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The Ancestry of Eunice Burlingame who Married Ichabod Mattocks and Migrated to Western New York

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Source: Alfred W. Little, The Ancestry of Eunice Burlingame who Married Ichabod Mattocks and Migrated to Western New York ( (Silver Spring, Maryland: unpublished manuscript, 1997).

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[…], SILVER SPRING, MD. 20910
AUGUST 25, 1997

This effort is extracted from Nelson BURLINGAME, Burlingame Manuscript I.  Merrilan, Wisconsin: Privately Printed, 1971, pages 2-272, passim.  BURLINGAME’S undocumented study comprises several volumes, tracing the BURLINGAME family from colonial times to the present.  Additional data is from material assembled by the late Glen ALLEN of Topeka, Kansas and his recently deceased sister, Mrs. Maxine HOBBLE, of Wakarusa, Kansas, both of whom were active in researching the MATTOCKS, the RUGG, and the BURLINGAME families.  Sources that I have been able to document are cited immediately following the data.


ROGER BURLINGAME, son of Thomas and Elizabeth (HOWARD) BURLINGAME, born Kent Co., England Jan. 24, 1620, died Mashantatack (Cranston), R.I., Sept. 1, 1718 (VR of RI, 1st series, vol. II:52); married, first, England, about 1646, Jacolyn HUNTINGDON, died England; married, second, Warwick, R.I., Oct. 3, 1663 Mrs. MARY (LIPPITT) BARLINSTONE, born Providence Plantations, R.I., March 3, 1643, died Mashantatack July 5, 1718, daughter of John and Martha (_____) LIPPITT and widow of William BARLINSTONE, whom she had married on March 23, 1661.  See below for information regarding John LIPPITT.

At the age of sixteen Roger BURLINGAME enlisted in the British Army, serving in the regiment of his uncle, Roger BURLINGHAM, and eventually reaching the rank of Captain.  After his marriage and the birth of his son, Captain Roger BURLINGAME and his company were ordered to America; he landed with his troops at Boston on May 10, 1650.  Soon after reaching America he resigned his commission and went up into the Connecticut Valley for the purpose of purchasing a farm, with the intention of bringing his wife and child to America, only to learn that his wife had died.

He was a witness to Court held at Stonington, Conn. in 1654.  He and Thomas GRIFFIAN (said to have been the brother-in-law of Roger BURLINGAME, having married his sister, Elizabeth BURLINGAME) purchased one hundred acres of land on Feb. 16, 1656 at Pequot (now New London), Conn. located on the east side ‘of the brook Called misticke’.  (Suffolk Deed III:455).  He sold this farm on March 1, 1659.

John HARRUD, Roger BURLINGHAM and Thomas RALPH were recognized as the first English settlers of Mashantatuck (Sidney S. Rider, History of Rhode Island Lands).  The three settlers claimed to have had a grant from the Cooweeseette Indians bearing the date of June 6, 1662 for 4000 acres at Patuxet, at a place called either Mashantatack or Paquabuck (Providence Town Papers 0120,I:53).  By order of the General Assembly of Sept. 25, 1671, they were ordered to make the rate and levy the assessments on the inhabitants of Mashantatack.

Roger BURLINGHAM was elected Deputy to represent Warwick at the General Assembly of May 6, 1690.  However, he was not accepted as Deputy since he claimed residence in two jurisdictions (Warwick and Mashantatuck; the Assembly declared the election illegal, ruling that BURLINGHAM resided in Mashantatuck (Proceedings of the General Assembly May 16, 1690).  At a Town Meeting of Elections on June 6, 1698 Roger BURLINGAME was chosen as one of seven members of the Town Council.

Roger BURLINGAME and his family were of the Quaker faith.  For many years up until 1711, the “Friends” held their meetings in his mansion house (May Day Souvenir of May 2, 1882, The Oak Lawn Baptist Church of Providence).

[JOHN LIPPITT, born England in 1597, died Warwick, 1667 and MARTHA (MARY?) his wife, settled in Salem, Mass.  In September, 1635, Roger WILLIAMS and others were banished from Salem because of their religious views.  In 1636 WILLIAMS and four companions built their homes in the wilderness on land he purchased from the Indians.  In 1638 there were two divisions of this land and John LIPPITT’s name was sixth on a list of fifty-two persons who then held homelots in Providence Plantations.  On May 2, 1640 John LIPPITT signed a compact containing proposals for a form of government under the first charter.  In 1647 he represented Providence Plantations as it met with other towns for the purpose of forming a government.  He removed to Warwick, becoming a recorded landowner in 1648, the year he was elected a member of the Warwick Town Council.  Children: Nathaniel; John married Ann GREEN or GROVE; Mary; Moses married Mary KNOWLES; Joseph; Rebecca married Joseph HOWARD (Children’s names from Genealogy of R.I. Families from the NEHGR.  Baltimore: GPC, 1989. Vol. I:661)].

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Roger BURLINGAME’s will, dated Nov. 28, 1715 and proved Sept. 13, 1718, named his wife Mary [who had predeceased him], daughters Mercy, Alice, sons Roger, Peter, Thomas, John, as well as several grandchildren and two sons-in-law.  All children were to share equally, the moveable estate being valued at 199 pounds: 13: 8.  Son Roger received fifty acres, and John, Thomas, and Roger received 20s. each.

Glen ALLEN, (hereafter GA), stated that Roger’s father was George Thomas BURLINGAME from Darwich, Kent, England.  He wrote that Roger̓s first wife was Mary (_____) with whom he had one son, Roger, Jr., born in England.  He then married in Rhode Island in October, 1663 Widow Mary BARLINGSTON with whom he had four children.  In 1672 he married Mary LIPPETT with whom he had five children.  ALLEN also indicated that Mary LIPPETT was the daughter of John and Mary LIPPETT and an older sister of Martha LIPPETT who married Roger BURLINGAME’s son, Thomas.

Children of Roger BURLINGAME:

1.  Roger, born in Coventry, Eng., 1648, died Mashantatack, Feb. 10, 1678; married Mary Elizabeth, born England, 1651, died Mashantatack, July 8, 1672, their infant son dying at the same time (Data copied on May 20, 1765 by William BURLINGAME, Jr. (William 4-William 3-Roger 2-Roger 1) from gravestones in the old family burial ground on the farm of the first Roger BURLINGAME).

2.  John BURLINGAME, born Warwick, R.I. Aug. 1, 1664 (VR, 1st series, Vol. I, Kent Co.), died Warwick June 24, 1719; married Warwick, Nov. 19, 1688 his first cousin Mary Knowles LIPPETT, born Warwick about 1666, died Cranston, R.I. Jan. 13, 1708, daughter of Moses and Mary (KNOWLES) LIPPETT.  Nine children: John, 1690; Roger, 1692; James, 1694; Barlingstone, 1698; Benjamin, about 1700; Persis, 1703; David, 1706; Patience; Mercy.

3.  Thomas, born Mashantatack, Feb. 6, 1667, died Warwick July 9, 1758; married Warwick Oct. 5, 1686 his first cousin Martha LIPPETT, born Providence about 1670, died Cranston 1723, daughter of Moses and Mary (KNOWLES) LIPPETT; married, secondly, 1726, Mrs. Hannah (GARDINER) WESTCOTT.  Children: Thomas 1688; Moses 1690; Samuel 1692; Peter 1694; Margaret 1696; Mary 1698; Sarah, about 1700; Freelove 1704; Joshua 1706; Alice; Patience 1702; Stephen 1711.

4.  Mary, born Mashantatack Jan. 14, 1668, died Warwick Oct. 14, 1760; married Warwick Dec. 19, 1689 Amos STAFFORD, born Warwick Nov. 8, 1665, died Warwick Oct. 8, 1760, son of Samuel and Mercy (WESTCOTT) STAFFORD.  Known children: Mary 1690; Samuel 1692; Mercy 1694; Amos 1702; Stuckley 1704; Patience 1707; Freelove 1709.

5.  Jane, born Mashantatack about 1672, died Warwick after 1718; married about 1691 John POTTER born Warwick Nov. 21, 1668, died Warwick Feb. 5, 1711; married secondly 1711 Edward POTTER, both sons of John and Ruth (FISHER) POTTER.  Children: John 1692; Amy, about 1695; William about 1700; Mary about 1701; Fisher Sept. 29, 1706; Alice about 1709.  By second marriage: John.

6.  Alice, born Mashantatack about 1673; married Oliver HAZZARD.  She died a few days after birth of first child, Deborah.

7.  Mercy, born Mashantatack Aug. 3, 1675, died before 1715; married about 1692 Othneil GORTON, born Warwick Sept. 22, 1669, died Cranston June 13, 1733, son of John and Margaret (WEEDEN) GORTON.  Children: Israel, about 1693; John 1698; Frances Mar. 15, 1707.

8.  Roger, born Mashantatack, May 30, 1678.

9.  Peter, born Sept. 7, 1680, died unmarried Dec. 2, 1712.

10.  Elizabeth, born Mashantatack Jan. 9, 1684, died Providence May 5, 1752; married Providence Oct. 5, 1706 Thomas ARNOLD, born Warwick Mar. 24, 1675, died Providence Feb. 3, 1727, son of Richard and Mary (ANGELL) ARNOLD.  She married second 1734 William SPENCER.  Children: Job Nov. 16, 1707; Jonathan Nov. 18, 1708; Mary Oct. 28, 1710; Thomas Nov. 4, 1713; Elizabeth June 3, 1717; Sarah Apr. 10, 1722.

11.  Patience, born Mashantatack May 8, 1685, died Providence Aug. 8, 1746; married Providence July 15, 1710 Thomas OLNEY, born Providence May 18, 1686, died Providence July 28, 1752, son of Epenetus and Mary (WHIPPLE) OLNEY.  Children: Lydia June 22, 1711; Esther July 7, 1714.

ROGER BURLINGAME, son of Roger and Mary (LIPPETT) BURLINGAME, born Mashantatack, R.I. May 30, 1678, died Coventry, R.I. Dec. 13, 1765; married Dec. 21, 1699 SARAH ELEANOR, born Braintree, Mass Apr 24, 1682, died Coventry Aug. 3, 1761, daughter of Jonathan and Sarah (ADAMS) SWEET.

An early record of Dec. 16, 1699 notes that Roger BURLINGAME brought in a wolf head and received a bounty of ten shillings. He was a Lieutenant in the Coventry Militia 1716 to 1719 when he was made Captain.  He took part in Queen Anne’s War and was wounded when the English captured Port Royal in 1710.

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In the division of his father’s homestead he received the southeast part.  On June 4, 1722 he deeded to his son Josiah 20 acres of the old homestead, calling Josiah the eldest son.  On Sept. 15, 1731 he deeded part of the old homestead to his son William, calling him the youngest son.  On May 5, 1746 he deeded a parcel to his son Jonathan.

Children of Roger and Sarah Eleanor (SWEET) BURLINGAME:

1.  Josiah Ichabod, born Mashantatack June 3, 1701, died East Greenwich, R.I. May 1, 1776; married April 1722 Patience BURLINGAME, born Cranston June 15, 1702, died after Dec., 1778, daughter of Thomas and Martha LIPPITT BURLINGAME.  Glen ALLEN wrote that Josiah married Sarah WILLIAMS in 1749.  Possibly Josiah Jr.?  Children: Josiah Ichabod, June 3, 1723; Freelove, July 7, 1725; Roger Sept. 6, 1728; John about 1730; William about 1732; Eleanor about 1734.

2.  Jonathan, born Warwick about 1704; married Mary GREENE, daughter of Philip and Elizabeth (WICKES) GREENE.  Children: Phebe; Eunice; Elisha about 1732.

3.  Freelove.

4.  William, born Warwick Sept. 30, 1710.

WILLIAM BURLINGAME, son of Roger and Sarah Eleanor (SWEET) BURLINGAME, born Warwick Sept. 30, 1710, died Coventry, R.I. May 16, 1775 (1772?); married Cranston Nov. 30, 1729 PHEBE ALICE GREENE, born Cranston July 10, 1712, died Coventry Aug. 30, 1776, daughter of Philp and Elizabeth (WICKES) GREENE.  (Phebe Alice 5-Philip 4-John 3-Benjamin 2 of the first John GREENE of Wickford, R.I., not Surgeon John GREENE of Warwick).

William also had a short first marriage to Susanna HOPKINS but no children were reported.  (Notes of Glen ALLEN).

William BURLINGAME’s will dated at West Greenwich, R.I. May 2, 1772 (proved July 30, 1772?) mentions wife Alice; daughters Rose ALLERTON, Prudence BURLINGAME, Abel PIERCE, Freelove PIERCE, Luranne BURLINGAME; sons Ephraim and William BURLINGAME; and grandchildren Clark, Wanton, Ephraim, William, Lucretia, and Elizabeth BURLINGAME, children of deceased son Ephraim (Coventry Prob. Rec. I:34-36; abstract in R.I. Gen. Reg II:140, which states will was proved July 30, 1772).

Children of William and Phebe Alice (GREENE) BURLINGAME:

1.  Rose, born Coventry about 1731; married Coventry Aug. 6, 1750 Mansir COOPER; married, second, July 17, 1754 John ALLERTON, born Norwich, Conn., Aug. 23, 1720.  Children, all by second marriage: Jerusha Jan. 21, 1755; Sarah June 8, 1757; Freelove Aug. 1759; Roger Oct. 1, 1761; John Feb. 13, 1764; Betsey July 3, 1766; Russell Nov. 27, 1768; Rose Marie Mar. 11, 1771.

2.  Prudence

3.  Luranne

4.  Ephriam born 1738.

5.  William born Coventry, Dec. 27, 1744, died Rochester, N.Y. Sept. 28, 1830; married West Greenwich Dec. 13, 1764 Ruth BROWN (RI VR, V.7), born Nov. 30, 1748, died Coventry Sept. 24, 1772; married second Coventry 1776 Penelope (DARLING) WILSON, born Cumberland, R.I. 1742, died Coventry 1792.  Children: Mary April 10, 1765; Son, born and died Jan. 1768; Ruth, Oct. 1, 1769; Nancy June 4, 1772; Lydia June 12, 1777; Susan Oct. 18, 1779; William III July 26, 1781; Samuel Apr. 15, 1784.

6.  Alice, born Warwick about 1746; married West Greenwich Jan. 27, 1769 Azriekam PEIRCE of Warwick (RI VR 1680-1860, Princeton, Mass, 1980, Vol. 7).

7.  Jonathan 1748; married Sophia.  His brother William wrote in his diary under date Oct. 4, 1768: ‘Jonathan and mother quarreled, father joined in and Jonathan has left home, says he is going to Penn., the Wyoming Valley…. I gave him my best gun, my blessing and some money and prayed that he comes out all right.  Mother and the girls spoiled him and now that mother has her GREENE back up, everything the boy does is wrong, but I did think father had more sense than to order him out and tell him “never to come back”.  In William’s obituary in a Rochester newspaper dated Sept. 30, 1830, Jonathan BURLINGAME is listed as a surviving brother living in Williamsport, Pa.

8.  Freelove, born Warwick about 1750; married West Greenwich Jan. 27, 1769 Azriekam PEIRCE. Jr. of Warwick (Ibid.).

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EPHRIAM BURLINGAME, son of William and Phebe Alice (GREENE) BURLINGAME, born Coventry, R.I. 1738, died Shaftsbury, Bennington Co., Vermont May 4, 1771 (Vermont VR); married Greenwich about 1756 JULIA STETSON.

A farmer and cooper, he resided at Coventry, West Greenwich, and Shafisbury, Vt.  His name does not appear in the Shaftsbury Town Index of Land Records.  He died at the age of 33 and is buried in the Center Cemetery, Shaftsbury (Vermont VR).  The names of the children were mentioned in the will of their grandfather, William BURLINGAME.

Children, all born in West Greenwich, RI. with exception of Ephriam.:

1.  Clark, born Oct. 17,1737

2.  William, born 1765, died after 1850; married Clarissa HYLAND, died before 1850; married second Irene _____, born Vermont 1778, died after 1850 census was taken.  A soldier in the Revolutionary War, representing Vermont, serving 66 days in 1780 in Colonel Ebenezer ALLEN’s Detachment (Rolls of Soldiers in the Revolutionary War, 1775-1783.  Rutland: Vermont General Assembly, 1904, p. 247).  In 1790 and 1850 Census for Shaftsbury, Vermont.  Children: Lillis, 1784; Lyman 1785; Clark 1787; Ona 1797; Fanny, about 1798; Rebecca 1804; Onna 1806.

3.  Wanton, born Feb. 19, 1762, died Attica, Wyoming Co., N.Y. Sept. 9, 1853 (Historical Wyoming, May 1948, II:73, Records of Attica Center Cemetery); married Lucy STONE, born April 1, 1761, died Attica May 1848 (Ibid.).  A soldier in the Revolutionary War, representing Vermont, serving three six month enlistments in 1779, 1780, and 1781, Colonel Ira ALLEN’s Regiment.  Census of 1790-he was residing in Queensbury, Washington Co., N.Y. and in 1820 he was residing in Alexander, Genesee Co., N.Y.  Received a Rev. War Pension as of Aug. 12, 1833, age 71, a resident of Genessee Co., NY.  (Pension Rolls of 1833: Baltimore GPC, II:403)  Children: Simon about 1781; Uriah, died young; Salome; Clarissa about 1788; Ephriam 1791; Amey 1793; Mary ‘Polly’ 1796; Wanton 1798; Betsey 1799; Diantha 1801; Lucinda; Julia Ann; Sarah ‘Sally[’] died 1823; Lucretia 1813.

4.  Lucretia

5.  Elizabeth

6.  Ephriam, born Shaftsbury 1769; married, first Ruby GILLET (Glen ALLEN); second Desire _____, born R.I. 1770.  Residing in Caldwell, Warren Co., N.Y. 1830 (Census).  Residing with Henry BURLINGAME household in 1850, he age 81, Desire 80.


CLARK BURLINGAME, son of Ephriam and Julia STETSON (?) BURLINGAME, born West Greenwich, R.I. Oct. 17, 1757, died Door Village, LaPorte, Indiana Jan. 13, 1843; married Fairfield, Franklin Co., Vermont Dec. 6. 1777 PATIENCE SOPER, born Fairfield Nov. 7, 1757, died Utica, N.Y. July 24, 1829, believed to be the daughter of Dr. Joel and Rachel (HILLS) SOPER (Glen ALLEN).

Clark BURLINGAME served in the Vermont Militia in Captain Jonas GALUSHA’s Company, Colonel HERRICK’s Regiment for eight days service in the alarm of October, 1780.  The company marched 55 miles; he was paid 1:9:0 (Rolls of Soldiers in the Revolutionary War, 1775-1783, op. cit., p. 247).  A family legend from his grandson says he was a member of Colonel Sam HERRICK’s Regiment of thirty men who attacked Skenesboro during the battle of Ft. Ticonderoga in May, 1775.  No record of this reported service has been found (Glen ALLEN̓s notes).  **Check rolls for GALUSHA’s and HERRICK’s hometowns**

In 1790 Clark and family were residents of Smithfield, Chittenden Co., Vt.  The household consisted of two males over 16, two males under 16, and seven females (U.S. Census 1790).  He was one of the first Justices of the Peace in Fletcher, Chittenden County, Vermont and in 1798 he was Justice in Fairfield.  He was deeded land in “Fairfield, formerly called Smithfield”, County of Chittenden on October 19, 1793 and again on Sept. 6, 1794 (Fairfield, Franklin County Land Records 2:163 and 2:164).  [Obviously Fairfield County on the Canadian border was formed from the northern part of Chittenden County].  The family’s removal from this area is signaled by land deeds executed in 1798 and 1799.  Clark BURLINGAME sold 100 acres in 1797, additional land also in 1797 and 150 acres on March 3, 1798 (Fairfield, Franklin Co. Land Records 3:150, 4:70, and 3:171).  Two deeds executed in 1798 and 1799 describe him as a resident of Tinmouth, Rutland Co, Vt.  On Dec. 29, 1798 Clark BURLINGAME of Tinmouth signed at Tinmouth a deed transferring title of land in Smithfield

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Franklin Co. and on March 6, 1799 he returned to Fairfield where he signed a deed, neither of which were co-signed by his wife (Fairfield Land Records 4:71 and 4:110).

The following year three families of BURLINGAMEs, Clark, Ephriam, and Wanton, were residing in Queensbury, Washington County, N.Y.  (1800 New York Census, Washington Co. Clark BURLINGIM, p. 210; Ephriam BURLINGIM, p. 202; Wonton BURLINGIM, p. 201).  *Check Composition of each household*

By 1805 Clark and family were residing in Attica, then part of Genessee Co., New York.  He is named as being among those immigrants – a carpenter by trade – who came to Attica Town in 1805, locating up Crow Creek near the center of town.  (F.W. Beers, History of Wyoming Co., N.Y.  New York: F.W. Beers, 1880, p. 126-7).  A deed for land purchased from the Holland Land Co. (Town 10, Range 2) was recorded in 1805.  **Source – probably Karen Livsey. Western NY Land Transactions. Baltimore: GPC, 1996. Check*

In 1810 the family was found in Sheldon, Genessee County.  **Census composition**  Patience is believed to have died in 1829 in Augusta or Utica, Oneida Co., N.Y. where her parents and son, Clark, lived.  In 1830 Clark, Sr. was living next door to sons Spencer and Abel in Putnam Co., Indiana.  **Census**  In 1840 he was in Milwaukee with his son Spencer.  **Census**  He was living in Door Township, LaPorte Co., Indiana when he died and was buried in Kingston Cemetery of that county in 1843.  (Margaret Waters. Rev. Soldiers Buried in Indiana (1942). Baltimore: GPC, 1967 and Glen ALLEN notes).

Children of Clark and Patience (SOPER?) BURLINGAME, all born Fairfield, Franklin Co., Vt. with exception of Spencer:

1.  Amey Sept. 6, 1778

2.  EUNICE LORRAINE, born Jan. 14, 1781, died probably Gerry, Chautauqua Co., N.Y., Jan. 5, 1857; married probably Queensbury, Washington Co., N.Y., Jan. 24, 1802 ICHABOD MAITOCKS, born Litchfield, Conn. Dec. 23, 1773, died Independence, Allegany Co., N.Y. Mar. 4, 1833, son of James and Sarah (PIERCE) MATTOCKS.  Their son James MATTOCKS married Elizabeth ‘Betsy’ RUGG, their daughter Cornelia Adele MNITOCKS and her husband Clark Benjamin ELY were the parents of Lilly Victoria (ELY) LITTLE.

(Glen ALLEN’s grandmother claimed the Eunice-Ichabod wedding took place at Utica, New York.  No record of this marriage except a bible record of the date has been found (Notes of Glen ALLEN).  The BURLINGAME and MATTOCKS families were near neighbors in the 1800 Queensbury, N.Y. census (Census, Washington Co., pages 209-10).

3.  Abel, born Jan. 19, 1783, died Green Lake, Wis., Nov. 5, 1853; married Jan. 29, 1812 Mary BURLINGAME, daughter of Wanton and Lucy (STONE) BURLINGAME.  Abel served in the War of 1812.  (Abel married Polly BROTHERS-Glen ALLEN notes).

4.  Mary Nov. 16, 1784.

5  William Nov. 30, 1786

6.  Lucinda

7.  Spencer Clark, born Smithfield, Vt. Nov. 9, 1794, died Cudahy, Wis. Jan. 27, 1868; married Bethbira WILDER, born Mar. 21, 1797; died Cudahy Oct. 4, 1837.  A cooper and farmer, he resided in Vermont, Pennsylvania, New York, Indiana and Wisconsin.  Received land for services, 1812-14.  Children: Elvira born 1816; Alanson; Cynthia; Lyman; Esther; John; Patience; Clark; Mary; Philomela; Seth; Electa; Lucinda, born 1837.

8.  Clark, Jr., died after 1830. (Glen ALLEN)

9.  Phobe K. married 1827 Jesse Gorum HANFORD (Glen ALLEN)

10.  A son, after 1800 (Glen ALLEN)


Burlingame-Burlingham, 1620-1983

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Source: Michael Burlingame, “Re: Burlingame-Burlingham, 1620-1983,” at, posted 27 November 1999.

Re: Burlingame-Burlingham, 1620-1983

Posted by: Michael Burlingame            Date: November 27, 1999 at 08:31:49

In Reply to: Re: Burlingame-Burlingham,1620-1983 by Audrey Burlingham Madison

Sorry for the delay Audrey! My line is:

  • Roger & Mary
  • John & Mary Knowles
  • Roger & Sarah Baker
  • William & Phebe Alice Greene
  • Ephriam & Julia Stetson
  • Clerk (Clark) & Patience Soper
  • Spencer Clerk (Clark) & Bethbira Wilder
  • Alanson George & Sarah Jane Wheeler
  • Schuyler Colfax & Emma Lucy Warn
  • Wilfred Guy & Esther Viola Heath
  • Larry Addison & Darlene Ruth Ploman


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Source: Andrea Hawk Crumrine, “Re: Burlingame,” at, posted 16 April 1998.

Re: Burlingame

Posted by: Andrea Hawk Crumrine            Date: April 16, 1998 at 09:01:25

In Reply to: Burlingame by alm

My husband̓s line is:

  • Roger Burlingame Jr., b. 1678 & Sarah Elenor Sweet
  • William Burlingame, b.1737 & Alice Green
  • Ephraim Burlingame, b. 1738 (I don̓t know wives)
  • Wanton Burlingame, b. 1762 & Lucy Stone
  • Polly Burlingame, b.1795& Abel Burlingame(first cousins)
  • Wanton Clark Burlingame, b. 1818 & Abagail Watkins
  • Mary Cecil Burlingame, b. 1854 & Charles Starbird

We have heard through family of the ambassador to China. Then we found some info on the internet about him. Anson Burlingame b. 1820 in New Berlin, NY and died in Russia in 1870 He was US Minister to China in 1861.

Where does Anson fit into this genealogy? Who were his parents and who was he married to?

Thanks alot


Genealogy Page – Hartford Times

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Source: “Genealogy Page,” Hartford Times (microfilm).

[The dates preceding the following entries correspond to the issue of the Hartford Times in which the article originally appeared.]

17 August 1940 – Queries:

7318 … (4) KILBORN-(—).  Data, of Abraham KILBORN, d. Feb. 25, 1776, and of his wife, Rebecca (—), d. June 16, 1767, prob. of Wethersfield.  Son, Jesse KILBORN mar. Feb. 24, 1765, Sarah MATTOCKS.  Her data wanted.

21 September 1940 – Queries:

7454 … (2) BURDELL-MATTOCKS.  Data, of Sarah BURDELL (BIRDWELL) who mar. Hartford, Mar. 14, 1763, Capt. Samuel MATTOCKS.

11 January 1941 – Queries:

8087 … (5) MANN-PARKHURST.  Data, of Phebe PARKHURST b. July 2, 1768, d. Montpelier, Vt., Dec. 22, 1846, mar. Solomon (6) MANN (John-5-4-Nathaniel-3-Richard-2-1-) b. Orford, N.H., Aug. 19, 1768, d. Montpelier, Aug. 11, 1825.  Census 1790 has a John PARKHURST living in Orford, N.H.  Was he related to Phebe?  MANN children were: 1-Phebe, b. 1788, d. India, ae. 71, mar. Rev. George HOUGH; 2-Emily, b. 1791, d. N.H., 1856, mar. Henry OAKES, son of David; 3-Solomon, 1792, d. Mich., mar. Frances C. KELLAM; 4-William, 1794, d. N.Y., of Mich., mar. Ruth HAZELTINE; 5-George Sparrowhawk, b. 1796, d. San Francisco, mar. Laura MATTOCKS; 6-Almira, b. 1799, d. 1879, mar. Ephraim Curtis PARKS; 7-Hiram, b. 1802, d. 1843; 8-John Parkhurst, b. 1804, mar. Hannah P. BAILEY; 9-Maria, b. 1806, d. Vt., mar. Henry RICHARDSON; 10-Henry, b. 1807, d. Vt.; 11-Albert, b. 1809, d. 1892.  Would like to correspond with descendants.

13 June 1942 – Queries:

A-993 … (8) KILBORN-MATTOCKS.  Jesse KILBORN, son of Abraham of Wethersfield and Litchfield mar. there Feb. 24, 1765, Sarah MATTOCKS whose data asked.  B.C.L.

10 February 1945 – Answers:

A-4394–(5) T.E.T. Oct. 28, 1944.  CLARK-SATERLEE.  Nathan (4) CLARK (Isaac-3, John-2, Thomas-1) b. Norwich, Conn., July 21, 1718, d. Bennington, Vt., Apr. 8, 1792; bur. in church yard of First Ch. of Bennington; was lawyer and patriot during Rev.; speaker of first Gen. Assembly of State of Vt.; mar. Aug. 12, 1741, Abigail SATERLEE of Plainfield, Conn., b. Apr. 12, 1720, dau. of William and Ann.

Children: 1-William, b. May 18, 1742, mar. Keziah MORSE; 2-Nathan Jr., b. Oct. 12, 1743; 3-Abigail, Mar. 31, 1745, mar. — BURNHAM; 4-Mary, Dec. 11, 1746, mar. Charles MILE; 5-Gen. Isaac, Oct. 5, 1748, mar. first Hannah CHITTENDEN, dau. of Gov. of Vt., mar. second, Anne, dau. of Col. Eleazer FITCH and widow of William TEMPLE; 6-Lucy, Aug. 22, 1750, mar. — ROE; 7-Elisha, Sept. 22, 1752, mar. first Betty (JEWELL) SPAFFORD, and second Edna A. MATTOCKS; 8-Rebecca, Aug. 3, 1754, mar. Lemuel HUBBELL; 9-Cyrus, Sept. 12, 1756, mar. Sarah —; 10-Anna, July 15, 1758, mar. — REMINGTON; 11-Caleb, July 14, 1760, mar. Hope —; 12-Merriam, mar. John WEEKS.

First three births recorded in Preston, Book 2, pg. 13, next five in Norwich; birth of Cyrus recorded in Canterbury Book 1, pg. 108; Anna and Caleb in Windham, Book 2, pg. 45; Merriam was prob. b. Bennington, Vt.  J.F.H.

24 March 1945 – Queries:

A-4875 … (5) MATTOCKS-BIRDWELL-BURDELL.  Samuel MATTOCKS of Hartford mar. Mar. 14, 1763, Sarah BURDELL-BIRDWELL; her data asked.  M.M.C.

28 July 1945 – Answers:

A-4931 – (1) S.S.G. April 14, 1945.  CLARK.  Elisha (5) CLARK, (Nathan – 4, Isaac – 3, John – 2, Thomas – 1) b. Norwich, Conn., Sept. 22, 1752, d. Tinmouth, Vt. Dec. 12, 1838; mar. 1st May 22, 1788, Betty (JEWELL) SPOFFORD; mar. 2nd June 19, 1791, Edna A. MATTOCKS.  Children: 1 – Mary, b. 1789, d. 1864, mar. George HODGES; 2 – Elisha, jr.; by second wife: 3 – Nathan Mattocks, b. 1796, d. 1861, mar. 1818, Cynthia SHEPHERD; 4 – Albert S., b. 1802, mar. Ann HERBERT; 5 – Burr R., b. 1804; 6 – Emily, b. Sept. 15, 1808; 7 – Mary Ann, b. 1810.  J.F.H.

17 November 1945 – Queries:

A-5609 — (1) BURLINGAME-SOPER.  Clark (5) BURLINGAME said to be b. New Fairfield, Conn., Oct. 17, 1757, mar. Patience SOPER; was of Fairfield Twp. 1789 and of Smithfield both Chittenden Co. Vt.) 1790.  Full list of children asked, dates and marriages.

(2) BURLINGAME-(—).  William (5) BURLINGAME (Ephraim-4-William-3-Roger-2-1), brother of Caleb (5) above, served in Ebenezer ALLEN’s Regt. Rev. War from Lamoille Co. Vt.  Data of wife; full list of children, dates and marriages.

(3) BURLINGAME-CUMMINGS.  Data of Clark (6) BURLINGAME, b. perhaps Vermont (?) July 28, 1787, and of wife Lucy CUMMINGS, mar. Shaftsbury, Vt., Apr. 27, 1806; d. Oriskany Falls, N.Y., Nov. 1, 1857.  He was prob. son of either William-5- or Clark-5- above.  He was of Manchester Twp. Ben. Co. Vt. census of 1810, under 26 years old, with two sons under 10; “old man William” was there with him.

He was mentioned in Providence, R.I., Gazette, Apr. 16, 1814, while of Vermont; seems to have had Rhode Island connections.

(4) BURLINGAME-MERRIFIELD.  Highland (7) BURLINGAME (Caleb-6-) mar. Betsy Ann MERRIFIELD, b. Mass. 1820; she may have been from Colrain, Becket or Holiston, Mass.  Her data asked.  W.A.D.

21 September 1946 – Queries:

A-6670 … (4) BURLINGAME-GREEN.  William (3) BURLINGAME (Roger-2-1-) of Coventry, R.I. mar. Alice GREEN, b. abt. 1710, d. before 1772; her data asked.

(5) BURLINGAME-SWEET.  Roger (2) BURLINGAME (Roger-1-) of Mashantatuck, and Warwick, R.I. mar. Eleanor SWEET b. abt. 1680; her data asked.  Was she dau. of Jonathan and wife —?  W.L.A.

9 April 1949 – Queries:

B-90 … (3) CROOKER-HALL-HATCH.  Francis (4) CROOKER (Francis-3-and Mary HALL-Jonathan-2-Francis-1-) was b. Marshfield, Mass. July 10, 1720; said to have mar. widow Hannah HATCH.  Her ancestry asked, all missing dates and locations, children and next generation.

Among their chil. were prob. Mary (5) b. March 22, 1759 who may have mar. Bristol, Me.  Ichabod MATTOCKS; Francis (5) b. March 12, 1761, may have mar. Boothbay 1796 Martha KENNEDY and possibly Tranter (5) who may have mar. Anna MATTOCKS.  W.A.W.

19 September 1953 – Queries:

B-5622 — (1) CLARK-SATTERLEE.  Hon. Nathan CLARK, 1718-1792, of Norwich, Conn., and Bennington, Vt., mar. Abigail SATTERLEE.  Were said to have had sons William, b. 1742 (Keziah MORSE); 2-Nathan, b. 1743; 3-Isaac “Old Rifle,” b. 1748 (Hannah CHITTENDEN; 4-Elisha, 1752 (Betty SPAFFORD and 2d Edna MATTOCKS); 5-Cyrus, 1756 (Sarah —); 6-Caleb, 1760 (Hope Ann JACKSON); did any of these sons have a son Alexander of Orwell, Vt., 1806, who mar. 1806 Julia MERRITT of Benson, Vt.?

14 May 1955 – Answers:

B-3762– (3) CLARK-CHITTENDEN — The Hon. Nathan CLARK of this query was a son of Capt. Isaac CLARK (will pr. 6-4-1751) mar. 5-27-1707 Miriam TRACY (b. 4-23-1685) of Norwich, Conn., and grandson of John CLARK (d. 2-10-1708-9) and Mary BURNHAM of Ipswich, Mass.  The Hon. Nathan CLARK was b. Norwich, 7-21-1718 and m. 8-12-1741 Abigail, dau. of Wm. and Ann SATTERLEE of Plainfield.  Their chil. were: Wm. b. 1742, m. Keziah MORSE; Abigail (BURNHAM); Nathan, Jr. b. 1743, d. Battle of Bennington; Mary (MILE); Isaac “Old Rifle” b. 1748, m. 1779 Hannah CHITTENDEN; Lucy (ROE); Elisha b. 1752, m. 1788 1st Betty SPAFFORD, 2d in 1791 Edna MATTOCKS; Rebecca (HUBBELL); Cyrus b. 1756, m. Sarah (—); Anna (REMINGTON); Caleb b. 1760, m. Hope Ann JACKSON; Miriam (WEEKS).  The daus. listed here without b. dates are not in order and I do not have the order.  Ref: Miss Caulkins Hist. of Norwich; Norwich VR; Vt. Hist. Gaz; Vt. Hist. Proceedings; Ipswich in Mass Bay Col (Waters, Vol. 1, 1905); Some Conn. Families (ms by Hayward at Rundel Library, Rochester, N.Y.); Old Houses of Anc. Norwich by Perkins; Norwich VR (Hartford, 1913), and assorted queries and answers from the pages of the Hartford Times since 1913.  Nathan CLARK rem. to Bennington, Vt., in 1762 and in 1778 was Leg. Rep. of Windsor and Speaker of the Assembly.  Sent by L.W.L.

7 April 1956 – Answers:

B-8774–(2) B.M.McC. Feb. 25, 1956.  CLARK-SATTERLEE.  Nathan CLARK, son of Isaac and Miriam (TRACY) CLARK of Norwich, Conn., was b. there July 21, 1718; d. Bennington, Vt. Apr. 8, 1792.  He mar. Aug. 12, 1741, Abigail, b. Plainfield, Conn., Apr. 12, 1720, dau. of William and Ann (AVERY) SATTERLEE; she d. Bennington, Vt., Nov. 11, 1796.

Children, all b. Norwich, were: 1-William, May 18, 1742; 2-Nathan, Oct. 12, 1743, he was killed in Battle of Lexington; 3-Abigail, Mar. 31, 1745; 4-Mary, Dec. 11, 1746; 5-Isaac, Oct. 5, 1748, he mar. Hannah, daughter of Gov. Thomas CHITTENDEN, a Col. in Vermont Militia known as “Old Rifle”; 6-Lucy, Aug. 22, 1750; 7-Elisha, Sept. 22, 1752; 8-Rebecca, Aug. 3, 1754; 9-Cyrus, Sept. 12, 1756; 10-Anne, July 5, 1758; 11-Caleb, July 14, 1761, and Miriam, no date given.

Nathan CLARK was active and prominent in the early period of the land controversy with New York; was frequently Chairman of the General Committees and Conventions of the settlers; was member from Bennington and Speaker of the first General Assembly of the State, 1778.  Also, in 1776 he was chairman of the Bennington Committee of Safety and received the thanks of Gen. GATES for his promptness in supplying the Army at Ticonderoga with flour.  (See Hiland Hall’s Early Hist. of Vt.)  Sent by R.S.F.

B-8774–B.M.McG.  Feb. 25, 1956.  CLARK.–Some additions to above and slightly different statements are here given.  The first three chil. were b. Preston, Conn., next 5 in Norwich; Cyrus in Canterbury, Anna and Caleb in Windham.  William (5) mar. Keziah MORSE; Aigail mar. John BURNHAM Jr.; Mary mar. Charles MILE-MILES(?); Isaac mar. Hannah CHITTENDEN; Lucy mar. — ROE; Elisha mar. Betty SPAFFORD and 2d Edna MATTOCKS; Rebecca mar. Lemuel HUBBELL; Cyrus mar. Sarah —; Anna mar. — REMINGTON; Caleb mar. Hope Ann JACKSON; Hiram b. Bennington mar. John WEEKS.    Sent by L.W.L.

15 March 1958 – Queries:

C-1440–(1) CRANE-LASSEL (LASSELE).  Ancestry, dates and locations of Elias CRANE and of his wife Elizabeth —, b. of N.J., later in Ohio, 1803; both d. Carroll Co., Ohio.  Full list of children wanted; known son Elism Lassel, was b. Mar. 1790.

(2) CRANE-CHANEY.  Elism or Elihu L. CRANE, mar. Apr., 1816, Accious CHANEY, b. July, 1797, d. age 84; prob. lived Ohio.  Information wanted of following children and their desc.: 1–a dau. b. 1817; 2–Elizabeth, 1818, d.y.; 3–Resin Baker, 1820, mar. 1841 Mary J. CHANEY; 4–James L. 1822, mar. 1843, Arabell MEACHAM; 5–Elias, 1824, mar. Barbara CHANEY; 6–Mary Jane, 1826, mar. Geo. DEMING; 7–Nancy, 1827 mar. David DORLAND, b. 1829 (mar. in Ohio); 8–Maria, 1830, mar. 1848 Joseph MATTOCK; 9–a son, 1832; 10–Sarah Ann, 1833, mar. J.F. FAIRCHILD; 11–a son, 1835; 12–a son, 1836; 13–a son Nov., 1837; 14–John Fletcher, b. 1839, mar. in N.H. Helen E. FAIRCHILD; 15–a son, 1840.

23 April 1962 – Queries:

C-6994 – (1) MATTOCKS.  Ancestry, dates and locations asked of James MATTOCKS and of his wife, Sarah —.  Had dau. Anna, b. Litchfield, Conn., Dec. 6, 1763.

12 April 1965 – Queries:

D-667 … (6) AMBROSE-MATTOCKS.  Ancestry and dates asked of William AMBROSE, mar. Jan. 6, 1697, Elizabeth MATTOCKS, b. 1670, dau. of Samuel and Constance (FAIRBANKS) MATTOCKS.  List of chil. with dates and marriages asked.  R.F.P.

Colonial Families of the United States of America

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Source: George Norbury Mackenzie, Colonial Families of the United States of America, Volume 4 (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1995). [WorldCat]

[page 59]


EDWIN AYLSWORTH BURLINGAME, b. 28th June, 1871, at Williamsport, Pennsylvania; m. 17th October, 1899, at New York City, Florida Ten Broeck SCHNEIDER, b. 20th July, 1871, at Cranston, Rhode Island, dau. of the late William Tyler SCHNEIDER, b. 7th March, 1844, at Brusa, Turkey, d. 5th April, 1878, at Cranston, Rhode Island, who m. Kate DEPEW, b. 7th October, 1845, at New York City.


I. Katharine Depew, b. 25th July, 1900.

EDWIN AYLSWORTH BURLINGAME, Civil and Landscape Engineer; received his early education in Public Schools of Newark, New Jersey, New York City, and Providence, Rhode Island; studied his profession at Cornell University; was for several years employed as Engineer for Public Service Corporations; since 1904 has been Superintendent of Grounds of Brown University and has directed the erection of several important buildings, also employing a portion of his time on outside work, when as Landscape Engineer he has planned and developed important country estates.


ROGER BURLINGAME of Providence, Rhode Island; b. in England, circa 1620; d. 1st September, 1718; his will was proved 13th September, 1718; was located at Stonington, Connecticut, in 1654; at Warwick, Rhode Island, 1660, and before 1670 settled in the part of Providence now Cranston, in the western portion known as Meshanticut; was the first white settler in this district; elected Deputy to General Assembly in 1690, but on account of some question as to the legality of the election, not accepted; Member of the Town Council, 1698; m. circa 1663, Mary, surname unknown; d. 1718.


I. JOHN, b. 1st August, 1664.

II. Thomas, b. 6th February, 1667; d. 9th July, 1758; m. (1st) Martha LIPPIT, dau. of Moses and Mary (KNOWLES) LIPPIT; m. (2d) Hannah (GARDINER) WESTCOTT, d. 1756, dau. of George and Tabitha (TEFFT) GARDINER, and widow of Josiah WESTCOTT (no issue by this marriage).


1. Rev. Thomas, Jr., b. 29th May, 1688; d. 7th January, 1770; m. Eleanor RALPH.

2. Moses, b. 1690; d. 16th December, 1759; m. Temperance ─────.

3. Samuel, b. 1692; d. 20th March, 1740; m. MARY SMITH of North Kingstown.

4. Peter, b. 28th January, 1694; d. 17th February, 1791; m. (1st) Rose BRIGGS; m. (2d) Patience ─────.

[page 60]

5. Joshua, m. Ann BRIGGS.

6. A daughter (name not given).

7. Mary, b. 1698; d. 30th January, 1728; m. 23d October, 1719, John WARNER, Jr.

8. Margaret, b. 1708; m. 29th September, 1727, Joseph REMINGTON.

9. Sarah, m. 3d January, 1743, John BRIGGS.

10. Freelove, m. GORTON or GREEN.

11. Persis, b. 8th January, 1703; m. 8th February, 1723, William BROWN.

12. Alice, m. John WESTCOTT.

13. Patience, b. 1710; m. 15 June, 1740, Thomas Olney WEAVER.

14. Stephen, b. 1711; d. 7th January, 1804; m. 27th June, 1736.

III. Mary, b. 2d November, 1669; d. 1760; m. 19th December, 1689, Amos STAFFORD, b. 8th November, 1665, d. 1760, son of Samuel and Mercy (WESTCOTT) STAFFORD.

IV. Jane, b. 21st November, 1668; d. 1711; m. (1st) John POTTER, son of John and Ruth (FISHER) POTTER; m. (2d) 1711, Edward POTTER, b. 25th November, 1678, brother of John.

V. Alice, b. May, 1673.

VI. Mercy, b. 1675; m. 1707, Othniel GORTON.

VII. Roger, b. May, 1678; m. Eleanor SWEET.


1. Josiah, d. May, 1766; m. 12th November, 1749, Sarah WILLIAMS.

2. Jonathan, m. Phebe ─────.

3. William, m. (1st) Susanna HOPKINS; m. (2d) Alice of Coventry.

4. Freelove, m. 12th December, 1745, James GREENE (of Josiah).

5. Eleanor, m. 3d December, 1740, James ARNOLD.

VIII. Peter, d. unmarried, 1712.

IX. Elizabeth, b. 9th January, 1684; d. 5th May, 1752; m. (1st) 5th December, 1706, Thomas ARNOLD, b. 24 March, 1675, d. 3d February, 1728, son of Richard and Mary (ANGELL) ARNOLD; m. (2d) 11th April, 1734, William SPENCER, b. 1st July, 1672, d. 1748, son of John and Susanna SPENCER.

X. Patience, b. 8th May, 1685; d. 8th August, 1746; m. 15th June, 1710, Thomas OLNEY, b. 18th May, 1686, d. 28th July, 1752, son of Epenetus and Mary (WHIPPLE) OLNEY.

JOHN BURLINGAME of Cranston, Rhode Island; b. 1st August, 1664, at Kingston, Rhode Island; d. 24th June, 1719, Cranston, Rhode Island; m. Mary Knowles LIPPITT, dau. of Moses Knowles LIPPITT, d. 3d January, 1703, Deputy from Warwick to the Council in the years 1681-84-90-98-99, son of John LIPPITT, one of the original settlers of Providence and one of those to whom was assigned a house and six acre lots in 1638; he signed the “Agreement for a Form of Government,”

[page 61]

27th July, 1640; he was chosen with nine others by the Town of Providence to meet with Commissioners from other three towns to form a government under the Charter, 16th May, 1647.


I. John, b. 1690; d. 12th February, 1755; m. Sarah BIGGS; d. 1st November, 1773.

II. ROGER III, b. 1692.

III. James, b. 1694; d. 1st January, 1768; m. Hannah BROWN, dau. of Judah BROWN.

IV. David, b. 5th December, 1706; d. 27th January, 1755; m. Mary BROWN, dau. of Chad and Mary BROWN of Hosanna.

V. Barlingstone, b. 25th June, 1698; d. 12th December, 1767; m. Charity COLVIN of Coventry.

VI. Benjamin, d. 12th May, 1742, at Surinam; m. Jerusha ─────.

VII. Elisha.

ROGER BURLINGAME, III, of Cranston, Rhode Island; b. 1692; d. 1st April, 1768; was Captain of 3d Company, 2d Regiment, 1725-26 of Rhode Island; m. 1712, Sarah, surname unknown; d. 1761.


I. Christopher.

II. JONATHAN, b. 1715.

III. Sarah.

IV. Mary, m. Stephen BURLINGAME.

JONATHAN BURLINGAME of Cranston, Rhode Island; b. 1715; d. 24th June, 1778; m. Phebe, surname unknown.


I. Elisha, m. 29th February, 1753, Naomi MERREWEATHER.

II. Christopher, m. 3d December, 1769, Anne POTTER, dau. of Samuel POTTER.

III. Charles, m. Amey PAINE.

IV. BENJAMIN, b. 26th June, 1751.

V. Jeremiah, b. 17th January, 1755; d. 25th January, 1811; served at Battle of Bunker Hill; m. 1st March, 1778, Ruth Grinnell PALMER.

VI. Hopkins, b. 10th March, 1759; d. 11th August, 1820; served at Battle of Bunker Hill; m. Margaret ─────.

VII. Patience, m. Thomas HOLDEN.

VIII. Mary, m. Thomas BIDDLECOMBE, soldier in the American Revolution.

IX. Sarah.

BENJAMIN BURLINGAME of Killingly, Connecticut; b. 26th June, 1751, in Cranston; d. 20th May, 1834, in Killingly, Connecticut, where he and his brothers settled in 1780; Ensign in 3d Company, Colonel RICHMOND’s Regiment, in 1776; fought at Bunker Hill with brothers Jeremiah and Hopkins; m. (1st) Sarah, surname unknown, b. 6th September, 1751, d. 9th March, 1788; m. (2d) 1790 Rachel, surname unknown, b. 1773, d. 1st March, 1825; m. (3d) 1828, Mrs. Content ALDRICH.

[page 62]


I. William, b. 12th January, 1771; d. 20th May, 1777.

II. Dorcas, b. 28th September, 1773; m. John BATES.

III. Charles, I, b. 24th May, 1776; d. 16th January, 1777.

IV. Charles, II, b. 18th May, 1778; d. 5th March, 1862; m. Susanna CHACE.


I. SAMUEL, b. 27th January, 1791.

II. Sarah or Leah, b. 10th August, 1794; m. Benjamin CHACE.

III. Phila, b. 1797, m. Sampson CHACE.

IV. Lurana, b. 3d June, 1800; m. 10th December, 1820, Stephen CHACE.

V. Eunice, b. 4th July, 1802; m. 15th September, 1822, William JOHNSON.

VI. Walter, b. 19th April, 1805; m. 25th September, 1825, Henrietta YOUNG.

SAMUEL BURLINGAME of Killingly, Connecticut; b. there 27th January, 1791; d. 26th April, 1862; m. 1811, Randilla PRESTON, b. 11th April, 1795, d. 4th March, 1867, dau. of Daniel and Mary (BAKER) PRESTON.


I. ERASTUS NELSON, b. 19th August, 1812.

II. Eratus, b. 7th July, 1816; m. 3d October, 1826, Polly WRIGHT.

III. Daniel Preston, b. 21st January, 1818; d. 19th October, 1905; m. Hannah BATEMAN.

IV. Lewis, b. 4th September, 1820; d. 19th January, 1890, m. Eliza ROBBINS.

V. Mary Melissa, b. 10th May, 1824; d. 27th July, 1853; m. 1852, Samuel CHACE.

VI. William Brayton, b. 10th November, 1825, m. (1st) Zilpha HAMMOND; m. (2d) Freedom EATON.

ERASTUS NELSON BURLINGAME of Cranston, Rhode Island; b. 19th August, 1812, at Killingly, Connecticut; d. 18th January, 1864; m. September, 1835, in Providence, Rhode Island, Lydia WOOD, b. 1807, in West Greenwich, Rhode Island, d. 30th March, 1880, dau. of John and Dorcas (HALL) WOOD.


I. EDWIN HARRIS, b. 13th August, 1836.

EDWIN HARRIS BURLINGAME of Providence, Rhode Island; b. 13th August, 1836, at Warwick, Rhode Island; d. 4th August, 1912, at Ossipee, New Hampshire; m. (1st) 2d September, 1859, Mary RUSS, d. 17th June, 1862; m. (2d) 6th June, 1865, Eliza AYLSWORTH, b. 6th June, 1836, at Foster, Rhode Island, d. 22d November, 1908.


I. Frank Russ, b. 2d November, 1861; d. 2d August, 1865.

[page 63]


I. EDWIN AYLSWORTH, b. 28th June, 1871; the subject of this memoir.

II. Mary Rothwell, b. 30th June, 1873, at Williamsport, Pennsylvania; m. 6th June, 1894, Frederick Stanhope PECK, b. in Providence, Rhode Island, 16th December, 1868, son of Leander R. and Sarah G. (CANNON) PECK, of Barrington, Rhode Island.


1. Helen PECK, b. 22d December, 1895, in Providence, Rhode Island.

Residence. — 359 Brook Street, Providence, Rhode Island.

Clubs. — Providence Art, Bristol Yacht, Edgewood Yacht, Cornell Club of New England.

Societies. — Colonial Wars, Sons of American Revolution, Military Order of Loyal Legion, National Geographic Society, Rhode Island Historical Society, Providence Athenaeum, Rhode Island School of Design.

Abstracts of Coventry, Rhode Island, Wills

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Source: Nellie M.C. Beaman, “Abstracts of Coventry, Rhode Island Wills,” Rhode Island Genealogical Register (January 1980).

[page 139]


BURLLINGGAME, Barlingston or Bashinston, of Co, yeoman.  Will dated 13 Oct 1767, pg 7.  Mentions: Wife Charity BURLLINGGAME.  Sons Stephen BURLLINGGAME, & Joseph BURLLINGGAME.  Grandson Ruben BURLLINGGAME under 21.  Incomplete…

[page 140]

BURLLINGGAME, William, of Co, yeoman.  Will dated 22 May 1772, proved 30 July 1772, pgs 34-36.   Mentions: Wife Alice BURLLINGGAME.  Sons Ephraim BURLLINGGAME & William BURLLINGGAME.  Daughters Rose ALERTON [her husband’s will Co P 1:67-68], Prudence BURLLINGGAME, Alice PEIRCE, Freelove PEIRCE, & Lurana BURLLINGGAME.  Grandsons Clarke BURLLINGGAME, Wanton BURLLINGGAME, William BURLLINGGAME, & Ephraim Potter BURLLINGGAME sons of my son Ephraim BURLLINGGAME and granddaughters Lucretia & Elizabeth BURLLINGGAME daughters of my son Ephraim BURLLINGGAME.

Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island: Burlingame

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Source: John Osborne Austin, The Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1982). [WorldCat]

[page 32]


{ROGER, {b.
{m. {d. 1718, Sep. 1
{MARY, {b.
{d. 1718 +

Stonington, Conn., Warwick, Providence, R.I.

  • 1654.  He is said to have been of Stonington thus early.
  • 1660.  Warwick.
  • 1671, Sep. 25.  Providence.  He and two others were appointed to make a rate and levy an assessment at Mashantatack.
  • 1687, Sep. 1.  Taxed 6s.
  • 1690.  He was elected Deputy from Warwick, but there being much debate in the Assembly, as to the legality of the election, it was ordered that he is not accepted.
  • 1698.  Town Council.
  • 1704, Sep. 6.  He deeded to son Peter, house and 50 acres, subject to the use and profits for Roger and wife for life.
  • 1715, Nov. 28.  Will–proved 1718, Sep. 13.  Exx. wife Mary, but as she died, the eldest son, John, took administration.  Overseers, sons-in-law Thomas ARNOLD and Amos STAFFORD, and son Roger BURLINGAME.  To wife Mary, all movables, household goods, cattle and chattels, for life; and then to go to all his daughters and three granddaughters, equally (viz: Roger’s daughter, Freelove, Mercy’s daughter Francis and Alice’s daughter Deborah).  To son Roger, 50 acres.  To grandson John, 50 acres to be laid out.  To son Thomas, “the rest of undivided land that was my son Peters,” with the proviso “if I and my wife have not occasion to use lands herein given.”  To three sons John, Thomas and Roger, 20s. each.  Inventory, £199, 13s., 8d., viz: mare, 3 cows, 3 yearlings, calf, 2 sheep, 2 swine, old sword, wearing apparel, cash, &c,

[Children of Roger Burlingame:]

I. {JOHN, {b. 1664, Aug. 1 Providence, R.I.
{m. {d.
{d. of Moses & Mary (KNOWLES) LIPPITT.
  • 1687, Sep. 1.  Taxed 3s.
  • 1712, Dec. 23.  He having heired, as eldest brother of Peter, deceased, the latter’s deed of gift of their father’s homestead, land, dwelling house, &c., which said Peter had received from his father sometime before; it was now agreed by John, that notwithstanding he was entitled to the whole, yet being willing that his brothers, Thomas and Roger, shall share with him, he takes the house and 50 acres to himself and gives the rest equally to them.  He provides that if their father and mother need assistance, for their comfortable maintenance, all three brothers to be at equal charge.
  • 1713, Jan. 1.  He deeded to eldest son John, for love, &c., all right in lands and housing of my brother Peter, deceased, allowing to my father and mother, Roger and Mary BURLINGAME, use of house for life, and at their death to return to my said son John.
  • 1719, Mar. 6.  His son David, had a legacy from will of his grandmother, Mary LIPPITT.
  • 1719, Mar. 18.  He sold Samuel GORTON, son of Captain Benjamin GORTON, mansion house and 60 acres in Providence, for £390.

[Children of John Burlingame:]

1.  John,
2.  Roger,
3.  James,
4.  David,
5.  Burlingame, 1698, Jun. 25.
6.  Benjamin,
7.  Elisha,

II. {THOMAS, {b. 1667, Feb. 6. Providence, Cranston, R.I.
{m. (1) {d. 1758, Jul. 9.
{m. (2) {d. of Moses & Mary (KNOWLES) LIPPITT.
(w. of Josiah.) {d. 1756+ of George & Tabitha (TEFFT) GARDINER.
  • 1687, Sep. 1.  Taxed 2s.
  • 1715, Sep. 28.  He deeded son Moses, 20 acres at Mashantatack, near grantor’s dwelling house.  He also deeded at sundry times to sons Thomas, Samuel, Peter, Joshua and Stephen.
  • 1726, Aug. 29.  He having married the widow of Josiah WESTCOTT, gave bond for his wife’s administration on her former husband’s estate.
  • 1756, Jun. 5.  Will–proved 1758, Oct. 7.  Exs. sons Thomas and Peter.  To wife Hannah, £6 per year, for life, and £6 per year that her son gave bond for, it being part of her dower of former husband’s estate.  To sons Thomas and Moses, 5s. each.  To grandson Samuel BURLINGAME, 5s. To sons Peter and Joshua, 5s. each.  To granddaughter Freelove ARNOLD, 5s. To grandson John WARNER, 5s. To daughters Margaret REMINGTON, Sarah BRIGGS, Freelove GORTON, Alice WESTCOTT and Patience BURLINGAME, 5s. each.  To son Stephen, all real and personal estate, after debts and legacies are paid.  Inventory, 2 beds, warming pan, old gun, pewter, cooper’s adze, cow, hetchel, stillyards, table, chairs, couch, money scales, &c.

[Children of Thomas Burlingame:]

1.  Thomas, 1688, May 29.
2.  Moses,
3.  Samuel,
4.  Peter,
5.  Joshua,
6.  Daughter,
7.  Mary,
8.  Margaret,
9.  Sarah,
10.  Freelove,
11.  Alice,
12.  Patience,
13.  Stephen,
(2d wife, no issue.)

III. {MARY {b.
{m.1689, Dec. 19, {d. 1760.
{AMOS STAFFORD, {b. 1665, Nov. 8.
{d. 1760. of Samuel & Mercy (WESTCOTT) STAFFORD.

[Children of Mary (Burlingame) Stafford:]

1.  Mary, 1690, Sep. 16.
2.  Samuel, 1692, Sep. 24.
3.  Mercy, 1694, Sep. 21.
4.  Amos, 1720, Apr. 24.
5.  Stukeley, 1704, Nov. 7.
6.  Patience, 1707, Apr. 21.
7.  Freelove, 1709, Oct. 14.

IV. {JANE, {b.
{m. (1) {d.
{JOHN POTTER, {b. 1668, Nov. 21.
{m. (2) 1711, {d. 1711. of John & Ruth (FISHER) POTTER.
{EDWARD POTTER, {b. 1678, Nov. 25.
{d. of John & Ruth (FISHER) POTTER.

[Children of Jane (Burlingame)(Potter)Potter:]

1.  John, 1692.
2.  William,
3.  Amey,
4.  Mary,
5.  Fisher, 1706, Sep. 29.
6.  Alice,

V. {ALICE, {b.
{m. {d.
{───── {b.
{d. of

[Child of Alice (Burlingame) ——:]

1.  Deborah,

VI. {MERCY, {b.
{m. {d.
{───── {b.
{d. of

[Child of Mercy (Burlingame) ——:]

1.  Freelove,

VII. {ROGER, {b. Providence, Warwick, Coventry, R.I.
{m. {d.
{d. of
  • 1699, Dec. 16.  He brought in a wolf’s head and received 10s. bounty.
  • 1708, Jun. 4.  He and Richard SEARLE, both of Mashantatack, having been appointed guardians of two daughters of Thomas RALPH, deceased, viz: eldest daughter Alice SEARLE (wife of Richard), and Eleanor RALPH; proceeded to divide lands.
  • 1722, Jun.  He deeded son Josiah, for love, &c., 20 acres at Mashantatack.
  • 1746, May 5.  Warwick.  He deeded son Jonathan, 11 acres and 80 rods.
  • 1747, Mar. 11.  Coventry.  He and his son William (and Alice, wife of latter), sold land to James SWEET.

[Children of Roger Burlingame:]

1.  Josiah,
2.  Jonathan,
3.  William,
4.  Freelove,
5.  Eleanor,

VIII. {PETER, {b. Providence, R.I.
{d. 1712.
IX. {ELIZABETH, {b. 1684, Jan. 9.
{m. (1) {d. 1752, May 5.
{ 1706, Dec. 5,
{THOMAS ARNOLD, {b. 1675, Mar. 24.
{m. (2) {d. 1728, Feb. 3. of Richard & Mary (ANGEL) ARNOLD.
{ 1734, Apr. 11,
{WILLIAM SPENCER, {b. 1672, Jul. 1.
{d. 1748. of John & Susanna (    ) SPENCER.

[Children of Elizabeth (Burlingame) Arnold:]

1.  Job, 1707, Nov. 16.
2.  Jonathan, 1708, Nov. 18.
3.  Mary, 1710, Oct. 28.
4.  Thomas, 1713, Nov. 4.
5.  Elizabeth, 1717,
6.  Sarah, 1722, Apr. 10.

X. {PATIENCE, {b. 1685.
{m. 1710, Jun. 15, {d. 1746, Aug. 8.
{THOMAS OLNEY, {b. 1686, May 18.
{d. 1752, Jul. 28. of Epenetus & Mary (WHIPPLE) OLNEY.

[Children of Patience (Burlingame) Olney:]

1.  Lydia, 1711, Jun. 2.
2.  Esther, 1714, Jul. 7.

BURLINGAME.  2d column.  II. Thomas.  His wife Martha, d. 1723.  IX. Elizabeth.  Her husband Thomas ARNOLD, d. 1727, Feb. 3.

BURLINGAME.  2d column.  VI. Mercy m. Othniel GORTON, b. 1669, Sep. 22, d. 1733, June 13, of John and Margaret (WHEATON) GORTON.  Children.  1. Israel.  2. John.  3. Frances, 1707, Mar. 15.  4. Othniel, 1718, Oct. 1. (unless this last was by a later Mercy).