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Francis Milton Miller, autobiographical account

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Source: Francis Milton Miller, [Untitled], autobiographical account, Luster Earl Colley genealogical collection, Reference 003.

Reference 3

[Autobiography of Francis Milton MILLER copied from a handwritten account preserved by Vida Catherine MILLER COLLEY, granddaughter of the said Francis Milton MILLER. This copy was typed from a previous typescript copied from the original:]

I Francis Milton MILLER was born November 8th. 1838 in Benton County, State of Missouri.

Father: My Father was William MILLER who was born in State of Kentucky. My Grandfather Henry MILLER was from North Carolina. My Grandmother Hannah (BISHOP) MILLER was from South Carolina.

Mother: My mother Levina (WILLIAMS) MILLER was born in Georgia. My Grandfather Howell WILLIAMS was from South Carolina. My Grandmother Rachel (RADCLIFF) WILLIAMS was from Georgia.

Sisters: My two Sisters (twins) Paulene Jane and Levina Caraline MILLER were born January 10th., 1842. My Mother died at the birth of those twin sisters and was buried where she died in Polk County, Mo. After Mother’s death I with my baby sisters were taken to Grandfather MILLER’s in Benton County to live.

About the year 1845 my Father went to Texas and served a while with the Texas Rangers. He returned to Benton Co., Mo. and married a widow Rebecca MYERS who had two children Mary and George MYERS. This was about 1847. I was then taken to live with my Father and Stepmother and the Stepsister and Stepbrother. While my two sisters remained with Grandfather MILLER who before his death made them by his will equal sharers of his estate (with his own children).

At or near the age of ten years I commenced attending such schools as we had in those days. We had only what were termed subscription schools and my recollection is that they were very poorly managed and equipped. Among my first teachers were Annie REYNOLDS, Guilford B. PARK and Joseph MONROE.

When I was about sixteen years old my Father removed to Henry Co., Mo. near Leesville. My teachers there in the public schools, which were then being organized by law were Fenton G. REAVIS, James N. THOMPSON of near Leesville and Joel TOWNSEND who taught what was then termed a high school at Sardis Seven nine West of Calhoun in in Henry Co. To this last mentioned school I attended only about two months, with Walter S. REAVIS as chum and schoolmate. We boarded at Wm. L. AVERYs and attended school until corn gathering time came and called home. I was very much disappointed in this as I had been promised that I might attend this school all winter. As I could not return to school Mr. REAVIS would not let Walter go back alone (He was two or three years younger than I) This was about the fall of 1858 about the first of October I made up my mind that the best thing for me to do in order to get a better education which I very much desired, was to leave my Fathers house and work for wages till I could secure enough to continue my studies. Whether this was right or wrong I set out to accomplish, leaving home after the family were all asleep at night, As I fully believed I would be refused permission to go had I requested it.

I went to Warrensburg in Johnson Co., MO. and hired to a farmer near the town to cut corn for a few days at $1.00 a day. I soon went to work at a saw and grist mill owned by Wm. GRANGER on Black Water Creek near Warrensburg. I was now getting $20.00 per month with my board. I worked all winter there still with the intention of going to school as soon as I could accumulate enough money. But I soon discovered it was a slow process saving money at such wages. And in the spring, about April I concluded to go to my Grandfathers and help take care of my twin Sisters as Grandfather was old and poor and the girls often had to work out in the farm crops. A widowed Aunt (Jane LUSK) also lived at Grandfathers. She had a small Son (Silas) who was not able to do much work. I accordingly lived there about two years helping with crops in summer and teaching school in the fall and winter. During my stay here I joined the Christian Church Leesville under the preaching of G. W. LONGEEN. During this time I became acquainted with an orphan girl Catherine GILLEY, near my own age, who lived with her Aunt Sallie (SAYLOR) WOLF. I fell deeply in love with her and on my 22nd. birthday, November 8, 1860, we were married by Joseph MONROE a justice of the peace. This ended my intentions and efforts to attend school any more. I now engaged in farming on rented land with dwelling house furnished. I had however entered 80 acres of government land on which I soon built a log cabin and in which we were living when the Civil War broke out in 1861.

Our first child a girl, Alice Carey MILLER, was born on December 27, 1861.

In 1862 the Mo. Militia (E.M.M.) were enrolled and organized and I was elected 1st. Lieutant (Lieutenant) of Co. G, 60th Regt. Our Head Quarters were at Warsaw, Benton Co., Mo. We did considerable service in protecting our homes from marauding parties of bush whackers and etc.

Sometime in 1863, the M.S.M. cav. vols, were organized into N.S. service. I left the E.M.M., which had been partially disorganized and sent home, on July 2nd. 1863, and joined Co. E. 6th. Regt. as private, as this Co. was on its march from North Mo. to Springfield Mo. I did this because it was not safe for men to stay at home for many were killed at home in the presence of their families. I bid good bye to wife and baby and many friends and went with my Regt. to Springfield where we were stationed. Sometime in Aug. I was detached in a squad of 20 to escort an inspecting officer through Cassville, Newtonia, and Carthage and back to Springfield. This was a hard ride for 3 or 4 days and part of the nights as the officer had one of the best and easiest riding horses in the Army and we were on the gallop a greater part of the time with out one nights rest. After returning to Springfield, I was again detached to go in an escort for a Telegraph Co. to repair lines that the rebels had cut away down east near Lebanon and before I got back to Springfield I was taken sick and had a long siege of pneumonia and typhoid fever. Near the 1st. of Oct. I began to recuperate somewhat. The Regt. Surgeon sent for my Father who with my Stepmother brought a carriage and I was granted a sick furlough and was taken to my home in Benton Co., Mo. where I lay for months not able to get out of bed.

On the 21st. of October 1863, our 2nd. child a daughter (Ida May) was born. Before this baby was a month old we were left alone in our log cabin and wife had to nurse me and her two babes and keep up fires and all the chores belonging to such a family. She even had to cut wood and carry it in to keep up fires. I don’t think a woman ever lived who toiled with more patience and devotion for husband and children than did Katie Miller. Fortunately she kept up and bravely brought us through the winter to the 1st of March when I was ordered to report to my Regt. at Springfield, Mo. I had gotten so I could walk with the aid of crutches. The order seemed imperative and I was taken to Warsaw, Mo. and took the stage coach for Springfield. On arriving the Regt. Surgeon was very much surprized to see me on crutches as he had a report that I was able for duty and was having a good time with my family at home. But the mistake had been made and I had to stay with the army till the Surgeon said I was not likely to be able for duty for a long time if ever. So they made application to have me discharged and on June 13, 1864 I received my discharge and giving my crutches to a comrade who had a leg amputated I took a cane and on the stage coach I landed at Warsaw and out home on horse back riding a womans side saddle as my right hip was paining me so I could not ride astride. I had never received a cent of my pay for either the E.M.M. or the M.S. Cav vol service, so we were in very straightened circumstances financially and as it was not safe for even a cripple to stay at home in the country districts I moved to Warsaw (where was a garison of N.S. Soldiers) and taught school. School in Shawnee bend just across the Osage River from Warsaw. I soon made collection of what the U. S. Gov. and the State of Mo. owed me for my services, and with the proceeds bought a house and lot in Warsaw, Mo., where I managed to work in various offices writing to earn a rather scanty living for myself and family. I was soon appointed Postmaster here and thus was living a little more independently until LINCOLN was assassinated.

Walter Scott MILLER was born December 16, 1865.

When Andrew JOHNSON became president, I did not agree in many things with his policy and being frank and outspoken in my opinions and after the reconstruction the Bourboan and Valandingham Democrats were largely in aseendancy I was after serving as P>M> only 2 or 3 years removed to give place to an Ohio Carpetbagger, Valandingham Democrat.

As no charges had ever been preferred against me, except for political reasons, this made me pretty sore. I now took any odd jobs I could get to support my family. I wrote some in the County Clerks and Recorders offices and worked with William B. LONGAN in getting up abstracts of titles to land in Benton Co., Mo. The first work of the kind that had ever been done in the county. I was getting $40.00 per month which was considered pretty fair wages for those days. While thus engaged Dr. W. S. HOLLAND bought out the store of Holland, Dums and Lay and wanted me to work for him in the store and as I was inexperienced in the business he offered me only $25.00 per month and what goods I used at cost. Gave me a day and a night to consider the matter. I at first thought of refusing the offer as it was $15.00 less per month than I already getting, but after deliberating with my wife and as I wanted to learn the mercantile business, I concluded to accept the job and began immediately to try it for at least one month.

At the end of the month the Dr. proposed to sell me an interest in the store and offered to buy a farm of 160 acres, which I owned some 10 miles out in the country and to loan me enough money besides to pay for a third interest in the store. So I concluded to make the deal. As never expected to live on the farm any way as it was poor and rockey. He allowed me $500.00, and loaned me $1200.00 at 10% interest to pay for the 1/3 of a $6000.00 stock of goods. We went into contract to run one year in the partnership and then if not satisfied we were to invoice and divide the goods, profits, etc.

Francis William MILLER was born May 25, 1869.

At the end of the year, he proposed to sell out the whole business to me and I took him up. HOLLAND loaned me enough money at 10% interest to pay for his share of the stock of goods. (general merchandise) and also recommended me to the Merchants of St. Louis, where we bought our goods in those days.

Willis Holland MILLER was born April 2, 1871.

I ran this business with fair success for 2 or 3 years, until competition became pretty strong and I did not feel that I had sufficient means to successfully meet it. I there-fore began reducing my stock with the intention of removing to some small country town and closing out entirely as soon as I could find a farm or some land I could buy to make a farm.

Nellie Catherine MILLER was born November 2, 1872.

So in the fall of 1873, November 3, I removed to Lowry City, St. Clair Co., Mo. with my family and the remnant of my stock of goods. I rented a rather small store building, putting the goods in the front and my family in the rear part of the building. I bought a small amount of dry goods, groceries, etc in order to fill up so the people would trade with me as there was another general merchandise store in the town. I took produce for the goods and even took fence rails at $3.00 per 100 as I was aiming to buy a piece of land as soon as I could look around a little bit.

I ran a whole lot of the goods off during the winter of 1873 and 1874. And about May 1st. 1874, I bought 80 acres of raw prairie land from John S. HUBBARD paying $3.00 per acre for it. The following is the description of its locality. The E 1/2 of S.W. 1/4 of section 6, township 39, range 25.

During the summer of 1874, I still lived in Lowry City, My wife attended to store trade while worked on our new farm. I had the rails we bought delivered on the land. I fenced a few acres and broke quite a bit of sod, but raised no corn and very little fodder as it was an exceedingly dry season. I also built a two room house and smoke house and moved onto the farm in October 1874. No one raise any corn to amount to anything so we had a hard time getting through the winter. My old friend and teacher Guilford B. PARK let me have two loads of corn of a crop he had got over on the Osage bottoms. We paid 65 cents per bushel. This was all the corn I could find to buy so I hauled wheat from Warsaw at $1.00 per bushel to feed our team and cow and one hog through the winter. Every body had to pay $1.00 for seed corn that was shipped to Clinton from Iowa, No R. R. station nearer than Clinton yet.

This was a fine season and every body made a bouncing big crop of corn and fair crop of oats, potatoes, etc.

On July 20, 1875, Clarence Alvin and Clara Mabel our twins were born increasing our already large family to ten in all.

In the fall of 1875 I taught a 3 months term of school for $25.00 per month.

By the spring of 1877, I had succeeded in fencing the whole 80 acres and had broken out near half of it and was cultivating it in corn. I had gathered up and raised several head of cattle, hogs and sheep and a few head of horses. I had no barn yet but had a long shed board up at sides and ends and covered with hay for a while and afterwards covered with clap boards which I hauled from Benton County. I had also hauled from the same locality the lumber to build the shed.

Almira Myrtle Born, November 25, 1877.

I now took membership in Park Grove Christian Church, and wife and daughters Alice and Ida and Son Walter also baptized and took membership. I had belonged in younger days at Leesville, then Warsaw, Mo., then to Park Grove. We hauled our fire wood some 4 or 5 miles from near the Osage River where I cleared up land for all the timber that would not make 4 good rails to the cut.

My son Walter was now getting large enough to drive a team, and as we had two teams we gathered in our supply of wood pretty fast. We mowed wild prairie grass in summer for hay as we had no meadows yet. There was yet plenty of open prairie land and we took the grass free without any one to say us nay. Every body did this until people began to buy and improve the lands along in 1880.

In Sept. 1880, I bought another 80 acres of land adjoining mine. West 1/2 S.W. 1/4 of section 6, township 39, range 25, for $5.00 per acre. This tract was fractional containing 85 40/100 acres or the whole S.W. 1/4 of the section. People about this time began to use barbed wire for fencing and I was one who objected for much to its use as a great many horses were maimed by, but I soon concluded to fence the balance of farm with it. I had already taken a great deal of t;ouble and paid out considerable money for to get a hedge fence around the first or east 80 acres. I afterwards was sorry I had, for we found that a good fence could not be made of it, and in a few years, we began to dig and pull the Bois De Arc hedge up root and branch and replace it with woven wire which made a good safe fence.

Near this time we built the Park Grove Christian Church having previously worshiped in the R. G. school house.

In the fall of 1885, I began building a larger house as our family had grown in numbers to eleven and were very much crowded. I built a two story house on the South and connected it with the old one, I hauled the hard lumber 12 miles from the Pevely Bend on Osage River.

By the fall of 1886, we had finished and moved into the new house still using the old part for kitchen and dining room.

In August 1890, we concluded as we had now a pretty good dwelling, we would try building a barn. So I tried the lumber yard near us for fair prices on lumber, but could not get them low enough to suit me. So went to Willow Springs in Howell Co., and bought a car load of pine lumber and had it delivered to Lowry City for a great deal less than I could buy it near home.

I bought all the lumber except the shingles which I concluded I could get cheaper and better at Lowry City than at Willow Springs.

hired Mr. FIELD a carpenter of Lowry City, Mo., at $1.50 per day and he, my boys, and myself put up the barn 24 X 60 ft. with 16ft. posts and twelve ft. shed on South and North sides, making the total width 48 ft. After finishing the barn we had ample room for all our stock and grain and hay to feed them with.

July 29, 1894, all at home. Se notes in old book.

August 19, 1894, Clarence joined church.

Clarence Alvin died August 11, 1896.

We were getting everything arranged pretty well to take care of our stock, except we lacked water convenient. So in the fall of 1903, we began to dig a well in the barn yard. We hired M John BOND and his 2 boys to dig and wall the well at $1.50 per ft., he to furnish material and tools and I to board them and two horses. Mr. BOND said he could get me plenty of water at 35 ft., but when they got down the 35 ft., there was no sign of water. So I hired to go on down to 50 ft. depth at same figures and still they got no water. They had struck pretty hard stone to dig or blast, so I offered them $2.00 per ft. to go on till they would find water. But the digging was so hard and expense to keep tools sharp and etc., that let them quit after they had got down 52 ft. They walled the 52 ft. with stone clear from the bottom to the top.

I then hired two men with a 6 in. well auger to drill down in the center of the dug hole 53 ft. more, making 105 ft for total depth of the well and water that was rise 8 ft. deep in the dug part. I paid the drill men $1.00 per foot, making the well cost me about $132.00 just for the digging. I next bought a wind mill that cost me with pump, tank and all thing complete about $90.00 and we had plenty of very hard mineral water that the stock did not like, but I ran tiling from the barn into the well and the large barn roof soon filled the well to brim with good soft rain water.

In the spring of 1907, I took stock in the Mt. Zion Telephone Co, and we built a telephone line from Lowry City to Mt. Zion and bought and put a telephone in our house, I believe there were 10 phones on this line. We had free exchange with all farmer lines centering in Lowry City.

In the fall and winter of 1909, we built the Christian Church house in Lowry City which cost when completed between $1500.00 and $2000.00. It was a frame vaneered with brick. Our family had transferred our membership from Park Grove Church and of course was under obligations to help pay for the building and incidentals of the new Church, which we did to the best of our ability.

This Church had just recently been organized by the labors of Bro. John I ORRISON and by Bro. John H. JONES. The Lowry City Church was organized with very few members, probably 35 or 40. The Church building was dedicated I think in June 1910.

About the 1st. of the tear 1910, we, the whole family, I may say got in the notion of selling our farm, for many reasons, the principal reason being, I was getting too old to labor hard and long enough by myself to take care of the live stock and keep up the farm, and for many other reasons we need not mention here. So we put the farm in the hands of real estate agents to sell, asking $50.00 per acre, but after a short time we reduced the price to $45.00.

So in Feb. 1810, R. L. CRAWFORD and Larue READING, agts, made a sale of the farm to Danl LEWIS of Smithville, Clay County, Mo. at the $45.00 per acre. LEWIS to pay $2000.00 down and gave his note for balance of price, payable in 3 yrs. at 6% int. semi annual, with privilege of paying part of principal at any int. pay period. LEWIS gave me a deed of trust to secure payment, he and wife signing it.

On the 1st. of March, he having completed so far with all requirements, Wife and I made and delivered the warranty deed. We to give full possession the 1st. of April and allowing Mr. LEWIS’s hands to move into one of the houses immediately so they could go to work on the farm. We advertized a public sale to take place 19 of March 1910 and on that day sold all our live stock, farming implements, and part of our house hold goods and began to make preparations for moving to Carrollton as we had made arrangements with my son Willis to move into his residence and he to live with us. He had kindly come down from Carrollton and helped with the sale and about packing our goods, getting car and etc.

On April 1st. or near that date our car arrived at Carrollton and the family a day or two later. Willis and I had already gone on to get everything ready. We thought we might stay with Willis two or three years on his place or until we would find a home suitable to all of us. But I concluded I did not like the town of Carrollton or the surrounding country for a permanent home. So I about the 1st July 1910 went to Kansas City and rented a residence at 2441 Agnes Ave. and by the 4th. moved into it. All except Clara and Myrtle who concluded to stay with Willis and make their home there. I looked over Kansas City quite a good deal hunting a piece of property to make us a home. After some 3 months renting we found the place we concluded would do. On the 25th. day of October 1910, Newton J. KELLY made me a warranty deed to the South thirty nine feet of lot 3, Block 5, in Central Park addition to Kansas City. I paid him $3,700.00 cash. We moved into this property about November 1st. No. 2608 Chestnut.

In the spring of 1911 I bought and set out some peach, plum trees and grape vines and spaded up the back yard or most of it for garden, and found no trouble in raising near all the vegetable we needed.

On March 1st. 1913, Mr. LEWIS paid all the balance of the price of the old home stead and we own not a foot of land except lot we live on in Kansas City, a small lot in Lowry City Cemetery.


Kizers in Virginia

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Source: “Kizers in Virginia,” Southern Genealogist’s Exchange Quarterly (Summer 1985), page 67.

[page 67]

[Reader response to “A 3 X 5 Trail: Shenandoah Co., Va.: KIZER” sent us again to our salvaged box of index cards.  We repeat: although the research seems sound and meticulous, the cards bear little or no documentation.]

HENRY KISER.  Will of 25 Jan. 1805, Rockingham Co., Va., names: Jacob KISER and Mary his wife; William KISER and Charity his wife; Abraham KISER and Catharine his wife; Margaret KISER, no relationship given; Andrew WOOLF and Hannah his wife; Henry KISER and Sarah his wife; John SAILER and Elizabeth his wife; Nancy ARMINTROUT, no relationship given.

JACOB KISER, son of Henry KISER, m. Mary _____.  A deed, 14 Feb. 1817, Rockingham Co., sells land for 25¢ from Henry HARSHBARGER to Jacob KISER.  Jacob KISER is grantee in a deed of 15 May 1817, Rockingham Co., from Henry HARSHBARGER and Sarah his wife.

A JACOB KYSER m. Catharine HARSHMAN/HARSHBARGER 24 Sept. 1819, Rockingham Co.

WILLIAM KISER, son of Henry KISER, m. Charity FRIDLEY.  A deed of 11 Jan. 1816 names William KYSER and Charity his wife, late Charity FRIDLEY, of county of Betecourt, dau. of George FRIDLEY.  William and Charity were m. 25 Sept. 1786, Rockingham Co.

A WILLIAM KIZER of Betetourt Co., Va., was put in stocks for ½ hour for contempt of court, 14 Aug. 1793, and the same for 15 minutes, 13 Nov. 1799, and was under bond for good behaviour, 13 May 1795.

ABRAHAM KISER, son of Henry KISER, m. Catharine _____.  N.T.

NANCY KISER of Rockingham Co. m. George ARMINTROUT, 1787.

Descendants of Richard Corley of VA

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Source: Lynn DeRider Olivier, “Descendants of Richard Corley of VA,” at, created 1 March 1998.

Descendants of Richard CORLEY of VA

1. Richard CORLEY born CIR 1650, SS1, died CIR 1708, St Paul’s Parish, Hanover Co, VA, Location: 1671, Blisland Parish, New Kent Co, VA.


+ 2.    i    Richard CORLEY born CIR 1670.

+ 3.    ii   John CORLEY born ca 1675.

Second Generation

2. Richard CORLEY born CIR 1670, Hanover Co, VA, SS2, died AFT 1740, Hanover Co, VA.


+ 4.    i    John CORLEY born ca 1695.

+ 5.    ii   James CORLEY born ca 1700.

+ 6. iii  Rebecca CORLEY born ca 1710.

+ 7. iv   Richard CORLEY born ca 1719.

3. John CORLEY born ca 1675, St Paul̓s Par, Hanover Co, VA, SS3, died All 1729, Hanover Co, VA, Location: 1729, St Martin̓s Parish, Hanover Co, VA.


+ 8.    i    Francis COLEY CORLEY born ca 1705.

+ 9.    ii   unknown CORLEY.

Third Generation

4. John CORLEY born ca 1695, Hanover Co, VA, SS5.


10.    i  John CORLEY born ca 1719, SS16.

+ 11.    ii  Valentine CORLEY born ca 1721.

+ 12.     iii  Robert CORLEY born ca 1725.

13.    iv William CORLEY born ca 1727, married 1768, in Norfolk Co, VA, Mary PORTEUS.

5. James CORLEY born ca 1700, Hanover Co, VA, SS4 OPC9I.


+ 14.     i    Bartlett CORLEY born ca 1725.

+ 15.     ii   Charles CORLEY born ca 1726.

+ 16.     iii  Zachariah CORLEY born ca 1727.

17.    iv James CORLEY born ca 1728, SS11, Location: Pittsylvania Co. VA.

+ 18.     v    William CORLEY born ca 1729.

+ 19.     vi   Edward COLLEY CORLEY born ca 1731.

20.    vii     unknown CORLEY born ca 1735, SS15.

6. Rebecca CORLEY born ca 1710, Hanover Co, VA, SS7, married Shirley WHATLEY, died 1778, NC.


21.    i  William WHATLEY born ca 1739, VA, SS26, died 1778, NC.

22.    ii Ornan WHATLEY born ca 1741, SS27.

23.    iii     Whorton WHATLEY born ca 1743, SS28.

24.    iv Wilson WHATLEY born ca 1745, SS29.

25.    v  Michael WHATLEY born ca 1747, SS30.

7. Richard CORLEY born ca 1719, Hanover Co, VA, SS6 PFp154 OPC, married 1740, in VA, Efferilla CURTIS, Kevin Lucas, died 1803, Culpepper Co, VA. Richard died ca 1789, Culpepper Co, VA, Location: 1767, Culpepper Co, VA.


+ 26.    i   Manoah CORLEY born ca 1740.

+ 27.    ii  Curtis CORLEY born ca 1742.

+ 28.    iii Aquilla CORLEY born ca 1744.

29.    iv Drucylla CORLEY born ca 1746, VA, SS22 unmarried.

30.    v  Effarilla CORLEY born ca 1748, SS23.

31.    vi Lucy CORLEY born ca 1750, VA, SS24 OPC91, married William DUNCAN, born 27 APR 1726, Culpepper Co, VA, (son of William DUNCAN and Ruth BROWNING).

+ 32.     vii  unknown CORLEY born ca 1752.

33.    viii    unknown CORLEY born ca 1754.

+ 34.     ix   John H CORLEY born ca 1755.

8. Francis COLEY CORLEY born ca 1705, Hanover Co, VA, SS8, married ca 1730, Elizabeth UNKNOWN, born ca 1710, died bfr 1776, Goochland Co, VA. Francis died bfr 16 SEP 1776, Goochland Co, VA, Buried: 28 SEP 1730, Goochiand Co, VA.


35     i    Francis “Frank” CAWLEY CORLEY born ca 1733, Goochiand Co, VA, SS31, died bfr 20 NOV 1820, Goochland Co, VA.

+ 36.     ii   Nathaniel CAWLEY CORLEY Sr born 1735.

+ 37.     iii  Mary Molly CAWLEY CORLEY born ca 1737.

38.    iv Susannah CAWLEY CORLEY born ca 1741, SS34 unmarried, died bfr 18 JUL 1803, Goochland Co, VA.

39.    v  Ann Nancy CORLEY born ca 1743, SS35 unmarried, died bfr 19 APR 1841, Goochland Co, VA.

40.    vi Sally CORLEY born VA, SS36, died bfr 19 SEP 1808, Goochiand Co, VA.

+ 41.     vii  Betsey CAWLEY UNKNOWN born ca 1745.

+ 42.     viii Judith CAWLEY UNKNOWN born ca 1747.

43     ix   Frances CAWLEY CORLEY born ca 1749, married Elijah THACKER.

9. unknown CORLEY


44.    i  Afarillah CAWLEY CORLEY born Goochiand Co, VA, SS37, married 18 FEB 1762, in St James Norhtham Parish, VA, Thomas WILLIAMSON.

45.    ii Martha CAWLEY CORLEY born ca 1749, Goochland Co. VA, SS38, married 05 OCT 1769, in St James Norhtham Parish, VA, William WRIGHT, born bfr 1749, VA.

46.    iii     Hannah CAWLEY CORLEY SS39, married 31 OCT 1769. in St James Norhtham Parish, VA, Roderick WRIGHT.

47.    iv Ann CAWLEY CORLEY born Goochland Co, VA, SS40, married 29 JUL 1770, in Goochland Co, VA, Jo TUGGLE.

Fourth Generation

11. Valentine CORLEY born ca 1721,SSI8, married Sarah WALKER. Valentine died 10 NOV 1801 Cumberland Co, VA, Location: 24 AUG 1749, Orange Co, VA.


48.    i  Agatha CORLEY SS77, married unknown SIMMONS.

49.    ii Ann CORLEY SS78, married unknonw PIGG.

50.    iii     Milly CORLEY SS79, married unknown ANGLIA.

51.    iv Mary CORLEY SS80, married unknown DUFFER.

+ 52.     v    William CORLEY.

53.    vi Asa CORLEY SS82, died 12 MAR 1803, Cumberland Co, VA.

+ 54.     vii  Caniel CORLEY.

55.    viii    Patty CORLEY SS84.

+ 56.     ix   James CORLEY.

12. Robert CORLEY born ca 1725, SS17, married bfr 1770, Sarah PETTY, (daughter of John PETTY and Rebecca SIMMS).


+ 57.     i    Zachaes CORLEY born 1762.

58.    ii Austin Valentine CORLEY born 1770, Chathem, NC, SS75, married Sarah ALLEN, born 1771, died MAY 1850, GA. Austin died 1860, Meriwether Co, GA.

14. Bartlett CORLEY born ca 1725, SSl3.


+ 59.     i    William CORLEY born ca 1755.

15. Charles CORLEY born ca 1726, Hanover Co, VA, SS10.


60.    i  Thomas CORLEY born ca 1756, SS45, Location: 1794, Powhatan Co, VA.

61.    ii Jane CORLEY born ca 1758, SS43, married bfr 1786, in Hanover Co, VA, Daniel HARRIS.

+ 62.     iii  James CORLEY born ca 1758.

63.    iv Charles CORLEY born ca 1760, Hanover Co, VA, SS45, married Ann UNKNOWN. Charles Location: 1815, Hanover Co, VA.

16. Zachanah CORLEY born ca 1727, VA, SS12, married Sarah UNKNOWN. Zachariah died ca 1771, Louisa Co, VA.


+ 64.     i    Malachi CAWLEY CORLEY born 1750.

65.    ii Zachariah CORLEY born 1752, Louisa Co, VA, SS47, died 10 FEB 1805, Elbert Co, GA.

66.    iii     James CORLEY born ca 1754, SS49, Location: 1784, Fredricksville Parish, Louisa Co, VA.

67.    iv Charles CORLEY born 1758, SS50.

18. William CORLEY born ca 1729, SS9, died ca 1811, Hanover Co, VA.


+ 68.     i    William CORLEY born 02 MAR 1752.

+ 69.     ii   Austin CORLEY born 28 APR 1757.

19. Edward COLLEY CORLEY born ca 1731, SSl4, married (1) 08 OCT 1751, Mary STRONG, born 10 DEC 1733, Hanover Co. VA, married (2) Agnes CORLEY, born VA. Edward died 02 APR 1798, Mecklenburg Co, VA.

Children by Mary STRONG:

70.    i  John CORLEY born 18 SEP 1752, Hanover Co, VA, SS54.

+ 71.     ii   Sarah CORLEY born 18 SEP 1753.

72.    iii     Usley CORLEY born 03 FEB 1755, Hanover Co, VA.

73.    iv Daniel CORLEY born MAR 1756, Hanover Co, VA, SS57.

74.    v  Joel CORLEY born MAR 1756, Hanover Co, VA, SS58.

75.    vi Mary CORLEY born 07 NOV 1758, VA, SS59.

76.    vii     Anna CORLEY born 26 NOV 1759, SS60.

77.    viii    Edward CORLEY born 02 AUG 1762, VA, SS61.

+ 78.     ix   James CORLEY born 17 SEP 1762.

79.    x  Agnes CORLEY born 24 FEB 1762, VA, SS62.

80.    xi Samuel CORLEY born 05 DEC 1764, VA, SS64, married Other marr: 24 MAR 1785, Mecklenburg Co, VA, Obedience WILLIAMS.

+ 81.     xii  Jane CORLEY born AUG 1766.

82.    xiii    Susana CORLEY born 29 NOV 1767, VA.

83.    xiv     Thomas CORLEY born 28 DEC 1768, VA, married 24 FEB 1800, in Mecklenburg Co, VA, Catherine TUCKER.

84.    xv Charles CORLEY born MAY 1770, SS68, married Mary UNKNOWN. Charles died 19 MAY 1845, Mecklenburg Co, VA.

85.    xvi     Zacharias CORLEY born 07 DEC 1771, VA, died SC.

86.    xvii    Martha CORLEY born 12 FEB 1773, SS70, married 22 DEC 1798, in Mecklenburg Co, VA, John ALLEN.

87.    xviii     Elizabeth CORLEY born 31 MAR 1775, SS71, married 08 FEB 1802, in Mecklenburg Co, VA, Jeremiah BISHOP.

88.    xix     Joel CORLEY born DEC 1779.

89.    xx Rebecca CORLEY born 19 JAN 1780.

Children by Agnes CORLEY:

+ 90.     xxi  Sherwood CORLEY born 26 NOV 1790.

26. Manoah CORLEY born ca 1740, Orange\Culpepper Co, VA, SS19 PF1 OPC91, married 1766, in Culpepper Co, VA, Other marr: 1759, Culpepper Co, VA, Jane FROGGE, born 11 NOV 1741, Farquier Co, VA, (daughter of John FROGG and Elizabeth STROTHER) OPC91, died 03 NOV 1845, Farquier Co, VA.  Manoah died 26 MAY 1823, Farquier Co, VA.


+ 91.    i   Lewis CORLEY born 1765.

+ 92.    ii  John Manoah CORLEY born 20 APR 1767.

93.    iii     Margaret CORLEY born 19 JAN 1769, Culpepper Co, VA, SS85 PFg OPC91, married 17 NOV 1786, David BRAGG, born Bowling Green, KY, OPC91.

94.    iv     Richard CORLEY born 16 JUN 1771, Culpepper Co, VA, SS87 PFc OPC91, married 22 APR 1811, in Rappahannock Co, VA, Sarah BURCH, OPC91. Richard died 31 OCT 1854, Rappahannock Co, VA.

+ 95.     v    William Frogg CORLEY born 1772.

+ 96.     vi   Agatha CORLEY born 1775.

97.    vii     Charlotte CORLEY born 1788, VA, SS91 PFh, manied 24 MAR 1806, in Farquier Co. VA, William SETTLE, OPC91.

+ 98.     viii Efferilla CORLEY.

99.    ix Gabriel CORLEY born VA, SS93 PFfOPC91.

+ 100.    x    Hezekiah CORLEY born 1790.

+ 101.    xi   Elizabeth CORLEY born 1792.

27. Curtis CORLEY born ca 1742, VA, SS20 OPC91, manied Sarah JORDON, OPC91, died 16 SEP 1827, VA.  Curtis died aft 16 SEP 1827, Culpepper Co, VA.


102.    i Frances CORLEY born 06 NOV 1798, SS97, married Other marr: 18 MAY 1820, Daniel McGOWEN. Frances died 30 JUL 1872.

+ 103.    ii   Richard C CORLEY born ca 1805.

104.    iii    Nancy CORLEY SS98.

105.    iv     George CORLEY born ca 1807.

106.    v William CORLEY.

107.    vi     Thomas CORLEY SS101, married ca 1837, in Rappahannock Co, VA, Christina UNKNOWN.

108.    vii    Sarah CORLEY SS102 unmarried, died 19 OCT 1883, Culpepper Co, VA.

109.    viii   Mary CORLEY SS103 unmanied, died 24 FEB 1901, Culpepper Co, VA.

28. Aquilla CORLEY born ca 1744, VA, SS21, married Mary Ann MADDOX, born 04 JAN 1756, Charles Co, MD, (daughter of Notley MADDOX and Susannah BURCH) 19 Ky REg 55:15, died 25 JAN 1856, Turners Station, Henry Co, KY. Aquilla died bfr Dec 1792, Location: 1775, Cont̓l Army.


110.    i Richard CORLEY born 12 JUL 1776, Culpepper Co, VA, SS104, Location: 1850, Shelby Co, KY.

+ 111.    ii   Nancy CORLEY born 12 SEP 1786.

112.    iii    Susan CORLEY born 21 APR 1802, Culpepper Co, VA, SS105, manied William COBLIN.

32. unknown CORLEY born ca 1752, SS25 OPC91, married unknown ROBERTSON, OPC91.


113.    i Lucy ROBERTSON.

34. John H CORLEY born ca 1755, died Gwinnett Co, GA.


+ 114.    i    Curtis CORLEY born 1779.

36. Nathaniel CAWLEY CORLEY Sr born 1735, Goochland Go, VA, SS32, Farmer, married 09 APR 1763, in North Farnham Par, Richmond Co, VA, Annas WILLIAMS, born 1744, Rappahannock Co, VA, (daughter of Francis WILLIAMS and Rachael THORNTON) Homemaker. Nathaniel died 1796, Goochland Co, VA, Location: 01 SEP 1781, Cont̓l Army Captain BUTLER.


115.   i    Richard CAWLEY CORLEY born 10 JAN 1760, Goochland Co, VA, SS107.

+ 116.    ii   Nathaniel CAWLEY CORLEY Jr born 07 JUL 1764.

117.    iii    William CAWLEY CORLEY born 16 AUG 1768, Goochland Co, VA, SS109.

118.    iv     Mary CAWLEY CORLEY born ca 1770, SS110, married ca 1792, unknown WILLIAMS.

37. Mary Molly CAWLEY CORLEY born ca 1737, SS33, married unknown HILL. Mary died bfr 17 NOV 1828, Goochland Co, VA.


119.    i William COLBY CORLEY born ca 1762, Goochland Co, VA.

Children by unknown HILL:

120.    ii     John HILL COLBY CORLEY born 22 OCT 1761, Goochland Co, VA, Rev War, Location: 1780, disappered from VA.

121.    iii    Peggie COWLEY CORLEY born 04 OCT 1766, Goochland Co, VA.

41. Betsey CAWLEY UNKNOWN born ca 1745,married unknown THACKER. Betsey Location: 1820, Goochland Co, VA.


122.    i Wilson Winton THACKER.

123.    ii     Fontaine THACKER.

124.    iii    Sandy COLBY CORLEY.

42. Judith CAWLEY UNKNOWN born ca 1747, married unknown WHITLOCK, Tarlton?. Judith Location: 1820, Goochiand Co, VA.


125.    i Frank WHITLOCK m Polly?.

126.    ii     Patsey WHITLOCK.

+ 127.    iii     Judith WHITLOCK.

Fifth Generation

52. William CORLEY SS81, died 26 FEB 1844, Cumberland Co, VA.


128.    i William W CORLEY.

129.    ii     Elizabeth CORLEY manied unknown DUNHAM.

130.    iii    Diannah CORLEY manied unknown PALMORE.

131.    iv     Gilly CORLEY married unknown BLANTON.

132.   v    Julia CORLEY married unknown PIGG.

54. Caniel CORLEY SS83 CCp3, died 15 JUN 1807, Bedford Co, VA.


+ 133.    i    Sallathiel CORLEY.

+ 134.    ii   William CORLEY born 1776.

135.    iii    Beverly CORLEY died Bedford Co, VA.

+ 136.    iv   Jonothan Cheathem CORLEY born 1783.

137.    v Pheba CORLEY.

138.    vi     Lucy CORLEY.

139.    vii    Sallie FINLEY.

56. James CORLEY SS76, married 20 FEB 1779, in Cumberland Co, VA, Temperence BROWN, (daughter of George BROWN). James died 23 MAR 1795, Cumberland Co, VA.


140.    i Abner CORLEY.

141.    ii     James CORLEY.

142.    iii    Polly CORLEY.

143.    iv     George CORLEY born ca 1789.

144.    v Pleasant CORLEY.

145.    vi     Randolph CORLEY.

57. Zachaes CORLEY born 1762, Chathem Co, NC, SS74, married (1) Sarah SAMFORD, married (2) Elizabeth BURNETT, born 1785, Edgefield Dist, SC, died 01 NOV 1853, AL. Zachaes died 1849, Bibb Co, AL.

Children by Elizabeth BURNETT:

146.    i Valentine CORLEY born ca 1785, married Mary SNEAD.

147.    ii     Clinton CORLEY married Marth FERGUSON.

148.    iii    Wiley CORLEY married Mary A LEACH.

149.    iv     Zacheus CORLEY married Nancy C LEACH.

150.    v Pleasant CORLEY married Elza Jane FITTS.

59. William CORLEY born ca 1755, married Mary ROUNDTREE, born KY.


151.   i    John F CORLEY born ca 1780.

152.   ii   Seth CORLEY.

153.    iii    unknown CORLEY SS53.

154.    iv     R Dudley CORLEY.

155.    v Rebecca CORLEY born 1785.

156.    vi     William CORLEY.

157.    vii    Patsey CORLEY.

+ 158.    viii    Larkin CORLEY born bfr 1800.

159.    ix     Bettie CORLEY.

160.    x Mary CORLEY.

161.    xi     Nancy CORLEY.

162.    xii    Fannie CORLEY.

62. James CORLEY born ca 1758, SS46, married 05 FEB 1812, in Goochiand Co, VA, Francis Taylor WILLIAMS, born 21 DEC 1783, Goochland Co, VA, (daughter of James WILLIAMS and Elizabeth MULLINS).  James Location: 1820, Hanover Co, VA.


163.    i Charles CORLEY born ca 1813.

164.    ii     Thomas CORLEY born ca 1815.

165.    iii    Elizabeth CORLEY born ca 1817.

166.    iv     Mary CORLEY born ca 1819.

167.    v Francis F CORLEY born ca 1820.

168.    vi     Sarah CORLEY born ca 1821.

64. Malachi CAWLEY CORLEY born 1750, SS48 CN1, marned Jane UNKNOWN, died 28 NOV 1845, Farquier Co, VA. Malachi died 17 SEP 1821, Culpepper Co. VA, Location: 1752, Hanover Co, VA.


169.    i John CORLEY born ca 1770, SS136 CN2a.

170.    ii     James CORLEY born ca 1772, SS137, married Lucy UNKNOWN. James died 23 JUN 1823, Farquier Co, VA.

171.    iii    Mary CORLEY born ca 1774, SS138 CN2c.

172.    iv     Garland CORLEY SS139 CN2d, Location: 1820, Cabel Co, WV.

173.    v Francis CORLEY born ca 1776, SS144.

174.    vi     Austin CORLEY born ca 1778, SS142 see SS41.

175.    vii    William CORLEY SS143 See SS42.

176.    viii   Mildred CORLEY born ca 1780, SS140.

177.    ix     Lucy CORLEY born ca 1782, SS141.

68. William CORLEY born 02 MAR 1752, Hanover Co, VA, SS41 CN2g   oor, married (1) 1782, Mourning BYARS, born ca 1755, St Martin̓s Parish, Hanover Co, VA, (daughter of James BYARS and Rachel MATTHEWS) died ca 1791, Louisa Co, VA, married (2) 28 OCT 1797, in Louisa Co, VA, Frances S HANES, married (3) Louisa SHARP, CN. William died 15 APR 1853, Wilson Co, TN.

Children by Mourning BYARS:

+ 178.    i    William Byars CORLEY born 26 MAR 1783.

+ 179.    ii   Austin CORLEY born 1784.

+ 180.    iii  Jane CORLEY born CA 1786.

+ 181.    iv   Pleasant CORLEY born 19 APR 1787.

182.    v Clarissa CORLEY born CA 1788, SS117, married unknown FARLEY.

+ 183.    vi   Nathan CORLEY born 02 MAR 1789.

+ 184.    vii  James CORLEY born 1790.

Children by Frances S HANES:

+ 185.    viii Eliza Francis CORLEY born ca 1800.

186.    ix     Robert CORLEY born ca 1806, Louisa Co, VA, SS119, manied 22 MAR 1828, in Wilson Co, TN, Mary Ann Corley ADAMS, (daughter of unknown ADAMS and Jane CORLEY).  Robert Location: Woodruff Co, AR.

+ 187.    x    Richard CORLEY born 1807.

+ 188.    xi   Christopher CORLEY born CA 1809.

+ 189.    xii  Bartlett CORLEY born ca 1812.

+ 190.    xiii Elisha CORLEY born CA 1813.

69. Austin CORLEY born 28 APR 1757, Hanover Co, VA, SS42 NC2h, married (1) ca 1777, Rachael Ann UNKNOWN, married (2) ca 1811, MIdlred UNKNOWN. Austin died 26 IUL 1841, Wilson Co, TN, Buried: 1811, Hanover Co VA to Hartsville Wilson Co TN, Location: 1776, Contl Army Capt Richard Clough ANDERSON.

Children by Rachael Ann UNKNOWN:

191.    i Sally CORLEY SS124. married Nelson COSBY, Location: 1840, Mercer Co, KY. Sally died bfr NOV 1941.

+ 192.    ii   John P CORLEY born ca 1780.

+ 193.    iii  William CORLEY born 15 FEB 1783.

194.    iv     Edmund B CORLEY SS127 no issue, died 25 NOV 1831, Woodville, MS.

195.    v Frances CORLEY born ca 1784, Hanover Co, VA, SS125 CN2i, married 02 JUN 1814, in Augusta, VA, Elijah CHURCHMAN.

+ 196.    vi   Louisa CORLEY.

+ 197.    vii  Ann Elizabeth CORLEY.

+ 198.    viii Jane CORLEY.

199.    ix     Samuel CORLEY SS132, Minister, married 12 JUL 1829, in Wilson Co, TN, Esther PRIESTLY.

200.    x Matilda CORLEY SS133, married 14 NOV 1821, in Wilson Co, TN, Ennis DOUGLAS.

+ 201.    xi   Polly CORLEY.

+ 202.    xii  Matthew CORLEY born 1784.

71. Sarah CORLEY born 18 SEP 1753, Hanover Co, VA, SS55, married unknown CORLEY. Sarah died bfr SEP 1798.


203.    i Joel CORLEY born DEC 1779.

78. James CORLEY born 17 SEP 1762, VA, died bfr 1798.


+ 204.    i    Sarah Sarie COLLEY CORLEY.

81. Jane CORLEY born AUG 1766, VA, SS65, married 13 OCT 1788, in Mecklenburg Co. VA, Robert WILLIS.


205.    i John Colley WILLIS.

206.    ii     Thomas Strong WILLIS.

90. Sherwood CORLEY born 26 NOV 1790, married 22 NOV 1816, in Mecklenburg Co, VA, Lucy L WALKER.


+ 207.    i    Benjamin CORLEY born ca 1818.

91. Lewis CORLEY born 1765, Culpepper Co, VA, SS89 PFd, married 11 DEC 1809, in Farquier Co, VA, Sally GRIMM, OPC91. Lewis died 1830, Culpepper Co, VA.


208.    i John CORLEY born ca 1810, SS+.

209.    ii     Gabriel CORLEY.

210.    iii    Mildred CORLEY.

+ 211.    iv   Elizabeth CORLEY born 24 MAR 1815.

92. John Manoah CORLEY born 20 APR 1767, Culpepper Co, VA, SS86 PFa OPC, married 23 JUL 1801, in Bath Co, VA, Catherine SNEAD, born 09 JUN 1785, Hanover Co, VA, OPC91, died 18 JAN 1870, Bath Co, VA. John died 16 JAN 1853, Bath Co, VA, Buried: 16 JAN 1851.


+ 212.    i    Thomas Jefferson CORLEY born 27 MAY 1802.

213.    ii     Jane S CORLEY born 01 JUN 1804, Healing Springs, Bath Co, VA, married Morrel MILLER.

214.    iii    John Manoah CORLEY born 03 AUG 1806, Healing Springs, Bath Co, VA.

215.    iv     Gabriel Lee CORLEY born 28 FEB 1809, Healing Springs, Bath Co, VA.

216.    v Rachael CORLEY born 03 NOV 1812, Healing Springs, Bath Co, VA.

217.    vi     George Washington CORLEY born 02 MAR 1815, Healing Springs, Bath Ca, VA.

218.    vii    James Samuel CORLEY born 27 AUG 1817, Healing Springs, Bath Co, VA.

219.    viii   Nancy CORLEY born 05 MAY 1820, Healing Springs, Bath Ca, VA.

220.    ix     Elizabeth CORLEY born 1822, Healing Springs, Bath Co. VA.

221.    x Catherine CORLEY born 21 APR 1824, Healing Springs, Bath Co. VA.

222.    xi     Virginia CORLEY born 11 OCT 1827, Healing Springs, Bath Co, VA.

223.    xii    Louis CORLEY born 09 MAY 1830, Healing Springs, Bath Co, VA.

95. William Frogg CORLEY born 1772, Culpepper Co, VA, SS88 PFb OPC9l, married 1799, Catherine WHITMAN, born Barbour Co, WV, Location: Randolph Co, VA. William died 23 NOV 1825, Harding, Randolph Co, WV.


+ 224.    i  Noah CORLEY.

225.    ii     Edwin CORLEY.

+ 226.    iii     James Madison CORLEY born ca 1805.

227.    iv     Henry Whitman CORLEY.

228.    v John Marshall CORLEY born ca 1809.

+ 229.    vi William Fogg CORLEY born ca 1811.

+ 230.    vii     Allen Lewis CORLEY born ca 1812.

96. Agatha CORLEY born 1775, VA, SS90 PFk OPC91, married (1) 23 FEB 1801, in VA, John FISHBACK, OPC91, died 1806, VA, married (2) 09 SEP 1808, in Farquier Co, VA, John Samuel POE, born 1780, VA, (son of Samuel POE and Feby SETTLE). Agatha died 11 FEB 1871, VA.

Children by John FISHBACK:

231.    i Betsey Foster FISHBACK.

232.    ii     Salley Figgins FISHBACK.

233.    iii    Agnes Agatha FISHBACK born VA, died 11 FEB 1871.

Children by John Samuel POE:

234.    iv     Sarah POE.

+ 235.    v  Agnes POE.

236.    vi     Jane POE manied unknown HALL.

237.    vii    Edward POE.

238.    viii   John M POE.

239.    ix     Sommerville POE.

+ 240.    x  John Madison POE born 29 JAN 1815.

98.  Efferilla CORLEY born VA, SS92 Pfj unmarr, married (1) Thomas JORDON, married (2) unknown JORDON.  Efferilla died 22 SEP 1851, Farquier Co, VA.

Children by unknown JORDON:

241.    i Lucy JORDON.

242.   ii   Jenny JORDON.

100. Hezekiah CORLEY born 1790, VA, SS95 PFe OPC91, married 03 apr 1822, in Farquier Co, VA, Lovinna McGWINN, Location: Harrison Co, VA. Hezekiah died 1865.


243.    i John CORLEY born 22 FEB 1823, Washington, Rappannock Co, VA, OPC91.

+ 244.    ii   William L CORLEY born 05 JUL 1825.

245.   iii  Noah CORLEY born 08 JUL 1828, Washington, Rappannock Co, VA, OPC91.

+ 246.    iv   Gabriel Collins CORLEY born 18 FEB 1831.

+ 247.    v    George R CORLEY born 11 JAN 1834.

248.    vi     Mary Virginia CORLEY born VA, OPC91.

249.   vii  Margaret Ann CORLEY born 24 JUN 1842, Harrison Co, WV, died 01 SEP 1929, Clarksburg, Harrison Co, WV, Buried: Elkview Cemetery.

101. Elizabeth CORLEY born 1792, VA, SS94 PFi OPC91, married 11 APR 1809, Nathaniel HARRIS, OPC91.  Elizabeth died 1817.


250.    i Minoah HARRIS.

251.    ii     Joseph HARRIS.

252.    iii    unknown HARRIS.

103. Richard C CORLEY born ca 1805, SS96, married Susan B MADDOX, (daughter of Natley MADDOX and unknown SOUTHERLAND) died 23 MAR 1847. Richard died 24 JUN 1849.


+ 253.    i    Martha Jane CORLEY born 10 APR 1837.

254.    ii     Susan CORLEY born 23 NAR 1847.

255.    iii    Richard CORLEY born 24 JUN 1849.

111. Nancy CORLEY born 12 SEP 1786, Culpepper Co, VA, SS106, married 08 NOV 1805, in Farquier Co, VA, Other marr: 07 NOV 1805, Farquier Co, VA, William WOOD, born 1773, Farquier Co, VA, died 04 JAN 1775, Culpepper Co, VA. Nancy died 1860, Henry Co, KY.


256.    i Margaret WOOD born 1812, Farquier Co, VA, Kevin Lucas, died 07 MAR 1859, Henry Co, KY.

114. Curtis CORLEY born 1779, SC, Ann Bowden, manied (1) MarthaUNKNOWN, born 1795, married (2) Charity MILLER. Curtis died Gwinnett Co, GA, Location: 1812, US Army.

Children by Martha UNKNOWN:

257.    i Curtis CORLEY born 1839.

Children by Charity MILLER:

+ 258.    ii Valentine Lockhart CORLEY born ca 1812.


259.    iii    Joe CORLEY Earl Colley.

116. Nathaniel CAWLEY CORLEY Jr born 07 JUL 1764, Goochland Co, VA, SS108, Farmer, married 08 APR 1789, in Louisa Co, VA, Mary “Sally” HOLLAND, born 26 APR 1764, Orange Co, VA, (daughter of George HOLLAND and Mary COLEMAN) DAR, Homemaker, died aft 01 JAN 1830, Temperance Hall, Smith Co, TN, Buried: bfr 15 JUL 1830, Temperance Hall, Smith Co, TN, Location: 1815, Smith Fork, Smith Co, TN. Nathaniel died aft 15 JUL 1830, Temperance Hall, Smith Co, TN, Buried: bfr SEP 1835, Temperance Hall, Smith Co, TN.


+ 260.    i  Stephen CAWLEY CORLEY born 1790.

261.    ii     Robert CAWLEY CORLEY born 1792, VA.

+ 262.    iii  John CAWLEY CORLEY born 13 DEC 1799.

263.    iv     Polly CAWLEY CORLEY born ca 1801, married unknown TALLY TALLEY, born ca 1799, (son of Newman TALLEY).

264.    v Elizabeth CAWLEY CORLEY born ca 1803, married unknown CATO.

265.    vi     Nancy CAWLEY CORLEY born ca 1805, married unknown DOCKERY.

127. Judith WHITLOCK married unknown FERRA.


266.    i John Moody FARRA.

Sixth Generation

133. Sallathiel CORLEY died Bedford Co, VA.


+ 267.    i    Robert CORLEY born 1791.

134. William CORLEY born 1776, VA, Alice Mantia, married in VA, Elizabeth WRIGHT. William died Hancock Co, KY.


268.    i Jabez CORLEY born ca 1805.

136. Jonothan Cheathem CORLEY born 1783, Bedford Co, VA, CCp10, married (1) 27 DEC 1804, in Franklin Co, VA, Delilah BASHAM, died bfr 1861, Shelby Co, IL, married (2) Elizabeth DAVIS, no children, died aft 1861. Jonothan died 30 OCT 1861, Shelby Co, IL.

Children by Delilah BASHAM:

+ 269.    i    Bryant CORLEY born 08 DEC 1805.

270.    ii     Martha CORLEY born 25 OCT 1807, VA, CCp33, married unknown WAKEFIELD.

271.   iii  Eliza CORLEY born 14 FEB 1809, KY, CCp58, married unknown HALL.

272.   iv   Luke CORLEY born 1812, KY.

273.    v Tempe CORLEY born 07 MAY 1814, CCp71, married unknown PEE.

274.    vi     Jonothan William CORLEY born 18 OCT 1818, KY, CCp89.

275.    vii    Henry William Washington CORLEY born 23 DEC 1820, KY, CCp111.

276.    viii   Benjamin William Franklin CORLEY born 23 DEC 1820, KY, CCp148.

277.    ix     Nancy Jane CORLEY born 03 NOV 1823, Shelby Co, IL, CCp164, manied unknown MILIKEN.

278.    x Caniel CORLEY born 11 JUL 1826, Shelby Co, IL, CCp174.

+ 279.    xi   Andrew Jackson CORLEY born 09 JAN 1829.

280.    xii    Francis Marion CORLEY born 09 JUL 1831, Shelby Co, IL, CCp196.

281.    xiii   Berry CORLEY CCp83.

158. Larkin CORLEY born bfr 1800, SS51, married Nancy ROUNDTREE, born 1786, KY. Larkin died OCT 1836, Smith Co, TN.


+ 282.    i    Nancy Bennet CORLEY born ca 1822.

178. William Byars CORLEY born 26 MAR 1783, Louisa Co, VA, SS114, married 29 OCT 1810, in Louisa Co, VA, Sarah “Sally” KERSEY. William died bfr JUN 1840, Louisa Co, VA.


283.    i Mercer B CORLY SS157, died Louisa Co, VA.

284.    ii     Louisa Ann CORLEY born ca 1813, SS158, married 14 MAR 1832, in Louisa Co. VA, Nathan Garland TATE, 8 children, died 30 MAY 1860. Louisa died 04 AUG 1867.

179. Austin CORLEY born 1784, Louisa Co, VA, SS111, married Mary R UNKNOWN. Austin died 18 JUL 1859, Calloway Co, MO.


285.    i William H CORLEY born 1807, VA.

180. Jane CORLEY born CA 1786, Louisa Co, VA, SS116, married (1) unknonw WRIGHT, married (2) 1808, in Louisa Co, VA, John NELSON. Jane died bfr 1847.

Children by John NELSON:

286.    i Harriet NELSON married 20 DEC 1832, in Wilson Co, TN, William CAPLINGER.

+ 287.    ii   Eliza Jane NELSON.

181. Pleasant CORLEY born 19 APR 1787, Louisa Co, VA, SS115, married (1) 11 DEC 1810, in Louisa Co, VA, Nancy RION, (daughter of William RION and Nancy UNKNOWN) married (2) 22 JAN 1850, in Wilson Co, TN, Elizabeth KING, born 1803, Buried: Ward Cemetery, Carrier Mills, IL. Pleasant died 05 MAY 1864, Dallasnia., Saline Co, IL, Buried: Ward Cemetery, Carrier Mills, IL.

Children by Nancy RION:

288.    i Clarissa CORLEY born 09 DEC 1820, Wilson Co, TN, SSIS9, married 22 FEB 1843, in Wilson Co, TN, David Bruce NOLAN, 10 children. Clarissa died 06 APR 1886, Saline Co, IL.

+ 289.    ii   Granville William CORLEY born 09 JUL 1822.

183. Nathan CORLEY born 02 MAR 1789, Louisa Co, VA, SSI13, married (1) 30 JUL 1810, in Wilson Co, TN, Nancy Ann THOMPSON, born bfr 1792, married (2) 28 OCT 1836, in Wilson Co, TN, Sarah Susan TERR TERRY. Nathan died 03 DEC 1845, Wilson Co, TN.

Children by Nancy Ann THOMPSON:

+ 290.    i    Charlotte Thompson CORLEY born 26 DEC 1808.

291.    ii     Eliza Francis CORLEY born CA 1809, SS153, married 05 SEP 1826, William DILLARD, born ca 1804, Dinwiddie Co, VA. Eliza died CA 1879.

+ 292.    iii  William A CORLEY born CA 1811.

293.    iv     Edmund L CORLEY born CA 1812, SS154, married 15 DEC 1832, in Wilson Co, TN, Clarkey BEASLEY, (daughter of unknonw BEASLEY).

294.    v Mary Ellantin CORLEY SS156, married 16 SEP 1839, in Wilson Co, TN, James W MARTIN.

+ 295.    vi   Montgomery Jackson CORLEY born CA 1813.

184. James CORLEY born 1790, Louisa Co, VA, SS112, married Nancy TYRELL. James died 1880, Marion Co, KY, Location: 1826, Hardeman Co, TN.


+ 296.    i    John W CORLEY born 1790.

297.    ii     Anderson CORLEY died Marion Co, KY.

185. Eliza Francis CORLEY born ca 1800, SS118, married 15 JAN 1818, in Wilson Co, TN, William DILLARD.


298.    i Sarah DILLARD married LaFayette S BECK, born Warren Co, KY. Sarah Location: res, Wilson Co,TN.

187. Richard CORLEY born 1807, Louisa Co, VA, SS120, mamed Mary UNKNOWN.


299.    i John CORLEY born CA 1838, Phillips Co, AR, SS+.

300.    ii     Robert CORLEY born CA 1841, Phillips Co, AR.

301.    iii    Manirva CORLEY born CA 1842, Smith Co, TN.

302.    iv     Francis CORLEY born CA 1845, Smith Co, TN.

188. Christopher CORLEY born CA 1809, Louisa Co, VA, SS121, married 14 AUG 1834, in Phillips Co, AR, Martha Susan SANFORD. Christopher died 06 DEC 1874, Woodruff Co, AR.


+ 303.    i    John W CORLEY born 08 JUL 1835.

304.    ii     Robert J CORLEY born ca 1840, SS162, married Josephine R UNKNOWN. Robert died ca 1868.

305.    iii    Amelia CORLEY born 1845, Coahoma Co, MS. 55163, married William FERGUSON.

306.    iv     Davis W CORLEY born CA 1848, SS164, married (1) Rebecca UNKNOWN, married (2) 01 OCT 1874, Marcella R BELL. Davis died TX.

+ 307.    v    Anna Franklin CORLEY born 20 NOV 1852.

+ 308.    vi   Christopher C CORLEY born ca 1854.

189. Bartlett CORLEY born ca 1812, Wilson Co, TN, SS122, manied 08 JAN 1838, in Davidson Co, TN, Lutitia HALLUM, born 1814. Bartlett Location: 1860, Wilson Co, TN.


309.    i Cornelia J CORLEY born ca 1835, Wilson Co, TN, Location: 1850, Wilson Co, TN.

190. Elisha CORLEY born CA 1813, Wilson Co, TN, SS123, married Nancy Bennet CORLEY, born ca 1822, Wilson Co, TN, (daughter of Larkin CORLEY and Nancy ROUNDTREE).


310.    i Darthula CORLEY born ca 1842, SS167.

+ 311.    ii Seth Monroe CORLEY born ca 1844.

192. John P CORLEY born ca 1780, SS126, married Jane UNKNOWN. John died 11 JUN 1811, Nelson Co, VA.


312.    i William B CORLEY born 1810, SS169.

193 William CORLEY born 15 FEB 1783, Hanover Co, VA, SS128, married 04 DEC 1813, Jane CHAMBERLIN, born 16 MAR 1786, NC, (daughter of John CHAMBERLAIN and Hannah LACKEY) died 09 MAR 1863.  William died 24 JUN 1865, Blount Co, TN.


313.    i Mary CORLEY SS170.

314.    ii     John CORLEY born ca 1817, SS171.

315.    iii    Martha CORLEY SS172.

316.    iv     Isabella CORLEY SS173.

317.    v William Franklin CORLEY born 23 NOV 1823, Blount Co, TN, Teacher\Farmer, married 09 DEC 1852, Martha Malvina WILSON, born Abbeville Dist, SC, (daughter of Hugh WILSON and Mary PURCELL) 7 children, died 08 JUN 1892, Talladega Co, AL.  William died 03 DEC 1892, Talladega Co, AL, Location: 1860, CSA.

318.    vi     Margaret CORLEY SS175.

196. Louisa CORLEY SS129, married 1831, Isaac BELL, born Woodruff Co, AR. Louisa died bfr 1841.


319.    i Davis BELL.

320.    ii     Sealy BELL.

321.    iii    Samuel BELL.

322.    iv     Alfred BELL.

197. Ann Elizabeth CORLEY SS130, married 06 SEP 1820, in Wilson Co, TN, Austin JOHNSON. Ann died BFT 1831.


323.    i Martha JOHNSON.

324.    ii     Richard JOHNSON.

325.   iii  Mary JOHNSON.

198. Jane CORLEY SS131, married unknown ADAMS. Jane died bfr 1841.


326.    i Mary Ann Corley ADAMS married 22 MAR 1828, in Wilson Co, TN, Robert CORLEY, born ca 1806, Louisa Co, VA, (son of William CORLEY and Frances S HANES) SS119, Location: Woodruff Co, AR.

327.    ii     Laurah Harris ADAMS married bfr 1880, in Highland Co, OH, Allen COLLIER.

201. Polly CORLEY SS134, married unknown MOORE. Polly died bfr 1831.


328.    i James MOORE.

329.    ii     Elvira MOORE.

330.    iii    Hamil MOORE.

331.    iv     Benjamin MOORE.

332.    v Amanda MOORE.

202. Matthew CORLEY born 1784, VA, SS135, married 09 MAR 1807, in Amelia Co, VA, Anne RISON.  Matthew died bfr 21 NOV 1859, Smith Co TN.


333.    i William Edward CORLEY born 27 JUL 1822, Smith Co, TN, ???, married 05 SEP 1849, in Smith Co, TN, Martha J SADLER. William died 04 OCT 1910, Muhlenberg Co, KY.

334.    ii     Sarah CORLEY born 1823, TN.

335.    iii    James CORLEY born 1837, TN.

+ 336.    iv   Jones Burton CORLEY born 02 FEB 1838.

337.    v Ann CORLEY born 1850, TN, 1850C Smith Co TN.

204. Sarah Sarie COLLEY CORLEY born VA, married 29 OCT 1797, in Oglethorpe Co, GA, William VAUGHN, born 1774, Amelia Co, VA, died 1834, Oglethorpe Co, GA.


338.    i William VAUGHN.

339.    ii     Abel VAUGHN.

340.    iii    Mahala VAUGHN.

341.    iv     James VAUGHN born GA.

342.    v Nelson VAUGHN.

343.    vi     Susannah VAUGHN.

344.    vii    Jonothon VAUGHN.

345.    viii   Elizabeth VAUGHN.

346.    ix     Nancy VAUGHN.

207. Benjamin CORLEY born ca 1818, SC, married Sarah PRICE.


347.    i John CORLEY born ca 1840, died AL.

211. Elizabeth CORLEY born 24 MAR 1815, Rappahannock Co, VA, married 01 MAR 1838, John Madison POE, born 29 JAN 1815, (son of John Samuel POE and Agatha CORLEY) died 16 OCT 1906.  Elizabeth died 09 MAR 1861.


+348.     i    John Lewis POE born 29 JAN 1839.

349.   ii   Winterton Drayner POE born 16 AUG 1840, died 10 SEP 1896.

350.   iii  Sarah A POE born 19 MAR 1842, died 04 APR 1848.

351.   iv   Caroline Virginia POE born 06 MAR 1844, died 04 APR 1848.

352.   v    Susan D E POE born 14 JAN 1846, unmarried, died 14 JAN 1933.

353.   vi   Mildred Fannie POE born 24 MAR 1848, unmarried, died ca 1936.

354.   vii  Fannie POE.

355.   viii Edward Knox POE born 04 MAY 1850.

356.   ix   Madison Corley POE born 12 NOV 1852, died 11 JUN 1932, Amissville, Rappahannock Co, VA.

357.    x George S POE born 14 SEP 1854, died 03 AUG 1855.

358.    xi     Elizabeth E POE born 30 JUL 1857, no issue, married Henry KENDALL. Elizabeth died 08 SEP 1893.

212. Thomas Jefferson CORLEY born 27 MAY 1802, Healing Springs, Bath Co, VA.


+ 359.    i    James Thomas CORLEY.

224. Noah CORLEY Location: Randolph Co, WV.


360.    i Jackson L CORLEY Location: Braxton Co, WV.

226. James Madison CORLEY born ca 1805, SS+, married Edith SKIDMORE. James Location: Braxton Co, WV.


361.    i John P CORLEY born ca 1827, SS+.

362.    ii     Virginia CORLEY.

229. William Fogg CORLEY born ca 1811, manied Sarah Ann SKIDMORE.


363.    i William H CORLEY.

364.    ii     Archibald W CORLEY.

365.    iii    Mary Addison CORLEY.

366.    iv     Rachael CORLEY.

367.    v Stephen CORLEY born ca 1839.

368.    vi     Noah E CORLEY.

369.    vii    Lida CORLEY.

230. Allen Lewis CORLEY born ca 1812, married Rebecca BOGGS.


370.    i   M F CORLEY.

371.    ii     Jane C CORLEY.

235. Agnes POE married Louis ANDERSON.


+ 372.    i    Agnes Dulaney ANDERSON.

240. John Madison POE born 29 JAN 1815, married (1) 01 MAR 1838, Elizabeth CORLEY, (See marriage to number 211) married (2) 30 DEC 1869, Martha Jane CORLEY, born 10 APR 1837, (daughter of Richard C CORLEY and Susan B MADDOX) died 15 OCT 1922. John died 16 OCT 1906.

Children by Elizabeth CORLEY:

Children by Martha Jane CQRLEY:

373.    xii    Mary Catherine POE born 13 OCT 1870, died 11 DEC 1877.

374.    xiii   Richard Franklin POE born 22 MAR 1872, died 17 JAN 1878.

+ 375.    xiv  Walter B POE born 06 AUG 1873.

376.    xv     Annie Lee POE born 24 APR 1875, died 20 DEC 1877.

377.    xvi    Charlie Eunice POE born 21 JUN 1879, died 19 OCT 1885.

244. William L CORLEY born 05 JUL 1825, Washington, Rappannock Co, VA, OPC91, married 06 JUN 1850, in Clarksburg, Harrison Co, WV, Sabra HOLDEN, OPC91, Homemaker.


+ 378.    i  Florence W CORLEY born 12 MAY 1853.

379.    ii     Alberta Mildred CORLEY born 09 NOV 1856, Turkey Run, Harrison Co, WV, OPC91, married 1874, William MILLIGAN.

380.   iii  Laura CORLEY born 18 SEP 1858, Turkey Run, Harrison Co, WV, dysentery, died 12 SEP 1865, Clarksburg, Harrison Co, WV.

381.    iv     Willie L CORLEY born 13 MAR 1866, Elk Creek, Harrison Co, WV, OPC91.

382.    v Emily CORLEY born 07 SEP 1867, Elk Creek, Harrison Co, WV, died 04 OCT 1867, Clarksburg, Harrison Co, WV.

246. Gabriel Collins CORLEY born 18 FEB 1831, Rappahannock Co, VA, OPC91, Farmer, married (1) 20 JUL 1876, in Jacksonville, Lewis Co, WV, Susan Elizabeth DYER, born 25 JAN 1838, Jane Lew, Lewis Co, WV, OPC91, Homemaker, died 13 DEC 1926, Jane Lew, Lewis Co, WV, Buried: Broadrun Cenietery, married (2) Druzilla Ann BARNETT, born 28 NOV 1835, Grafton, Harrison Co, WV, (daughter of Aaron BARNETT) OPC91, Homemaker, died 03 OCT 1873, Weston, Lewis Co, WV. Gabriel died 16 JUN 1915, Jane Lew, Lewis Co, WV, Buried: Broad Run Cemetery.

Children by Susan Elizabeth DYER

+ 383.    i  Okey Dyer CORLEY bern 14 JUL 1877.

+ 384.    ii   Mary Dew CORLEY.

Children by Druzilla Ann BARNETT:

385.   iii  Aaron A CORLEY born JUL 1855, Turkey Run, Harrison Co, WV.

+ 386.    iv Anna E CORLEY born 07 JUL 1857.

387.    v William H CORLEY born 06 JUN 1858, Turkey Run, Harrison Co, WV.

+ 388.    vi Syrus CORLEY.

389.    vii    Dora B CORLEY born 1862, Harrison Co, WV, OPC91, married 21 MAR 1888, in Lewis Co, WV, John J DENNISON, (son of F M DENNISON and Rebecca UNKNOWN) OPC91.

390.    viii   Ella Lee CORLEY born OCT 1864, Harrison Co, WV, OPC91, married 19 JUN 1887, in Lewis Co, WV, Martin Frieu BALL, OPC91.

391.    ix     Charles Bruce CORLEY born 04 SEP 1867, Simpson Dist, Harrison Co, WV, OPC91.

247. George R CORLEY born 11 JAN 1834, Rappahannock Co, VA, OPC91, married 03 NOV 1861, in Clarksburg, Harrison Co, WV, Carolyn U RANDOLPH, Homemaker.


392.    i Idia V CORLEY born 18 JAN 1862, Harrison Co, WV, OPC91.

253. Martha Jane CORLEY (See marriage to number 240).

258. Valentine Lockhart CORLEY born ca 1812, Gwinnett Co, GA, Wanda L Alsup, married (1) 1847, in Gwinnett Co, GA, Martha “Mattie” MINOR, (daughter of Nicholas MINOR and Rachel LIDDELL) married (2) Charity CRUSE.

Children by Martha “Mattie” MINOR:

393.    i William Gordon CORLEY born 14 OCT 1848, Gwinnett Co, GA, died 19 MAR 1939, Magazine, AR.

Children by Charity CRUSE:

+ 394.    ii   John M CORLEY.

+ 395.    iii     James “Jimmy” CORLEY.

396.    iv     Willie CORLEY.

397.    v Charles CORLEY.

398.    vi     Lular CORLEY.

399.    vii    Lena CORLEY.

400.    viii   Mae CORLEY.

401.    ix     unknown male CORLEY born bfr JUN 1850.

+ 402.    x  Marion Dallas “Tinnie” CORLEY born 13 APR 1852.

403.    xi     Mary Analice CORLEY born 13 APR 1852, never married.

260. Stephen CAWLEY CORLEY born 1790, Goochland Co, VA, Drowned, married (1) 08 FEB 1819, in Wilson Co, TN, Martha “Patsy” TALLY TALLEY, born bfr 1800, (daughter of Newman TALLEY) married (2) bfr 1850, in TN, Rachel ? COLEMAN WILLIAMS, born 1810, TN. Stephen died aft 1860, DeKalb Co, TN, Buried: bfr 1870, DeKalb Co, TN.

Children by Rachel ? COLEMAN WILLIAMS:

+ 404.    i    John CORLEY born 1827.

+ 405.    ii   Coleman CORLEY born 08 AUG 1828.

+ 406.    iii  Nathaniel “Nathan” CORLEY Sr born 07 JUN 1830.

407.   iv   Richard CORLEY born 1835, married 30 DEC 1858, in Smith Co TN, Sophina ROBINSON, born 1833, TN.

408.    v Martha CORLEY born 1840, DeKalb Co, TN.

409.    vi     James CORLEY born 1843, married Martha UNKNOWN.

410.    vii    William CORLEY born 1845, DeKalb Co, TN.

+ 411.    viii Ambrose CORLEY born 03 OCT 1846.

+ 412.    ix   Stephen CORLEY JR born DEC 1851.

262. John CAWLEY CORLEY born 13 DEC 1799, VA, MH92, married Elizabeth UPTON, born 13 MAR 1813, TN, (daughter of James UPTON and Nancy HOLMES) MH92, Homemaker, died 11 JUL 1879, Temperence Hall, DeKalb Co, TN, Buried: Mt Zion Ch Cem, DeKalb Co, TN. John died 27 MAR 1875, Temperence Hall, DeKalb Co, TN. Buried: Mt Zion Ch Cern, DeKalb Co, TN.


413.    i Martha CORLEY born 27 AUG 1843, DeKalb Co, TN, never married, died 27 JUL 1849, DeKalb Co, TN.

+ 414.    ii   Nathaniel Lemuel CORLEY born 18 JUN 1845.

+ 415.    iii  William Beverley CORLEY born 25 MAY 1847.

+ 416.    iv   John R CORLEY born 1848.

417.    v Elizabeth CORLEY born 1851, ??? never mar.

418.    vi     Mary E CORLEY born 20 NOV 1852, DeKalb Co, TN, unmarried, died 03 JUL 1888, DeKalb Co, TN.

+ 419.    vii  James Josephus CORLEY born 12 OCT 1854.

Descendants of Richard Corley

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Source: Jim Corley, “Descendants of Richard Corley,” at, accessed 16 August 1998.


1. RICHARD1 CORLEY was born Bef 1655, and died Abt 1708 in Hanover County, Virginia.


Richard CORLEY is the earliest CORLEY of record in North America. Hanover County is near Richmond, up the James River from Jamestown and Williamsburg. The first ship reached Jamestown from England in 1607, not too long before Richard was born. I don̓t know where Richard was born, but if he wasn’t born in england, his parents probably were.

As Virginia got too crowded, and more land opened up to the south, descendants of Richard CORLEY migrated to the Edgefield County area of South Carolina and from there to Georgia, Alabama and other states.

(From email note of Vivian Price Saffold dated October 16, 1996)

Children of Richard CORLEY are:

2.i.  RICHARD2 CORLEY, b. Abt 1673.

ii.  JOHN CORLEY, b. Abt 1675, Hanover County, Virginia; d Abt 1723, Hanover County, Virginia.


2. RICHARD2 CORLEY (RICHARD1) was born Abt 1673. He married AUSTIN ?.

Children of Richard CORLEY and Austin ? are:



3.iii. JOHN CORLEY, b. Abt 1700, Hanover County, Virginia; d. January 1742/43, Orange County, Virginia.

iv. JAMES CORLEY, b Abt 1700.


3. JOHN CORLEY (RICHARD2, RICHARD 1) was born Abt 1700 in Hanover County, Virginia, and died January 1742/43 in Orange County, Virginia.

Children of JOHN CORLEY are:

4.i. ROBERT4 CORLEY, b. Virginia.

ii. JOHN CORLEY, b. Orange County, Virginia; d. Edgefield County, S.C.

5.iii. VALENTINE CORLEY, b. Abt 1720, Virginia; d. January 16, 1803, Cumberland County, Virginia.


ROBERT4 CORLEY (JOHN3, RICHARD2, RICHARD1) was born in Virginia. He married SARAH PETTY.

Children of Robert CORLEY and Sarah PETTY are:

6.i. DAVID5 CORLEY, b Abt 1762, N.C.; d. Bef 1860.

ii. ZACCHAEUS CORLEY, b. 1762, Chatam <sic> County, N.C.; d. January 1843, Bibb County, Alabama.

iii. CATLETT CORLEY, b. Bef. 1768.

7.iv. AUSTIN VALENTINE CORLEY, b. 1770, Chatham County, N.C.; d. January 09,1860, Merriwether County, Georgia.

v. ROBERT CORLEY, b. Bef 1775.

vi. TUBAL COSTLY CORLEY, b. Abt 1791.

5. VALENTINE4 CORLEY (JOHN3, RICHARD2, RICHARD1) was born Abt 1720 in Virginia, and died January 16,1803 in Cumberland County, Virginia. He married SARAH WALKER.

Children of Valentine CORLEY and Sarah WALKER are:










8.x. CANIEL CORLEY, b. Abt 1747; d. June 15, 1807, Bedford County, Virginia.


6. DAVID5 CORLEY (ROBERT4, JOHN3, RICHARD2, RICHARD1) was born Abt 1762 in N.C., and died Bef 1860. He married NANCY.

Children of David CORLEY and Nancy are:

9.i. ISHAM6 CORLEY, b. Unknown; d. May 07, 1849, Talbot County, Georgia.

ii. DAVID CORLEY, b. Abt 1800, Georgia; m. ELIZABETH, Bef 1826.

iii. MARY CORLEY, b. Abt 1824, S.C.

iv. CYNTHIA CORLEY, b. Abt 1826, Ga.

7. AUSTIN VALENTINE5 CORLEY (ROBERT4, JOHN3, RICHARD2, RCHARD1) was born 1770 in Chatham County, N.C., and died January 09,1860 in Meriwether County, Georgia. He married SARAH? ALLEN? Bef 1793 in Edgefield County, S.C.

Children of Austin CORLEY and Sarah? ALLEN? are:

i. ALLEN BAKER6 CORLEY, b. 1793, Edgefield County, S.C.; d. Choctaw County, Alabama; m. WINNEY BLADON, 1815, Edgefleld County, S.C.

ii. ROBERT CORLEY, b. September 1796.

iii. ESTHER CORLEY, b. January 04, 1798.

iv. VINCENT CORLEY, b. July 24, 1800.

v. VASHTI CORLEY, b. Abt 1803.

vi. AUSTIN W. CORLEY, b. Abt 1809.

10.vii. MARTIN E.B. CORLEY, b. Abt 1810, S.C.

8. CANIEL5 CORLEY (VALENTINE4, JOHN3, RICHARD2, RICHARD1) was born Abt 1747, and died June 15, 1807 in Bedford County, Virginia.


From Bedfbrd County list at Bedford County Genealogy VAGenWeb at

October 1, 1996 from […] Steve Kennedy

CAWLEY, CORLEY, FINLEY, MARTIN – Looking for information on Caniel CORLEY d 1807 Bedford County, Sally FINLEY named in his will, son John CAWLEY, and John̓s wife Lucy MARTIN.

Child of Caniel CORLEY is:

11.i. SALLY6 CAULEY, b. Abt 1766, Virginia.


9. ISHAM6 CORLEY (DAVID5, ROBERT4, JOHN3, RICHARD2, RICHARD1) was born Unknown, and died May 07, 1849 in Talbot County, Georgia. He married ELIZABETH Bef 1823.

Children of Isham CORLEY and Elizabeth are:

i. ELIJAH K.7 CORLEY, b. Abt. 1823, S.C.; m. ALLETHA E. ?, Bef 1846.

12.ii. WILLIAM H. CORLEY, b. Abt 1824, S.C.; d. Bef. 1880.

iii. ISAIAH CORLEY, b. Abt 1829, Georgia; m. NANCY?, Bef 1855.

iv. HIRAM P. CORLEY, b. Abt 1832, Georgia; m. MARTHA C. ?, Bef 1867, Georgia.

v. MARTHA ANN VIRGINIA CORLEY, b. Abt 1842, Georgia.



Children of Martin CORLEY and Elizabeth are:

i. FRANCES7 CORLEY, b. Abt 1834, Georgia.

ii. SARAH CORLEY, b. Abt 1836, Georgia.

iii. WILLIAM CORLEY, b. Abt 1838, Georgia

iv. ROBERT CORLEY, b. Abt 1840, Georgia.

v. VAN BUREN CORLEY, b. Abt 1842, Georgia.

vi. MARY CORLEY, b. Abt 1844, Georgia.

11. SALLY6 CAULEY (CANIEL5 CORLEY, VALENTINE4, JOHN3, RICHARD2, RICHARD1) was born Abt 1766 in Virginia. She married FINLEY.

Child of Sally CAULEY and FINLEY is:

13.i. JOHN7 CAWLEY, b. Abt 1799; d. October 26, 1876, Virginia.


12. WILLIAM H.7 CORLEY (ISHAM6, DAVID5, ROBERT4, JOHN3, RICHARD2, RICHARD1) was born Abt 1824 in S.C., and died Bef 1880. he married JANE A. Bef 1853.

Children of William CORLEY and Jane A. are:

i. ANDERSON W.8 CORLEY, b. Abt 1853, Georgia; d. December 1890, Talbot County, Georgia.

14.ii. C. CORLEY, b. Abt 1857, Georgia.

15.iii. WILLIAM J.S. CORLEY, b. August 1858, Georgia; d. November 23, 1922, Talbot County, Georgia.

iv. MARY F. CORLEY, b. Abt 1863, Georgia.

13. JOHN7 CAWLEY (SALLY6 CAULEY, CANIEL5 CORLEY, VALENTINE4, JOHN3, RICHARD2, RICHARD1) was born Abt 1799, and died October 26, 1876 in Virginia. He married LUCY MARTEN Abt 1822.

Child of John CAWLEY and Lucy MARTEN is:

i. JOHN8 CAWLEY, b. February 10, 1828, Bedford County, Virginia; d. October 29, 1917, Sidney Cheyenne, NE.

Sixteen Hundred Lines to Pilgrims

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Source: Mary E. Mayo, editor, Sixteen Hundred Lines to Pilgrims, Lineage Book 3 (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1982).

[page 255]

JOYCE, Jennie Lois (m Francis Frederick SHERMAN May 25, 1950                    7455

Carrollton, MO

Born near Clinton, MO

1.   Walker Presley JOYCE (Sep 25, l882-Sep 12, 1955) m Dec 27, 1908 Bertha Margaret WOODS (Jul 5, 1880-Feb 8, 1957)

2.   Erasmus Bird WOODS (Dec 26. 1838-Mar 1, 1915) m Dec 13, 1860 Margaret SECMAN (SECKMAN) (Apr 13, 1839-May 20, 1918)

3.   James WOODS (Rev.) (Jan 16, 1807-Sep 11, 1872) m Nov 2 1826 Eliza AXTELL (Sep 28, 1805-Dec 27, 1874)

4.   Phillip AXTELL (Rev) (Feb 10, 1781-Feb 23. 1804) m Feb 23, 1803 Mary TUCKER (Aug 6, 1786-May 12, 1854)

5.   Luther AXTELL (Apr 22, 1753-Jun 2, 1822) m Jun 10, 1778 Hannah CONDIT (Mar 4, 1756-Apr 7, 1840)

6.   Henry AXTELL (Jun 24, 1715-Jan..1753) m Mar..1737 Jemima LEONARD (May 8, 1717-…1807)

7.   Daniel AXTELL (Nov 4, 1673-Jan.. 1735) m May 12, 1702 Thankful PRATT (Oct 4, 1683-…..)

8.   Henry AXTELL (Oct 15, 1641-Apr 19, 1676) m Jun 14, 1665 Hannah MERRIMAN (Jul 14, 1645-…..)

9.   Thomas AXTELL (Pilgrim) (Jan 26, 1619-… 1646) m …1638 Mary RICE (…..-…..)

REF. History of Washington Co., PA; Condit, H. & Eden, CONDIT Gen; Axtell, E.J. AXTTELL Fm. in America; RIGGS Gen; Axtell, Carson A, AXTELL Gen.; DAR 493265; DAC 18374

[page 768]

NICHOLS, Isaac Lawson (m Virginia Pearl BULLARD, Aug 26, 1943)                 8484

Columbia, MO

Born in Ashland, MO

1.   John Arcie NICHOLS (Sep 20, 1890-Apr 22, 1976) m Aug 23, 1911 Annie CLINKINBEARD (Dec 5, 1892-…..)

2.   Isaac Kirby CLINKINBEARD (Nov 28, 1865-Dec 19, 1953) m Feb 8, 1887 Margaret Jane ASKINS (Dec 27, 1866-Nov 5, 1964)

3.   James G. CLINKINBEARD (Jul 17, 1829-Mar 6, 1889) m … 1858 Martha GRIMES (Mar 7, 1831-Sep 14, 1887)

4.   William John CLINKINBEARD (Aug 16. 1792-Apr 28, 1870) m Aug 5, 1819 Sally STRODE (Feb 7, 1798-Nov 25, 1866)

5.   John STRODE, Jr. (Sep 25, 1768-Aug 2, 1834) m Dec 3, 1791 Ruth CONSTANT (Mar 24, 1770-Aug 21, 1845)

6.   Capt. John STRODE, Sr. (Jan 11, 1730-Aug 18, 1805) m Nov 25, 1758 Mary (Polly) BOYLE (Feb 22, 1739-Jan 10, 1829)

7.   Edward STRODE (ca. 1690-… 1749) m ca. 1719/20 Elnora (Eleanor) — (…..-aft 1749)

8.   Edward STRODE (Pilgrim) (aft 1659-bef Sep 24, 1697) m ….. — — (…..-…..)

REF.  Elson, James Strode, STRODE & STROUD Fms Vol 3; The Kentuckian Citizen, Early Bourbon Fms; American Fms Gen & Heraldic

[page 845]

JOYCE, Jennie Lois (m Francis Fredrick SHERMAN, May 25, 1950)                   7455

Carrollton, MO

Born near Clinton, MO

S1                                              7455

This Supplemental follows the first 5 generations of No. 7455, then continues

6.   Philip CONDIT (Apr 1709-Dec 23, 1801) m ca. 1735 Mary DAY (… 1713-Sep 30, 1785)

7.   Peter CONDIT (…..-…1714) m ….1695 Mary HARRISON (…..-…1738)

8.   John CONDIT (Pilgrim)(…..-…1713) m ….. Catherine BARTON (…..-…..)

REF. See Ref for 7455, DACS LB [Daughters of American Colonists Society Lineage Book], Vol XVI; Beers, Washington Co., PA

S2                                             7455

This Supplemental follows the first 7 generations of No. 7455; then continues

8.   Elder William PRATT (Pilgrim) (…..-aft 1680) m ….. — — (…..-…..)

REF. See No. 7455 & Supplemental

S3                                             7455

This Supplemental follows the first 8 generations of No. 7455; then continues

9.   George MERRIAM (Pilgrim) (…..-Dec 29, 1675) m ….. Susan — (…..-…..)

ADD REF. Shattuck, Lemuel, A Hist of the Town of Concord

Burlingame Family Records

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Source: Mike Gifford,“Burlingame Family Records,” at, accessed 12 January 1999.

Graves of Revolutionary War Patriots by Patricia Law Hatcher, 1987.

Christopher BURLINGAME Harner Cemetery, across Muskingum River, Washington Co., OH, 55
Clark BURLINGAME Door Village Cemetery, La Porte, La Porte Co, IN, 64
David BURLINGAME Priv. Cemetery, Kent Farm, North Scituate, Providence Co, RI, 31
Eseck BURLINGAME Harrisville Cemetery, Harrisville, RI, 51
Hopkins BURLINGAME Old Maples Farm, Burke Hill Rd, Hartwick, NY, 58
Jeremiah BURLINGAME White Store (Evergreen) Cemetery, Norwich, Chenango Co. NY
Jeremiah BURLINGAME Petersburg, NY, 56
Nathan BURLINGAME Mountain View (Lester) Cemetery, Lester, Broome Co, NY, 78
Nathan BURLINGAME Oneco Cemetery, Rt. 14A, Sterling, CT, 74
Philip BURLINGAME Castleton Cemetery, Elmont, Queens, NY, 80
Stephen BURLINGAME East Greenwich Cemetery, Greenwich, RI, 46
Wanton BURLINGAME Attica Center Cemetery, Attica, Wyoming Co, NY, 54

This page shows the census for the family of Calvin Underwood, son-in-law of Wanton Burlingame who is living with the family:

1850 Census – Attica Twp, Wyoming Co., NY

Surname Given Name Age Miscellaneous Information
UNDERWOOD Calvin 66 born in Mass.
Diantha 49 born in NY
Sally Ann 30 born in NY
Mary A. 29 born in NY
Uriah E. 20 male farmer born in NY
Lusina 22 female born in NY
Horace 14 born in NY
Caroline 12 born in NY
Monroe 7 born in NY
BURLINGAME Wonton 88 male farmer born in RI

This information was provided by Andrea Hawk Crumrine.

Early BURLINGAME History

The original inhabitants of what is now known as England were the Celts who in turn were invaded by the Romans and the Celts were driven into what is now Scotland and Ireland. These invaders were known as Britons. After the withdrawal of the Roman forces about the beginning of the fifth century, the South Britons were no longer able to withstand the attacks of the Scots and Picts. They applied for assistance from the Roman General Aetius, but he was too much involved in the struggle with Attila to attend to their petitions. In desperation the Britons sought the aid of the Saxons; and according to Anglo-Saxon narratives, three ships containing 1,600 men, were dispatched to their help under the command of the brothers Hengest and Horan. These Saxons were assigned the isle of Thanet for habitation, and from there marched against the northern foe obtaining complete victory. The date assigned to these events by the later Anglo-Saxon Chronicles is 449 AD. The Chronicles also states that the Saxons, finding the land desirable, turned their arms against the Britons, and reinforced by new bands, the Jutes and Angles, conquered first Kent and ultimately the larger part of the island. These Saxons, Jutes and Angles were Teutonic tribesmen coming from the country about the mouths of the Elbe and Weser Rivers in ancient Germany. This struggle continued for about 150 years and at the end of that time most of the South of Briton was in the hands of these Teutonic tribes. This conquered territory was then divided into small states. In 571 or 575 A.D. the Kingdom of East Angeles was founded by Uffa. This in turn was broken up into petty chieftaincies, one of them being BURLINGHAM, which means Byrl, “the cup bearer”, “ing” is the Saxon suffix meaning “son” and “hame” is the Angle suffix meaning “home or clan”, or in other words, home or clan of the sons of ByrL Here the clans of BURLINGHAM lived and prospered until early in the ninth century when the Danes, another Low German tribe, began making raids on this section and as these attacks became more frequent and in time the Danes had conquered all of what is now the counties of Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridge. The BURLINGHAMs were driven from their homes and fled into Wessex. By a treaty made at Wedmore in 878 A.D., the English King, Alfred the Great, had recognized the conquest of theses Danes and made a pact with Guthrum, their leader. By this treaty, the Danes were allowed to retain the land they had conquered, but they must be baptized. After peace was established, the BURLINGHAM returned to their homes, but with the lost of most of their property, they established new homes and made a fresh start. The name of BURLINGHAM and BYRLINGHAMINGA appear quite frequently in the ancient Saxon Chronicles; the final suffix “inga” being dropped prior to the Norman Invasion in the eleventh century. The suffix “ing” still remains in many English names and coupled with the Anglo suffix “hame” meaning home or clan, gives us such names as Birmingham, Burlingham, Cheltingham, Cunningham, Dillingham, etc..  These names ending in “ingahams” are not common in the south of England. In East Angila, the “ingahams” are quite numerous. In Suffolk they are found in the northern part, at no considerable distance from the Waveney River and in Norfolk in the south along the Waveney and Yare Rivers and near the coast of the now famous Norfolk Broads.

The name BURLINGHAM was spelled in many ways, some of which are: BYRLINGHAM (Worcester Rolls, 972 AD); BAELINGAM (Crawford Charters, 998 AD); BERLINGENAM, BIRLINGHAM, BERLINGAHAM, BURLINGHAM, BERLINGHAM, (Domesday Book, 1086 AD); BERLINGAHAM, BURLINGHAM, BURLINGAME (Fleet of Fines 1198 AD). After the twelfth century, the name was generally spelled BURLINGHAM.

In the County of Norfolk, east of Norwich the cathedral city, on the Yare River; halfway between Norwich and Yarmouth and near Acle are three parishes known as: Burlingham St. Peter, Burlingham St. Andrew, and Burlingham St. Edmund. Mr. and Mrs. Melvin R. BURLINGAME of Minneapolis, MN visited these places in England in 1960 and while there gathered considerable data on the BURLINGHAMs of Norfolk County, England, much of which appears in the following records. The Church, Burlingham St. Peter in North Burlingham, was built about 1050 AD and is now in complete ruins and overgrown with brush. Burlingham St. Andrew was built about 1275 AD and is still standing but is no longer in use. In this church is a monument to the Robert BURLINGHAM family. Burlingham St. Edmund is located in South Burlingham and was built around 1500 AD and is still used occasionally. About three-fourths of a mile from Burlingham St. Edmund stands Burlingham Hall, also built about 1500 AD and was the home of some of the early BURLINGHAMs. While in England, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin BURLINGAME met the gentleman, who a few years before had discovered a tunnel that ran from Burlingham St. Edmund to Burlingham Hall. When this tunnel was built and for what purpose is unknown; it has been sealed off many, many years ago and forgotten about. Burlingham Hall is one of the show places of England and is still used as a residence. The last time Kaiser Willhelm visited his grandmother, Queen Victoria of England, his royal party were quartered in Burlingham Hall, now a part of the Crown Lands.

Many of these early BURLINGHAMs served as knights and in turn were granted a fee. A Knight’s fee was the first, most universal, esteemed and most honorable species of land holding, and an owner of a Knight’s fee, or in other words, a Knight, in feudal times was bound to attend his Lord to the wars for forty days for each fee held, besides other incidents peculiar to the age of chivalry. Oft times a Lordship grew out of these Knight̓s fees. (For further description of Knighthood and Knight̓s fees see Blackstone̓s “Commentaries on the Common Laws of England.”) The title of Knight was not hereditary, but the right to use their coat-of-arms was permissable.

Many of the early records of Norfolk County, England have been destroyed and are by no means complete. Some of the BURLINGHAMs mentioned in the early records are as follows:

Hugh DE BIRLINGHAM, knighted by William the Conqueror about 1075 AD.

Walterus DE BIRLINGHAM was a witness to a deed confirming a grant to the Abbey of St. Benel of Holme, Norfolk County in 1163 AD.

Elfide BIRLINGHAM was granted land in Birmingham and said grant was witnessed by Nicholas DE BIRLINGHAM. No date given.

In the fourth year of the reign of King John (1203 AD), a fine was levied between Joceline DE BURLINGHAM and Matilda, his wife; William DE BURLINGHAM and Margaret, his wife; John DE DEPENAM and Isabel, his wife, and Emme, their sister, to Edwin CARPENTER and Jeffrey DE AMBLIE for 32 acres in Massingham, a half a knight̓s fee in Begheton, no consideration mentioned, but 20 marks of silver mentioned for the knight̓s fee. (Evidently this was the settlement of an estate.)

John DE DEPENHAM and Isabel his wife, leases to Joceline DE BURLINGHAM and Matilda, his wife, 5 acres in Oxburg at 18 shillings sterling, and 12 acres in Burlingham, the regrant for the lives of Joceline and Matilda at 4 shillings per year, for which regrant they pay 5 marks of silver.

Ailward DE BIRLINGHAM and Edwin, his son, leases Lingwode land to Gilbert DE LINGWODE and Richard, his son (ca. 1205 AD)

William, son of Brictric DE BIRLINGHAM, granted lands in South Berlingham, no date given.

In the “Monasticon Anglicanum of Dugdale” is a charter of confirmation from King Henry III in the 19th year of his reign (1235 AD) listing donatories to the founding and maintenance of a Benedictine Monastery at Bungay, is the following notations: “ – of the gift of Roger, son of Rynuld DE BIRLINGHAM, thirty denarates of the rent of the lands of which Robert HOG of Lingwood holds of the same Roger.”  Another entry reads: “ – of the gift of Roger, son of Rynuld DE BIRLINGHAM, one-half of all white fish.” If said Roger was able to contribute such a sum to the maintenance of the Monastery, it is probable that he held at least one Knight̓s fee and probably more than one fee.

George DE BIRLINGHAM held one fee in the 41st year of the reign of Henry III (1250 AD) but was not a Knight.

1288 AD – 16th year of the reign of King Edward I – Matilda DE CATTON, widow of Alexander DE BIRLINGHAM, sells St. Martin land to Robert DE MARTHAM.

1289 AD – 17th year of the reign of King Edward I – Laurence DE BIRLINGHAM, tanner, purchased St. Peter de Parmentergate land from Robert DE NOVO, Castro Subter-Liman, cementarius, and Rosa, his wife.

1290 AD – 18th year of the reign of King Edward I – Matilda DE CATTON, relict of Allan (Alexander) DE BIRLINGHAM, deceased, sells St. Vedast land to Laurence DE BIRLINGHAM and Letitia his wife.

1298 AD – 26th year of the reign of King Edward I – Laurence DE BYRLINGHAM, tanner, and Enuna, his wife, sell St. Stephen land to Hugo DE SWATHEFFIELD.

1298 AD – 26th eyar [sic] of the reign of King Edward I – William DE BIRLINGHAM sells St. Gregory land to Thomas BRUMAN of Neuton next to Castleacre.

1310 AD, 3rd year of the reign of King Edward II- Laurence DE BIRLINGHAM purchased land in St. Cuthbert from Richard DE WALCOTE.

1312 AD – 5th year of the reign of King Edward II – Alice, widow of Sir Roger DE HALES, Knight, and Roger, his son, rector of Norton, sells St. Vedast land to Roger DE BIRLINGHAM and Idania, his wife.

1312 AD – 5th year of the reign of King Edward II- Roger DE BIRLINGHAM, tanner, of Norwich, and Ida, his wife, sell St. Vedast land to Agnes, daughter of Hugh DURRANT of Tacolston.

1320 AD – 13th year of the reign of King Edward II – Roger, son of Laurence DE BIRLINGHAM, chaplin, sells land in St. Bartholomew to Laurence DE BIRLINGHAM, tanner of Norwich and William, son of Robert atte Chirche of Hakeford and Ethe, his wife.

1322 AD – 15th year of the reign of King Edward II – Roger DE BURLINGHAM, John TOLLE, butcher, and Geoffley GERNEYSE, purchase St. Stephen land from Walter DE BERI and Margaret, his wife.

1322 AD – 15th year of the reign of King Edward II – Otes DE BAERLINGHAM, Knight Bachelor, taken prisoner at Boroughbridge, March 16, 1322 for fighting against the King.

1324 AD – 17th year of the reign of King Edward II – Stephen DE BIRLINGHAM and Matilda, his wife, purchase land in St. George de Colgate from Walter COKEREL and Alice, his wife.

1329 AD – 3rd year in the reign of King Edward III – Stephen DE BIRLINGHAM and Matilda, his wife, purchase land in St. George de Colgate from John DE PORINGLOND and Catherine, his wife.

1329 AD – 3rd year in the reign of King Edward III – Stephen DE BIRLINGHAM and Matilda, his wife, sell land in St. George de Colgate to Alan DE GYSELINGHAM and Alice. his wife.

1333 AD – 6th year in the reign of King Edward III – Stephen DE BIRLINGHAM and Matilda, his wife, sell St. George de Colgate land to Hugh GODESMAN and Beatrix, his wife.

1335 AD – 8th year in the reign of King Edward III – John DE ALDERFORDE, Chaplin, and Geoffrey DE PASTON, smith, executors of John DE WYMEDHAN. deed St. Olave land to Geoffrey DE BAUGURGE and Stephen DE BIRLINGHAM. Geoffiey DE BAUGURGE and Stephen DE BIRLINGHAM and Matilda, his wife, deed same land back to Geoffrey DE PASTON on same day.

1337 AD – 10th year in the reign of King Edward III – Stephen DE BIRLINGHAM and Matilda, his wife, sells land in St. George de Colgate and St. Clement de Fibriggs to Edmund COSYIN.

1339 AD – 12th year in the reign of King Edward III – Roger DE BIRLIINGHAM, tanner, and Ida, his wife, sell land in St. Vedast to William DE DONSTON.

The records for 1340 to 1500 AD have not been checked. Further research is now being made. A record has been found showing that a coat-of-arms was granted to Sir Richard BURLIINGHAM, no date given.  Also in 1351, several mentions are made of Sir Adam DE BIRLINGHAM.

(from the “BURLINGAME Manuscripts – Book 1” by Nelson BURLINGAME, NEHGS, CS71B 9613 1986)


Will dated 8 Oct. 1784

“I give and bequeath to my two sons Israel Burlingame and Eleazer Burlingame the sum of one shilling each, making in the whole two shillings, they having received their portions. To daughters, Margaret Gorton, Lillis Briggs, Mary Burlingame and to one son Nathan, farming tools and tackling and whatever else I have for the use of farming and coopering, to him my said son Nathan, his heirs and assigns forever. Son Nathan, sole Executor.”

Will proven 7 Sept. 1790.

The Ancestry of Eunice Burlingame who Married Ichabod Mattocks and Migrated to Western New York

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Source: Alfred W. Little, The Ancestry of Eunice Burlingame who Married Ichabod Mattocks and Migrated to Western New York ( (Silver Spring, Maryland: unpublished manuscript, 1997).

[page 1]

[…], SILVER SPRING, MD. 20910
AUGUST 25, 1997

This effort is extracted from Nelson BURLINGAME, Burlingame Manuscript I.  Merrilan, Wisconsin: Privately Printed, 1971, pages 2-272, passim.  BURLINGAME’S undocumented study comprises several volumes, tracing the BURLINGAME family from colonial times to the present.  Additional data is from material assembled by the late Glen ALLEN of Topeka, Kansas and his recently deceased sister, Mrs. Maxine HOBBLE, of Wakarusa, Kansas, both of whom were active in researching the MATTOCKS, the RUGG, and the BURLINGAME families.  Sources that I have been able to document are cited immediately following the data.


ROGER BURLINGAME, son of Thomas and Elizabeth (HOWARD) BURLINGAME, born Kent Co., England Jan. 24, 1620, died Mashantatack (Cranston), R.I., Sept. 1, 1718 (VR of RI, 1st series, vol. II:52); married, first, England, about 1646, Jacolyn HUNTINGDON, died England; married, second, Warwick, R.I., Oct. 3, 1663 Mrs. MARY (LIPPITT) BARLINSTONE, born Providence Plantations, R.I., March 3, 1643, died Mashantatack July 5, 1718, daughter of John and Martha (_____) LIPPITT and widow of William BARLINSTONE, whom she had married on March 23, 1661.  See below for information regarding John LIPPITT.

At the age of sixteen Roger BURLINGAME enlisted in the British Army, serving in the regiment of his uncle, Roger BURLINGHAM, and eventually reaching the rank of Captain.  After his marriage and the birth of his son, Captain Roger BURLINGAME and his company were ordered to America; he landed with his troops at Boston on May 10, 1650.  Soon after reaching America he resigned his commission and went up into the Connecticut Valley for the purpose of purchasing a farm, with the intention of bringing his wife and child to America, only to learn that his wife had died.

He was a witness to Court held at Stonington, Conn. in 1654.  He and Thomas GRIFFIAN (said to have been the brother-in-law of Roger BURLINGAME, having married his sister, Elizabeth BURLINGAME) purchased one hundred acres of land on Feb. 16, 1656 at Pequot (now New London), Conn. located on the east side ‘of the brook Called misticke’.  (Suffolk Deed III:455).  He sold this farm on March 1, 1659.

John HARRUD, Roger BURLINGHAM and Thomas RALPH were recognized as the first English settlers of Mashantatuck (Sidney S. Rider, History of Rhode Island Lands).  The three settlers claimed to have had a grant from the Cooweeseette Indians bearing the date of June 6, 1662 for 4000 acres at Patuxet, at a place called either Mashantatack or Paquabuck (Providence Town Papers 0120,I:53).  By order of the General Assembly of Sept. 25, 1671, they were ordered to make the rate and levy the assessments on the inhabitants of Mashantatack.

Roger BURLINGHAM was elected Deputy to represent Warwick at the General Assembly of May 6, 1690.  However, he was not accepted as Deputy since he claimed residence in two jurisdictions (Warwick and Mashantatuck; the Assembly declared the election illegal, ruling that BURLINGHAM resided in Mashantatuck (Proceedings of the General Assembly May 16, 1690).  At a Town Meeting of Elections on June 6, 1698 Roger BURLINGAME was chosen as one of seven members of the Town Council.

Roger BURLINGAME and his family were of the Quaker faith.  For many years up until 1711, the “Friends” held their meetings in his mansion house (May Day Souvenir of May 2, 1882, The Oak Lawn Baptist Church of Providence).

[JOHN LIPPITT, born England in 1597, died Warwick, 1667 and MARTHA (MARY?) his wife, settled in Salem, Mass.  In September, 1635, Roger WILLIAMS and others were banished from Salem because of their religious views.  In 1636 WILLIAMS and four companions built their homes in the wilderness on land he purchased from the Indians.  In 1638 there were two divisions of this land and John LIPPITT’s name was sixth on a list of fifty-two persons who then held homelots in Providence Plantations.  On May 2, 1640 John LIPPITT signed a compact containing proposals for a form of government under the first charter.  In 1647 he represented Providence Plantations as it met with other towns for the purpose of forming a government.  He removed to Warwick, becoming a recorded landowner in 1648, the year he was elected a member of the Warwick Town Council.  Children: Nathaniel; John married Ann GREEN or GROVE; Mary; Moses married Mary KNOWLES; Joseph; Rebecca married Joseph HOWARD (Children’s names from Genealogy of R.I. Families from the NEHGR.  Baltimore: GPC, 1989. Vol. I:661)].

[page 2]

Roger BURLINGAME’s will, dated Nov. 28, 1715 and proved Sept. 13, 1718, named his wife Mary [who had predeceased him], daughters Mercy, Alice, sons Roger, Peter, Thomas, John, as well as several grandchildren and two sons-in-law.  All children were to share equally, the moveable estate being valued at 199 pounds: 13: 8.  Son Roger received fifty acres, and John, Thomas, and Roger received 20s. each.

Glen ALLEN, (hereafter GA), stated that Roger’s father was George Thomas BURLINGAME from Darwich, Kent, England.  He wrote that Roger̓s first wife was Mary (_____) with whom he had one son, Roger, Jr., born in England.  He then married in Rhode Island in October, 1663 Widow Mary BARLINGSTON with whom he had four children.  In 1672 he married Mary LIPPETT with whom he had five children.  ALLEN also indicated that Mary LIPPETT was the daughter of John and Mary LIPPETT and an older sister of Martha LIPPETT who married Roger BURLINGAME’s son, Thomas.

Children of Roger BURLINGAME:

1.  Roger, born in Coventry, Eng., 1648, died Mashantatack, Feb. 10, 1678; married Mary Elizabeth, born England, 1651, died Mashantatack, July 8, 1672, their infant son dying at the same time (Data copied on May 20, 1765 by William BURLINGAME, Jr. (William 4-William 3-Roger 2-Roger 1) from gravestones in the old family burial ground on the farm of the first Roger BURLINGAME).

2.  John BURLINGAME, born Warwick, R.I. Aug. 1, 1664 (VR, 1st series, Vol. I, Kent Co.), died Warwick June 24, 1719; married Warwick, Nov. 19, 1688 his first cousin Mary Knowles LIPPETT, born Warwick about 1666, died Cranston, R.I. Jan. 13, 1708, daughter of Moses and Mary (KNOWLES) LIPPETT.  Nine children: John, 1690; Roger, 1692; James, 1694; Barlingstone, 1698; Benjamin, about 1700; Persis, 1703; David, 1706; Patience; Mercy.

3.  Thomas, born Mashantatack, Feb. 6, 1667, died Warwick July 9, 1758; married Warwick Oct. 5, 1686 his first cousin Martha LIPPETT, born Providence about 1670, died Cranston 1723, daughter of Moses and Mary (KNOWLES) LIPPETT; married, secondly, 1726, Mrs. Hannah (GARDINER) WESTCOTT.  Children: Thomas 1688; Moses 1690; Samuel 1692; Peter 1694; Margaret 1696; Mary 1698; Sarah, about 1700; Freelove 1704; Joshua 1706; Alice; Patience 1702; Stephen 1711.

4.  Mary, born Mashantatack Jan. 14, 1668, died Warwick Oct. 14, 1760; married Warwick Dec. 19, 1689 Amos STAFFORD, born Warwick Nov. 8, 1665, died Warwick Oct. 8, 1760, son of Samuel and Mercy (WESTCOTT) STAFFORD.  Known children: Mary 1690; Samuel 1692; Mercy 1694; Amos 1702; Stuckley 1704; Patience 1707; Freelove 1709.

5.  Jane, born Mashantatack about 1672, died Warwick after 1718; married about 1691 John POTTER born Warwick Nov. 21, 1668, died Warwick Feb. 5, 1711; married secondly 1711 Edward POTTER, both sons of John and Ruth (FISHER) POTTER.  Children: John 1692; Amy, about 1695; William about 1700; Mary about 1701; Fisher Sept. 29, 1706; Alice about 1709.  By second marriage: John.

6.  Alice, born Mashantatack about 1673; married Oliver HAZZARD.  She died a few days after birth of first child, Deborah.

7.  Mercy, born Mashantatack Aug. 3, 1675, died before 1715; married about 1692 Othneil GORTON, born Warwick Sept. 22, 1669, died Cranston June 13, 1733, son of John and Margaret (WEEDEN) GORTON.  Children: Israel, about 1693; John 1698; Frances Mar. 15, 1707.

8.  Roger, born Mashantatack, May 30, 1678.

9.  Peter, born Sept. 7, 1680, died unmarried Dec. 2, 1712.

10.  Elizabeth, born Mashantatack Jan. 9, 1684, died Providence May 5, 1752; married Providence Oct. 5, 1706 Thomas ARNOLD, born Warwick Mar. 24, 1675, died Providence Feb. 3, 1727, son of Richard and Mary (ANGELL) ARNOLD.  She married second 1734 William SPENCER.  Children: Job Nov. 16, 1707; Jonathan Nov. 18, 1708; Mary Oct. 28, 1710; Thomas Nov. 4, 1713; Elizabeth June 3, 1717; Sarah Apr. 10, 1722.

11.  Patience, born Mashantatack May 8, 1685, died Providence Aug. 8, 1746; married Providence July 15, 1710 Thomas OLNEY, born Providence May 18, 1686, died Providence July 28, 1752, son of Epenetus and Mary (WHIPPLE) OLNEY.  Children: Lydia June 22, 1711; Esther July 7, 1714.

ROGER BURLINGAME, son of Roger and Mary (LIPPETT) BURLINGAME, born Mashantatack, R.I. May 30, 1678, died Coventry, R.I. Dec. 13, 1765; married Dec. 21, 1699 SARAH ELEANOR, born Braintree, Mass Apr 24, 1682, died Coventry Aug. 3, 1761, daughter of Jonathan and Sarah (ADAMS) SWEET.

An early record of Dec. 16, 1699 notes that Roger BURLINGAME brought in a wolf head and received a bounty of ten shillings. He was a Lieutenant in the Coventry Militia 1716 to 1719 when he was made Captain.  He took part in Queen Anne’s War and was wounded when the English captured Port Royal in 1710.

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In the division of his father’s homestead he received the southeast part.  On June 4, 1722 he deeded to his son Josiah 20 acres of the old homestead, calling Josiah the eldest son.  On Sept. 15, 1731 he deeded part of the old homestead to his son William, calling him the youngest son.  On May 5, 1746 he deeded a parcel to his son Jonathan.

Children of Roger and Sarah Eleanor (SWEET) BURLINGAME:

1.  Josiah Ichabod, born Mashantatack June 3, 1701, died East Greenwich, R.I. May 1, 1776; married April 1722 Patience BURLINGAME, born Cranston June 15, 1702, died after Dec., 1778, daughter of Thomas and Martha LIPPITT BURLINGAME.  Glen ALLEN wrote that Josiah married Sarah WILLIAMS in 1749.  Possibly Josiah Jr.?  Children: Josiah Ichabod, June 3, 1723; Freelove, July 7, 1725; Roger Sept. 6, 1728; John about 1730; William about 1732; Eleanor about 1734.

2.  Jonathan, born Warwick about 1704; married Mary GREENE, daughter of Philip and Elizabeth (WICKES) GREENE.  Children: Phebe; Eunice; Elisha about 1732.

3.  Freelove.

4.  William, born Warwick Sept. 30, 1710.

WILLIAM BURLINGAME, son of Roger and Sarah Eleanor (SWEET) BURLINGAME, born Warwick Sept. 30, 1710, died Coventry, R.I. May 16, 1775 (1772?); married Cranston Nov. 30, 1729 PHEBE ALICE GREENE, born Cranston July 10, 1712, died Coventry Aug. 30, 1776, daughter of Philp and Elizabeth (WICKES) GREENE.  (Phebe Alice 5-Philip 4-John 3-Benjamin 2 of the first John GREENE of Wickford, R.I., not Surgeon John GREENE of Warwick).

William also had a short first marriage to Susanna HOPKINS but no children were reported.  (Notes of Glen ALLEN).

William BURLINGAME’s will dated at West Greenwich, R.I. May 2, 1772 (proved July 30, 1772?) mentions wife Alice; daughters Rose ALLERTON, Prudence BURLINGAME, Abel PIERCE, Freelove PIERCE, Luranne BURLINGAME; sons Ephraim and William BURLINGAME; and grandchildren Clark, Wanton, Ephraim, William, Lucretia, and Elizabeth BURLINGAME, children of deceased son Ephraim (Coventry Prob. Rec. I:34-36; abstract in R.I. Gen. Reg II:140, which states will was proved July 30, 1772).

Children of William and Phebe Alice (GREENE) BURLINGAME:

1.  Rose, born Coventry about 1731; married Coventry Aug. 6, 1750 Mansir COOPER; married, second, July 17, 1754 John ALLERTON, born Norwich, Conn., Aug. 23, 1720.  Children, all by second marriage: Jerusha Jan. 21, 1755; Sarah June 8, 1757; Freelove Aug. 1759; Roger Oct. 1, 1761; John Feb. 13, 1764; Betsey July 3, 1766; Russell Nov. 27, 1768; Rose Marie Mar. 11, 1771.

2.  Prudence

3.  Luranne

4.  Ephriam born 1738.

5.  William born Coventry, Dec. 27, 1744, died Rochester, N.Y. Sept. 28, 1830; married West Greenwich Dec. 13, 1764 Ruth BROWN (RI VR, V.7), born Nov. 30, 1748, died Coventry Sept. 24, 1772; married second Coventry 1776 Penelope (DARLING) WILSON, born Cumberland, R.I. 1742, died Coventry 1792.  Children: Mary April 10, 1765; Son, born and died Jan. 1768; Ruth, Oct. 1, 1769; Nancy June 4, 1772; Lydia June 12, 1777; Susan Oct. 18, 1779; William III July 26, 1781; Samuel Apr. 15, 1784.

6.  Alice, born Warwick about 1746; married West Greenwich Jan. 27, 1769 Azriekam PEIRCE of Warwick (RI VR 1680-1860, Princeton, Mass, 1980, Vol. 7).

7.  Jonathan 1748; married Sophia.  His brother William wrote in his diary under date Oct. 4, 1768: ‘Jonathan and mother quarreled, father joined in and Jonathan has left home, says he is going to Penn., the Wyoming Valley…. I gave him my best gun, my blessing and some money and prayed that he comes out all right.  Mother and the girls spoiled him and now that mother has her GREENE back up, everything the boy does is wrong, but I did think father had more sense than to order him out and tell him “never to come back”.  In William’s obituary in a Rochester newspaper dated Sept. 30, 1830, Jonathan BURLINGAME is listed as a surviving brother living in Williamsport, Pa.

8.  Freelove, born Warwick about 1750; married West Greenwich Jan. 27, 1769 Azriekam PEIRCE. Jr. of Warwick (Ibid.).

[page 4]

EPHRIAM BURLINGAME, son of William and Phebe Alice (GREENE) BURLINGAME, born Coventry, R.I. 1738, died Shaftsbury, Bennington Co., Vermont May 4, 1771 (Vermont VR); married Greenwich about 1756 JULIA STETSON.

A farmer and cooper, he resided at Coventry, West Greenwich, and Shafisbury, Vt.  His name does not appear in the Shaftsbury Town Index of Land Records.  He died at the age of 33 and is buried in the Center Cemetery, Shaftsbury (Vermont VR).  The names of the children were mentioned in the will of their grandfather, William BURLINGAME.

Children, all born in West Greenwich, RI. with exception of Ephriam.:

1.  Clark, born Oct. 17,1737

2.  William, born 1765, died after 1850; married Clarissa HYLAND, died before 1850; married second Irene _____, born Vermont 1778, died after 1850 census was taken.  A soldier in the Revolutionary War, representing Vermont, serving 66 days in 1780 in Colonel Ebenezer ALLEN’s Detachment (Rolls of Soldiers in the Revolutionary War, 1775-1783.  Rutland: Vermont General Assembly, 1904, p. 247).  In 1790 and 1850 Census for Shaftsbury, Vermont.  Children: Lillis, 1784; Lyman 1785; Clark 1787; Ona 1797; Fanny, about 1798; Rebecca 1804; Onna 1806.

3.  Wanton, born Feb. 19, 1762, died Attica, Wyoming Co., N.Y. Sept. 9, 1853 (Historical Wyoming, May 1948, II:73, Records of Attica Center Cemetery); married Lucy STONE, born April 1, 1761, died Attica May 1848 (Ibid.).  A soldier in the Revolutionary War, representing Vermont, serving three six month enlistments in 1779, 1780, and 1781, Colonel Ira ALLEN’s Regiment.  Census of 1790-he was residing in Queensbury, Washington Co., N.Y. and in 1820 he was residing in Alexander, Genesee Co., N.Y.  Received a Rev. War Pension as of Aug. 12, 1833, age 71, a resident of Genessee Co., NY.  (Pension Rolls of 1833: Baltimore GPC, II:403)  Children: Simon about 1781; Uriah, died young; Salome; Clarissa about 1788; Ephriam 1791; Amey 1793; Mary ‘Polly’ 1796; Wanton 1798; Betsey 1799; Diantha 1801; Lucinda; Julia Ann; Sarah ‘Sally[’] died 1823; Lucretia 1813.

4.  Lucretia

5.  Elizabeth

6.  Ephriam, born Shaftsbury 1769; married, first Ruby GILLET (Glen ALLEN); second Desire _____, born R.I. 1770.  Residing in Caldwell, Warren Co., N.Y. 1830 (Census).  Residing with Henry BURLINGAME household in 1850, he age 81, Desire 80.


CLARK BURLINGAME, son of Ephriam and Julia STETSON (?) BURLINGAME, born West Greenwich, R.I. Oct. 17, 1757, died Door Village, LaPorte, Indiana Jan. 13, 1843; married Fairfield, Franklin Co., Vermont Dec. 6. 1777 PATIENCE SOPER, born Fairfield Nov. 7, 1757, died Utica, N.Y. July 24, 1829, believed to be the daughter of Dr. Joel and Rachel (HILLS) SOPER (Glen ALLEN).

Clark BURLINGAME served in the Vermont Militia in Captain Jonas GALUSHA’s Company, Colonel HERRICK’s Regiment for eight days service in the alarm of October, 1780.  The company marched 55 miles; he was paid 1:9:0 (Rolls of Soldiers in the Revolutionary War, 1775-1783, op. cit., p. 247).  A family legend from his grandson says he was a member of Colonel Sam HERRICK’s Regiment of thirty men who attacked Skenesboro during the battle of Ft. Ticonderoga in May, 1775.  No record of this reported service has been found (Glen ALLEN̓s notes).  **Check rolls for GALUSHA’s and HERRICK’s hometowns**

In 1790 Clark and family were residents of Smithfield, Chittenden Co., Vt.  The household consisted of two males over 16, two males under 16, and seven females (U.S. Census 1790).  He was one of the first Justices of the Peace in Fletcher, Chittenden County, Vermont and in 1798 he was Justice in Fairfield.  He was deeded land in “Fairfield, formerly called Smithfield”, County of Chittenden on October 19, 1793 and again on Sept. 6, 1794 (Fairfield, Franklin County Land Records 2:163 and 2:164).  [Obviously Fairfield County on the Canadian border was formed from the northern part of Chittenden County].  The family’s removal from this area is signaled by land deeds executed in 1798 and 1799.  Clark BURLINGAME sold 100 acres in 1797, additional land also in 1797 and 150 acres on March 3, 1798 (Fairfield, Franklin Co. Land Records 3:150, 4:70, and 3:171).  Two deeds executed in 1798 and 1799 describe him as a resident of Tinmouth, Rutland Co, Vt.  On Dec. 29, 1798 Clark BURLINGAME of Tinmouth signed at Tinmouth a deed transferring title of land in Smithfield

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Franklin Co. and on March 6, 1799 he returned to Fairfield where he signed a deed, neither of which were co-signed by his wife (Fairfield Land Records 4:71 and 4:110).

The following year three families of BURLINGAMEs, Clark, Ephriam, and Wanton, were residing in Queensbury, Washington County, N.Y.  (1800 New York Census, Washington Co. Clark BURLINGIM, p. 210; Ephriam BURLINGIM, p. 202; Wonton BURLINGIM, p. 201).  *Check Composition of each household*

By 1805 Clark and family were residing in Attica, then part of Genessee Co., New York.  He is named as being among those immigrants – a carpenter by trade – who came to Attica Town in 1805, locating up Crow Creek near the center of town.  (F.W. Beers, History of Wyoming Co., N.Y.  New York: F.W. Beers, 1880, p. 126-7).  A deed for land purchased from the Holland Land Co. (Town 10, Range 2) was recorded in 1805.  **Source – probably Karen Livsey. Western NY Land Transactions. Baltimore: GPC, 1996. Check*

In 1810 the family was found in Sheldon, Genessee County.  **Census composition**  Patience is believed to have died in 1829 in Augusta or Utica, Oneida Co., N.Y. where her parents and son, Clark, lived.  In 1830 Clark, Sr. was living next door to sons Spencer and Abel in Putnam Co., Indiana.  **Census**  In 1840 he was in Milwaukee with his son Spencer.  **Census**  He was living in Door Township, LaPorte Co., Indiana when he died and was buried in Kingston Cemetery of that county in 1843.  (Margaret Waters. Rev. Soldiers Buried in Indiana (1942). Baltimore: GPC, 1967 and Glen ALLEN notes).

Children of Clark and Patience (SOPER?) BURLINGAME, all born Fairfield, Franklin Co., Vt. with exception of Spencer:

1.  Amey Sept. 6, 1778

2.  EUNICE LORRAINE, born Jan. 14, 1781, died probably Gerry, Chautauqua Co., N.Y., Jan. 5, 1857; married probably Queensbury, Washington Co., N.Y., Jan. 24, 1802 ICHABOD MAITOCKS, born Litchfield, Conn. Dec. 23, 1773, died Independence, Allegany Co., N.Y. Mar. 4, 1833, son of James and Sarah (PIERCE) MATTOCKS.  Their son James MATTOCKS married Elizabeth ‘Betsy’ RUGG, their daughter Cornelia Adele MNITOCKS and her husband Clark Benjamin ELY were the parents of Lilly Victoria (ELY) LITTLE.

(Glen ALLEN’s grandmother claimed the Eunice-Ichabod wedding took place at Utica, New York.  No record of this marriage except a bible record of the date has been found (Notes of Glen ALLEN).  The BURLINGAME and MATTOCKS families were near neighbors in the 1800 Queensbury, N.Y. census (Census, Washington Co., pages 209-10).

3.  Abel, born Jan. 19, 1783, died Green Lake, Wis., Nov. 5, 1853; married Jan. 29, 1812 Mary BURLINGAME, daughter of Wanton and Lucy (STONE) BURLINGAME.  Abel served in the War of 1812.  (Abel married Polly BROTHERS-Glen ALLEN notes).

4.  Mary Nov. 16, 1784.

5  William Nov. 30, 1786

6.  Lucinda

7.  Spencer Clark, born Smithfield, Vt. Nov. 9, 1794, died Cudahy, Wis. Jan. 27, 1868; married Bethbira WILDER, born Mar. 21, 1797; died Cudahy Oct. 4, 1837.  A cooper and farmer, he resided in Vermont, Pennsylvania, New York, Indiana and Wisconsin.  Received land for services, 1812-14.  Children: Elvira born 1816; Alanson; Cynthia; Lyman; Esther; John; Patience; Clark; Mary; Philomela; Seth; Electa; Lucinda, born 1837.

8.  Clark, Jr., died after 1830. (Glen ALLEN)

9.  Phobe K. married 1827 Jesse Gorum HANFORD (Glen ALLEN)

10.  A son, after 1800 (Glen ALLEN)