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New England Marriages Prior to 1700

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Source: Clarence Almon Torrey, New England Marriages Prior to 1700 (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing
Company, 1987). [WorldCat]

[pages xiv-xv]

For each of the 37,000 couples herein covered, the husband’s full name (roughly alphabetical, with variant spellings grouped under the most common) is followed sometimes by a superscript to indicate generation (usually first or second), then by birth and death years, if known, in parenthese. “(1654-)” indicates a birth in 1654 and an unknown death year; “(-1700)” indicates an unknown birth year and a death in 1700. “Ca” for “circa” means “about” and “ae 35 in 1674” indicates aged 35 in 1674, a fact recorded probably in a court deposition. After an ampersand, “&”, the wife’s full name is given, with any known birth or death years likewise in parenthesis. “1/wf” or “2/wf” indicates first or second wife, any surname in parenthesis is a maiden name (in general, if there are two surnames, one or both in parenthesis, the first is a maiden surname, the second that of a first husband; if there are three surnames, however the parentheses are placed, the last two are those of previous husbands in chronological order), a blank line (within or outside parenthesis) indicates that the wife’s maiden name is unknown, a surname in brackets is one not derived from a marriage record, “w Daniel” indicates “widow of Daniel,” whose last name is given earlier, and “m/2” or “m/3”, followed by a man’s full name and often a year, indicates a second or third marriage. After the data on husband and wife is a semi-colon, then a date. If the date is exact — 25 Nov. 1674 — it is a marriage (or marriage intention) date; if it is a year only, preceded “b”, it is the birth date of a first child, not the birthdate of either partner, and the marriage can be assumed to have taken place a year or more earlier. Often these “first child” birthdates are approximate. Following this date is a list of residences, from marriage through usually the death of the husband, in chronological order. Question marks alongside any data indicate doubt, of course; “+” after a date means “following”, “-” means “Before”, and stray kinships that might provide clues to origins are sometimes noted as well. Since marriages of men with the same name are also roughly chronological, and each marriage is listed separately, data on a man’s second marriage (including residence only after it) often does not immediately follow the listing for his first.

[page 14]

ALLERTON, Isaac2 [(1630-1702 Virginia)] & 2/wf Elizabeth [WILLOUGHBY]/COLCLOUGH; 1663

[page 15]

AMBROSS, William & Elizabeth MATTOCK; 6 Jan 1697; Boston

[page 39]

BANKS, John & Mehitable MATTOX m/2 Thomas WEBBER; 29 Aug 1694; Boston

[pages 72-73]

BISHOP, Nathaniel (-1687) & Alice ? (not Alice MATTOCKS)(-1674+) b 1634; Boston

BISHOP, Nathaniel & Alice [MATTOCKS?], m/2 John LEWIS 1659, m/3 Abraham HOWE by 1680, m/4 John HARRIS aft 1683; b 1634 (no)

[page 76]

BLAKE, William (1594-1663) & Agnes (?THORNE) BAND/BOND? (-1678), wid; Pitminster, Eng, 27 Sep, 23 Sep 1617; Dorchester

[page 108]

BROWN, Samuel & Mary MATTOCKE, m/2 Thomas BISHOP?; 9 Jul 1661; Boston

[pages 132-33]

CANFIELD, Samuel (1645-1690) & Sarah [WILLOUGHBY] (living 1677), left widow Elizabeth; ca 1668; Norwalk, CT

CANFIELD, Samuel & Elizabeth [MERWIN?/WILLOUGHBY?] (see above); ? ; Norwalk, CT

[page 257]

FAIRBANKS, Richard & Elizabeth (DAULTON); Boston, Eng, b 1636, b 1633, 17 Sep 1618; Boston, ?dau Lydia m/1 Edward BATES, m/2 William FLETCHER

[page 302]

GILBERT, John (-1657) & 3/wf 2/wf Winifred (ROSSITER) COMBE (-1663+); in Eng b 1619; Dorchester/Taunton

GILBERT, Thomas (-1676, 1677) & Jane (COMBE) ROSSITER (-1691), Taunton, ?w Hugh?; 23 Mar 1639, 1639/40 (no); Taunton

GILBERT, Thomas2 (?1620-1662) & Catherine (CHAPIN) BLISS (1626-1712), w Nathaniel, m/3 Samuel MARSHFIELD 1664; 31 Jun 1655, 30 Jun 1655, ?31 Jul; Springfield

GILBERT, Thomas (1643-1725, ae 82y), ?Boston & Anna BLAKEY/BLACKE of Milton (1653-1722); 18 Dec 1676; Taunton

[page 339]

HAMMOND, Lawrence (-1699) & 3/wf Margaret WILLOUGHBY (-1683), w Francis; 8 Feb 1674/5; Charlestown

[page 348]

HART, Nicholas (-1645±) & Jane/Joan [ROSSITER] (1616, ?1615-1685±, 1691); b 1635?; Taunton/Warwick, RI/Portsmouth, RI/ Plymouth

[page 461]

LEONARD, Isaac (ca 1650-ca 1717) & Deliverance ? ; b 1680; Bridgewater

[page 462]

LEONARD, Solomon (?1610-1686) & Mary (CHANDLER) (-bef 1 May 1671); b 1640, b 1643?; Duxbury/Bridgewater

LEONARD, Solomon2 & Mary ? ; b 1680; Bridgewater

[page 463]

LEWIS, John & Alice [MATTOCKS? no?] BISHOP, m/2 Abraham HOWE bef 1680, m/3 John HARRIS (1683+); 22 Nov 1659; Boston

[page 480]

LYNDE, Nathaniel (1659-1729) & 1/wf Susanna WILLOUGHBY (1664-1710); b 1683; Charlestown/ Saybrook, CT

[page 488]

MARCH, George & Mary FOULSOM/FOLSOM, m/2 Joseph HERRICK; 12 Jun 1672; Newbury

MARCH, Hugh1 (-1693) & 1/wf Judith ? (-1675); b 1646; Newbury

MARCH, Hugh1 (-1693) & 2/wf Dorcas (BOWMAN) BLACKLEACH (-1683), w Benjamin; 29 May 1676; Newbury/Watertown

MARCH, Hugh (1656-) & Sarah MOODY (1663-); 29 Mar 1683; Newbury

MARCH, Hugh1 (-1693) & 3/wf Sarah (CUTTING)(BROWN) HEALY (-1699), w James, w William; 3 Dec 1685; Newbury

MARCH, Hugh (1673-1695) & Sarah [COKER], m/2 Archaleus ADAMS 1698; b 1694; Newbury

MARCH, James (-1721) & Mary [WALKER] (1699-), dau Shubael, m/2 John EMERY; b 1690; Newbury

MARCH, John1 (-1666) & 1/wf Rebecca ? ; b 1638; Charlestown

MARCH, John (-1666) & Anna [?BICKNER]; b 1666; Charlestown

MARCH, John & Jemima TRUE; 1 Oct 1679; Newbury

MARCH, John & Mary ANGIER; 11 Dec 1700; Newbury/Reading

MARCH, Nicholas & Martha ? , m/2 William DADEY? 1670; b 1657; Charlestown

MARCH, Stephen & Anna WILBORN; 26 Jan 1691/2; Taunton

MARCH/MARSH, Theophilus (-1694) & Elizabeth HUNT; 10 Jan 1664/5, 3 Feb 1664/5, 3 Feb 1664; Cambridge/Charlestown

MARCH, ? & ? FIELD; b 1701?; Flushing, LI

[page 497]

MATTOCK, David (-1654) & Sarah ? , m/2 Thomas RAWLINS 1656; Braintree/Roxbury

MADOCKS, Edmund & Rebecca MUNINGS/MUNNINGS; 14 Jan 1651/2; Boston

MADDOCK, Henry & Mary WELLINGTON (1640-), m/2 John COOLIDGE 1679; 21 May 1662; Watertown

MATTOCK/MADDOCK, Henry & Rachel ? ; b. 1673; Saco, ME/Boston

MATTOX, Henry & Diana SOUTHER; 3 Mar 1698; Boston

MATTOCKS, James (-1667) & Mary [SPOORE?]; b 1637; Boston

MADDOCKS, John (-1703) & Ruth CHURCH, m/2 Joseph CHILD, m/3 Thomas INGERSOLL 1720; 23 Jun 1689; Watertown

MATTOCK, John (1669-) & Elizabeth ? ; b. 1701?; Boston

MATTOCKE, Richard & Grace TOD (1650-); 2 Mar 1668/9; New Haven

MATTOCKE, Samuel & Constance FAIRBANKS; 30 Mar 1653; Boston

MATTOCKS, Samuel (1659-) & Anna/Ann?/Anne MARCH; 12 Apr 1688; Charlestown/Boston

[page 503]

MERIAM, George1 (ca 1603-1675) & Susan/Susanna RAVEN (-1675+); Tunbridge, Eng, 16 Oct 1627; Concord

[page 579]

PHILLIPS, William (-1705, ae 35?) & Hannah (GILBERT) (1677-1705); b 1699, b 1697?; Taunton

[pages 599-600]

PRATT, Ebenezer & Martha ? ; ca 1700; Weymouth

PRATT, Ephriam (1675±1748) & Phebe ? (-1736); b 1698, (ca 1695?); Weymouth

PRATT, Joseph (1639-1720) & Sarah JUDKINS (1645-1726); 7 May 1662; Weymouth

PRATT, Joseph (1665-1765) & Sarah (BENSON) (-bef 1721); b 1693, ca 1690?; Weymouth

PRATT, John (-1647?) & Mary? (WHITMAN?) dau John, m/2 William TURNER bef 1671; b 1630; Dorchester

PRATT, John (ca 1622-1716) & Elizabeth WHITMAN (-1716, ae 82); 22 Nov 1656, 9? Oct, 27 Nov, no ch; Weymouth

PRATT, John (1668-) & Mercy (NEWCOMB) (1665-1721); b 1690; Weymouth

PRATT, John (1663-1744) & 1/wf Mary (NEWCOMB?); b 1686; Weymouth

PRATT, Matthew (1628-) & Sarah HUNT (1640-1729); 1 Aug 1661; Weymouth

PRATT, Matthew & Susanna PORTER/Mary ? (1665-1761); b 1691; Weymouth/Abington

PRATT, Matthew (-1673?) & Elizabeth [BATES?] in Eng b 1628, b 1622, 1619?; Weymouth/Rehoboth

PRATT, Phineas/Phinehas? (1590/93-1680, ae 90?, ae 81 in 1674) & Mary (PRIEST) GOBERTSON/CUTHBERTSON (-1682+, 1689?); ca 1627/33; Plymouth/Charlestown

PRATT, Samuel (1670-1728) & Patience (CHARLES) (1675-1735); b 1695; Weymouth/Taunton

PRATT, Samuel (-1679) & Hannah RODGERS/ROGERS (-1721, ae 77), m/2 Thomas BAILEY b 1687; 19 Sep 1660, 19 Jul; Weymouth

PRATT, Samuel (1670-1745±) & (Hannah?)(MILLER); b 1697; Middleborough

PRATT, Thomas (ca 1626-1676) & 1/wf Mary ? ; b 1653, b 1659; Weymouth

PRATT, Thomas & Deborah LOVELL (1664/5-1727); ca 1690; Weymouth

PRATT, Thomas & Lydia (?BROWN), m/2 Josiah CHAPIN 1676; ca 1665, b 1676; Weymouth

PRATT, Thomas (-1676) & Lydia (BROWN?) (1658?-) of Ipswich, m/2 Josiah CHAPIN 1676; ca 1665; Weymouth

PRATT, Thomas (1646-) & ? (had Mary 19 Apr 1680, Thomas 9 Dec 1682, Hannah 19 Jul 1685); b 1680; Concord (see Thomas & Alice)

PRATT, Thomas (1646-1720) & Alice ? ; b 1669; Charlestown/Chelsea

PRATT, William & Hannah ? ; ca 1700; Weymouth

PRATT, William (1674-) & Hannah HOUGH; 8? Oct 1700; Saybrook, CT

PRATT, William (1659-1713) & Elizabeth (BAKER)/(SWIFT?) (1656-); 26 Oct 1680; Dorchester

PRATT, William (ca 1620-) & Experience (KING); b 1692; Weymouth/Dorchester

[page 612]

RAWLINS, Thomas1 (-1660) & 3/wf Sarah MADOCKS/MATTOCKS (-1660+) w David; 2 May 1656; Boston

[page 638]

ROSSITER, Hugh & (?Jane) ? (1614-1691), m/2 Thomas GILBERT 1639; Dorchester

ROSSITER, Edward (?1585-1630) & ? ; b 1615; Dorchester

[page 824]

WILLOUGHBY, Francis (?1613-1671) & 1/wf Mary ? (-1640); in Eng, b 1639, b 1635; Charlestown

WILLOUGHBY, Francis (?1613-1671) & 2/wf Sarah [TAYLOR] (-1654); 1640?, in Eng; Charlestown

WILLOUGHBY, Francis (?1613-1671) & 3/wf Margaret (LOCKE) TAYLOR, w Daniel, m Lawrence HAMMOND 1675; ca 1658-9, in Eng; Charlestown

WILLOUGHBY, Jonathan (ca 1635-) & Griszel GOLDESBOROUGH; in Eng, – Dec 1661, lic 3 Dec 1661; Charlestown/Wethersfield, CT

WILLOUGHBY, Nehemiah (1644-1702) & Abigail BARTHOLOMEW (1650-1702); 2 Jan 1671/2, 2 Jan 1671; Charlestown/Salem

WILLOUGHBY, William (1588-1651, in Eng) & Elizabeth ? (-1662, Charlestown); in Eng, b 1613; Charlestown

WILLOUGHBY, William & Abigail ? ; Greenland, NH


Chilton and Leonard: Mayflower Families Through Five Generations

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Source: Robert M. Sherman, editor, Mayflower Families Through Five Generations, Volume 2 (Plymouth,
Massachusetts: General Society of Mayflower Descendants, 1978).

[page 3]


James Chilton was the oldest passenger on the Mayflower, with the possible exception of Elder William Brewster. James was born before 1563 in Canterbury, Kent County, England, where the surname appears in the annals as far back as 1339 when Robert Chilton was a representative to Parliament from Canterbury. James’ grandfather Richard Chilton of St. Paul’s Parish, Canterbury, in a will dated and proved in 1549, mentioned his deceased wife Isabell, and bequeathed the bulk of his estate to his son Lyonell.

The will of Lyonell “Chylton,” a yeoman of considerable property residing in St. Paul’s Parish, dated 7 Sept. 1582 and proved 13 Feb. 1582/3, named sons John and James Chilton; daughters Alice, Anne and Margaret; wife Isabell and her children–Thomas Furner and Susanna Furner. To son James he left two tenements in Canterbury. Isabell was evidently a recent second wife of Lyonell, and not James’ mother (whose name is unknown).

James Chilton, tailor, was listed as a freeman of Canterbury in 1583. He married before 1587 just possibly Susanna Furner, daughter of his step-mother and her first husband Francis Furner. Seven children were baptized in Canterbury to James, then about 1600 the family moved to neighboring Sandwich where three more children were baptized, including youngest daughter Mary, who was baptized at St. Peter’s in 1607. Here he undoubtedly met Moses Fletcher, who was destined to be a fellow Mayflower passenger, as well as other Pilgrims who later went to Holland, and so was drawn into the Pilgrim movement.

From 1607 to 1620 we lose sight of James, but since his daughter “Ysabel Tgiltron spinster from Canterbury” was married in Leyden, Holland in 1615, and probably a second daughter Ingle, listed as “Engeltgen Gilten,” was married there in 1622, it is likely that James took his family to Holland, where Leyden betrothal records include several Pilgrims from Sandwich and Canterbury. On the other hand, James Chilton’s name has not been found in Leyden as owner of property, as a citizen, as friend of a betrothed couple, or even as witness at the betrothal of his own daughter. Possibly this apparent lack of record might be ascribed to the difficulty the Dutch had with writing the name Chilton.

Descent from James Chilton has been proved through only his eldest daughter Isabella and his youngest daughter Mary. “Engeltgen Gilten” mentioned above, who married

[page 4]

Robert Nelson, could not be followed further. None of the other children appears to have lived to maturity.

Governor Bradford wrote that among those on the Mayflower were James Chilton and his wife, and Mary their daughter; they had another daughter that was married, came afterward. In 1650 he wrote “James Chilton and his wife also died in the first infection, but their daughter Mary is still living and hath nine children; and one daughter is married and hath a child. So their increase is ten.” James died on 18 December 1620, scarcely a month after signing the Mayflower Compact–the only signer who died at Cape Cod. His wife shortly followed him, dying during the First Sickness at Plymouth sometime after 21 January 1620/1.

At thirteen Mary Chilton was thus left an orphan at Plymouth. No record reveals with whom she spent the next few years, but perhaps for at least a part of the time she was a member of either the Alden or the Standish household; in the 1623 land division “Marie” Chilton received her share (undoubtedly three acres–
one for herself and one for each parent) between the shares of John Alden and Myles Standish. By the time of the cattle division of May 1627, Mary had married John Winslow, and the couple were included with John
Shaw’s group.

References: NEHGR 63:201. TAG 38:244-5. STODDARD pp. 100, 120, 124. FAM OF PILGRIMS pp. 60-1.
BANKS ENGLISH ANCESTRY p. 45. BRADFORD’S HIST (1952) pp. 442, 446. MQ 26(4):2; 27(1):5-6; 33:43-
5; 38:101-3; 40:8-13; 43:56. SAVAGE 1:379. LEYDEN DOCUMENTS pp. 21, 48. PLYMOUTH COLONY
RECS 1:9; 12:4, 11.

[page 5]


1. JAMES1 CHILTON b. prob. Canterbury, Kent Co., England bef. 1563; d. Cape Cod Harbor (now Provincetown) aboard the Mayflower 18 Dec. 1620; son of Lyonell Chylton. [Lyonell’s second wife, the widow Isabell Furner, was not the mother of his children.]

He m. England bef. 1587 pos. SUSANNA FURNER, dau. of his step-mother; his wife d. Plymouth shortly after 11 Jan. 1620/1.

Children (CHILTON) b. Kent Co., England:

  • 2 i ISABELLA2 bp. St. Paul’s Parish, Canterbury, 15 Jan. 1586/7.
  • ii JANE bp. St. Paul’s Parish, Canterbury, 8 June 1589; n.f.r.
  • iii MARY b. Canterbury; bur. St. Martin’s Parish 23 Nov. 1593.
  • iv JOEL b. Canterbury; bur. St. Martin’s Parish 2 Nov. 1593.
  • v ELIZABETH bp. St. Martin’s Parish, Canterbury, 14 July 1594; n.f.r.
  • vi JAMES bp. St. Martin’s Parish, Canterbury, 22 Aug. 1596; d.y.
  • vii INGLE bp. St. Paul’s Parish, Canterbury, 29 April 1599; prob. the “Engeltgen Gilten” who m. Leyden, Holland, 27 Aug. 1622 ROBERT NELSON; n.f.r.
  • viii CHRISTIAN (dau.) bp. St. Peter’s Parish, Sandwich, 26 July 1601; n.f.r.
  • ix JAMES bp. St. Peter’s Parish, Sandwich, 11 Sept. 1603; n.f.r.
  • 3 x MARY bp. St. Peter’s Parish, Sandwich, 30 May 1607.

References: MD 1:87; 6:244. MQ 26(4):2; 27(1):5-6; 38:101[some dates in error]; 43:56. SAVAGE 1:379. TAG 38:244-5. NEHGR 63-201. BANKS ENGLISH ANCESTRY p. 45. FAM OF PILGRIMS pp. 60-1. LEYDEN DOCUMENTS p. 48. BRADFORD’S HIST (1952) pp. 442, 446. Register, St. Peter’s Christenings, Sandwich (now at Canterbury Cathedral).


2 ISABELLA2 CHILTON (James1) bp. St. Paul’s Parish, Canterbury, Kent Co., England, 15 Jan. 1586/7; no death record found. In fact, Bradford’s statement that James Chilton “had an other doughter, that was married, came afterward,” provides the only evidence that Isabella came to Plymouth.

She m. Leyden, Holland, 21 July 1615 ROGER CHANDLER (Rogier Kandelaer batchelor from Colchester, England); d. bet. 1658 and 3 Oct. 1665 prob. Duxbury.

The Leyden poll tax of 15 Oct. 1622 includes “Rogier Chandelaer, Isabel Chandelaer” his wife, and children Samuel and Sara. Roger and his family probably came to Plymouth in 1629 or 1630, when according to Bradford the

[page 6]

Leyden contingent arrived. He was taxed in Plymouth 25 March 1633, and listed as a freeman the same year–the earliest record of him in this country. He was enumerated among those able to bear arms in Duxbury in 1643, and sold land there in 1644; he was listed among freemen of Duxbury in a tally presumed taken in 1658.

In October 1665 the Plymouth Court granted 150 acres of land to the three (unnamed) daughters of Roger Chandler deceased. Articles in TAG indicate their names and husbands.

Children (CHANDLER):

  • i SAMUEL3 b. Leyden, Holland, bef. 15 Oct. 1622; prob. d.y.*
  • 4 ii SARAH b. Leyden bef. 15 Oct. 1622
  • 5 iii MARY b. after 1622 prob. Leyden
  • 6 iv MARTHA b. after 1622 prob. Leyden

References: MD 6:244; 11:129; 14:69. LEYDEN DOCUMENTS p. 21. FAM OF PILGRIMS pp. 61-2. TAG 27:1-6; 37:212-7. SMALL DESC 2:855-70. SAVAGE 1:358. NEHGR 63:201. BRADFORD’S HIST (1952) p. 442; also (1912) 2:400. DUXBURY RECS p. 19. PLYMOUTH COLONY RECS 1:4, 10, 11, 27, 165; 2:98; 4:110; 8:174, 198; 12:109. ARBER p. 273. Leyden Poll Tax. MA PIONEERS p. 93.

3. Mary2 CHILTON (James1) bp. St. Peter’s Parish, Sandwich, Kent Co., England, 31 May 1607; d. Boston MA bef. 1 May 1679.

She m. Plymouth bet. July 1623 and 22 May 1627 JOHN WINSLOW, b. Droitwich, Worcestershire, England, 16 April 1597; d. Boston bef. 21 May 1674; son of Edward and Magdalen (Ollyver) Winslow, and brother of Pilgrim Edward Winslow. Both John and Mary are buried in King’s Chapel Burying Ground, Boston.

John Winslow arrived at Plymouth in 1621 on the Fortune. He was listed as a freeman in 1633, and became active in the government of the colony, setting off and appraising land and serving on jury; in 1653 he became a member of “a counsell of warr.” With wife Mary, he moved to Boston in 1657. His will, attested 21 May 1674, […]

*Neither Samuel Chandler of Duxbury nor the one of Dorchester seems to be a son of Roger. Samuel of Duxbury was the son of Edmund Chandler, and Samuel of Dorchester was taxed in Plymouth in 1633, so appears to be too old to be Roger’s son. Further, in the 1665 grant to Roger’s three daughters, no mention was made of a son.

[page 8]

A tradition, apparently true, persists that Mary Chilton was the first female to reach shore from the Mayflower; less certain is whether this was accomplished at Cape Cod or at Plymouth. However it is certain that she left the only will of a female passenger, a paper today preserved at the Suffolk County Registry of Probate in Boston. […]

[page 10]

Mary’s will was proved 11 July 1679. It would appear that she died before 1 May 1679, however, upon which date Mr. William Tailer renounced the executorship of her estate. Administration of her estate was granted 24 July 1679 to her son John Winslow and son-in-law Richard Middlecott.

Children (WINSLOW) b. Plymouth after 22 May 1627:

  • 7 i JOHN3 b. prob. bef. 1630
  • 8 ii SUSANNA b. prob. bef. 1630
  • 9 iii MARY b. about 1631
  • 10 iv EDWARD b. ca. 1635
  • 11 v SARAH b. ca. 1638
  • 12 vi SAMUEL b. ca. 1641
  • 13 vii JOSEPH
  • 14 viii ISAAC b. 1644
  • ix a child b. bef. 1650; prob. d.y., certainly d. bef. 12 March 1673 (date father’s will)
  • x BENJAMIN b. 12 Aug. 1653; d. between 12 March 1673/4 and 31 July 1676; unm.

References: MD 1:65-71, 151; 2:116; 3:129-33; 17:70. MQ 33:43-5; 38:101-3. FAM OF PILGRIMS pp. 62-3 [no primary source found for mar. date 10 Oct. 1624]. STODDARD pp. 100, 125. BANKS ENGLISH ANCESTRY pp. 45, 130. BRADFORD’S HIST (1952) pp. 442, 446. NEHGR 17:159-60. PLYMOUTH COLONY RECS 1:3, 9; 8:17; 12:11(John & Mary Winslow in a division). PLYMOUTH BY THACHER p. 95. MARY CHILTON. SAVAGE 1:379; 4:601.


4 SARAH CHANDLER3 (Isabella2 CHILTON, James1) b. Leyden, Holland, bef. 15 Oct. 1622; d. Bridgewater bef. 27 Oct. 1675.

She m. Duxbury ca. 1640 SOLOMON LEONARD (or LENNER or LEONARDSON), b. prob. Monmouthshire, England, ca. 1610; d. Bridgewater bef. 1 May 1671.

[page 11]

Solomon Leonard was first recorded in Duxbury 1637, and in May 1638 was “promised lands on Duxburrow side, (in part of those due to him for his service).” This was probably the usual recompense to a servant; since normal service was seven years, we surmise that Solomon prob. arrived in Plymouth ca. 1631. In Feb. 1638/9 he received a grant of 25 acres. In 1645 he received a share of land in what later became Bridgewater, to which he removed soon after 1649. He was living there in 1658/9.

On 1 May 1671 Samuel Leonard of Bridgewater confirmed that his deceased father, Solomon Leonard, had given land to “my brother John Leonard.” Strangely, Samuel did not post bond as administrator of his father, Solomon deceased, until 27 Oct. 1675, at which time the failure to mention the widow of Solomon implies that Sarah had already died. In the disposition of this estate, “Samuel Leonardson” is called eldest son, John second son, with equal division among the “rest of the children.” In a deed 10 May 1677 to his brother “Isaak Leonardson,” Samuel Leonardson mentions brothers John, Jacob and Solomon.

Children (LEONARD) all b. Duxbury, last two prob. in that part later called Bridgewater:

  • 15 i SAMUEL4 b. ca. 1643
  • 16 ii JOHN b. ca. 1645
  • 17 iii JACOB b. ca. 1647
  • 18 iv ISAAC b. ca. 1650
  • 19 v SOLOMON b. after 1650
  • 20 vi MARY b. ca. 1650

References: TAG 27:1-6; 37:213. SAVAGE 3:80[incorrect wife and death]. BRIDGEWATER BY MITCHELL p. 244[confounds Solomon with son Solomon]. (PLYMOUTH) ANC LANDMARKS p. 172. FAM OF PILGRIMS p. 62. Plymouth Col. LR 3:199; 4:217-8(Samuel Leonard). Plymouth Co. PR #12697(Solomon Leonardson). LEONARD FAM pp. 13-33. PLYMOUTH COLONY RECS 1:83, 122; 3:159-60; 5:179-80; 8:189; 12:113. MA HIST COLL(Second Series) 7:138.

5 MARY CHANDLER3 (Isabella2 CHILTON, James1) b. prob. Leyden, Holland, after 1622; with virtual certainty the “Mary wife of Edmund Burfe” who d. Boston 15 Aug. 1658.

She m. EDMUND BRUFF (or BRAUGH, BROUGH, BURFE, or BURPH), who prob. d. soon after his wife.

Edmund Brough was first recorded in a Plymouth arbitration in Nov. 1640; he was in Marshfield in 1643, and moved to Boston about 1654. Nothing further was found in Suffolk County probate or land records.

[page 12]

Child (BRUFF) b. pos. Marshfield:

  • 21 i STEPHEN b. bef. 1653

References: TAG 37:212-7. SAVAGE 1:263, 302. BOSTON VR 9:67. MA PIONEERS p. 71. PLYMOUTH COLONY RECS 1:164; 2:58; 8:196.

6 MARTHA CHANDLER3 (Isabella2 CHILTON, James1) b. prob. Leyden, Holland, after 1622; d. Taunton 1 May 1674.

She m. bef. 1649 JOHN BUNDY, b. England ca. 1617; d. Taunton after April but bef. 29 Oct. 1681 ae 64. His mother was sister to Susanna, wife of Phillip Alley of Boston. He m. (2) Taunton 1676 Ruth (RATCHELL?) GURNEY of Mendon; they had sons John, Joseph and Edward. His widow Ruth m. Guido Bailey of Bridgewater.

John Bundy was in Boston in 1635; in Plymouth by 1636, indentured to William Brewster, where he was listed as able to bear arms in 1643; and served in the Narragansett expedition of 1645. He returned to Boston by 1649, and by 1662 was in Taunton.

The will of John Bundy “aged 64 or therabout of Tanton”, dated April 1681 and proved 29 Oct. 1681,
mentions his wife (unnamed), “the children”, son “Jeames Bundy”, “my sons”, and “the sons by this wife”.

Children (BUNDY) born to John and Martha, first two born in Boston, last three in Taunton:

  • i MARTHA4 b. 2 Nov. 1649; n.f.r.
  • 22 ii MARY b. 5 Oct. 1653
  • iii PATIENCE b. ?; d. Taunton 27 March 1665.
  • 23 iv JAMES b. 29 Sept. (or Dec.) 1664
  • v SARAH b. 4 March 1668; n.f.r.
  • pos. vi SAMUEL b. 4 Oct. 1670 (“son of Samuel”–an apparent error?); n.f.r.

References: TAG 27:1-6; 33:138, 141; 37:212. SAVAGE 1:298. VR TAUNTON. BOSTON VR 9:29, 41. NEHGR 116:18-9. SEATTLE BUL 5(6):333-5; 6(8):451-3(Bundy). Plymouth Co. PR #3310(John Bundy). PLYMOUTH COLONY RECS 1:51, 107; 2:90; 4:20; 8:35, 36, 39, 55, 65, 70, 82, 85. SUFFOLK COUNTY CT pp. 210-1(John Bundy, plaintiff). MA PIONEERS pp. 72a, 79. KING PHILIP’s WAR p. 458.

[page 21]


15 SAMUEL LEONARD4 (or LEONARDSON) (Sarah CHANDLER3, Isabella2 CHILTON, James1) b. Duxbury ca. 1643; d. Preston CT after 30 Nov. 1720.

He m. (1) bef. 7 March 1675/6 ABIGAIL WOOD, b. Plymouth ca. 1645; d. prob. Worcester; dau. of John and Sarah (Masterson) Wood (or Attwood). A division of the estate of John Wood “formerly of Plymouth” 7 March 1675/6 includes his child Abigail Leonard.

He m. (2) DEBORAH —–, prob. d. Preston between 21 March 1718/9 and 30 Nov. 1720. He lived in Bridgewater from before 1683 until after 10 Jan. 1687/8 when he and wife Abigail sold lands in Bridgewater in a deed acknowledged at Boston 31 Jan. 1687/8. He went to Worcester where he was living in 1692. Driven out by Indians in 1697, he moved with his family to Preston CT, where in Nov. 1698 he was among the twelve founders of the First Church.

Samuel Leonard of Preston sold 140 acres of land in Worcester 21 March 1718/9, his wife Deborah releasing her dower right. Also in 1718 Samuel “Lenard” of Preston sold to Thomas Clark of Norwich [husband of his daughter Elizabeth] his rights to “all ye commons and unlaid out lands in Preston.” Together with his daughter Mercy and her husband, and Lydia, widow of his son Samuel, he was among founders of the Second Church in Preston 30 Nov. 1720.

Children (LEONARD or LEONARDSON) b. Bridgewater to Samuel and Abigail:*

  • 50 i MERCY5
  • 51 ii ELIZABETH
  • 52 iii SAMUEL b. ca. 1683

*No confirmation was found for daughters Mary and Abigail suggested in LEONARD FAM. The Mayflower Society has accepted lineages based on a daughter Mary, for whom no substantiating proof was found.

[page 22]

Child (LEONARD or LEONARDSON) b. to Samuel and Deborah:

  • 53 iv PHEBE bp. Preston CT 7 or 17 Oct. 1703

References: LEONARD FAM pp. 35-6. PLYMOUTH COLONY RECS 5:188; 6:161-3(John Wood). TAG 27:1-6. Plymouth Col. LR 3:199; 4:5(Samuel Leonard). CSL Barbour Index:Preston. Plymouth Co. PR 1:338-9(John Wood). PRESTON CH pp. 129, 138. Middlesex Co. LR 20:233(Samuel Leonard). Preston CT LR 3:159(Samuel Lenard). WORCESTER BY NUTT p. 168.

16 JOHN LEONARD4 (Sarah CHANDLER3, Isabella2 CHILTON, James1) b. Duxbury ca. 1645; d. Bridgewater bef. 21 Nov. 1699 (inventory).

He m. ca. 1670 SARAH —–, living 30 Aug. 1701.*

Widow Sarah Leonard and son Joseph Leonard were appointed administrators 23 Jan. 1699/1700 on the estate of John Leonard late of Bridgewater deceased. In a division of this estate the widow was to receive her thirds; John Leonard the eldest son’s share; other shares to sons Enoch, Moses, Josiah and Joseph, and to daughter Sarah Leonard when she was 18. On 30 Aug. 1701 signing receipts were: widow Leonard, John Leonard, Joseph Leonard and Josiah Leonard. No Plymouth County probate or land records were found to reveal anything further regarding either the mother or the daughter Sarah.

Children (LEONARD) all prob. b. Bridgewater:

  • i JOHN5 living Bridgewater 1710(deed); prob. living with brother Moses in Worcester 25 Feb. 1726; prob. d. unm.**
  • 54 ii ENOCH
  • 55 iii MOSES b. ca. 1677
  • 56 iv JOSIAH
  • v JOSEPH b. bef. 1681(signed receipt 1701); living Bridgewater 1725(deed, see #54); n.f.r.
  • vi SARAH b. after 1683; pos. the Sarah who m. Bridgewater 28 July 1708 THOMAS WASHBURN; no known issue.

References: TAG 27:1-6[no daughter Martha found]. SAVAGE 3:79. VR BRIDGEWATER. LEONARD FAM pp. 37-8. BRIDGEWATER BY MITCHELL pp. 245, 341[no evidence found that the above Joseph was the one who married Hannah and moved to Pomfret CT–see #65]. Plymouth Co. PR 1:321, 360(John Leonard). Plymouth Co. LR 31:204(Enoch Leonard & Joseph Leonard).

*Not a daughter of Roger Chandler as claimed in LEONARD FAM.

**Mitchell attributes children born in the 1730’s to this John; they are more likely of a younger John.

[page 23]

17 JACOB LEONARD4 (or LENERSON) (Sarah CHANDLER3, Isabella2 CHILTON, James1) b. Duxbury ca. 1647; d. Bridgewater bet. 9 May and 19 Dec. 1717.

He m.(1) —– —–, d. bef. 1680.

He m.(2) ca. 1680 SUSANNA KING, b. Weymouth 6 May 1659; living Bridgewater 14 Dec. 1716; dau. of Samuel and Experience (Phillips) King.

Jacob served in King Philip’s War 1676; he was in Weymouth by 1679, apparently in Worcester by 1684, but returned to Bridgewater from which he was warned in 1693. Evidently he spent most of his later life in Bridgewater, although he was in Taunton when he purchased a Bridgewater house in 1697, and in Hingham in Dec. 1713. Jacob “Lennard” of Bridgewater sold to Moses “Lennard” (#55) of Marlboro a purchase right in “Woster” (Worcester) 9 May 1717.

The will of Jacob Leonard of Bridgewater husbandman, dated 14 Dec. 1716 presented 19 Dec. 1717 left land in “Woster” to two eldest daughters, Abigail “Washbourne” and Susanna Hill; names three younger daughters, Experience Leonard, Mary Leonard and Sarah Leonard; two sons Solomon and Jacob Leonard; “my present wife Susanna Leonard their mother.”

A son Joseph by an earlier wife is indicated in LEONARD FAM and BRIDGEWATER BY MITCHELL, as well as in “Bridgewater Corrections.” VR BRIDGEWATER cites gravestones and a “framed record in the possession of the New England Historical Genealogical Society” indicating a son Joseph. It is curious that although the phrase “my present wife” in his will suggests an earlier wife, Jacob did not mention a son Joseph, or Joseph’s heirs, either in his will or in any deeds.

Child (LEONARD) b. to Jacob and first wife, prob. Duxbury:

  • 57 i JOSEPH5 b. ca. 1672*

Children (LEONARD) b. to Jacob and Susanna:

  • 58 ii ABIGAIL b. Weymouth 11 Nov. 1680
  • 59 iii SUSANNA b. Weymouth 27 Dec. 1683
  • iv EXPERIENCE living 14 Dec. 1716; n.f.r.
  • 60 v MARY
  • 61 vi SOLOMON b. ca. 1693
  • 62 vii SARAH b. Bridgewater 11 June 1699
  • viii JACOB b. Bridgewater 13 June 1702; d. there 6 Dec. 1722; Solomon granted administration of his brother Jacob, 21 Dec. 1728 (sic); no other probate papers.

*The Mayflower Society accepts descent through this Joseph although the evidence is skimpy. No evidence was located to indicate the name of Jacob’s purported first wife.

[page 24]

References: SAVAGE 3:79. VR BRIDGEWATER, WEYMOUTH. LEONARD FAM pp. 38-43. WEYMOUTH BY CHAMBERLAIN 3:351, 367. BRIDGEWATER BY MITCHELL pp. 245, 423. EASTON HIST p. 43. NEHGR 33:246. Bridgewater Corrections p. 17. TAG 27:4. Plymouth Co. PR 4:31; #12617 and 5:408(Jacob Leonard). Plymouth Co. LR 6:82(Harris to Leonard); 10:337(Allen to Leonard). Middlesex Co. LR 21:295(Jacob Lennard). VR BRIDGEWATER 1:14 “P.R. 107.” KING PHILIP’S WAR p. 221.

18 ISAAC LEONARD4 (Sarah CHANDLER3, Isabella2 CHILTON, James1) b. Duxbury ca. 1650; d. Bridgewater after 10 Dec. 1717 and before 9 March 1719/20 (deed).

He m. ca. 1675 DELIVERANCE —–, living Bridgewater in March 1719/20 (pos. dau. of William and Hannah (—–) Ames b. Braintree 12 mo. 6th 1653).

Isaac took part in the Narragansett Expedition in 1675, for which son Isaac Leonard of Bridgewater claimed a grant in 1733. He was a weaver. Isaac of Bridgewater and wife Deliverance sold land with dwelling and barn in Bridgewater 29 Feb. 1705/6. He owned land in Mendon and Worcester. He was of Bridgewater 27 March 1717 when he transferred Worcester land, wife Deliverance consenting 7 March 1719/20; son Benjamin on 9 March 1719/20 attested he saw Isaac sign. On 5 April 1717, acknowledged 10 Dec. 1717, Isaac Leonard of Bridgewater gave to son Joseph Leonard his homestead in Bridgewater, on condition Isaac have lifetime use. No Plymouth County probate or land records were found to connect probable child Deliverance.

Children (LEONARD) presumably b. Bridgewater:

  • 63 i ISAAC5
  • 64 ii HANNAH b. 15 March 1679/80
  • prob. iii DELIVERANCE m. Bridgewater 9 Jan. 1701 SAMUEL WASHBURN JR., b. Bridgewater 6 April 1678; d. 1752; son of Samuel and Deborah (Packard) Washburn. He m.(2) 1703 Abigail Leonard (#58). Samuel and Deliverance had no issue.
  • 65 iv JOSEPH
  • 66 v BENJAMIN b. ca. 1686-90

References: VR BRIDGEWATER. BRAINTREE VR p. 633. TAG 46:121. BRIDGEWATER BY MITCHELL pp. 245, 341. NEHGR 16:145. LEONARD FAM pp. 44-5. KING PHILIP’S WAR p. 428. BOSTON TRANSCRIPT 19 Feb. 1917 #6058-10. Plymouth Co. LR 8:65; 14:94(Isaac Leonard); 38:201(Benjamin Leonard). Middlesex Co. LR 21:70(Isaac Leonard).

19 SOLOMON LEONARD (or LENERSON)4 (Sarah CHANDLER3, Isabella CHILTON2, James1) b. Duxbury or Bridgewater after 1650; d. Bridgewater 14 May 1686 (inventory).

He m. MARY —–, d. after 15 June 1686. The inventory of the estate of Solomon Lenerson of Bridgewater was

[page 25]

taken 21 May 1686, and sworn to be true by Mary Lenerson 15 June 1686.

Isaac Hayward and his wife Martha in 1739 transferred all rights to lands of “our father Soloman Leonard” late of Bridgewater deceased.

Children (LEONARD) prob. b. Bridgewater:*

  • 67 i MARTHA5 b. ca. 1685

References: BRIDGEWATER BY MITCHELL pp. 244-5, 277, 288[confounds two Solomons, father and son]. LEONARD FAM pp. 46-8. Plymouth Co. PR 1:1(Solomon Leonard). Plymouth Co. LR 33:46(Isaac Hayward).

20 MARY LEONARD4 (Sarah CHANDLER3, Isabella2 CHILTON, James1) b. Duxbury or Bridgewater after 1650; living Taunton 3 March 1724/5.

She m. Taunton 24 Dec. 1673 JOHN POLLARD, b. Boston 4th day 4th month 1644; living Taunton 7 May 1722; son of William and Anne (—–) Pollard. He m.(1) Deliverance Willis, by whom he had Deliverance, Hannah and William.

John was head of a family in Taunton in 1675, then moved to Boston; he returned to Taunton before Feb. 1692/3 when he bought land of Nicholas Stoughton. John Pollard Sr. was a press master for troops in July 1695; John Pollard Jr. was impressed for service in May 1697. On 7 May 1722 John Pollard of Taunton, cooper, released rights to one-eighth of a house called the “Horse Show” [Horse Shoe] in Boston to Jonathan Pollard of Boston, innholder; wife Mary signed the deed. Mary Pollard of Taunton testified 3 March 1724/5 aged about 75 years.

Children (POLLARD) b. to John and Mary:

  • i JOHN5 b. Taunton 20 March 1675; disappears after 1710, unless he is the John Polden of Plymouth.
  • ii MARY b. Boston 8 March 1677; n.f.r.**
  • 68 iii SAMUEL b. Boston 16 Jan. 1679
  • pos. iv JOSEPH bp. Boston 1685/6; n.f.r.

References: SAVAGE 3:80, 449. VR TAUNTON. BOSTON VR 9:18, 101, 108, 115, 142, 149. MD 21:57. LEONARD FAM p. 48. POLLARD FAM 1:47, 50-3[erroneously indicates John Pollard m. Mary dau. of Solomon

*No evidence was found to support the claim in LEONARD FAM for two other “supposed” daughters, Sarah and Lydia. The Sarah Leonard who m. 1710 Samuel Perry of “Sandwitch,” and Lydia Leonard who m. 1712 Joseph Pratt Jr. have not been placed.

**This Mary was not the wife of Solomon Kneeland, since one of the sons of Solomon and Mary Kneeland had Samuel Pollard for a grandfather.

[page 26]

and Mary Leonard; proposes the family lived in Essex County and had additional children]. PLYMOUTH COLONY RECS 8:55, 66. Suffolk Co. LR 33:261(John Pollard). Bristol Co. LR 4:68(Stoughton to Pollard); 14:208(John Pollard); 16:93(Mary Pollard). TAUNTON HIST pp. 93, 399, 400. [John Pollard and wife Deborah Campbell of Norton 1724 (see Bristol Co. LR 18:225) have not been placed.]

[page 58]

63 ISAAC LEONARD5 (Isaac4, Sarah CHANDLER3, Isabella2 CHILTON, James1) living 2 March 1736/7 “in York government.”

He m. Bridgewater 16 April 1701 MARY (GURNEY?) RANDALL of “North Purchase,” widow of Samuel Randall.

Isaac Leonard Jr. of Bridgewater bought land in Taunton “North Purchase” in 1702. When he moved there is uncertain, but he was living in North Purchase in 1713 and in 1720 when he bought land there. He was of Norton “east precinct” in 1722/3 when he purchased land in Easton. Isaac Leonard of Easton and wife Mary sold their home lot with dwelling in Easton March 1725/6.

Isaac Leonard of “Pomphret” CT sold two tracts in Easton 9 Sept. 1727, and Isaac “late of Easton now of Pomfret CT” sold his share in an iron mine in Easton 4 Jan. 1729, in a deed acknowledged 19 March 1730/1. Listed as inhabitants of Pomfret in 1731 were: Isaac Leonard Sr. and Jr., David Leonard and Thomas Leonard. Isaac was in Pomfret in 1732/3 when he traded land with a Joseph Leonard. (In one instance the land, sold by Joseph to Isaac6, was bounded by land of Joseph’s brother Isaac5.) After 1734 Joseph Leonard and wife, and Isaac Leonard, were admitted to the Second Church in Pomfret. In a deed signed 2 Feb. 1736/7

[page 59]

Isaac Leonard “late of Pomfret” was “now resident in Worcester shire in York government”* when he sold his holdings in Pomfret. No further records were found in CT for Isaac or sons David and Thomas.

Probable children (LEONARD): ISAAC6, DAVID, and THOMAS.

References: VR BRIDGEWATER. BRIDGEWATER BY MITCHELL pp. 106, 245. LEONARD FAM pp. 66-7. TAG 33:137-41. NEHGR 116:18-9. EATON HIST p. 48. WINDHAM CO CT BY LARNED 1:343, 349. Pomfret CT LR 2:156, 160; 3:38(Isaac Leonard). Bristol Co. LR 7:454(Benjamin Snow); 13:119(Thos. Randall Jr.); 13:121 (Jeremiah Willis & Samuel Smith); 18:145(Wm. Hayward); 18:510; 19:487; 20:50(Isaac Leonard).

64 HANNAH LEONARD5 (Isaac4, Sarah CHANDLER3, Isabella2 CHILTON, James1) b. Bridgewater 15 March 1679/80; d. Easton 22 April 1753.

She m. (1) Marlboro 11 March 1697 DAVID NEWTON, b. Marlboro 12 March 1671/2; d. there 4 April 1702; son of Moses and Joanna (Larkin) Newton. David Newton’s will, dated Marlboro 3 April 1702 sworn 26 May 1702, names wife Hannah, three “small daughters” Hannah, Lydia and Thankfull, and father Moses Newton Sr. as overseer. The will of Moses Newton of Marlborough, dated 3 April 1724, mentions “children of my sons David and Edward Newton deceased.”

She m. (2) bet. 1702 and 1708 NATHANIEL MANLEY, b. Weymouth 27 May 1684; d. Easton 21 April 1753; son of William and Rebecca (—–) Manley of Easton.

In 1716 Nathaniel Manley living in the easterly end of Taunton North Purchase gave rights in iron ore to his brother-in-law Isaac Leonard of Taunton. The same year he sold land and dwelling, his share from his father William Manley and his brothers Thomas and William Manley. Nathaniel was of Easton when he next sold land in 1726, and in 1727/8, which he and wife Hannah both acknowledged 5 May 1738. On 20 April 1753 Nathaniel Manley of Easton sold to Ichabod Manley of Easton several lots in Easton; on the second Tuesday of June 1754 one of the witnesses attested that Nathaniel Manley, since deceased, signed the deed.

Children (NEWTON) b. Marlboro to David and Hannah: HANNAH6 b. 1697; LIDIAH b. 1699; and THANKFULL b. 1701.

Children (MANLEY) b. Easton to Nathaniel and Hannah: ICHABOD b. 1709; HANNAH b. 1711; REBECCA b. 1714; ELIZABETH b. 1716; and MARY b. 1720, d. 1739.

References: VR BRIDGEWATER, HARDWICK(b. Ichabod), MARLBORO, WEYMOUTH. LEONARD FAM pp. 44-5. NEHGR 16:145. NEWTON GEN pp. 166-9.

*”Worcester shire in York government” has not been surely located, though Westchester NY has been suggested.

[page 60]

WEYMOUTH BY CHAMBERLAIN 3:414. EASTON HIST pp. 47-8. Easton VR(copy of original record book at town hall). Middlesex Co. PR #15885 and 10:459(David Newton). Bristol Co. LR 13:117; 20:214; 27:214; 27:406; 36:292; 40:402(Nathaniel Manley). Worcester Co. PR, old series, #43331 (Moses Newton).

65 JOSEPH LEONARD5 (Isaac4, Sarah CHANDLER3, Isabella2 CHILTON, James1) b. prob. Bridgewater; living Pomfret CT 6 April 1736.

He m. Bridgewater 19 Nov. 1712 HANNAH JENNINGS, dau. of Richard Jennings. Richard’s will, signed in Bridgewater 27 April 1739 proved 1751, names daughter Hannah wife of Joseph Leonard. In 1725 Mary Bailey sold rights to Joseph Leonard of Bridgewater “son of Isaac Leonard decd.” Joseph Leonard Jr. of Bridgewater sold 20 March 1728 “my homestead where I dwell” in Bridgewater, and wife Hannah released right of dower. On 8 April 1728 Joseph Leonard of Bridgewater, cooper, bought land in Pomfret, bounded on the south by land of Isaac Leonard. Joseph Leonard of Pomfret husbandman on 9 Jan. 1732/3 sold to Isaac Leonard of Pomfret “the farm whereon I now live” bounded by land of “my brother Isaac Leonard,” witnessed by an Isaac Leonard. On 5 April 1736 Joseph Leonard of Pomfret sold land in Pomfret, acknowledged the next day; he and his family then disappear from the records of Connecticut.

Children (LEONARD) all except last b. Bridgewater: twins HANNAH6 and JOSEPH b. 1713; MOSES b. 1714; SETH b. 1715; TIMOTHY b. 1718; REBECCA b. 1721; MEHETABEL b. 1724; THANKFUL b. 1726; EBENEZER b. 1728; and BETTE b. Pomfret CT 1730.

References: CSL Barbour Index:Pomfret. VR BRIDGEWATER. BRIDGEWATER BY MITCHELL pp. 210, 245. LEONARD FAM p. 61[clearly has the incorrect Joseph going to Pomfret]. Plymouth Co. PR 12:385(Richard Jennings). Plymouth Co. LR 19:168(Mary Bailey); 23:151(Joseph Leonard). WINDHAM CO. CT BY LARNED 1:349. Pomfret CT LR 2:59(John Adams); 2:155, 156, 157, 160, 161, 162(Joseph Leonard & Isaac Leonard).

66 BENJAMIN LEONARD5 (Isaac4, Sarah CHANDLER3, Isabella2 CHILTON, James1) b. prob. Bridgewater ca. 1686 to 1690; d. Mendham NY by July 1749.

He m. (1) Bridgewater 15 Aug. 1715 or 1716 HANNAH PHILLIPS, d. ca. 1730; dau. of William and Hannah (Gilbert) Phillips of Taunton. On 15 Nov. 1717 Benjamin and Hannah Leonard of Bridgewater received of “our grandfather Thomas Gilbert of Taunton, administrator of the estate of William Phillips late of Taunton deceased, our father,” their share of his estate.

[page 61]

He m. (2) Freetown 13 June 1734 MARY CUDWORTH, b. Freetown 14 Nov. 1702; very prob. d. Morristown NJ 5 Nov. 1778 ae 75; dau. of James and Betsey (Hatch) Cudworth.

Benjamin Leonard, cooper, of Bridgewater sold his homestead in Bridgewater in 1720, and the same year he and wife Hannah sold land in Dighton, set off to her from her father’s estate. In 1722 Benjamin bought land in Dighton, and was living in the part which later became Berkley in July 1723 with wife Hannah. Benjamin was of Berkley when he sold land in 1735, and also when he sold his homestead in 1737, wife Mary relinquishing dower. Both he and Mary still of Berkley acknowledged a sale 7 Dec. 1738. His last sale was acknowledged in Berkley 3 Sept. 1739.

About 1740 Benjamin and family moved to Mendham, Morris Co., NJ. No probate or land records have been located for either Benjamin or Mary in NJ.

Children (LEONARD) b. to Benjamin and Hannah, first two b. Bridgewater, all recorded Dighton: JEMIMA6 b. 1717; LYDIA b. 1718; HANNAH b. 1720; BENJAMIN b. 1722; WILLIAM b. 1724; and CALEB b. 1726.

Children (LEONARD) b. to Benjamin and Mary, only Henry certain, others probable (marriages for
Ephraim, Sarah, Dorothea and Hannah found at Morristown NJ 1753-61): EPHRAIM; HENRY bp. Berkley 1738; SARAH; DOROTHEA; HANNAH; and possibly SUSANNA.

References: VR BRIDGEWATER. Dighton VR 1:42, 91. Freetown VR, typescript, pp. 17, 79; and marriages p. 40. TAG 46:121. BRIDGEWATER BY MITCHELL p. 247. LEONARD FAM pp. 67-8. CORY ANCY 2:1:87-90. Plymouth Co. LR 38:201(Benj. Leonard). BERKLEY HIST p. 6. Berkley Baptisms by Rev. Samuel Tobey, typescript at Old Colony Hist. Soc., Taunton. Bristol Co. LR 13:139, 565; 15:16, 255; 35:355; 40:276; 57:199(Benj. Leonard); 15:5(James Leonard Jr.). NJ ARCHIVES, WILLS 2:478(Jos. Thompson will mentions Benj. Leonard deceased).