in the division.” Executors were his sons John and Nathanel WARDE (Unrecorded Wills, vol. 5, pp. 369-70; NJA 23:489, 21:216).

*From a collection of genealogical studies by the late Richard W. Cook, quondam president and trustee of
the Genealogical Society of New Jersey (GMNJ 56:97-98).

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Children (birth records per Branford Vital Records–Amer. Gene., vol. XII):

by first wife

2. poss. Jonathan, b. ca. 1647, d. young.

+3. John, b. Apr. 10, 1650, d. May 5, 1695

4. Sarah, b. ca. 1652, m. by license dated 23 of 1, 1674 to Jabez ROGERS (GMNJ 43:51). On May 1, 1697 Jebez ROGERS of Newark received a patent for 250 acres, including a home lot of 6 acres (NJA 21:263).

5. Mary, b. June 11, 1654, d. Apr. 16, 1738, aged 85 yrs., buried in the Old Newark Burying Grd., m. Samuel HARRISON, son of the younger Richard HARRISON & Sarah HUBBARD, b. prob. ca.1648, d. 1724.

6. Nathaniel, b. Nov. 3, 1656, d. Jan. 1731/2, m. Christian SWAINE, dau. of Samuel & Johanna SWAINE, b. Apr. 25, 1659. Nathaniel WARD, Sr., of Newark, Essex Co., in his will dated Dec. 27, 1731 and proved Jan. 11, 1732, names his eldest son Joseph, dec’d, and his children James, Elizabeth, Christian, and Deborah, the last three under age, son Nathaniel, dau. Phebe CRANE, dau. Joanah, dec’d, and her children Nathaniel, Rebeckah, and Joanah PIERSON, and dau. Sarah, dec’d, and her daughters Mary and Phebe DALGLISH, and Rachel CANFIELD (NJA 30:514).

7. Hannah, b. Nov. 20, 1658, d. June 9, 1693 at Milford, Conn., m. Jonathan BALDWIN b. Feb. 15, 1648/9 at Milford, d. Dec. 13, 1739 at Milford, Conn.

8. Elizabeth, b. Jan. 24, 1660.

9. Dorcas, b. Mar. 10, 1662, d. Jan. 25, 1738/9 in 76th yr., buried in the Old Newark Burying Grd., m. Joseph HARRISON, son of the younger Richard HARRISON & Sarah HUBBARD, b. prob. ca. 1651.

10. Abigail, b. Apr. 20, 1665.

11. Deborah, b. prob. ca. 1667, d. after 1698, m. Eliphlet JOHNSON, son of Thomas JOHNSON, b. 1658, d. Apr. 20, 1718. On Dec. 6, 1698 Eliphlet JOHNSON of Newark nd wife Deborah deeded some land (NJA 21:306). Eliphlet JOHNSON, yeoman, in his will dated Jan. 1, 1712/3 and proved Aug. 13, 1718 names his wife Abigail, children Eliphlet, Nathaniel, John, Samuel, Deborah, and Phebie (NJA 23:261).

12. Phebe, b. 1669, d. Feb. 16, 1720 in 51st yr., m. John COOPER, b. 1669, d. Feb. 27, 1736/7 in 68th yr., both buried in the Old Newark Burying Grd. Col. John COOPER married second the widow Hannah SERGEANT. She died ca. 1758, see abstract of her will dated Dec. 6, 1756 in NJA 32:69. She was prob. first married to Jonathan SERGEANT. John COOPER of Newark, Essex County, in his will dated Nov. 16, 1732 names his son-in-law John SERGEANT who is under age, brother Samuel COOPER, children of sister Sarah WOODRUFF, dec’d., children of sister Mary WARD, eldest daughter of sister Elizabeth FRAYLEY, dec’d., sons-in-law Thomas & Daniel SERGEANT. Executors were his wife Hannah and son-in-law Jonathan SERGEANT (NJA 30:109).

3. JOHN WARD, jr., son of John WARDE, Sen’r. (#1) and Sarah —-, born April 10, 1650, Branford, Connecticut, died May 5, 1695 in Newark, New Jersey, married first (Mary?) LYON, daughter of Henry LYON; married second Abigail KICHELL, daughter of Samuel KITCHELL & Elizabeth WAKEMAN, born August 10, 1661. John WARD, Jun’r. is included in a list of inhabitants, October 19, 1681, Newark Town Meeting Records, and again January 1, 1683/4. At the meeting January 1, 1685/6 he was chosen one of the fence viewers. In the list of those owing quit-rents in New Work, 1685, is Jno. WARD, Junior, for 95 acres, and again in the list of 1696 (NJHSP NS 15:239, 376).

John WARD of Newark in the Province of East New Jersey, in his will dated May 2, 1695 and proved September 20, 1695, names his wife Abigail; his eldest son John WARD, under age, who is to receive upland and meadow given by my Honored father in law Mr. Henery LYON unto my former wife as a dowery; my two sons Jonathan

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WARD and David WARD, under 21 years of age; and my daughter Mary WARD unber 18. My wife to be executrix with loving brothers Nathaniel WARD & Joseph HARISON to be overseers (Unrecorded Wills, vol. 5, pp. 31-33; NJA 21:227). The inventory of the estate, valued at £ 90.19.-., dated May 27, 1695, states that John WARD died May 5, 1695 (ibid. vol. 5, p. 367; NJA 23:490).


by first wife

13. John, d. ca. 1745. John WARD was included in a list of Newark inhabitants, Newark Town Meeting Records, Mar. 8, 1714/15. At the meeting, Nov. 4, 1734 he was appointed as one of the collectors. He died intestate, his son Lemuel being appointed administrator, Jan. 28, 1745/6 (NJA 30:514).

by second wife (order uncertain)

14. Jonathan. Jonathan WARD is named in several accountings in Newark by administrators of estates (NJA 30:34, 84, 110).

15. Mary.

16. David, b. supp. ca. 1680, d. Dec. 14, 1768, m. Mary BROWNE, daughter of Daniel BROWNE. Daniel BROWNE of Newark, cooper, in his will dated Feb. 9, 1730/1 and proved Jan. 11, 1732/3 names his wife Abigail, daughters Mary WARD, Abigail ROBARDS, Esther TICHNOR, and Dorcas BRUEN, and grandson Joshua WARD son of daughter Sarah WARD, dec’d. Executors were his wife and son-in-law, David WARD (NJA 30:70). John COCHRAN of the city of New York, joyner, apparently died intestate. Peter COCHRAN of New Brunswick was the principal creditor, and his bond was dated Aug. 26, 1745. His bond was revoked and administration of the estate was granted to Robert COCHRAN, brother, now of New Jersey. In the accounting dted pr. 16, 1747 money was received from a number of persons including David WARD of Newark (ibid. p. 101).

David WARD of Newark, being aged and infirm, in his will dated Sept. 9, 1764 and proved Feb. 18, 1768 names dau. Phebe CHANDLER and her daughter, sons Moses, Ezekiel, and David who has a plantation in Morris County. Executors were son David and son-in-law Nathaniel CHANDLER (NJA 33:463).

T-1. JOHN WARD, turner, son of George WARD of Branford, died 1683-84, married probably ca. 1650 Sarah HILLS, daughter of William HILLS and Phyllis LYMAN of Hartford, Connecticut. Sarah (HILLS) WARD is said to have married second, as his second wife, Stephen DAVIS.

John WARDE, with those from Branford, signed the Fundamental Agreement October 30, 1666 for the establishment of the Town of Newark. He was active in town affairs. He was chosen for the year 1668/9 as the “Common Brander, and Recorder, of all Neat Cattle in our Town.” At the town meeting, October 13, 1673, he, with John CATLIN, was chosen to go to New Orange to buy Kingland’s Part of the Neck, as cheap as they can. At the meeting of March 21, 1675/6 he was chosen “to procure a Barrel of Powder, and Lead answerable to it, as reasonably as he can, for the Town’s use; provided that the Town pay him once within this week in Corn, Fowls, and Eggs, or any Way to satisfy him.” He was generally identified as “John WARD, Turner.”

As John WARD Junr he signed the Oath of Allegiance to the Dutch, 1673 (GMNJ 12:84).

In the list of those owing quit-rents in New Work, 1685, is Jno WARD, Senior, on 70 acres (NJHSP NS 15:240). In the 1696 list for Essex County, it is John WARD, 49

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acres. “He was deceased, leaving wife, Sarah, and sons Josiah, John and Samuel” (ibid. p. 374). And John WARD, Joyner, 70 acres (now Josiah WARD)(ibid. p. 376).

John WARD, turner, in his will dated June 1683 and proved July 26, 1684, names his son Jossiah WARD who is bequeathed one sett of my Turners tools, and the rest of my turning tools to my two sons John and Samuel to be equally divided betwixt them. He also gives to “my son John GARNER a clabbord” sroc (?). His wife, unnamed, is appointed Exequitricks (Unrecorded Wills, vol. 5, pp. 363-66; NJA 21:60).

Children* (births from Branford Vital Records, Amer. Gene. vol. XII):

T-2. Sarah, b. Mar 12, 1651, d. prob. young.

T-3. John, b. Mar. 29, 1654, d. 1690. John WARD, Jun’r, Turner is included in the list of fence holders, Newark Town Meeting, Oct. 19, 1681. On Sept. 1, 1690 letters of administration on the estate of John WARD of Newark were granted to Benj. PRICE of Eliza. TOWNE (Unrecorded Wills, vol. 6, p. 127; NJA 21:179), the inventory of his estate having been made Aug. 25, 1690 (Unrecorded Wills, vol. 5, p. 361; NJA 23:489).

T-4. Samuel, b. Sept. 22, 1656, d. Oct. 14, 1686, m. Phebe —-. On Nov. 2, 1686 administration of his estate was granted to his widow, Feby, an on Nov. 25, 1686 an inventory was made (NJA 21:95; 23:490).

T-5. Abigail, b. Jan. 4, 1658, m. John GARDNER. At the Newark Town Meeting, Jan. 1, 1677/8 John GARDNER was admitted a planter, and was granted 30 acres of upland lying at the rear of John WARD, Turner’s Lott. lying beyond the 2nd River. On Feb. 20, 1690 John GARDNER signed an agreement with the Town to provide and keep one Richard HORE, the town to pay two shillings and six pence per week. At the town meeting Oct. 28, 1692 John GARDNER was chosen one of the pounders, and again Jan. 2, 1698/9. He is last noted in the Town Meeting Records on Feb. 25, 1705/6.

In the list of those owing quit-rents in New Work, 1685, is Jno GARDNER for 138 acres. In the 1696 list for Essex County is John GARDNER, 180 acres sold to Cornelius and Thomas THOMASSEN (Cadmus) and 100 acres (NJHSP NS 15:240, 374).

John GARDNER of Newark, Essex County, in his will dated Feb. 12, 1719/20, names his wife Hannah, children Thomas, Gershum, and Sarah. Executor son Gershum. Proved Mar. 9, 1719/20. Jno. COOPER was one of the witnesses (NJA 23:179).

T-6. Josiah, b. Nov. 15, 1661, prob. ca. 1715, m. 1st Mary KITCHELL, dau. of Samuel KITCHELL and Eliza. WAKEMAN; m. 2nd America —-. Josiah WARD, senior, of Newark, Essex County, in his will dated Sept. 19, 1713 and proved Apr. 16, 1716, names his second wife America, who has had Mary and expects a child, first wife Mary, who has had Samuel, Robert, Josiah, Laurence, all under age, and Sarah. The wife sole executrix, with Nathaniel WARD, senior and James NOTEMAN as supervisors (NJA 23:490) There was some question about Josiah WARD’s being mentally sound. Samuel WARD, son of Josiah, about 14 years old, chose as his guardian Abraham KITCHEN (ibid).

*Other children have been assigned to John WARD, turner, but there seems to be no evidence to substantiate their inclusion.