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Virginia Public Claims: Cumberland County

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Source: Janice L. Abercrombie and Richard Slatten, Virginia Public Claims: Cumberland County (Athens, Georgia: Iberian Publishing Company, [1991?]).

[page iii]

The Virginia Revolutionary War Public Service Claims Court Booklets

An Introduction

The documents known as the court booklets in the Public Service Claims, Record Group 48, Virginia State Library and Archives, came into being following the Revolutionary War.  At various times during the war the General Assembly of Virginia had required the citizens individually, or the county governments acting as local procurement agencies, to provide livestock, foodstuffs, arms, and other supplies for the use of the militia and for the Virginia and Continental armies.  When the scene of action shifted to Virginia and the south during the second half of the war, military officers borrowed, bought, impressed, or sometimes simply took necessary supplies from the citizens.  Many of the officers provided certificates, or receipts, for the articles they took so that the owners could seek reimbursement from the state government or from the Congress.

[page 9]

Valentine CORLEY 21½# bacon Aug. 1780 by Henry SKIPWITH Comr. State 16s-1½; 225# beef Nov. 1781 by Ben WILSON comr. State £1-17-6; 2 bu wheat Dec. 1781 for do. State 8s [total] £3-1-7½.

[page 14]

John FORD for 1 waggon for militia of Powhatan County to Hillsborough June 1780 by William MAYO Capt. Cont. £15; 2 bu country made salt Nov. 1781 by Ben WILSON Comr. State £1-10 [total] £16-10.


Powhatan County, Virginia: Oaths of Allegiance

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Source: Robert Y. Clay, “Powhatan County, Virginia: Oaths of Allegiance,” Virginia Genealogist 27[1983].

[pages 190-95]

The lists which follow are among the loose papers of Powhatan County now preserved at the Virginia State Library.


I do swear or affirm, that I renounce and refuse all allegiance to George the third, King of great britain, his heirs and successors, and that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to the Common wealth of Virginia, as a free and Independent State, and that I will not at any time, do, or Cause to be done, any matter or thing that will be prejudicial or Injurious to the freedom and Independence there of, as declared by Congress; and also, that I will discover and make known, to some one Justice of the peace for the said State, all treasons or traiterous Conspiracies which I now or hereafter shall know to be formed against this or any of the United States of America

[6 Sep 1777 to 19 Sep 1777]

Edwd Perratt

[27 Dec 1777 to 31 Dec 1777]

Capt. William Mayo … John Mayo Gent …. John Ligon, Jos Mayo … Tho. Ligon … Richard Ligon …

Powhatan, to Witt, I do hereby Certifie that the Above is a true list of the Names of the persons Who hath taken the Oath of Allegiance before me in the year 1777.

given under my Hand & seal 1 Janry 1778

Littleberry Mosby  (Seal)

Cumberland County, Virginia: 1800 Tax List

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Source: “Cumberland County, Virginia: 1800 Tax List,” Virginia Genealogist 17[1973].

[page 198]

Temperance CORLEY.  1 horse.
Valentine CORLEY.  1 horse; 1 slave over 16; 0 slaves 12 to 16.
William CORLEY.  5 horses; 4 slaves over 16; 0 slaves 12 to 16.

[page 249]

LIGON, William C. L.  1 horse.

[page 250]

MAYO, Daniel.  2 horses; 3 slaves over 16; 1 slave 12 to 16.
MAYO, William.  5 horses; 5 slaves over 16; 4 slaves 12 to 16.